Angra is a power/progressive metal band from Brazil, formed in 1991 by vocalist/keyboardist André Matos, guitarists Rafael Bittencourt and André Linhares, bassist Luís Mariutti and drummer Marco Antunes. The band changed a few members before recording its demo album, ''Reaching Horizons,'' in 1992, followed by its first full-length album, ''Angels Cry,'' in 1993, with Linhares being replaced by André Hernandes, who was [[OneSteveLimit replaced by Kiko Loureiro]] shortly after. Antunes left the band prior to the recording of the debut album; future Music/RhapsodyOfFire drummer Alex Holzwarth recorded the drum parts. Following the completion of the album, Ricardo Confessori replaced Antunes as the band's long-term drummer.

After a successful tour through Brazil and Europe, Angra returned to the studio in 1996 to record its sophomore album, ''Holy Land,'' a [[ConceptAlbum concept album]] about the European settling of Brazil. Later that year, the band toured Japan and released the EP ''Freedom Call,'' which provided the name of a [[FreedomCall certain German power metal band.]]

1998 saw the release of both the EP ''Lisbon'' and the full-length album ''Fireworks.'' This would be the last album featuring the band's lineup at the time. One year later, Matos met Music/{{Edguy}} vocalist Tobias Sammet on tour; Sammet later chose Matos to sing as "Elderane the elf" on [[RockOpera ''The Metal Opera'']] albums by Music/{{Avantasia}}.

Angra lost over half its members in 2000; Matos, Mariutti and Confessori all left. These three [[StartMyOwn formed power metal band Shaaman]] along with guitarist Hugo Mariutti, brother of Luís Mariutti. Bittencourt and Loureiro searched for replacements, and in 2001 vocalist Edu Falaschi, bassist Felipe Andreoli and drummer Aquiles Priester joined the band. The comeback album ''Rebirth'' was released that same year.

''Temple of Shadows,'' the band's second album with its new lineup, was released in 2004. This album tells the story, written by Bittencourt, of a crusader known as "The Shadow Hunter" and his [[ReligiousHorror quest to break free of the Catholic church]] and [[StartMyOwn start his own religion.]] This album was followed in 2006 by ''Aurora Consurgens,'' in which the lyrics are written about various mental disorders.

Angra went on hiatus from 2007 to 2009 due to management issues. During this period Priester left the band and former drummer Confessori returned to the fold. By this time Shaaman was defunct; Matos and the Mariutti brothers had left to form their own band, which performs under the name [[IAmTheBand André Matos.]] Matos has stated that this band is not his "solo project" but that the band members all decided to use Matos' name as it is well-known. Former Angra guitarist André Hernandes joined this band as well.

In 2010 Angra released its latest album, ''Aqua.''

[[folder: Current Members: ]]

* [[Music/RhapsodyOfFire Fabio Lione]] - Vocals (2012-present)
* Rafael Bittencourt - Guitar (1991-present)
* Kiko Loureiro - Guitar (1992-present; joined Megadeth in 2015 and his current status is unknown)
* Marcelo Barbosa - Guitar (2015-present)
* Felipe Andreoli - Bass (2001-present)
* Bruno Valverde - Drums (2014-present)


[[folder: Past Members: ]]

* André Matos - Vocals/Keyboards (1991-2000)
* Edu Falaschi - Vocals (2001-2012)
* Luís Mariutti - Bass (1991-2001)
* André Linhares - Guitar (1991-1992)
* André Hernandes - Guitar (1992)
* Marco Antunes - Drums (1991-1993)
* Ricardo Confessori - Drums (1993-2000, 2009-2014)
* Aquiles Priester - Drums (2001-2007)

[[folder: Discography: ]]

* ''Reaching Horizons'' (demo, 1992)
* ''Angels Cry'' (1993)
* ''Evil Warning'' (EP, 1994)
* ''Live Acoustic at FNAC'' ([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin live,]] 1995)
* ''Eyes of Christ'' (demo, 1996)
* ''Holy Land'' (1996)
* ''Freedom Call'' (EP, 1996)
* ''Holy Live'' (live, 1997)
* ''Fireworks'' (1998)
* ''Acoustic... and More'' (EP, 1998)
* ''Rebirth'' (2001)
* ''Hunters and Prey'' (EP, 2002)
* ''Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo'' (live CD/DVD, 2002)
* ''Temple of Shadows'' (2004)
* ''Aurora Consurgens'' (2006)
* ''Aqua'' (2010)
* ''Secret Garden'' (2015)
* ''ØMNI'' (2018)
!!This band provides examples of:
* AccentUponTheWrongSyllable: "Nova Era" ''Bring the sunrise A-gain''
* AscendedExtra: Marcelo Barbosa, most likely. While Loureiro hasn't ''officially'' left, his activities with Megadeth have prevented him from having the time for Angra, and Barbosa has been playing live with the band since 2015 and tracked guitars on ''ØMNI'', so it's likely that he's official on everything but paper.
* ConceptAlbum: ''Holy Land,'' ''Temple of Shadows''
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''Secret Garden'' is noticeably heavier and more aggressive than any of the material preceding it.
* DramaticWind: "Wishing Well"
* EpicRocking: "Carolina IV," "Unholy Wars," "The Shadow Hunter"
* FolkMetal: Has had prominent elements of Brazilian folk in their music since ''Holy Land''.
* GriefSong: Averted in "No Pain for the Dead" in which the Shadow Hunter realises that the dead can simply rest and no longer have worries.
* HumansAreSpecial: Averted in "The Course of Nature"
* LargeHam: Both André Matos and Edu Falaschi, who were prone to a IncrediblyLongNote.
* LastNoteNightmare: "Waiting Silence" ''Fate is gonna take your soul!''
* LyricalColdOpen: "Wishing Well"
* Medley: "Gate XIII"
* OneSteveLimit: Two guitarists with the first name André joined the band but did not remain for long while André Matos was the singer. Kiko Loureiro, who did not share a first name with any other band members, has remained in the band to this day.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Kiko Loureiro's given first name is Pedro.
*PeacefulInDeath: "No Pain for the Dead" is specifically about this trope.
* PerformanceVideo: Just about every official Angra video is this.
* PowerBallad: "Rebirth," "Wishing Well"
* PowerMetal
* ProgressiveMetal
* ProtestSong: "Spread Your Fire" in which a Rabbi [[BurnBabyBurn encourages citizens to commit arson against Catholic temples.]]
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: "Salvation Suicide"
* ReligionRantSong: Most of the songs from ''Temple of Shadows'' are this in one way or another, usually as Type 2 in-universe.
* ShoutOut: In "Angels Cry," ''chain, chain, chain,'' reference to Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools"
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: Averted in the cover of "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush, in which Matos [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday sings as Cathy begging for Heathcliff to come home.]]
* ThePowerOfLove: Averted in "Waiting Silence" as the Shadow Hunter could not escape his fate by falling in love. ''Fate is waiting for your soul!''