->''"Sixty five million years ago they disappeared''\\
''Now the dinosaurs are back''\\
''The human race must learn to live in fear''\\
''The earth is under attack''\\
''From the '''[[TitleDrop DINOSAUR PLANET]]''' (oh oh, oh oh)"''

''[[http://mjhibbett.co.uk/dinosaurplanet/index.php Dinosaur Planet]]'' is a 2011 rock opera by MJ Hibbett and the Validators, accompanied by artwork by John Allison of ''Webcomic/ScaryGoRound'' and ''Webcomic/BadMachinery'' fame.

Strange lights have been seen over the [[UsefulNotes/EastAnglia East Anglian]] city of Norwich. Investigating, the Norfolk police quickly discover the vanguard of an invasion of man-eating dinosaurs from space who quickly rampage through the fenland. Earth's only hope lies in a retired scientist whose forgotten paper on the Theory of the Dinosaur Planet speculated that the dinosaurs flew into space to escape the asteroid. However, the theory proves to have made one small error. The dinosaurs didn't flee to escape the asteroid, but were kidnapped by terrifying robotic slave owners, who are back for revenge...

# "Theme From Dinosaur Planet (Overture)" (0:43)
# "Norwich Central Police Station" (1:26)
# "Don't, Darren, Don't" (1:53)
# "Theme From Dinosaur Planet" (2:42)
# "The University Of Space" (0:39)
# "A Little Bit" (2:36)
# "The Secret Army Base" (0:45)
# "Here Come The Dinosaurs" (1:48)
# "Just The Place To Start" (1:19)
# "The Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet" (1:11)
# "My Grand dad Is Nuts" (1:52)
# "Whither The War Room?" (0:55)
# "The Battle Of Peterborough" (3:16)
# "Granddad's House" (0:43)
# "My Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet" (0:40)
# "Arrival Of The Giant Robots" (1:03)
# "We Are The Giant Robots" (2:25)
# "A Moment Of History" (1:21)
# "Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates" (1:52)
# "What Is Your Business Here?" (0:17)
# "We Are The Dinosaurs" (1:41)
# "Some Kind Of Relationshop" (0:53)
# "Literature Search" (1:00)
# "Teething Trouble" (0:55)
# "Strangely Attractive" (1:51)
# "Our Little Problem" (0:21)
# "Please Don't Eat Us" (2:42)
# "To Battle!" (0:11)
# "For The Fate Of The Earth" (5:37)
# "The Battle Won" (0:31)
# "A Little Bit More" (1:25)
# "The End?" (2:34)
# "Theme From Dinosaur Planet (Reprise)" (0:33)


!! ''Dinosaur Tropes''
* AliensInCardiff: The dinosaur invasion starts in Norwich, and the great battle between the dinosaurs and the army takes place in Peterborough.
* AlliterativeTitle: "'''D'''on't '''D'''arren, '''D'''on't", "'''W'''hither The '''W'''ar '''R'''oom?", "'''T'''eething '''T'''rouble".
* DarkReprise: "The Theory of a Dinosaur Planet" gets reprised as "My Theory of a Dinosaur Planet", as Grandad Truelove sadly reflects on the fact that the space dinosaurs are bloody-thirsty killers rather than the refined philosophers he'd expect.
* DeadlineNews: Maureen Hennessy's report from Norwich. Unusually, she's not especially sad or annoyed about it, since she fangirls over them even as they're biting through her abdomen.
* DumbDinos: Subverted - the dinosaurs are smart enough to eventually team up with the humans to fight the giant robots.
* EpicRocking: "For the Fate of the Earth" is 5 1/2 minutes.
* InterspeciesRomance: The leader of the dinosaurs and General Muriel Truelove fall in love, as documented in "Strangely Attractive".
* MinisculeRocking: Most of the songs are less than two minutes.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: "Let do a literature search!"
* NothingExcitingEverHappensHere: Peterborough:
-->''The terrible death toll was the first exciting thing to ever happen there.''
* OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope: "Our legal department advises us to restate that the spaceships are in no way [[{{Transformers}} transforming]] but rather changing their physical appearance."
* ParrotExposition: the same dialogue is used several times:
-->Space dinosaurs are attacking Earth!
-->Space dinosaurs?
-->[[ShapedLikeItself Dinosaurs from space!]]
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: The giant robots:
-->''We are The Giant Robots''
-->''And what you see is what you get''
-->''We always speak as we find''
-->''And say whatever's on our mind''
-->''We're not Politically Correct''
* RedShirt: Darren, the policeman sent to investigate the first reports of the dinosaurs. Explictly [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the song "Don't, Darren, Don't":
-->''You'll be teleporting down to a planet''
-->''Wearing a red shirt''
-->''If someone's getting shot with a phaser gun''
-->''It won't be Captain Kirk''
* {{Retirony}}:
-->''You might as well get into a Spitfire''
-->''[[FatalFamilyPhoto Clutching a photograph]]''
-->''Of the fiancee who you promised''
-->''This mission would be your last''
* ShoutOut: ''Dinosaur Planet'' is based on ''Music/JeffWaynesMusicalVersionOfTheWarOfTheWorlds'', the UrExample of the alien invasion rock opera, and the very first lines reference the famous opening of the novel and the musical:
-->''No-one would have believed in the early years of the 21st century, that the end of the world would have its beginnings in... Norwich.''
* TalkLikeAPirate: Dinosaurs talk like pirates, since in pictures their mouths are always drawn as if they're saying "Arrrr".
* TriumphantReprise: "A Little Bit", a heartfelt song by a scientist defending his research, is reprised as a "A Little Bit More" where he celebrates how dinosaurs and humans were able to team up to defeat the robots.
* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove: "What is this human emotion you call [[UnresolvedSexualTension slight sexy awkwardness]]?"