[=Dream Evil=] is a [[PowerMetal power]] and [[HeavyMetal heavy]] metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1999.

Current members:

* Niklas Isfeldt - Lead vocals
* Fredrik Nordström - Rhythm guitar
* Markus Fristedt - Lead guitar
* Peter Stålfors- Bass
* Pat Power - Drums

Former members:

* Gus G. - Lead guitar
* Snowy Shaw - Drums
* Daniel Varghamne - Lead guitar
* Jake E. Lundberg - Lead vocals
* Tommy Larsson - Bass


* ''Dragonslayer'' (2002)
* ''Evilized'' (2003)
* ''Book of Heavy Metal'' (2004)
* ''United'' (2006)
* ''In The Night'' (2010)

!!The band gives us these examples:

* BloodKnight
* ChurchMilitant: Possibly "The Chosen Ones" and "Crusader's Anthem"
* HeavyMeta: Fire! Battle! In Metal! and Book of Heavy Metal are prime examples.
** Also "Heavy Metal in the Night", "H.M.J." (Heavy Metal Jesus), "Made of Metal", "The Sledge", "No Way" ('Rock 'n Roll will never die'), "The 7th Day", "Electric", "Bang Your Head" and "Let's Make Rock".
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Chasing the Dragon
* JesusWasWayCool: "H.M.J" Stands for Heavy Metal Jesus. Guess what music Jesus would play?
* MetalScream: The very beginning of "Book of Heavy Metal"
* NorseMythology: ''We're riding on the Wings of Odin'' from "Kingdom at War"