GrizzlyBear is an indie folk-rock-baroque pop band based in Brooklyn, New York, mostly known for their sleepy, dreamlike sound and four-part harmonies. The band consists of Edward Droste (lead vocals, guitar/keyboards), Daniel Rossen (lead vocals, lead guitar, piano), Chris Taylor (backing vocals/bass/saxophone/flute/clarinet/whatever), and Christopher Bear (backing vocals/drums/percussion/keyboards).

The band originally began as a solo project for Ed Droste in 2004 (with additional help from Chris Bear) with ''Horn of Plenty''. A full band was formed shortly after, culminating in the release of ''Yellow House'' (2006). Their next work, ''Veckatimest'' (2009), was met with wide critical acclaim, topping several best-of-the-year/decade charts. This praise continued with the release of ''Shields'' (2012) and ''Painted Ruins'' (2017).

!!GrizzlyBear contains examples of the following tropes:
%%* {{Adorkable}}: Everyone in the band has their moments.
* AffectionateNickname: Chris Taylor and Chris Bear are usually referred to as "T" and "Bear" by both their bandmates and fans.
* AllDrummersAreAnimals: Averted. Chris Bear is rather charming and is often noted to be the most handsome member of the band.
* AmbiguouslyBi: All of them except Ed, who is openly gay.
* BigGuyLittleGuy: Ed (6'4) and Dan, respectively.
* BigRockEnding: In "Yet Again".
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: Averted with their cover of The Crystals’ "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)".
* DeadpanSnarker: All of them are prone to this, especially when faced with less-than-bright or annoying interviewers.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: At this point an artist who covers "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" knows what they're getting into.
* EchoingAcoustics: Primarily on ''Yellow House'' and ''Veckatimest''. Justified on ''Veckatimest'', as a substantial portion was recorded in a church.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble:
** Sanguine - Ed.
** Choleric - Chris Taylor.
** Melancholic - Dan,
** Phlegmatic - Chris Bear.
* GenreBusting: It’s hard to describe their sound in simple terms.
* {{Harmony}}: One of their signature elements.
* IAmTheBand: Played with. Started as Ed's solo home recording project. He hired Chris Bear to add drums to ''Horn of Plenty'' and then set about forming an actual band.
* {{Instrumentals}}: "Adelm."
* LimitedLyricsSong: "Colorado.”
* NonAppearingTitle: "Two Weeks", "Fine For Now", "I Live With You", "Hold Still", "Sleeping Ute", "Half Gate", and "The Hunt", to name a few.
* NonIndicativeName: Lampshaded by Stephen Colbert, who described the animal as “[a] godless killing machine” and the band as "not too scary." Another article describes them as “more like otters than bears.” In general, all four members are very shy, polite, and sweet.
* OddFriendship: With Music/JayZ, Music/{{Beyonce}}, and Solange Knowles, of all people. Jay and Bey were seen at a Grizzly Bear show in 2009, with Jay going as far to proclaim that they were "a serious threat to hip-hop."
* OneSteveLimit: Averted with Chris Taylor and Chris Bear.
* SheCleansUpNicely: They're [[ startlingly handsome]] when put in suits for [[ photos]].
* SingingVoiceDissonance: Ed’s rich, often low tone contrasts with his soft, lispy speaking voice.
* SociallyAwkwardHero: The ironically titled "Cheerleader":
-->''I'm cheerleading myself''\\
''I should have made it matter.''
* SurrealMusicVideo:
** "Knife"
** "Two Weeks": The band as UncannyValley robots in a church. Their heads explode.
** "Ready, Able": Done with StopMotionAnimation
** "Gun-Shy"
* TeamMom: Chris Taylor, who has been described as the band's "cheerleader and therapist."
* TextlessAlbumCover: Shields.
* VocalTagTeam: Ed and Dan.
* VoiceTypes: All four lean toward the high end of the scale.
** Tenor - Ed, Dan, Chris Bear
** Countertenor - Chris Taylor