Fear Factory is an American metal band. Formed in 1989, they are well-known for their signature style, which combines death metal, groove metal, thrash metal and industrial metal. They had a large impact on the metal (and "metalium", if you're picky) scene from the mid-90s and onwards, with Machine Head, Chimaira, DevinTownsend, Music/{{Disturbed}} and Mnemic all citing them as an influence.

They disbanded in 2002 due to internal disputes, but reformed later that same year without guitarist Dino Cazares, a founding member. They disbanded again in 2006, only to reform ''again'' in 2009 with a new lineup, including the returning Dino Cazares and drummer [[Music/{{Death}} Gene]] [[{{Dethklok}} Hog]][[StrappingYoungLad lan]].

Not to be confused with ''FearFactor'', NightmarishFactory, or the ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' track of the same name.

The band is currently writing a new record for a 2015 release.

'''Current lineup'''
* Burton C. Bell – vocals (1989–present)
* Dino Cazares – guitar (1989–2002, 2009–present)
* [[Music/{{Malignancy}} Mike Heller]] – drums (2012-present)
* Matt [=DeVries=] – bass (2012-present)

'''Former members'''
* Byron Stroud – bass (2003–2012)
* Gene Hoglan – drums (2009–2012)
* Raymond Herrera – drums (1989–2008)
* Christian Olde Wolbers – bass (1993–2002), guitar (2002–2008)
* Dave Gibney – bass, vocals (1989–1991)
* Andy Romero – bass (1991–1992)
* Andrew Shives – bass (1992–1993)

'''Studio albums'''
* ''Soul of a New Machine'' (1992)
* ''Demanufacture'' (1995)
* ''Obsolete'' (1998)
* ''Digimortal'' (2001)
* ''Concrete'' (2002) [[note]] This album was originally intended to be their debut back in 1991, but rights issues between the band and producer prevented ''Concrete'''s release until 2002. [[/note]]
* ''Archetype'' (2004)
* ''Transgression'' (2005)
* ''Mechanize'' (2010)
* ''The Industrialist'' (2012)

!!Tropes headed with quotes from songs by this band:
* [[invoked]] NightmareFuel

!!Fear Factory Provides examples of:
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* AntiLoveSong: "Manipulation" and "Leechmaster".
* BetterToDieThanBeKilled: ''Freedom or Fire'' - in which the protestor protagonist burns himself to death rather than be taken into custody by the state police.
* {{Cyborg}} - In ''Digimortal'', [[spoiler: when the surviving humans and machines realize that they need to depend on, rather than control, one another to survive.]]
* CyberPunk
* CrapsackWorld - ''Demanufacture'' and ''Obsolete'''s dystopias.
* DarkestHour: ''Descent'', ''Timelessness.''
* {{Determinator}}: ''H-K (Hunter-Killer),'' ''Edgecrusher,'' ''Smasher/Devourer,'' ''Archetype.'' ''H-K'' gets bonus points for not only taking its title from [[TheTerminator De Terminator]], but using samples of Kyle Reese's dialogue.
* DownerEnding - In ''Obsolete'', [[spoiler: when the main character, ''Edgecrusher'', gets captured by the Securitron. It is not certain whether his words/thoughts in the song ''Timelessness'' are when he's in jail, or when he is in the process of being executed. And he was the leader of the resistance too, making Edgecrusher's defeat a double-blow.]]
* {{GIFT}}: Addressed in "Cyberwaste."
** Also, "Archetype"'s lyrics are essentially addressed to then-absent guitarist Dino Cazares.
* GriefSong: Well, more of a grief instrumental in the case of ''Natividad'', which is dedicated to guitarist Dino Cazares' mother.
* MurderBallad: ''Suffer Age'' was written by Dino Cazares about John Wayne Gacy. ''0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)'', written about The Acid King Ricky Kasso, too.
* NonAppearingTitle: Demanufacture, Replica, Self Bias Resistor, to name a couple.
* ProtestSong: Whilst all of Fear Factory's material is basically anti-authoritarian, ''Crash Test'' (animal testing), ''Hi-tech Hate'' (arms industry), ''Corporate Cloning'' (music/fashion industry), ''Securitron (Police State 2000)'' (go on, guess), "Crisis" (the military complex) are all more specific in their targets.
** "Fear Campaign" is essentially a huge middle finger to everyone who uses fear to get themselves obeyed.
* ReligionRantSong: ''Big God/Raped Souls,'' (("Liar! Big God, no God, BURN!")) and ''Desecrate'' from ''Soul of a New Machine'' with ''Act of God'' on ''Archetype'' give examples of [[GodIsEvil Type 1]]. ''Demanufacture's'' ''Pisschrist'' is more of a [[ReligionIsWrong Type 2]], though in the context of the album, it also talks either about the anti-machine resistance, or the machine leadership. Although you may not realize it, the ''Digimortal'' bonus track ''Dead Man Walking'' is a Type 2.
* TheScapegoat: Well, "Scapegoat"; It was written after an incident where Dino felt he was wrongly arrested for.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: the concept albums worlds are left deliberately undated, and fit fairly neatly into the not-too-distant future trope.

* {{Bishonen}}: Burton C. Bell, to some extent.
* GreatestHitsAlbum - Released by Roadrunner without the bands permission. It only contains songs up to ''Digimortal''.
* JerkAss: Dino and Burton may have had their disputes over the years, but one thing that they do have in common is their penchant for screwing others over and making lots of shady, morally-questionable business deals..
* CelebrityResemblance - Burton looks like he could be the brother of [[GroundedForLife Donal Logue]].

* AlternativeMetal
* CarefulWithThatAxe: A piercing growl is heard after the long, extremely quiet (yet gloomy) intro of "Fear Campaign". Way to scare us all, Burton.
* ConceptAlbum - ''Soul of A New Machine'', ''Demanufacture'', ''Obsolete'', and ''Digimortal'' all tell a continuous story.
** Although ''The Industrialist'' is the band's first concept album since ''Digimortal'', it is not part of the Fear Factory-verse, forming an unconnected story.
* DeathMetal - ''Soul of a New Machine'' and ''Concrete''. There are also trace elements of death metal in the band's other material.
* GenreBusting - Honestly, try figuring out what kind of metal they really are.
* GenreShift - Industrial death metal to industrial groove metal. They also had nu metal influence on ''Digimortal''.
* GrooveMetal
* HeavyMithril - Most of the band's lyrics focus on science fiction
* IndustrialMetal - Fear Factory made several IndustrialMetal-influenced albums with former FrontLineAssembly member Rhys Fulber as their producer.
* MetalScream: Types 1, 2 and 4. Type 2 mostly only occurred on ''Soul of a New Machine'' and ''Concrete'', and virtually all subsequent works saw Burton moving between Type 1 and 4.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness - ''Soul of a New Machine'' and ''Concrete'' are 10; most of their other material is 8, occasionally bordering on 9.
** Some songs drop it as low as 6 or 7 (''Descent'', ''Resurrection'' and ''Cars''). They are in the minority.
*** Even more unusual is ''Timelessness'', which is only about a 2!
** Most of the album ''Mechanize'' is a 9, probably thanks to the extremely fast and precise drumming done by Gene Hoglan, former drummer of Music/{{Death}}. The stuff on ''The Industrialist'', instead, borders on a 10 due to the ''even faster'' drumming, which was programmed with help by John Sankey from Devolved, who almost played on the album but couldn't due to schedule conflicts.
** Their cover of "0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)" goes up to 11, just like the original version.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Kind of like Bauhaus in that the sound they created is common now but was downright out of left field when they started. Death metal, industrial metal, grindcore, noise, EBM, rap and synthpop aren't exactly things you'd expect to hear combined, but that's pretty much exactly what Fear Factory did. They even incorporate elements of NuMetal.
* PissTakeRap / RapMetal - "Back the Fuck Up" from ''Digimortal''. It sure wasn't expected. Half of the band also contributed to Cypress Hill's ''Skull & Bones''.
* {{Remaster}}: ''Soul of a New Machine'' was remastered and re-released in a 2005 digipak that combined it with the also remastered E.P ''Fear Is The Mindkiller.''
* {{Sampling}} - Hard to notice, but most of their earlier songs contained random samples, whether they were quotes or sound effects. Some of the sounds they sampled were from ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', ''Film/BladeRunner'', and the ''Film/DemolitionMan'' arcade game.
* SopranoAndGravel: Burton manages to do this one, all on his own.
* TropeCodifier: One of the codifiers for IndustrialMetal, along with NineInchNails, MarilynManson, and {{Rammstein}}.
* XMeetsY: Music/{{Pantera}} and Music/{{Slayer}} meet Music/KillingJoke, Music/{{Swans}}, and Music/{{Ministry}}.