[[caption-width-right:220: Epic Riff incoming!]]

Akira Takasaki (''Takasaki Akira'', born February 22, 1961) is one of, if not ''the'' premier, HeavyMetal guitarists of Japan. Heavily influenced by Ritchie Blackmore of {{Rainbow}} and Eddie Music/VanHalen, he started the band Lazy with Music/MunetakaHiguchi, then, in 1981, also with Higuchi, went on to form Music/{{Loudness}} and make history as one of Japan's longest-performing HeavyMetal musicians with one of the longest-enduring acts in HeavyMetal as of TheNewTens (as in, since Loudness never technically "disbanded" even with Takasaki being the only member, the band has technically been in unbroken, active existence for over ''30 years'')

!!Music/AkiraTakasaki Provides Examples of:
* AuthorAppeal: Along with Higuchi and Niihara, the anti-war ProtestSong - the one topic on which they all seemed to agree.
* AuthorFilibuster: Several of the songs in his IAmTheBand era, especially ''Miles High'' and ''Dogshit.''
* UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}}: Is a devout Buddhist, and has written songs inspired by this (including Loudness's ''Wind From Tibet,'') as well as having spent some time as an actual Buddhist monk.
* EightiesHair: Had it at the time.
* EpicRocking and EpicRiff: Many, many times, both in his "solo" works, his Music/{{Loudness}} works, and his Loudness-as-solo works.
* ImprobableHairstyle: Repeatedly. He's had everything from EightiesHair per HairMetal standard to Afro and beard (in the 90s coming off his HairMetal days) to shaved tonsure (during his tenure as a Buddhist monk) to braids and dreadlocks...(it's actually a wig)
* {{Hipster}}: An AlternativeCharacterInterpretation of his looks and interests - though he'd probably prefer NewAgeRetroHippie instead per even having an album called ''Heavy Metal Hippies.''
* NiceHat: Wears one when his head is shaved or he has short hair, sometimes. Other times, just settles for a baseball cap.