->''"Let's go back to the start like it used to be / Before you fell apart and you blamed it on me / Back when you were my friend - do you remember back then? / All the plans that we made - can we get back to those days?"''

'''Dope''' are a {{nu metal}} / {{hard rock}} band with {{industrial}} influences who exploded onto the New York City club scene in the late '90s and have enjoyed a relative degree of popularity ever since. Headed by their [[{{face of the band}} enigmatic frontman]] [[{{stage name}} Edsel Dope]], they have toured the globe relentlessly, and, as of the time of this writing, they have five studio albums to their name with a sixth due out this year.



[[folder:Music Tropes]]
* [[{{Callandresponse song}} Call-and-response song]]: the live performances of "Die MF Die".
** ''"Say 'I'! Say 'I'!"''
** ''"'Burn, burn, burn motherfucker!' Say it!"''
* {{Medley}}: "Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck", off ''No Regrets''.
* {{Lighter and softer}}: To many fans, their 2003 album ''Group Therapy''.
* {{Darker and edgier}}: Their album ''No Regrets'' takes on a more traditonal, modern heavy metal approach, with guitar solos and more aggressive drumming.
* {{Surprisingly gentle song}}: "Sing", and "Another Day Goes By", both off ''Group Therapy''
* {{Repurposed pop song}}: Dead or Alive's hit '80s single "You Spin Me 'round" was covered for the ''{{American Psycho}}'' film soundtrack.
** MisattributedSong: It was Dope who recorded this version, not Music/MarilynManson.
* {{Cover version}}: They've covered Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Depeche Mode and N.W.A.
* [[{{Iam song}} "I Am" song]]: one of their songs off ''Group Therapy'' is entitled just that.
* {{Title only chorus}}: "Let's Fuck", off ''American Apathy'', and "Die MF Die" of course.
* {{Breakup song}}: "With or Without You" and "Always" are both good examples of the "teetering on the brink..." variety.
* {{Love nostalgia song}}: "Always", lyrics from which can be seen on the top of this very page, although it is implied that Edsel is still in the relationship as he wrote the song.
* {{Love is a drug}}: "Addiction".
** ''She's like cocaine, heroin, alcohol and vicodin...''
* {{Intercourse with you}}: "Let's Fuck", "Addiction", and "Sex Machine".
* {{Pep talk song}}: In a way, "Take Your Best Shot".
* {{Rockstar song}}: Inverted, with "Debonaire".
* {{Mohs scale of rock and metal hardness}}: Ranges from a 5 ("Sing") to a solid 8 ("Die MF Die").

[[folder:Band Tropes]]
* [[{{SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll}} Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll]]: As far as the sex and rock 'n' roll are concerned, Dope are covered. But interestingly, the band derived their name from the fact that they actually sold drugs to afford their instruments back in the early days.
* {{Face of the band}}: Edsel.
* {{Stage name}}: Edsel Dope's birth name is Brian Charles Ebejer.
* {{Band of relatives}}: Edsel's brother, going by the name Simon Dope, used to be in the band.
* {{Lolicon}}: Former guitarist Tripp Eisen, also of Static-X fame, was charged with sexual assault of underage girls on at least two occasions, in the span of ''a couple of weeks''.