[[caption-width-right:298:Europe in 2014: John Levén, Mic Michaeli, Ian Haugland, Joey Tempest, John Norum.]]
->''We're leaving together,''
->''But still it's farewell,''
->''And maybe we'll come back to earth, who can tell?''
->''I guess there is no one to blame,''
->''We're leaving ground,''
->''Will things ever be the same again?''
-->--''The Final Countdown''

Europe is a [[UsefulNotes/{{Sweden}} Swedish]] melodic hard rock band mostly known for the mega-hit "The Final Countdown". The band's roots can be traced back to 1979 when they started out as Force, but in 1982 they started performing under the name Europe.

After becoming quite successful in their home country with two successful albums under their belts, Europe achieved their greatest success internationally with their third album, ''The Final Countdown'', with its famous title song becoming a number one hit worldwide thanks to the growing popularity of HairMetal. While Europe begins and ends with this song as far as a lot of people are concerned, they had other hits, such as the PowerBallad "Carrie" (which was actually a bigger hit than "The Final Countdown" in America when it was released in 1986).

!!Europe members
* Joey Tempest - vocals (1979-1992, 2003-)
* John Norum - guitar (1979-1986, 2003-)
* John Levén - bass (1981-1992, 2003-)
* Mic Michaeli - keyboards (1984-1992, 2003-)
* Ian Haugland - drums (1984-1992, 2003-)

* Kee Marcello - guitar (1986-1992)
* Tony Reno - drums (1979-1984)
* Marcel Jacob - bass (1981)
* Peter Olsson - bass (1979-1981)

* 1983 - ''Europe''
** The debut album, the first prize of Rock-SM 82, was recorded over two weekends whenever there was studio time available, and bassist John Levén had to take illegal absences from his military service.
* 1984 - ''Wings Of Tomorrow''
** The second album featured a more experienced and well-rounded Europe. Recorded in the famous Polar Studios in the center of Stockholm, "Wings" features traditional heavy metal lyric subjects and competent songwriting throughout, with many of the songs still in the band's set, such as "Scream of Anger", "Open Your Heart" and the title track.
* 1986 - ''The Final Countdown''
** The work for Europe's breakthrough album was delayed when Joey Tempest got serious voice troubles from an infection.
* 1988 - ''Out Of This World''
** The first album with John Norum's successor, Kee Marcello.
* 1991 - ''Prisoners In Paradise''
** The release was delayed nearly a year due to ExecutiveMeddling.
* 2004 - ''Start From The Dark''
** The comeback album from the ''The Final Countdown'' line-up.
* 2006 - ''Secret Society''
* 2009 - ''Last Look At Eden''
* 2012 - ''Bag of Bones''

!!Europe and their music feature the following tropes

* AlbumTitleDrop
* AllDrummersAreAnimals: '''IAN HAUGLAND'''!! His antics have included running with his pants down at parties, the pee balloon and 19(!) bottlecaps.
* AudienceParticipationSong: "The Final Countdown", "Rock the Night". Also, some [[{{Music/Queen}} Freddie Mercury]]-style sing-along vocal contests have always been a part of their live shows.
* AuthorTract: "Homeland" on ''Prisoners In Paradise'' and the unreleased song from the same sessions, "Mr. Government Man" might just be songs inspired by the band moving to Bahamas to avoid high Swedish taxes and Joey being charged a big sum of money for evading his country's obligatory military service. Also, "Last Look At Eden" is inspired by the political situation in the USA.
* BreakupSong: "Carrie", their best known example. "Prisoners in Paradise" as well.
* CoverVersion: Their 2008 live album, ''Almost Unplugged'', includes four covers, namely of UFO, Music/PinkFloyd, Music/LedZeppelin and Music/ThinLizzy.
** Guitarist John Norum did a Thin Lizzy cover in each of his solo albums, bar a few.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Ian Haugland prefers to play drums barefoot.
* FilkSong: "Seven Doors Hotel" is based on the horror film ''Film/TheBeyond''. Yes, that one. Not surprisingly, it passes off as horrific for some not familiar with Europe's earlier music.
** "Seventh Sign" is based on the apocalyptic film ''The Seventh Sign''.
* TheFourChordsOfPop: The chorus of "Superstitious" is a solid example.
* HairMetal: From 1986 to 1992.
* HairTodayGoneTomorrow: Ian Haugland.
* HeavyMeta: "Rock the Night".
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Joey Tempest even admits being this with John Norum in the bio of their official website.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddNinja: "Ninja" on ''The Final Countdown''.
* {{Instrumentals}}: "Boyazont" on ''Europe'', "Aphasia" on ''Wings of Tomorrow''.
* IntercourseWithYou:
* LighterAndSofter: ''The Final Countdown'', of course. Europe was a very different band, bordering on Music/ThinLizzy-influenced metal that sometimes resembled Music/{{Iron Maiden}}. They got lighter with the next release, ''Out Of This World''.
* LongRunnerLineUp: The current lineup, also known as the classic ''The Final Countdown'' lineup, originally stayed together for only two years (1984-86), but has remained intact since its reunion in 2003, thus making it a Type 4.
* LyricalColdOpen: "Superstitious".
* LyricalDissonance: Their more recent albums, particularly ''Start From The Dark''. The music is full of dark, brooding guitar tones, with down-tuning. The lyrics, however, are very positive and encouraging.
* MeaningfulName: They are from Europe
* MetalScream: Heard often on their first two albums.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Start from the Dark'' being the most obvious example.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted by John Norum and John Levén.
* OneWomanSong: "Carrie".
* PerformanceVideo: "The Final Countdown".
* PowerBallad: "Carrie", "Open Your Heart", "Prisoners in Paradise"...
* RereleaseTheSong: "Open Your Heart", originally released as a single from ''Wings of Tomorrow'', was re-recorded for ''Out of This World'' and released as a single once again.
* RockMeAmadeus: Not on albums, but Ian Haugland's live drum solos have contained ''[[{{Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart}} Eine Kleine Nachtmusik]]'' and the William Tell Overture.
* SelfBackingVocalist: With the exception of "Rock the Night", Joey Tempest did all the backing vocals himself on ''The Final Countdown''. Averted on all previous and subsequent albums though.
** Kee, Mic and Joey were credited as a backup vocal group on ''Prisoners In Paradise'', named "The Lame Swedes".
* SelfTitledAlbum: Big in Japan.
* SixthRanger: Kee Marcello. Also {{The Other Darrin}} in the videos for "Rock The Night", "Carrie" and "Cherokee", songs for which he did not record.
* SomethingBlues: "Devil Sings the Blues" on ''Secret Society'', "Not Supposed to Sing the Blues" on ''Bag of Bones''.
* StageNames: The only members to use their birth names are John Norum and John Levén. Joey Tempest is Joakim Larsson, and Mic Michaeli and Ian Haugland's real first names are Gunnar and Hĺkan, respectively.
* TitleOnlyChorus: "The Final Countdown".