--> "For you I was a flame / love is a losing game."

Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011) was a {{Soul}}[=/=]R&B[=/=]{{Jazz}} singer and songwriter, active from 2000 to 2011. Her two albums, Frank and Music/BackToBlack, both received critical acclaim, and ''Back to Black'' won five Grammys, making Winehouse the first ever British artist to win that many. She also won a number of other prestigious awards throughout her career, including 3 Ivor Novello awards, a Mobo award, a world music award, a Q music award, an MTV Europe Music Award and a Brit award. Both of her albums spun off several hit singles; she had 15 charted singles in total throughout her career spanning only nine years, including many covers and collaborations with artists such as Tony Bennett and Quincy Jones. ''Back to Black'' would eventually become the best selling album of the 00's and the entire 21st century in the United Kingdom, but also enjoyed considerable mainstream success abroad, including all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, and America.

Amy Winehouse would go on to influence many subsequent female singers of the 00's with the likes of Music/{{Adele}}, Music/JessieJ, Paloma Faith, Duffy, [[Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine Florence Welch]], Emeli Sandé, Music/LanaDelRey, and Music/LadyGaga citing her as a big influence as well as a reason for their success. She is credited by many as an influence in the rise of popularity of the eccentric female singer-songwriter all over the world as well as revitalising soul music and the stagnated British music scene, and also for kicking off a third British invasion.

In the later years of her life she attempted to launch the career of her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, whom she was also a mentor and best friend to.

She also had myriad personal problems, however, including drug and alcohol abuse and depression, which made her a tabloid magnet and ruined her marriage. She was working on a third album when she was [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14262237 found dead in her London flat]] on 23 July 2011, becoming the latest in a long line of musicians to die at the age of 27.

Following her death, her father set up a charity called The Amy Winehouse Foundation in her honour, to help those affected with drug and alcohol addictions around the world.
* Music/FrankAlbum (2003)
* Music/BackToBlack (2006)
* ''Lioness: Hidden Treasures'' (Posthumous compilation album) (2011)
!!Tropes related to Amy Winehouse:
* AlbumTitleDrop: ''Frank'' has one in "Take the Box."
%% This trope does not apply to ''Back to Black''; albums with title tracks do not qualify for this trope.
* AmenBreak: Used in "You Know I’m No Good."
* BeehiveHairdo: Amy has famously sported a hairdo that is an adaptation of the beehive.
-->"The more insecure I am, [[CompensatingForSomething the bigger my hair has to be]]."
* BrieferThanTheyThink: Only released two albums, but opened up the door for everyone from LadyGaga to {{Adele}} and JessieJ.
* EatingTheEyeCandy: The lyrics of "Amy Amy Amy" are four minutes of this.
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* HammerspaceHair: In 2008, Amy was filmed taking cocaine on stage, after apparently taking the vial out of her hair.
** ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' once suggested in a comic-strip parody of ''{{Cathy}}'' called "Amy!" that she hid drugs in her beehive hairdo. [[AccidentallyAccurate They thought they were joking...]]
* NeverSpeakIllOfTheDead: Many of the same gossip sites that gleefully covered her downward spiral launched into tributes within the hour her death was announced, NME who also famously nominated Winehouse as villain of the year alongside other candidates such as UsefulNotes/OsamaBinLaden, UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush and TonyBlair in 2008 also released a tribute issue to her not long after her death.
* OurFounder: A life-size memorial was erected on her 31st 'birthday' in the London neighborhood where she used to rule: Camden.
* PropheticName: A dark case; Amy Winehouse, a singer with some serious drinking problems, who eventually died by alcohol poisoning. And whose biggest hit involves refusing to go to drug rehab.
* ShoutOut: "October Song" namechecks legendary jazz singer Sarah Vaughan in the chorus.
* SuperGroup: As "Truth+Soul" with {{Adele}} and Aloe Blacc for the ''LANoire'' soundtrack.