->''"Gong is One and One is You."''\\
--Quote from the back cover of ''You''.

Gong is a [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly psychedelic / progressive / jazz rock]] band founded in Paris in 1968. They are considered part of the "Canterbury Scene" known for its whimsical lyrics over jazz-drenched melodies. In fact, group founder Daevid Allen was a former member of Canterbury scene exemplars The Soft Machine and its predecessor The Wilde Flowers.

Under Allen, Gong were early purveyors of SpaceRock through a series of concept albums about the planet Gong, a world of "Pot Headed Pixies" and "Flying Teapots." Similarly to The Soft Machine, after 1976, they experienced GenreShift into a jazz-rock fusion band after the [[TheBandMinusTheFace departure]] of Allen and wife/singer/co-founder Gilli Smyth (and, after one post-Allen album much of the band's classic lineup as well). This iteration became known as Pierre Moerlen's Gong, which would go on to produce several albums of vibraphone-heavy instrumentals with more prominent guitar solos.

Meanwhile, the Gong universe continued through later incarnations such as Mother Gong until Allen and Smyth came back to re-form what jazz magazine ''Down Beat'' called his "gypsy carnival." Allen died in March 2015, but for the re-formed Gong, the show appears to go on.

Studio album discography:
* ''Magick Brother/Mystic Sister'' - 1970
* ''Camembert Electrique'' - 1971
* (with Dashiell Hedayat) ''Obsolete'' - 1971
* ''Continental Circus'' (film soundtrack) - 1972
* ''Flying Teapot'' - 1973
* ''Angel's Egg'' - 1973
* ''You'' - 1974
* ''Shamal'' - 1975
* ''Gazeuse!'' - 1976
* ''Expresso II'' - 1978
* ''Shapeshifter'' - 1992
* ''Zero to Infinity'' - 2000
* ''Acid Motherhood'' - 2003
* ''2032'' - 2009
* ''I See You'' - 2014
* ''Rejoice! I'm Dead!'' - 2016
* ClusterFBomb: In "Dynamite: I Am Your Animal", which might have been somewhat shocking in 1971 (especially for a female singer).
* ConceptAlbum:
** Actually a concept ''trilogy,'' as ''Radio Gnome Invisible'' consisted of ''Flying Teapots,'' ''Angel's Egg,'' and ''You.''
** Mother Gong did this too with ''Robot Woman,'' ''Robot Woman 2,'' and ''Robot Woman 3.''
* EpicRocking: Lots.
* ExpandedUniverse: Given the large number of [[SpinOff spinoffs]] and the ''Radio Gnome Invisible'' trilogy (''Flying Teapots,'' ''Angel's Egg,'' and ''You''), this makes Gong have a musical equivalent of this trope. It is given credence by reedist Didier Malherbe's solo album ''Fetish,'' which carries the label "Gongland" on the front cover.
* GenreShift: Daevid Allen-fronted Gong's PsychedelicRock / ProgressiveRock mix morphed into Pierre Moerlen's Gong of jazz fusion (still rooted in ProgressiveRock, though).
* GratuitousFrench: Keep in mind the band was founded in France.
* HairColors: One of their songs is titled "'Cos You Got Green Hair".
* LandDownunder: Daevid Allen was born there, and this occasionally pops up in the Gong mythology:
** His ''nom de scène'' is ''Dingo'' Virgin.
** The last track on Mother Gong's "Robot Woman" is "Australia."
* LeadDrummer: Pierre Moerlen after ''Shamal'', besides the fact that it was afterwards called Pierre Moerlen's Gong.
* LongTitle: "Ooby-Scooby Doomsday or The D-day DJ's Got the D.D.T. Blues", "Allez Ali Baba Black Sheep Have You Any Bullshit: Mama Maya Mantram"
* MisterSeahorse: The cover for ''Acid Motherhood''.
* MyHeroZero: Zero the Hero
* MythologyGag: lots
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Shamal,'' which was actually the transition album for TheBandMinusTheFace Gong and its inversion, Pierre Moerlen's Gong.
* SignatureSoundEffect: Daevid Allen's glissando guitar.
* SpaceRock: An early example, as ''Radio Gnome Invisible'' was a concept trilogy taking place on the planet Gong.
* SpinOff: "Pierre Moerlen's Gong", "Planet Gong", "Gongmaison", "Gongzilla", "Mother Gong", "New York Gong"
* StageNames: "Bloomdido Bad de Grass" (a BilingualBonus PunnyName for reedist Didier Malbherbe), "Dingo Virgin" (Daevid Allen), "Submarine Captain" (Christian Tritsch), Shakti Yoni (singer Gilli Smyth), Hi T Moonweed (keyboardist Tim Blake), etc.