Azealia Banks (1991-) is an American rapper and singer, who rose to fame after her music video "212" [[MemeticMutation went viral]] in late 2011. Her wild persona and explicit rapping style have put her in direct comparison by critics and bloggers to fellow female rapper NickiMinaj; the two even attended the same high school, albeit in different years. After a failed record deal with XL, Azealia signed to Universal in 2012, and is currently at work on her debut album, ''Broke With Expensive Taste''.

* ''Fantasea'' (2012)

* ''1991'' EP (2012)
* ''Broke With Expensive Taste'' (2014)
!!Azealia Banks provides examples of:
* [[AbusiveParents Abusive Mother]]
* [[AscendedFanboy Ascended Fangirl]]: Azealia has been said to be a big BlocParty fan; [[RecordProducer Bloc Party's frequent collaborator, Paul Epworth]], is producing her debut album. "Bambi" is the first-released fruit of their labor.
* BiTheWay
* BigApplesauce: Azealia was born in raised in New York City, something she brags about in "Bambi".
* BoastfulRap: Lots and lots of this.
* CatchPhrase: The ''"I guess that cunt getting' eaten"'' line in "212", arguably. [[TheMerch You can even purchase a shirt with the lyric on it]] [[https://shop.bompa.com/azealia_banks/ here]].
* TheCameo: Azealia lends some uncredited vocals to the ScissorSisters' "Shady Love".
* DevelopmentHell: ''Broke With Expensive Taste'' has been in the works for years now.
* DisappearedDad: Her father died of pancreatic cancer when she was young.
* DreamTeam: She and LanaDelRey have been rumored to be working with one another; Azealia most recently lent vocals to a remix of Lana's "Blue Jeans", which was co-produced by [[FosterThePeople Mark Foster]].
** also with KanyeWest, with whom she's recorded (and he described her as "the future of music")
** and she's recorded with LadyGaga for Gaga's "ArtPop"
* EroticEating: She does this with a hot dog, lollipop, and popsicle in the "Liquorice" video.
* FreestyleVersion: She freestyled over "Harlem Shake" when that song was popular.
* IconicOutfit: The MickeyMouse sweater she wears in the "212" video; [[https://twitter.com/#!/azealiassweater it even has its own Twitter page!]]
* UsefulNotes/{{Montreal}}: Azealia spent a summer there, and it's also where the "212" video was shot.
* MotorMouth
* TheMuse: She's become one (of sorts) to [[OddFriendship Karl Lagerfeld]] and [[LadyGaga Nicola Formichetti]] (of Thierry Mugler).
* RefugeInAudacity: And ''how''. Azealia has no filter.
* TheRival: Fast becoming fellow New York rapper Angel Haze.
** Rumoured to be NickiMinaj, although she (Azealia) denies this.
* [[ScrewedByTheNetwork Screwed by The Label]]: Azealia originally signed with XL in 2009, but the deal ended up falling through when they had no idea what to do with her. [[CreatorBreakdown "212" was written as a last ditch effort to impress them.]]
* SirSwearsALot: The amount of lines in 212 not featuring at least one cuss-word and/or sexual reference can probably be counted on one hand. And that's just the one song.
-->"Iím a rude bitch, nigga!"
* TakeThat: Many have speculated that "212" is a dig at NickiMinaj, but Azealia said that it's not the case.
* YourCheatingHeart: "NEEDSUMLUV" is about being the other woman.
* TheWestern: The "Liquorice" video.