Embryosia is an experimental music project by troper {{Tropers/Spudsabre}}. Disbanded as of 2013, and followed by {{Music/BlackHoleTaskForce}}.

! This project contains examples of:

* EpicRocking: "Lay Water Beneath The Nightfall", "Silver Fluid Oculars", "Wraith Call", "The Midnight Circus", and "Call of an Astral Child" all exceed six minutes. "Excerpt's From A.R. Felding's Deep Sea Explorations" at 5:12 stands out from an album otherwise full of MinisculeRocking.
* HarshVocals: On "Soap Face".
* {{Instrumentals}}: The majority of Embryosia's songs, with a few exceptions.
* MinisculeRocking: Several songs are less than two minutes, and some are less than one.
* ThemeNaming: All album titles and a few song titles, using words relating to divinity and reproduction.
* WordSaladLyrics