[[caption-width-right:345:Front 242]]
->''One, you lock the target. Two, you bait the line. Three, you slowly spread the net, and four you catch the man!''

Front 242 is a Belgian EBM band and the TropeNamer (but not the TropeCodifier) for Electronic Body Music: this term was coined for their 1984 album ''No Comment''.

Their style, EBM, is a subgenre of {{Industrial}} that resembles the DarkerAndEdgier cousin of SynthPop. "DarkerAndEdgier Music/{{Kraftwerk}}" is a good description. The music itself is punk-like, aggressive and danceable ElectronicMusic with mostly conventional (verse-bridge-chorus) song structures.

Front 242 member Richard 23 was a founding member of Revolting Cocks alongside Music/{{Ministry}}'s Al Jourgensen.

Their CrowningMomentOfAwesome is generally considered to be their song ''Headhunter'' off their album ''Front By Front''. ''Headhunter'' is also their SignatureSong.

Unfortunately, Front 242 have at times [[MusicToInvadePolandTo been accused of Nazism]]. This accusation is severely misplaced.