Die Fantastischen Vier, founded 1989, are a rap group from Stuttgart, Germany. In their 25 years of making music, they had not a single line-up change and consist of Michael "Smudo" Bernd Schmitt (rap), Thomas "D." Dürr (rap), Michael "Michi" Beck (rap, DJ) and Andreas "And. Y" (spoken Andi Ypsilon) Rieke (keyboards, production).

They released eight studio albums and six live albums. In 2009, their long time manager and friend Andreas "Bär" Läsker produced a tribute album for their 20 years anniversary.

Studio Albums:
* Jetzt gehts ab (1991)
* Vier Gewinnt (1992)
* Die Vierte Dimension (1993)
* Lauschgift (1995)
* 4:99 (1999)
* Viel (2004)
* Fornika (2007)
Für dich immer noch Fanta-Sie (2010)

The band provides examples of:

* {{Audience Participation Song}}: ''Was geht'', ''Die da''. The "Vier, vier, vier" chant of ''Vier Gewinnt'' may also count as this.
* {{Boastful Rap}}: ''Zu geil für diese Welt'' (''Too wicked for this world'')
* {{Bald of Awesome}}: Thomas
* {{Badass Beard}}: Thomas has gone through a wide variety of eccentric facial hair combinations during the last 25 yeats.
* [[{{Chess with Death}} Rap battle with Satan]]: The climax of ''Michi Beck in Hell''
* {{Concious Hip Hop}}: They have some songs like this. ''Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld'' manages to combine this and party hip hop
* {{Cluster F Bomb}}: ''Arschloch'' combines this with {{Hair Trigger Temper}}
* {{Evil sounds deep}}: Satan in ''Michi Beck in Hell''
* {{Fan Nickname}}: Many fans refer to them as "Fantas"
* {{Fire and brimstone hell}}: The last scene in ''Michi Beck in Hell''
* {{Foreshadowing}}: ''Vier gewinnt'' is full of [[{{Title Drop}} Title Drops]] of songs on the eponymous album and drops the title of the next album.
* {{Heavy Meta}}: ''Hip Hop Musik''
* {{I Am Song}}: Every one of their members has atleast one:
** Thomas D. has ''Hausmeister Thomas D.'', Michi Beck has ''Der Picknicker'' And. Y has ''Nenn ihn Präsident''; Smudo holds the recod with ''Le Smou'', ''Smudo in Zukunft'', ''Smudo schweift aus'', ''S.M.U.D.O. Ich bin halt so'' and ''Mikrofonprofessor''
** ''Vier Gewinnt'', ''Jetzt passt auf'' and ''Jetzt gehts ab'' are this for the whole band.
* {{List Song}}: ''MFG (Mit freundlichen Grüßen)'' consist of acronyms.
* {{Motor mouth}}: All three of their rappers can perform this.
* {{Number of the beast}}: In "Michi Beck in hell", this comes up
-> Ich spuckte sechshundertsechsundsechzig Styles binnen kürzester Zeit
* {{Stage name}}: Every band member has one or more.
* {{The Quiet One}}: And. Y is almost never heard, save two songs from the band's early years, were he has exactly '''''one line''''' both times
* {{The Reason You Suck Speech}}: ''Genug ist genug'', ''Schmock''
* {{True Companions}}: They haven't changed line up in 25 years and would probably quit as a group if one of them did.