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Andy [=McKee=] is an American musician, and is considered one of the world's best acoustic soloists. Born in Topeka, Kansas, in 1979, he garnered a considerable fan following after a video of his song [[SignatureSong "Drifting"]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfF4QLO-L_4&feature=channel_video_title became popular on youtube]] ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4MGaS3N4&mode=related&search= Original]]).

Despite being only one man, his playing style creates an assortment of sounds that create the illusion of a [[OneManArmy whole band]]. He uses a wide variety of altered tunings, techniques and instruments to achieve this effect, from playing double-overhanded(instead of having his fretting hand be underhand like normal), sounding harmonics with his picking hand while his fretting hand picks the string(opposite of the usual method), using his fingers and hands for percussion, and instruments like harp guitars(standard six-string guitars with a second series of unstopped strings, played harp-style) and baritone guitars(a six-string guitar tuned normally, but with a longer neck length, lending a deeper, fuller sound).
* 2001 - Nocturne
* 2004 - Dream Catcher
* 2005 - Art of Motion
* 2007 - Gates of Gnomeria
* 2010 - Joyland

!Andy Mckee gives examples of:
* [[OneManArmy One Man Band]]: YMMV
* OneOfUs: Hobby other than playing guitar? Playing video games.
* SignatureSong: "Drifting" is starting to turn out this way.
* TakeThat: Personally went on The Pirate Bay and mimicked their comments so they'll stop downloading his album.
-->'''Andy''': "Yeah thanks a lot for uploading! It's not like I need to make a living with my music or anything. 8,676 thieves. If you really appreciate what I am doing, buy my CD legitimately so I can continue to compose music rather than work at K-Mart. I'm not Metallica. I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars, much less millions. Andy Mckee"