[[caption-width-right:220:Пугачёва, Алла Борисовна.]]

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (Russian: Алла Борисовна Пугачёва, born 15 April 1949) is one of the most famous Soviet and Russian singers and actresses in the world. She began singing in 1965, and was briefly a member of the ensemble "Youth." Her first big hit was in 1975, with the song "Harlequin." She was the singing voice of Nadia in the classic [[{{Dramedy}} comedy / drama]] ''TheIronyOfFate'', for which she sang several songs. She later starred in the 1979 musical ''TheWomanWhoSings'', a semi-autobiographical film whose soundtrack sold 55 million copies. She went on many international tours and, in the 1990's, launched [[TheMerch a magazine, radio station, perfume, and line of shoes, all named after her]]. In 2009, after her 60th birthday, she announced that due to age and worsening health, she will perform a farewell tour and then retire from singing.

Her personal life has been extensively discussed in public, notably her many relationships. Her partners have included circus performer Mykolas Orbakas (father of her daughter Music/KristinaOrbakaite), director AlexanderStefanovich and pop singer FilippKirkorov, whose own career she boosted. She is still considered the Russian prima donna, and her "colleagues" are SofiaRotaru and Music/RozaRymbaeva.

!! Discography:

* 1978 Alla Pugacheva (released in Japan) - compilation
* 1978 Ala Pugachova. Ogledalo na dushata (released in Bulgaria) - compilation
* 1979 Alla Pugacheva i Iosif Kobzon - split
* 1980 Diskoteka A - instrumental remixes
* 1980 Alla Pugatšova. Huipulla (Alla Pugacheva. At the Top; Kansan, Finland)
* 1980 Alla Pugačevova. Zrcadlo duše (Czech version of Zerkalo dushi)
* 1981 Alla Pugačova (Czech version of To li eshche budet...)
* 1981 Alla Pugatšova. Tähtikesä (Alla Pugacheva. Starry summer; Kansan, Finland)
* 1982 U nas v gostyakh maestro (Our Guest is the Maestro) - live / split
* 1982 Parad Planet - split
* 1983 Million Roz (released in Japan) - compilation
* 1983 Alla Pugačova. Davna pisen (a Czech compilation)
* 1984 Alla Pugacheva - Soviet Superstar. Greatest Hits 1976-84 (World Record Music, Sweden) - compilation
* 1985 Alla Pugacheva - Soviet Superstar vol.2 (released by the World Record Music in Finland) - compilation
* 1988 Pesni vmesto pisem (Songs Instead Of Letters) - split with Udo Lindenberg
* 1989 Paromshik - (Ferryman) (Finnish release of Rechnoy paromshchik)
* 1991 Alla (Ritonis, Riga)
* 1994 Veryu v tebya (I Believe In You) - compilation
* 1995 Put' zvezdy (The Path of a Star) - compilation
* 1996 A 13 CD compilation of songs previously released only on LP and MC
* 1996 Poyot Alla Pugacheva (Alla Pugacheva Sings (songs by Aleksandr Zazepin) - compilation
* 1997 Dve zvezdy (Two Stars; with Vladimir Kuzmin) - compilation / split
* 1998 Syurpriz ot Ally Pugachevy (Surprise from Alla Pugacheva) - tribute

!! Roles:

* ''TheIronyOfFate'' (1976) as Nadia.
* ''TheWomanWhoSings'' (1979) as Anna Streltsova.

!! Tropes:

* CeilingBanger: The main character in one of her songs can't sleep because of a party going on in the apartment above.
* CoverVersion: Pugacheva had covered two Music/VladimirVysotsky's songs.
* DidNotGetTheGirl: The artist in "Million Scarlet Roses."
** Which is based on a RealLife incident in the life of a famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani.
* MayDecemberRomance: Twice. With the latest partner even younger than the previous.
* SignatureSong:
** "Harlequin."
** "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE7W8q905Q4 Million Scarlet Roses]]."
* SomethingAboutARose: "Million Scarlet Roses."
* TheApprentice: One of her songs is about a novice sorcerer in training, whose ineptitude drives his teachers mad.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Was the preferred choice of the production team for the role of Svetlana in the original version of ''Theatre/{{Chess}}'', but the Soviet authorities wouldn't allow it.