A popular Australian hip-hop trio consisting of rappers [=MC=] Bliss (Bronx-born Jonathan Notley) and [=MC=] Eso (Max [=MacKinnon=]), and DJ Izm (Tarik Ejjamai). Within Australia, their success in the hip-hop scene is rivalled by few.

For more Aussie hip-hop compare Hilltop Hoods, Koolism, Music/{{Diafrix}}, The Last Kinection, Horrorshow.

!!Tropes found in their music include:
* AlternativeHipHop - Some Bliss 'n' Eso songs, most memorably their collaboration with The Connections Zulu Choir in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCIfpZp7YcA Bullet & A Target]].
* BoastfulRap - Many examples of them boasting about their own rap skills, but in one song they even [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfLa32K74Zw boast about Australia]].
* ClassicalMusic - Tchaikovsky remix in Destiny Lane.
* ConsciousHipHop - Going so far as to have a rap about Global Warming of all things.
* CoolPeopleRebelAgainstAuthority - Many songs express their disdain for politicians and other social authorities.
* LighterAndSofter - Many of their songs are extremely light-hearted and carefree, compared to most rap, and also compared to their more serious songs which touch on war, systemic injustice, etc.
* PoliticalRap - Lyrics are often anti-establishment, or even about specific issues such as anarchy in Africa.
* ProtestSong - Bullet & A Target, The Sea Is Rising, many other examples.
* SurrealHumour - Used in some of their light-hearted songs.
* WordSaladLyrics - Some light-hearted songs are a bit like this.