John Mackey (born October 1, 1975) is an American classical composer of the modern day. His musical repertoire is mainly geared towards wind band, with some occasional orchestral pieces here and there. He's also composed a few pieces for modern dance and ballet.

His pieces tends to be rather complex with very prominent percussion parts, both pitched and unpitched, as well as lots of UncommonTime.

He keeps a blog on [[http://www.ostimusic.com/ his website]], where you can listen to recordings of all of his pieces. And they are ''[[CrowningMusicOfAwesome awesome]].''


! Mr. Mackey's pieces exhibit the following tropes:

* CueTheSun: "Aurora Awakes" is meant to symbolize the sun rising. Another piece written later called "Hymn to a Blue Hour" has been viewed as a reversal of Aurora due to it being about a time of day twelve hours from dawn, plus the fact that both begin in a similar manner.
* UncommonTime: A good number of his pieces have been known to alternate time signatures every measure, usually between something common and something uncommon.
* SweetHomeAlabama: "Sasparilla" [sic] definitely has a Southern feel to it.


! Mr. Mackey himself exhibits the following tropes:

* ExpectingSomeoneTaller
* FoodPorn: He's a foodie, alright. Any post on his blog that isn't about music is pretty much guaranteed to include gratuitous closeups of food.
* KindheartedCatLover: He spends [[http://ostimusic.com/blog/a-year-of-kitty/ an entire blog post]] gushing about his Siamese, Loki.