Edge of Sanity was a Swedish death metal band fronted by musical genius Dan Swanö, who is renowned among the metal underground for all the numerous musical projects he has fronted and also for his work as a producer. The band is commonly regarded alongside {{Opeth}} as being the first to combine extreme metal styles like [[DeathMetal Death]] and BlackMetal with genuine ProgressiveRock, which eventually culminated in the release of the album Crimson, a single forty-minute conceptual song dealing with a post-apocalyptic future in which mankind has lost the ability to breed.

The band split up in 1999 and was briefly revived by Dan Swanö in 2003 as a solo project, releasing ''Crimson II'', a direct sequel to ''Crimson'', but after that the project was dissolved and has remained quiet ever since.

Main discography:

* 1991 - ''Nothing But Death Remains''
* 1992 - ''Unorthodox''
* 1993 - ''The Spectral Sorrows''
* 1994 - ''Purgatory Afterglow''
* 1996 - ''Crimson''
* 1997 - ''Infernal''
* 1997 - ''Cryptic''
* 2003 - ''Crimson II''

!!Edge Of Sanity provide examples of:

* TheBandMinusTheFace: Cryptic, which does not feature Swanö
* ConceptAlbum: Crimson and Crimson II, [[CaptainObvious obviously.]]
* EpicRocking: ''Crimson'' and its sequel are forty and forty-three minutes long, respectively. Each album consists of a single song (although ''Crimson II'' is divided into many separate tracks to annoy people who wanted to pirate the record).
* IAmTheBand: Dan Swanö on ''Crimson II''. Apart from a couple of guest spots, he performed every single instrument and all the vocals. Justified as the band had broken up by that point.