British composer, born 1962.

His most famous compositions are:
* ''Film/{{Stargate}}''
* ''Film/IndependenceDay''
* ''Film/{{Godzilla 1998}}''
* Three Film/JamesBond themes ("Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough", "Surrender" from ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'', and ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'''s "You Know My Name"), and the scores for the Film/JamesBond series from ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'' to ''Film/QuantumOfSolace'', making him the first composer since Music/JohnBarry to do more than one movie in the series.
* The [[AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho Big Finish version]] of the ''Series/DoctorWho'' theme.
* Composed the score for ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' with Michael Price.
* After ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', he worked on the soundtrack for ''Film/HotFuzz''.

He has also worked on ''Series/LittleBritain'' and made cameo appearances.

Other movies and TV series he has composed music for include:
* ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'' - As an example of his skill, listen to the music in the climactic scene where Derek Zoolander finally reveals his "Magnum" look. He turned a comedy into an epic.

Now has his own page of [[AwesomeMusic/DavidArnold awesome music]].