[[caption-width-right:350:AKA, ThoseTwoGuys]]

->''"GET CLEAN!"''
-->-- '''Anarchy Club''', ''The Art of War'', "Get Clean, AKA [[GasChamber The Holocaust Song]]"

Anarchy Club is the Bostonian dynamic duo of Keith Smith and Adam von Buhler, formed in 2004. Their main source of know-age is from having their songs "Behind the Mask" and "Collide" as bonus tracks in ''VideoGame/GuitarHero 1'' and ''2'', and also "Blood Doll" and "Get Clean" in ''VideoGame/RockBand 1'' & ''2''. They're conspicuously absent in the third installments of the games, though (and all of GH's ''other'' sequels).

Their Alternative/Experimental Rock style serves them well, and they can produce some very good quality stuff for being just two people.[[note]]Though, they '''do''' adopt two more members for live shows.[[/note]]

!!This band contains examples of...

* AfterTheEnd: The ending of "''Changing of the Guard''".
-->"And in the end? There will be no tears of sadness, or cheers of victory. Just silence, and a hopeful curiosity of what will rise from the fall."
* CrapsackWorld: The portrayal of the world in "''Changing of the Guard''".
* HopeSproutsEternal: At the end of "''Changing of the Guard''", after an implied [[ApocalypseHow worldwide holocaust]], all that will be left aside from silence is "a hopeful curiosity of what will rise from the fall."
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: What the [[{{Anvilicious}} Anvil Song]] "''Changing of the Guard''" is forged out of.
* OneOfUs: A noted factor in their themes, producing a few vague [[FilkSong Filk Songs]].
* PunnyName: Think about it.