Music/GaelicStorm is a celtic band formed in California in 1996. Their music includes influences from traditional Irish and Scottish music as well as celtic rock. Their signature style incorporates a wide variety of traditional instruments and contains playful and easy-going lyrics. Current band members are Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger, [[VocalTagTeam who both do lead vocals]], Ryan Lacey, Peter Purvis and Jessie Burns.

They appeared in the 1997 movie {{Titanic}}, in which they played "An Irish Party in Third Class".

They currently have brought out nine studio albums:
* 1998 - ''Gaelic Storm''
* 1999 - ''Herding Cats''
* 2001 - ''Tree''
* 2003 - ''Special Reserve''
* 2004 - ''How Are We Getting Home?''
* 2006 - ''Bring Yer Wellies''
* 2008 - ''What’s The Rumpus?''
* 2010 - ''Cabbage''
* 2012 - ''Chicken Boxer''

!!Tropes applying to Gaelic Storm or their music:
* CallBack: Though song "Don't Let the Truth Get in the Way (of a Good Story)" is a long string of completely implausible fish tales, there's a noticeable {{Beat}} after the line "I was in [[{{Titanic}} some blockbuster movie]] and I didn't make a dime."
* ChronologicalAlbumTitle: Tree (as in, three-in-an-Irish-accent)
* DrunkenSong: too many to list.
* {{Feghoot}}: The entire plot of "Darcy's Donkey" seems to be an excuse to [[spoiler:toast to Darcy's ass]].
* GargleBlaster: "Johnny Jump Up".
* ThrowItIn: Patrick Murphy started laughing when singing the last line of the song "Kelly's Wellies". He can be heard apologizing for messing up the take, but in fact the laughter just makes the ending that much better, and was left in.
* TomatoSurprise: A very mild example in "Go Home Girl", in that it doesn't really change the narrative any, but it does lend a slightly humorous new layer to it. Having spent the song trying to gently turn down a girl who's become infatuated with him, the gypsy narrator reveals in the last line that [[spoiler:the girl is eight years old.]]
* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead: "Green Eyes, Red Hair" is all about this. The woman in question overlaps with FieryRedhead too.
* UnreliableNarrator: The chorus of "Johnny Tarr" [[InvokedTrope invokes this]] by warning the listener not to trust the singer.
* WentToTheGreatXInTheSky: the song "Never Drink Em Dry (Johnny Tarr's Funeral)" mentions that Johnny has gone to "the pub way up in the sky."