Beat Happening is an American indie pop band from Olympia, Washington. They are an influential band in the lo-fi and twee pop movements. Their lead singer, Calvin Johnson, was one of the founders of seminal independent label K Records, which was KurtCobain's favorite label.

!!Beat Happening provides examples of:
* BassoProfundo: Calvin's voice can go pretty deep in song.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Though "Indian Summer" sounds innocent and somewhat childish, it features a few surprisingly suggestive lyrics, such as "I'll drink from your drain" and "boy tasting wild cherry".
** These lyrics may simply be aligned with the puerile capriciousness and innocence of the song.
* FieryRedhead: "Red Head Walking"
* NewSoundAlbum: 1993's ''You Turn Me On'' is a huge departure from the soft twee pop of ''Jamboree'', especially on "Godsend," a 9-minute droning riff-based song.
* NonAppearingTitle: There's no mention of a "derby" in "Pine Box Derby"... the lyrics are all about the "pine box rock" (which of course would lead to RefrainFromAssuming).
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: The band was known for its minimalistic sound