''Ariya'' (rus. Ария) is the first Russian HeavyMetal band. It plays unapologetic old school HeavyMetal (more precisely, New Wave British Heavy Metal), often compared to Music/IronMaiden. The peak of its polularity landed on early 2000s, however, many fans remain loyal to this day. Most former members went on to create their own bands, which are collectively called "Family of the Ariya" (Семейка Арии).

Members of the band (члены группы)

Not to be confused with Music/{{Ayria}}.

* Valeriy Kipelov: this guy was the FaceOfTheBand for a long time. He's the most well known of Ariya's vocalists, and the most popular one; some people think the band was gone when he left it.
* Arthur Berkut: the next vocalist, who succeeded Kipelov. He's a major BaseBreaker; some people think he made the band better, and some think he's a festering pile of shit.
* Mikhail Zhitnyakov: the current vocalist. Formerly from the band ''Grand Courage''.
* Vladimir Holstinin: the guitar player. He was in the band from the start, and he's responsible for Ariya's guitars and its characteristic metal style.
* Vitaly Dubinin: another old member of the band, kind of life partners with Holstinin and Kipelov.
* Maxim Udalov: the drummer. This guy comes and goes. He was in the band during its very beginning in the 1980s, then left, then joined again. In between, the drummer role was filled by Alexander Manyakin.


* ''Megalomania'' and ''Who Are You With?'': the unapologetic old school heavy metal. The lyrics were written by Alexander Yelin, whose pet peeve for the time was nuclear war, so these albums are full of anti-war protest songs.
* ''Hero of Asphalt'' and ''Playing with Fire'': these albums of the late 1980s were similar to the two previous ones, but they changed their poet: the lyrics were written by Margarita Pushkina and full of bikerism and supernatural symbolism.
* ''Blood for Blood'': the darkest album of this band. Contains songs about zombies, Antichrist, the afterlife, Pontius Pilate and the apocalyptic riders. Oh so full of evil imagery. The schoolboys approve.
* ''Night is Shorter than Day'', ''Generator of Evil'', ''Chimera'' are the unremarkable classic Kipelov's Ariya albums. Quite popular in Russia, even today.
* ''Baptism in Fire'' and ''Armageddon'': the albums with Berkut as FaceOfTheBand. They are a major BaseBreaker: many fans of classic Ariya think there weren't any albums past ''Chimera''.
* ''Phoenix'' and ''Live in Studio'': the latest albums with Zhitnyakov. Thought by many to be a Reconstruction of the old Ariya, especially Live in Studio, which consists of covers of old Kipelov songs by Zhitnyakov.

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