'''Cherilyn "Cher" Sarkisian''' (May 20, 1946-) is a prolific American entertainer who has gained fame as a singer, actress, presenter and philanthropist in the course of a career spanning nearly fifty years.

She originally entered the spotlight in TheSixties as one half of Sonny and Cher, a {{Pop}}/Folk duo in which she performed with her then-husband Music/SonnyBono. They had a major hit with "I Got You Babe" and co-presented a successful television show with ''The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour'', and even had a few new hit songs, but eventually they decided to go their separate ways both personally and professionally. In TheSeventies, Cher scored solo hits and became a popular figure in the Disco genre, but when that scene collapsed, her attempts to switch to a more contemporary {{AOR}} sound fell flat.

Instead, she spent TheEighties primarily establishing herself as an actress, earning an Academy Award nomination for her appearance in the film ''Silkwood'' and winning the Best Actress Oscar for ''Film/{{Moonstruck}}''. With her success in this field solidified, she returned to music, revisiting her earlier attempt at ArenaRock to great acclaim and achieving her greatest success as a singer in TheNineties with the number one dance hit "Believe" (credited with making AutoTune mainstream).

Her achievements include an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award an Academy Award, several Golden Globes and four number one singles on the American chart. As a testament to her LongRunner status, she holds a record as the artist with the longest gap between their first and most recent number one hits.
!!This singer provides examples of:
* AutoTune: Probably the first artist to use it in a successful mainstream recording ("Believe"); she wasn't going to use it, but when she heard it being applied to her recorded vocals she liked it and decided to keep it in. She also zig-zagged the trope, since she wasn't using it for corrections.
* CoverVersion: "A World Without Heroes" by {{Music/KISS}} on her album ''Love Hurts'', along with the title track by the Everly Brothers.
** Reversed, as several of her songs with Sonny have become big country hits. These include "When You Say Love" (covered by Bob Luman in 1972, the same year it was a pop hit for Sonny and Cher) and "All I Ever Need is You" (a No. 1 country hit in 1979 by Music/KennyRogers and Dottie West).
* HeinzHybrid: She's part Armenian, Cherokee, Irish, English, and German. Her son Chaz Bono combines this with Italian. "Half Breed" is about this UpToEleven.
* LongRunners: She's been consistently staring in various things and recording since the 60s.
* MsFanservice: While her sex symbol status during the 70's and 80's has been firmly established, the cover photos of her on her 1979 album 'Prisioner', almost completely nude, have cemented this status.
* NewSoundAlbum: In the past, she modified her sound to accommodate changing trends (Folk in the sixties, Disco in the seventies, Rock in the eighties and Contemporary R&B[=/=]Dance in the nineties).
* OlderThanTheyLook: Look at her "Believe" video. She was 52 at the time but can easily pass as being in her thirties.
* OnlyOneName
* PowerBallad: She has recorded many of them, especially in her late eighties ArenaRock days.
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules: She declined to perform at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, due to the Russian government's policies against gay people.
* TropeCodifier: AutoTune existed before "Believe," mostly being used for its original intention of minor pitch correction; however, she liked the otherworldly sound it gave to believe and decided to keep it. After that, it spread like wildfire.
* WholesomeCrossDresser: In the Fifth grade, she put together a production of Oklahoma!, but unable to get any boys for the production, she performed all of the male parts.