[[caption-width-right:326: [[IAmTheBand Chuck Schuldiner]], Gene Hoglan, and a bunch of other guys.]]

'''Death''' were the first true DeathMetal band. While Music/{{Possessed}} may have been the first to release an album in the death metal idiom, Death were the first to play the "classic" style of death metal, separating it from ThrashMetal altogether, and their debut album ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Scream Bloody Gore]]'' has been described as death metal's first definitive article.

Initially, Chuck Schuldiner formed the band Mantas at the age of 16; after about a year, he dissolved the band and formed Death. After a lot of members were fired and hired by Schuldiner, the band's first album, ''Scream Bloody Gore'' (1987) was released. It is considered a landmark album of the genre, pretty much starting the trend for gory lyrics and brutality. Eventually, though, more "brutal" bands such as Music/{{Deicide}} and Music/MorbidAngel came along and out-brutalised Death. So, rather than up the heaviness, Schuldiner continued to grow musically, eventually heading in a more [[ProgressiveMetal progressive]] direction starting with the album ''Human''. Their transformation into a [[ProgressiveDeathMetal progressive/technical death metal]] band was one of the things that kickstarted that subgenre, along with the bands Music/{{Atheist}} and Music/{{Cynic}}.

The group, with its ever-changing lineup of members, disbanded in 2001 when Schuldiner died of complications from brain cancer at 34. The band remains one of the most influential death metal bands of all time, and Schuldiner is recognised as the "father of death metal", though he often downplayed the name "death metal" later in his career and regarded Death as a straightforward metal band towards the end of the band's lifetime.

Schuldiner was also one of two guitarists for Control Denied, a progressive metal band, which is considered the continuation of Death. In fact, many of the tracks on Death's final album ''The Sound of Perseverance'' were originally intended to be Control Denied songs, but Schuldiner caved to [[ExecutiveMeddling studio pressure]] and used them for a final Death album instead. He intended to disband Death, at least temporarily, to focus on Control Denied, but [[AuthorExistenceFailure his long illness]] ended that plan.

Their albums are:
* ''Scream Bloody Gore'', 1987
* ''Leprosy'', 1988
* ''Spiritual Healing'', 1990
* ''Human'', 1991
* ''Individual Thought Patterns'', 1993
* ''Symbolic'', 1995
* ''The Sound of Perseverance'', 1998

Control Denied's albums are:
* ''The Fragile Art of Existence'', 1999
* ''When Man and Machine Collide'', cancelled (has been stuck in DevelopmentHell ever since Chuck's AuthorExistenceFailure and has more or less been confirmed to be a dead project)

Not to be confused with Death, the '70s punk band, or [[TheGrimReaper Death]].

!! Death has examples of the following tropes:

* BigBrotherIsWatching: Discussed in "1,000 Eyes".
* BodyHorror: Common in the band's early lyrics, and sometimes appears on later albums. "Living Monstrosity" is a good example:
--> "Born without eyes or hands\\
And half a brain\\
Be born addicted\\
To cocaine"
* CallBack: Control Denied's "Believe" contains a TitleDrop of Death's "Voice of the Soul".
* CarefulWithThatAxe: ''The Sound of Perseverance'' has Chuck doing insanely inhuman screams throughout the whole album.
* ContrivedCoincidence: A tragic example, Schuldiner was the only constant member and leader of a band that constituted a bonafide multitude of people; of those members of '''Death''', only Schuldiner has died (though guitarist James Murphy also had a cancer-related scare himself).
** In March 2015, Death's last bassist Scott Clendenin passed away at age 47.
* CoverVersion: [[Music/JudasPriest "Painkiller"]], the final track on ''The Sound of Perseverance'', and a version of Music/{{KISS}}'s "God of Thunder" on the Japanese version of of ''Human'' before getting a worldwide release on the 2011 reissue of the same album.
* DeadArtistsAreBetter: Chuck Schuldiner gets this treatment somewhat. While Death's music has always been well-respected, the bad reputation he had (see Insufferable Genius below) for a long period in his career is rarely brought up anymore.
* DeathMetal: The TropeMakers ''and'', alongside Possessed's demo ''Death Metal'', the TropeNamers.
* {{Dystopia}}: "Genetic Reconstruction"; "1,000 Eyes"
* EpicRocking: A couple of songs in their early career (the title tracks of ''Leprosy'' and ''Spiritual Healing''), as well as several songs off ''Symbolic'' and ''The Sound of Perseverance'' (with "Perennial Quest", at 8:20, and "Flesh and the Power It Holds", at 8:26, being the longest). This continued with Control Denied; half the songs on ''The Fragile Art of Existence'' are over six minutes long, with the longest being nearly ten.
* TheFundamentalist:
** "Crystal Mountain" was based off of Chuck's fundamentalist neighbors.
** "The Philosopher" is about someone who acts like a fundamentalist. [[MisaimedFandom At least that's what people thought it was about]] until [[TakeThat a rumour about the song's actual meaning was proven right...]]
** The whole album ''Spiritual Healing'' deals with this trope, with its title track dealing with Christian Healers that peddle money out of gullible parishioners.
* GenreShift: From death metal to tech-death to progressive death metal.
** ''The Sound of Perseverance'' also has some heavy hints of PowerMetal, as many of its tracks were originally intended to be Control Denied material, but [[ExecutiveMeddling the label wanted]] another Death album, so Chuck included them on the album after changing them only slightly (mostly by changing the vocals from clean singing to some of the most extreme examples of CarefulWithThatAxe on record). Chuck subverted this when he formed Control Denied, however, as he wanted to focus more on prog metal / power metal fusion with no traces of death metal, but also wanted to avoid a TheyChangedItNowItSucks reaction from fans of Death, so he formed what was technically a new band, even if said band shared many members with the old one.
* {{Gorn}}: The lyrical content on ''Scream Bloody Gore'' and, to a lesser degree, ''Leprosy''. However, they moved away from gory lyrics with ''Spiritual Healing'', and never looked back.
* IAmTheBand: Chuck Schuldiner. Most notable on ''Scream Bloody Gore'', where he played bass and the only thing not done by him for the album was [[Music/{{Autopsy}} Chris Reifert's]] drumming. Chuck also played bass on ''Leprosy''.
* {{Irony}}: Gene Hoglan was blown away by Sean Reinert's drumming on ''Human'' and remembered expressing relief that he would never be tasked with having to learn such difficult parts. That relief obviously didn't last.
* HeteronormativeCrusader: Chuck was probably one (at least in his younger days). In "Mutilation," he "celebrate[s] a faggot's death." However, he later grew to regret these lyrics.
* {{Instrumentals}}: Two of them: "Cosmic Sea" off ''Human'', and "Voice of the Soul" off ''The Sound of Perseverance''.
* InsufferableGenius: Depending on who you ask, Chuck had a bit of a problem with this, stemming mostly from his desire to keep things as professional as possible and a complete lack of tolerance for infighting. When someone wasn't working out, Chuck seldom gave them a second chance and usually just threw them out and burned all associated bridges; as logic would dictate, this didn't exactly give him the best of reputations. This was more than likely due to the incredibly dysfunctional nature of the band around the time of ''Spiritual Healing'', which left such a bad taste in Chuck's mouth that he vowed to never allow himself to be placed in that position again.
* {{Jerkass}}: Founding member Kam Lee is notorious for his needlessly abrasive nature, crude sense of humor, and tendency to rant constantly, as well as for being a self-proclaimed supreme misanthrope and for burning bridges with anybody who crosses him.
* LeadBassist: Starting with Steve [=DiGiorgio=], all of their bassists were Type A examples, though [=DiGiorgio=] doubled as a Type C due to his immensely influential nature among metal bassists and [[WolverinePublicity prolific session appearances]].
* LesserStar: Pretty much everyone in the band aside from Chuck Schuldiner. Though he wasn't the only well-known member -- [[Music/{{Testament}} Gene]] [[WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}} Hog]][[Music/FearFactory lan]], [[Music/{{Cynic}} Paul Masvidal]], [[Music/{{Autopsy}} Chris Reifert]] and [[Music/KingDiamond Andy LaRocque]] all played with the band.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Originally at 10, later moved down to 9 as they progressed as a band.
** The mostly-acoustic song Voice of the Soul is about a 5 or maybe even a low 6.
* MrFanservice: Chuck performed shirtless on plenty of occasions.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Human'' (which began their venture into TechnicalDeathMetal) and ''Symbolic'' (which marked a venture into a more [[ProgressiveMetal progressive]] direction). Also averted, as Schuldiner started Control Denied to be more progressive (and change vocalists) without "betraying" fans of Death's HarshVocals.
* NiceGuy: Chuck. Despite having InsufferableGenius syndrome, he was a rather nice and open minded individual. He was pretty modest with of his musical career, feeling Death was just a 'metal band', didn't want to talk credit for the genre and even felt the title he was given, "''The Father of Death Metal''", was a bit too much.
* ProgressiveMetal: The latter four Death albums, as well as all of Control Denied's material.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: Schuldiner loved this trope. His performance in "The Philosopher" and "Lack of Comprehension" turned the word ''lies'' into a metalhead in-joke.
* ReligionRantSong: "Crystal Mountain" is a Type 3, about why proselytizing is forcing yourself on other people.
* SplitPersonality: "Defensive Personalities"
* StartMyOwn: Kam Lee joined the band Massacre after leaving, and in fact is best-known as the frontman and voice of that group. Today, Lee performs vocals for countless underground death metal bands, but prefers to stay deep under the radar to the point that very few people are aware he's still active.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: "Voice of the Soul"
* TakeThat: Chuck wasn't afraid to pull a few punches during his career.
** "Out of Touch" is directed at extreme metal bands who sacrificed musical quality for brutality and shock value and "Low Life" was almost certainly aimed at Kam Lee.
** "The Philosopher" is really Chuck venting about former bandmate Paul Masvidal. This was a rumour for years that Paul denied but was proven to be true after events surrounding the formation of Cynic and Sean's departure from Cynic came to light. The most damning lyric of all? "So you preach about how I'm supposed to be, yet you don't know your own sexuality." Yikes. The message of the song in a nutshell is "you think you're enlightened, but you're really just a naive rich kid who thinks that he'll turn into John [=McLaughlin=] if he wishes hard enough".
* TitleOnlyChorus: "Scream Bloody Gore", "Zombie Ritual", "Evil Dead".
* TropeMakers: While Possessed's album ''Seven Churches'' is the first full-length death metal album, Death are considered to be co-trope makers along with Possessed, turning death metal into an actual subgenre instead of just an extreme thrash metal variant.
* VocalEvolution: Chuck's voice on ''Symbolic'' and especially ''The Sound of Perseverance'' was considerably higher.
* WolverinePublicity: James Murphy, Gene Hoglan, and Steve [=DiGiorgio=] have all become well-known for this. Murphy was ''the'' go-to in the '90s if you played death metal and wanted a cool shred solo; basically, if you're listening to a song from a death metal act that isn't really known for dazzling leadwork from that time period that breaks into a blazing neoclassical lead, they probably got Murphy to do it. The other two, meanwhile, are just known for making it their life's missions to play in just about every band ever.
* WordSaladLyrics: A good chunk of Control Denied's songs had this, with a stand out example being
---> ''"When the link they breathe becomes missing."''