[[caption-width-right:267: Ash's old line-up]]
->''Do you remember the time I knew a girl from Mars?\\
I don't know if you knew that,\\
Oh we'd stay up late playing cards Henri Winterman cigars,\\
Though she never told me her name,\\
I still love you girl from Mars...''
-->"Girl From Mars"

Ash is an AlternativeRock band started in 1992 in UsefulNotes/NorthernIreland. Its line-up consists of:

* Tim Wheeler, guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter
* Mark Hamilton, bassist
* Rick [=McMurray=], drummer
* Charlotte Hatherley, guitarist and vocalist (joined 1997, left amicably in 2006)

Their style can be generally summed up as {{Britpop}} with elements of {{Grunge}}, PopPunk and PowerPop, although recently they've been experimenting with {{NewWave|Music}} and synths.

They can also be distinguished by their love of ScienceFiction, especially ''Franchise/StarWars'' (their breakthrough album ''1977'' was named in honour of the year ''Film/ANewHope'' was released; the first sound on that album is a TIE Fighter, and the last song ends with a choral version of the ''Franchise/StarWars'' theme) and the fact that they were in their teens when they created the band.

Not to be confused with [[Franchise/EvilDead that other]] [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash]] or ''Literature/AshASecretHistory.''


[[folder: Discography: ]]

* ''Trailer'' (1994) - a mini-album in the UK, fortified in the US by the addition of [[BSide B-sides]];
* ''1977'' (1996) - their first successful album
* ''Nu-Clear Sounds'' (1998) - the first album with Charlotte Hatherley as a bandmember
* ''Free All Angels'' (2001)
* ''Intergalactic Sonic 7[=''=]s'' (2003) - compilation; one CD contains their singles and the other, ''Cosmic Debris'', has B-sides and rarities
* ''Meltdown'' (2004) - last album with Charlotte Hatherley
* ''Twilight of the Innocents'' (2007)
* ''A-Z Series'' (2009-2010) - a series of single format releases somewhat similar to ''Teargarden by Kaleidyscope'' by Music/TheSmashingPumpkins
* ''Kablammo!'' (2015)

!! Tropes that apply to the band include:

* BadassBoast: "World Domination" and "Meltdown" have some very badass lyrics.
* {{Britpop}}: Mostly their early stuff.
* CoverVersion: "Punk Boy" by Helen Love (on ''Trailer''), the aforementioned ''Franchise/StarWars'' theme and "Cantina Band" by Music/JohnWilliams (the latter as a B-side for "Girl from Mars"), "Gimme Some Truth" by Music/JohnLennon (as a B-side for "Angel Interceptor"), "Get Ready" by Music/TheTemptations (B-side for "Goldfinger"), "Does Your Mother Know?" by Music/{{ABBA}} (B-side for "Oh Yeah"), "What Deaner Was Talking About" by Music/{{Ween}} (B-side for "A Life Less Ordinary"), "Blew" by Music/{{Nirvana}} and "Who You Drivin' Now?" by Music/{{Mudhoney}} (both B-sides for "Numbskull"), "Teenage Kicks" by The Undertones (B-side for "Sometimes"), "Melon Farmer" by Lazer-Gun Nun (on the ''Cosmic Debris'' CD), "Warmer Than Fire" by Little Hell (B-side for "Shining Light").
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''Nu-Clear Sounds'' and ''Meltdown''.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Without explicitly mentioning anything sexual, the lyrics of "Goldfinger" are rather obviously about a teenage boy anticipating his and his girlfriend's planned mutual defloration.
* LyricalTic: "Woah"s and "ooh"s can be found in... Well, pretty much any Ash song.
* ObsessionSong: "Lost In You".
* PunBasedTitle: ''Nu-Clear Sounds''. "Skullfull of Sulphur". Also, the name of their first album, "Trailer", is a visual pun. As a matter of fact, its cover shows a toppled trailer.
* RockTrio: Since Charlotte Hatherley left the band in 2006, this applies.
* SingingVoiceDissonance: Tim Wheeler sings with an American accent in many songs, especially those from "Meltdown". In interviews, though, he often switches back to his normal Northern Irish accent.
* SomethingBlues: "Bad Karma Blues".
* StepUpToTheMicrophone: "Grey Will Fade", a BSide to "There's A Star", was written by Charlotte Hatherley and mostly performed by her alone - The only other member of the band appearing on the song is Rick [=McMurray=] on drums. A re-recorded version would become the TitleTrack of her first solo album.
* StudioChatter: At the beginning of "Meltdown". ("Ready?" "Yeah, ready!")
* WordSaladTitle: "Astral Conversations with [[Creator/HenriDeToulouseLautrec Toulouse-Lautrec]]", "Message from Creator/OscarWilde and Patrick Brewer", "The Sweetness of Death By the Obsidian Knife", "Everywhere Is All Around" (er... [[CaptainObvious thanks?]]), "Heroin, Vodka, White Noise."