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Children of Bodom is a Finnish [[HeavyMetal metal]] band from Espoo, formed in 1993 under the name of [=IneartheD=]. Their name was inspired by the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Bodom_murders Lake Bodom murders]].

Their breakthrough was the album ''Follow the Reaper'', which was the band's first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland. Since then, all six of the band's studio albums have reached the same status. In Finland, Children of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200.

The band is also known for its rather vague genre, which has caused much heated debate, but could best be described as a mix of death metal, elements of black metal in their early/later work, some groove metal elements, thrash metal in later works and (even though many will deny it) a bit of power metal.

Current lineup:
* Alexi Laiho - lead vocals, lead guitar
* Jaska Raatikainen - drums
* Henkka Seppälä - bass, backing vocals
* Janne Wirman - keyboards, backing vocals
* Daniel Freyberg - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

* ''Something Wild'', 1997
* ''Hatebreeder'', 1999
* ''Follow the Reaper'', 2000
* ''Hate Crew Deathroll'', 2003
* ''Are You Dead Yet?'', 2005
* ''Blooddrunk'', 2008
* ''Skeletons in the Closet'', 2009, a cover album
* ''Relentless Reckless Forever'', 2011
* ''Halo Of Blood'', 2013.
* ''I Worship Chaos'', 2015

Examples of tropes:

* AtomicFBomb: Heard in "You're Better Off Dead".
--> Did I ever hurt you in any way? If I did then hear my apology: '''FUCK YOU!!!!'''
* {{Bishonen}}: Alexi, Janne and Henkka.
* CastFullOfPrettyBoys: Just look at the picture!
* CoverVersion: A whole cover album, ''Skeletons in the Closet''. They also covered "[[Music/BritneySpears Oops I Did It Again]]" at an earlier date; the song was also included on the album. ''Halo of Blood'' features a Music/{{Roxette}} cover, of all things.
* ClusterFBomb: It would be a tall order to count how many times Alexi sings the word "Fuck" or any of its derivatives throughout their discography.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Alexi tends to be mistaken for a girl at times.
* FiveManBand:
** TheLeader: Alexi
** TheLancer: Henkka
** TheSmartGuy: Janne
** TheBigGuy: Jaska
** [[SixthRanger Fifth Ranger]]: Daniel
* GenreBusting + GenreRoulette. Happens frequently throughout their discography.
* GratuitousEnglish: Alexi's English is not all that good.
* GuestStarPartyMember: During the interim between Roope Latvala leaving and Daniel Freyberg joining, Janne Wirman's brother Antti stepped in to fill the rhythm guitar spot.
* IndecipherableLyrics: The band does not publish the lyrics to half their songs, and Alexi is famous for singing whatever he feels like live. The result: a fandom constantly trying [[TheUnintelligible to figure out]] [[{{Mondegreen}} what the hell]] [[LyricalShoehorn they might be]] [[WordSaladLyrics singing in each song]].
* LeadBassist: Henkka Seppälä is primarily Type C, as the FaceOfTheBand alongside Alexi Laiho.
* LongRunnerLineup: The Laiho-Raatikainen-Seppälä-Wirman-Latvala lineup lasted between 2003 and 2015.
* MeaningfulName
* MelodicDeathMetal: Probably the easiest label for them, and they most definitely served as an UrExample and TropeCodifier for the heavily keyboard-laden, power metal-flavored side of the genre as played by Ensiferum (who actually predated them but had nothing but a demo out by the time ''Something Wild'' dropped), Norther, Kalmah, Wintersun, and similar bands.
* {{Mohs Scale of Rock And Metal Hardness}}: Generally 8, with a few songs that get up to 9. This is quite high for a Power Metal band, and yet a bit low for a Death Metal band.
* {{Mondegreen}}: During the chorus of Needled 24/7, one line can be misinterpreted as, "MY ASS JUST CATCHES FIRE AND MY HEART STARTS TO BURN!"
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Their style can be summed up as "Neo-Classical [[ProgressiveMetal Progressive]] [[BlackMetal Blackened]] [[MelodicDeathMetal Melodic Death]][=/=][[ThrashMetal Thrash]] PowerMetal"... or something. Generally it's easiest to refer to them as "extreme power metal" (Note: Not to confuse them with Music/DragonForce, who call themselves this, but have more SpeedMetal than Extreme Metal in their sound), which is what people do. There's even some melodic black metal in their sound, though their later work mostly excised this.
** [[WordOfGod Alexi Laiho]] has stated that he views the band as simply "Extreme Metal", finding the other sub-genres too restrictive.
* NietzscheWannabe: Skewered in "Cry Of The Nihilist" and, to an extent, "Pussyfoot Ms. Suicide".
* NoPronunciationGuide: The name is a shibboleth. An Espoo native would pronounce it "boo-dum", while everyone else will pronounce it "bow-dom" or "boddom".
* OlderThanTheyLook: Alexi is in his late 30's, but could pass for his mid-early 20's.
* RefugeInAudacity: The band name referencing the most infamous Finnish murder case ever is only the beginning.
* SirSwearsALot: Alexi, through and through.
* SomethingOnlyTheyWouldSay: Only an Espoo native will pronounce the band as "boo-dum". Everyone else will pronounce it "bow-dom" or "boddom".
* TropeCodifier: Along with Norther and Kalmah, they are this for the more bombastic, Europower-inflected style of melodeath.
* WordSaladLyrics: Very, very often. This can largely be owed to Laiho's less-than-spectacular grasp of English.