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[[caption-width-right:300: Notice [[BuxomIsBetter somet]][[{{Stripperiffic}} hing]] changes [[SerialEscalation every game]]?]]
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!!Video Game Examples:
* ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries'':
** Harley Quinn. Played up with her NaughtyNurseOutfit in "Arkham Asylum" and her HellBentForLeather number in "Arkham City". She get many MaleGaze (and also PantyShot in "Asylum").
** Catwoman mixes this with ThirdPersonSeductress. Unzipped leather outfit, [[SexyWalk the way she walks]], and MaleGaze on her behind, especially when she's crawling.
** Again in "Arkham City", Talia. Just look at her. SexyWalk? MaleGaze? HellbentForLeather? BareYourMidriff? She has it all, and she's given a sultry voice by Stana Katic. To the point that the game's version of Talia has developed a Fan Nickname: "Talia dat-Ass".
* ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'': The title character is deliberately designed around sex appeal, to the point of {{camp}}y parody, and has a sultry, flirty, dominatrix-like personality to go with it.
* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'':
** Litchi Faye Ling a.k.a. [[GagBoobs Boobie Lady]]. Those are H-Cup boobs we're talking about. Well aside of that, she has really long, gorgeous hair, [[ShowSomeLeg sweet, luscious legs]], and her {{Stripperiffic}} clothes reveal an AbsoluteCleavage on the said boobs (with straight black bra to go with), and also reveal much of her legs, and also her bare shoulders for potential armpits lovers. And those clothes, combined with her SheFu LadyOfWar fighting style, also gives enough potentials for her PantyShot. It's black, by the way. She's also this [[HelloNurse in-universe]]. Though personality-wise, she quite subverts it that her fanservicey appearance was because she can't find covering clothes on the right size (She does have a non-combat getup that covers much and less fanservice, but she can't use that when fighting)
** Makoto Nanaya also qualifies. While she wasn't this at first, her appearance as a playable character in ''Continuum Shift'', and the unbelievably {{Stripperiffic}} outfit that came with it, sealed the deal.
** The past arc is also not safe from MsFanservice, as exemplified with Kokonoe's mother Nine/Konoe A. Mercury. She's a HotWitch with long pink hair, short temper for {{Tsundere}} tendencies, [[MarshmallowHell big boobs]] and a [[PantyShot short skirt]].
** Noel doesn't even '''wear''' skirts. Her NOL uniform consists of a full-body suit that ends just a little below her ass. Which is short enough for a PantyShot. Add her stockings and moe tendencies and you can see why she can be qualified as a MsFanservice. Even more so, with her much more fanservicey [[http://www.sosgamers.com/wp-content/gallery/blazblue-chrono-phantasma/blazblue-chrono-phantasma-arte-007.jpg re-design]] for ''[[VideoGame/BlazBlueChronoPhantasma Chrono Phantasma]]''.
** We also have Bullet. Think white hair + {{dark skin|nedBlond}} + [[BoobsOfSteel ridiculously huge breasts]] + [[FlungClothing takes her top off after winning a battle]] [[note]]To any MoralGuardians who have just choked on their shortbread, she wears something underneath[[/note]] + [[WhoWearsShortShorts hot pants]], and you have a pretty good idea. The very first thing [[WordOfGod Tochimichi Mori]] mentioned about her in an interview was her bosom.
--> '''Interviewer''': "Okay, lastly, what can you say about Bullet?"
--> '''Mori''': "Well, she's quite large-breasted isn't she?" *laughs*
** Mai Natsume from the ''Heart Remix'' manga. On top of being rather well-endowed and physically attractive, she also has [[LesYay several]] [[{{Meido}} moments]] that ''definitely'' qualify her as an example. [[spoiler:The fact that she was originally a boy might put some people off, though. Keyword: ''[[AttractiveBentGender might]]''.]]
%%** [[spoiler:Izayoi]].
* ''VideoGame/BioshockInfinite.'': Elizabeth becomes this once she gets OfCorsetsSexy and cuts off her long hair.
* ''VideoGame/BloodyRoar'': Jenny dresses like a hooker and is stark naked during her transformation, minus the fur patches covering her nipples, nether region, and her lower legs. Except the patch between her legs [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar looks more like her pubic hair.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'': Mad Moxxi of these games, who wears an outfit that shows off both her impressive cleavage and her legs as well as having a tendency to make double entendres in just about every sentence she says. She's also known to have slept with countless characters, including (by the second game) Mordecai and Handsome Jack.
* ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'': Shanoa doesn't need breasts to be a MsFanservice (in fact, she isn't that hugely endowed like Sypha). Her dark haired girl appearance, combined with her magical SexyBacklessOutfit qualifies her big time already.
* ''VideoGame/{{Catherine}}'': Catherine. [[spoiler:As she's a succubus sent from Hell by [[BigBad Boss]] to tempt [[TheHero Vincent]] and uses her shape-shifting powers to become her victim's ideal woman, JustifiedTrope]].
* ''VideoGame/CelDamage'' gives us Dominique Trix and Violet. The former being...well, a dominatrix, complete with a whip (that is only seen in menus), black leather clothing, and cleavage. The latter being a demon girl in a small T-shirt and a mini-skirt. Flemming even fantasizes about being in a hot tub with both of them.
* Ayla from ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''. Aside from her [[FurBikini outfit]], several of her abilities openly trade on her sex appeal. An early pre-release version of the game even gave her "Kiss" ability the name "Arousal"!
* ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'': Gives us [[http://i.imgur.com/RSiUW.jpg Gwynevere]] and her ginormous boobs. Players often poke fun of her status as MsFanservice by using the game's HintSystem to write "Amazing Chest".
* ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}'': Morrigan Aensland and Felicia are most prominent, the former naughty succubus with suggestive movements, the latter a technically naked catwoman innocently baring it all.
* ''Franchise/DeadOrAlive'':
** Pretty much every girl. "[[KickChick She kicks high]]", indeed... Fanservice is pretty much the reason the volleyball spinoff exists.
** However, as of ''Dead or Alive 5'', Team Ninja scaled back on the fanservice significantly. Most of the girls are still sexy, but not we can safely say that the foreign girls get it more than the asian ones (or half-asian in Hitomi's case). Tina is the Alpha Female of fanservice. La Mariposa, Helena, and Christie are the Betas. Ironically, the new girl, Mila, is the only one dressed practically for a fight.
*** On the other hand, if the screenshot and video previews are to be believed, things are going back UpToEleven with the imminent release of ''[[UpdatedReRelease Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate]]'' with new outfits being skimpier than ever, notably a new bikini made of jewels and [[SeaShellBra seashells]], and a {{Dominatrix}} outfit. And even the males will [[MrFanservice get theirs too]].
** At least one of the games has a code letting player fight as Kasumi ''[[FullFrontalAssault completely naked]]''.
* ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'': Candy Kong, ''the'' most anthropomorphic of the Kongs fits her bikini top pretty good. [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom Even for an ape.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'': When it was but a mod of ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} 3'', models were based on existing heroes so there's very little chances of fanservice. When Valve took over, original models were given, but they try not to be overly fanservicey. There're still ''some'' who are extremely fanservice-ladden:
** Lina, the Slayer. As her old model was the extremely seductive Sorceress units, she retains quite her seductiveness: She's a ProudBeauty whose getup is slightly {{Stripperiffic}} in a way that it reveals her bare shoulders, and [[DoesNotLikeShoes she floats around without shoes]] and has a sensual voice to match. It's telling that aside of hot puns, 'hottest DOTA girl' topics would not miss the chance to mention Lina. This is quite the contrast to her namesake, [[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Lina Inverse]], who's in fact a flat-chested girl.
** Akasha, the Queen of Pain, is an extremely {{Stripperiffic}} creature with the biggest boobs in the game, and [[BondageIsBad her quotes leers into BDSM]]. This is justified, though: She's a succubus.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'':
** We have Isabela, who got an appearance makeover from the first game. She's got a PirateGirl getup, [[{{Gainaxing}} bouncy]] H-cups, a foot of cleavage, [[LatinLover dark swarthy skin]], and wears no pants (but a thong), and also has [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh-high boots]]. She's also, shall we say... [[ReallyGetsAround very]] [[AnythingThatMoves open]].
** And female Hawke herself even has a touch of this, not from her outfits, but from the way she moves those hips when running about. It's a surprise she doesn't throw out her back! Interestingly, all the female characters have the same run, so whatever your taste, you can admire Hawke/Isabela/Merrill/Aveline/Bethany/Tallis shaking Dat Ass.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII: Journey of the Cursed King'': Jessica Albert embodies this trope. She wears a dress that leaves her shoulders and half of her breasts on display, bounces with the least provocation, and even has access to a special skill set called "Sex Appeal". She is also the only other of the four playable characters with alternate costumes (except the Hero, who has one), all of which imply some type of fetish, such as the ever-popular Magic Bikini, the Dangerous Bustier, the Dancer's Dress, the Divine Bustier, and the Bunny Suit (you heard me). She has a weapon called the ''Lady's Thong'' for god's sake! At one point in an optional party conversation, she actually asks the rest of the party if her default dress is a little impractical. After a brief pause, they assure her that, no, [[BlatantLies of course it isn't.]]
* ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown'': Garnered a lot of attention early on for its female character designs, in particular the Sorceress and Amazon, both of whom have knockers that would give [[SoulSeries Ivy Valentine]] a run for her money.
* ''VideoGame/DragonsLair'': Princess Daphne with her {{Stripperific}} outfit. Her design is very skimpily dressed and curvaceous; apparently her design was based on ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}' pin-up girls.
* ''VideoGame/EmbricOfWulfhammersCastle'': Duchess Elstwhere. Several story paths only open up if she's in her underwear, and she is ''constantly'' being stripped of her clothes and forced to wander the world in [[{{Stripperiffic}} panties, brassiere, socks and gauntlets]].
* ''VideoGame/EndlessFrontier'' (''Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier''): Excellen's {{expy}} Kaguya Nanbu: this girl's just about as {{Moe}} as she can get, enormous chest, and {{Stripperiffic}} clothes. Said clothes are ''so'' tight, she's called the "Dairy Cow Princess". Did we mention she also has her own [[{{Gainaxing}} boing yoing yoing]]? Though Kaguya is the reigning queen, pretty much EVERY female character in Endless Frontier would be the Ms. Fanservice if deposited into another setting.
* ''VideoGame/EternalDarkness'': Ellia takes this role. She's a dancer in the court of the king of Cambodia, and so wears what essentially amounts to a belly top, panties, and half a short sarong. She also has a distinct {{sexy walk}}.
* ''Videogame/EverQuest'': Used to be notorious for how prominently they featured the {{Stripperiffic}} Firiona Vie on the box art, and ''Videogame/{{EverQuest II}}'' featured Antonia Bayle in the same way. At some point SOE very deliberately decided to stop using fanservicey boxes though, and [=EQ and EQ2=] expansions now generally feature the expansion's main antagonist on the box. Firiona does still appear in both games though. Her outfit is basically a sports bra with shoulderpads, a waist sash and heeled boots.
* Mai Shiranui from VideoGame/FatalFury. Best known for her outfit (or [[{{Stripperific}} lack thereof]])
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' has at least one every game. From the top:
** This trope got its start in the series as soon as the characters started being defined by the game rather than the player in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII''. Maria wears Only half a shirt up top, covering her other bare breast with some sort of metal cup.
** Rydia from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''. After her PlotRelevantAgeUp, she becomes a {{stripperiffic}} BlackMagicianGirl who uses [[WhipItGood a whip]] as her main weapon.
** Tifa in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' As a bartender it makes sense to wear a tank top and mini-skirt. As to why she would chose to fight in that outfit? Her ''[[Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren Advent Children]]'' (and beyond) outfit is much more modest.
** Garnet in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' wears a skin-tight orange latex outfit showing off a great butt, and her Trance outfit swaps in a different outfit to add AbsoluteCleavage to the mix. Bonus points for her nice rear being lampshaded for a CrowningMomentOfFunny when [[ChivalrousPervert Zidane]] accidentally gropes her while climbing up a ladder. "Ooo, soft!"
** [[WorthyOpponent Beatrix]], to whose BoobsOfSteel the camera also devotes plenty of affectionate attention.
** We also have [[HotWitch Lulu]] from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' who's a sexy sorceress with a bust bigger than Tifa's [[AbsoluteCleavage and has her cleavage exposed at all times]]. This is even more prevalent when she finishes a battle and bends over, exposing even more of her breasts.
** Rikku's re-introduction cutscene has her ''strip'' out of a skin-tight wetsuit in front of Tidus ([[MaleGaze along with an extreme close-up of her rear end]]). While in ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2 FF X-2]]'', she spends the entire game in nothing but [[BarelyThereSwimwear a g-string/thong bikini]] and [[DangerouslyShortSkirt a micro-skirt.]] Meaning, she's practically naked. Oh, and [[JailBait she's only 17 years old.]]
** Fran, from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII''. Wears a thong and a bra with a see-through silk veil over her midriff, and comes from a species with elongated feet similar to many quadruped mammals, resulting in high heels being the most practical form of footwear. Yeah. Not to mention the ''bunny ears.''
** The heroines of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2'' all get a wardrobe of fanservicey outfits, but Rikku's default costume takes the cake: she actually puts ''more'' clothes on when she goes to the [[HotSpringsEpisode hot springs]].
** Leblanc as well: she doesn't do much to warrant the Ms. Fanservice title normally (other than an outfit that [[AbsoluteCleavage must be glued on]],) but then comes the massage minigame.
** Also, [[BareYourMidriff midriff-baring]], mini-skirt wearing, Vanille and Fang in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'', complete with plenty of subtext!
** Serah has a [[ChainmailBikini beach outfit that no one sane would ever use in battle]], and if Lightning's mini-skirt wasn't enough for you, you can get her to wear a lot of different clothes for the last game.
** ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' added a dash of HotterAndSexier to [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII Cloud of Darkness]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Terra]] to get them to this status.
*** Cloud of Darkness has the body of a model with large breasts, [[ShesGotLegs long legs]] and wide hips, and wears ''nothing'' but BodyPaint and a cape--they cover up her naughty bits, but not much else. {{Stripperiffic}} would be putting it lightly. She's also got a sexy voice, silver hair, and tentacles.
*** Terra is fairly conservative in her base outfit, but all of her alternate outfits are gratuitous to some degree. Her first alt provides a PantyShot, her second alt shortens her skirt and gives her a LeotardOfPower to show off her crotch and bits of her rear, and her bonus DLC alt provides BareYourMidriff. Also, all of them remove her tights to show ShesGotLegs. And let's not get started [[BarbieDollAnatomy on]] [[RapunzelHair her]] [[FemmeFatalons Esper]] [[CuteMonsterGirl form]].
** The summon creature Shiva is consistenly nearly naked and usually quite shapely. The near-nude trend finally broke with the Shiva sisters of ''XIII'' being mostly covered, though Snow ''does'' sit on them in their motorcycle form. ''Type-0'' then completely dismissed with Shiva's CuteMonsterGirl design and made her essentially human, save for purple skin, and then increased her bust size and put her in a bikini top and miniskirt for an outfit. ''Easily'' the most sexualized incarnation yet.
** Yda from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV'', as established in the ''opening cutscene'' if one begins the game in Gridania. She's a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} GenkiGirl with very high boots and a mask that covers her eyes, and the camera tends to focus on her butt.
** The female Selkies in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyCrystalChronicles''.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'': Has quite a few attractive femme fatales, but the most, ahem, prominent example is Tharja who wears a skin tight, revealing, and translucent LeotardOfPower. Keep in mind that every female dark mage has this same outfit.
* ''VideoGame/GanbareGoemon'': Yae of this series was marked as this right from her first appearance. Though Hiroshi Obi [[PanderingToTheBase deliberately added more of it]] in his manga adaptations, a minority of fans were displeased that this bounty of fanservice came at the cost of both Yae and Omitsu's personalities -- the latter was even given a surplus of "negative" traits to make the former seem more appealing in comparison, culminating in an {{omake}} chapter where Omitsu becomes aware of her [[TheChewToy Chew Toy]] status. ''Ouch.''
* ''VideoGame/GoldenSun: The Lost Age'':
** [[http://images.wikia.com/goldensun/images/1/17/GSKarst.jpg Karst]], a CuteMonsterGirl in a [[HellBentForLeather black leather]] [[{{Stripperiffic}} micro-mini]] with [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh-high boots]]. Everybody else in the series dresses very modestly, so she stands out even more. And just to drive the point home, she has a KissOfDeath attack (the only other enemies to use romantic attacks at that point are the Succubus-types).
** Until Chalis shows up in ''[[VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn Dark Dawn]]'', with her [[PrettyInMink fur collar]], MagicSkirt, TooManyBelts, [[ZettaiRyouiki thigh-high boots]], and FemmeFatalons. Her description in the game encyclopedia says she uses her "[[TheVamp feminine wiles]]" to make national leaders cooperate with her, and she even tries to "[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar entice]]" Matthew ([[ButThouMust who literally can't turn her down]]) onscreen. And her attack repertoire is full of {{Heart Beat Down}}s.
* ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear XX'':
** Speaking of Arc System Works, this game gives us I-no, who even removes her top in one win-pose.
** However, there is a reason why Dizzy is the one who appeared most in fanarts. She's wearing a very {{Stripperiffic}} outfit nearly all the time, is quite stacked, and [[InnocentFanserviceGirl rather clueless about the world]].
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'': [[VoiceWithAnInternetConnection Cortana]] seems to fit the bill, being a superintelligent AI that represents itself as a shapely and naked blue girl.
* ''VideoGame/HauntingGround'': Fiona Belli is, by far, [[Creator/{{Capcom}} Capcom's]] (and one of gaming's, in general) most intentionally sexualized character ever.
** Her outfit is composed of a mini-dress (focus on ''mini'') with an impossibly short skirt, tight bodice (as her internal comments reveal) and grade C ZettaiRyouiki to top it all off. Her hospital gown is basically the same, only with even ''less'' of a skirt and back, as well as splits up the sides to show off ''even'' more of her legs.
** She's also clearly meant to appeal [[FetishFuel to foot fetishists]], as many of the game's cutscenes focus directly on her bare feet. Such as the scene where she's lying on an operating table, followed by a slow motion sequence as she's walking down the hall [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHfhICE6K1c (at 0:13-0:19)]]. She's also barefoot while wearing her "Under the Scalpel" costume and beating the game unlocks an alternate version of her default costume that ''also'' leaves her barefoot. Meaning, you get to spend your entire [[NewGamePlus New Game+]] staring at her feet.
** Fiona also [[GoingCommando goes commando]] twice during the game. First seen during the opening cutscene where all she's wearing is [[ModestyTowel a bedsheet.]] But [[FreezeFrameBonus if you pause]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_2xmZTQZxI at exactly 2:49]], you can clearly see she isn't wearing anything underneath. And her "Under the Scalpel" costume is so short, that at certain angles, you can see she's not wearing underwear [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AzLTFD0-4w (best seen at 1:42 here).]]
** And that's not even getting into how they sometimes [[FauxSymbolism focus on her womb.]] Though, given the [[AttemptedRape true motives]] of one of the game's villains and the game's focus on sexuality and fertility, it was likely intentionally done.
* ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'': JustifiedTrope: By giving a blurb about how it is a sign of confidence to wear revealing clothing in the Empire, but somehow Dawn Star's shirt, underwear, and four wide ribbons evenly spaced around her waistband, Silk Fox's skintight midriff-baring black jumpsuit, and the female FragileSpeedster player model's sleeveless tunic and underwear seem a bit much. To be fair, the male character models are pretty comparable.
* ''VideoGame/JakAndDaxter'':
** Maia, the female antagonist, can be aptly described as a dominatrix-elf-thing.
** Tess, who's TheDitz, has quite generous cleavage herself, and spends all her time in hot pants [[spoiler:at least [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor until the end of]] ''VideoGame/{{Jak 3|Wastelander}}'']].
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'': Has Aqua. Tight black shorts and thigh-high black stockings for ZettaiRyouiki (also emphasizing her long legs), a corset-like top that doubles as a SexyBacklessOutfit, she's got a pair of crossing straps on her outfit to emphasize her breasts, blue hair, and to top it off she's a {{Badass}} ActionGirl that could easily take on any of the other protagonists of the series. The ratings for the English release of ''Birth By Sleep'' noted part of the reason for the rating was JigglePhysics, and they're subtle but they're there, and when she visits Olympus Coliseum they engage in some LampshadeHanging about it all, Hades [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar visibly giving her a once-over and a leer]].
%%* ''[[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters KOF: Maximum Impact]]'': Lien Neville
* ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'': Most of the female characters are at least a bit {{Stripperiffic}} and several are shamelessly fanservice-based, but the clear winner by far is Miss Fortune, the BountyHunter who [[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_L78zEKWCMII/TIAgS_qQD1I/AAAAAAAAA8k/Uluhln7rGMk/s1600/MissFortune_Splash_0.jpg dresses like a pirate-themed stripper]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPFWrGJXsNI&feature=related has a shamelessly erotic voice.]] Bonus points: Miss Fortune is often abbreviated as 'MF', and you can also abbreviate this trope as 'MF', so yeah 'Miss Fanservice' may as well be her alternate name.
** And to say nothing of Ahri, the Nine Tailed Fox, who pretty much weaponizes her MsFanservice status: She's a Gumiho (Korean version of nine-tailed fox) who takes appearance of a nine-tailed woman with big boobs and her outfit shamelessly shows bare shoulders and the aforementioned big boobs, and her voice is also softly but shamelessly erotic. Also a FemmeFatale, one of her skills involves blowing a kiss that will charm anyone with her beauty, and by 'anyone', we mean also girls, robots, gay guys or even EldritchAbomination.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'': Combines TheReveal with Ms. Fanservice: [[spoiler:Midna's true form is a tall, redheaded, [[BarbieDollAnatomy topless]] babe who leaves Link completely speechless (which isn't that unusual considering he's the HeroicMime, but certainly amuses ''her'', at least.)]]
* ''VideoGame/LollipopChainsaw'': Juliet Starling has quite a few outfits to choose from, including a barely there bikini, the sexy rider outfit and her default cheerleader uniform. [[http://lollipopchainsaw.wikia.com/wiki/Juliet_Starling/Alternate_Costumes?file=33.jpg]]
* ''VideoGame/LostOdyssey'': Ming Numara manages to be this in appearance, if not in personality. Despite being a queen, she romps around in leather gear that features AbsoluteCleavage, and the crotch cut out of her otherwise practical trousers, so that you can have a permanent PantyShot of her leather panties. There's even one scene in the game where she has to show the 'royal crest' on her chest to some guards, and the camera takes its time with a generous shot of her breasts. The game designers put so much care into the design that they have veins!
* ''VideoGame/LuminousArc'': [[HotWitch Vanessa]]. Dial F-cups for {{Fanservice}} and seiyuu who is known for H-Games, and see what you get.
* ''VideoGame/{{Mabinogi}}'':
** Plenty in this Korean MMO. Given [[Myth/CelticMythology the material]] that inspires the setting, this is hardly surprising.
** Nao is [[BuxomIsBetter amply endowed]] and the only female character to possess BreastPhysics.
** Morrighan is arguably even more so. She has a SexyBacklessOutfit, due to her huge black wings, and this allows for some gratuitous {{sideboob}}. Her EyesAlwaysShut also lends her a certain {{Moe}} charm. [[spoiler:Given her reputation as a HeelFaceRevolvingDoor, she's also a potential case for EvilIsSexy]].
** Jenna. A busty DarkSkinnedRedhead and extremely {{Badass}} {{Amazonian|Beauty}} {{Tomboy}} ActionGirl.
** There's also Lady Scathach, due to her AbsoluteCleavage. Witch Scathach... [[FanDisservice Not so much]], [[CuteMonsterGirl unless you're into that sorta thing]].
** Last but not least, take [[OverlyLongGag huge boobs]], combined with [[{{Meganekko}} hot glasses]] and put them on a [[HeelFaceTurn reformed]] [[EvilIsSexy bad girl]], and you have Mina.
* ''VideoGame/MagnaCarta2'': Celestine is one, despite having a very childlike personality. She wears little more than a bikini, and is constantly flirting with one of the male party members. Our first glimpse of her also happens to be of her breasts.
%%* ''VideoGame/ManiacMansion'': [[FieryRedhead Razor]] and [[AllGuysWantCheerleaders Sandy]]
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'': [[DefrostingIceQueen Miranda]] was obviously [[StealthPun designed]] with the trope in mind. She wears a ''very'' skintight SpyCatsuit (which starts off white and can later be upgraded to black PVC), and the game [[MaleGaze isn't afraid]] to show off her best attributes. She's also voiced by and modeled on Yvonne Strahovski, an actress quite familiar with [[Series/{{Chuck}} playing Ms. Fanservice]].
** Replaced in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' with [[RobotGirl EDI]], whose body has even more [[SexBot ridiculous proportions]] than Miranda's.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'':
** EVA, in all her {{stripperific}} glory. This line from [[{{Peachi}} a webcomic]] actually summarizes her well: [[IHaveBoobsYouMustObey "Hey, look. I have boobs~ <3"]]
** In the 4th game, Naomi had the [[AbsoluteCleavage cleavage]], the [[ShowSomeLeg ripping of the skirt]], and managed to seduce a main character.
* ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'': has one and only [[SamusIsAGirl Samus Aran]]. A gorgeous [[BoobsOfSteel well-endowed]] blonde who often doesn't mind taking off the suit for a breeze once in a while. Later on she wears the form fitting Zero Suit way more often, which gets plenty of [[MaleGaze ass shots]].
* ''Franchise/MortalKombat'': Li Mei, Sonya Blade, Mileena, Kitana, and Jade. Mileena is very much the "go-to" girl for the series' representative of this trope. She's also the "go-to" girl for FanDisservice as well, given how she really looks under the mask and her personality. Her costumes seem to get skimpier with each game, and stuff like [[http://mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/File:Mileena_2.JPG this]] appears outside the games themselves.
* ''VideoGame/MortalKombatVsDCUniverse'': Catwoman has her catsuit unzipped to her navel, and [[VaporWear isn't wearing a bra.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Neptunia}}'': Any female character in this game. [[UpToEleven Pretty much all of them count]], although [[http://images.wikia.com/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/c/cc/Nurse.png Compa]] is probably the most egregious example.
* ''VideoGame/NinjaGaiden'': Rachel from the modern games. She has a rack that would make Pam Anderson jealous and dresses in leather fetish gear. Even more blatant in ''Ninja Gaiden Sigma'', where she's a playable character. And players have the option of changing her hairstyle and color, an option which has no effect on gameplay whatsoever other than appealing to the player. Then there are sections with manual JigglePhysics control.
* ''VideoGame/{{Okami}}'': Priestess Rao is explicitly referred to by Issun as either "stacked" or "that busty babe".
* Ruby, ''VideoGame/OmegaFive'''s [[BuxomIsBetter busty]],[[ShesGotLegs leggy]], and {{stripperific}} heroine, is blatantly this trope.
* ''P3 FES'':
** Had most of the Party member gals (except [[MissionControl Fuuka]]) in bikinis, very revealing armor and maid outfits for dungeon crawling. They usually were disgusted that you asked them to wear it, but still wear it.
** DeconstructedTrope in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' with [[IdolSinger Rise Kujikawa]], who's afraid that people believe she's nothing more than an [[TheDitz airheaded bimbo]] because of the overt sexuality of her "Risette" persona, which her "shadow" later calls her out on. It is later when she defeats her shadow that she learns to accept that she's a good girl and that "Risette" is nothing more than a sexy on-screen personality. Then if you do her social link sidequest, she actually comes to accept that the different versions of herself she adopts for different situations are ALL her: she's both Rise and Risette at the same time and that's O.K. The entire game is about accepting the hidden parts of your personality after all. If she rejected Risette her shadow would have beaten her during your fight.
* ''VideoGame/{{Painkiller}}'': This game's portrayal of Eve is enough to make players contemplate all kinds of original sin.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'': A mild example: In this game, the player characters were made older than previous player characters in the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' series. The female player character (Hilda) took this and ran with it, having been given a slim, tall, model-like figure and hot pants. This is striking when you compare her with the designs and ages of previous female protagonists in the series, who are young children that are drawn like young children.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'': Ada Wong. On top of being a BadassNormal, she operates in a ''very'' tight red cocktail dress in her first two appearances. Her costume change in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil6'' is much more practical without losing any of the sex appeal. [[spoiler: Both of them.]]
* ''VideoGame/ReVOLUTION'': Juana, a member of the Resistance, is not shy about showing off a lot of skin.
* ''VideoGame/{{Risen}}'' has Sara, the only survivor of the shipwreck other than the Nameless Hero, who wears a bellydancer-like [[BareYourMidriff midriff-baring]] outfit that emphasizes her voluptuous bust and hips. Later, there's the similarly busty ActionGirl pirate Patty Steelbeard, clad in an AbsoluteCleavage revealing crop top vest, [[WhoWearsShortShorts hot pants]], and thigh high boots. In the sequel, she was given a more modest, although still cleavage-bearing, outfit.
* ''VideoGame/RiseOfTheKasai'': Tati, the main female protagonist and sister of Rau, the hero of The Mark of Kri, wears a short, skimpy loincloth, has large breasts, bares her midriff, and has sexy hips.
* ''VideoGame/RollingThunder'': We have Leila in the first two games and [[spoiler: in the third game, [[MissionControl Ellen]] takes the series' {{Fanservice}} [[UpToEleven beyond]] {{Fanservice}} when using a cheat code makes her a playable character, in which she is shown wearing a SexyBacklessOutfit complete with [[ShesGotLegs legs]] and AbsoluteCleavage. Check out her animations during gameplay as well as her GameOver screen, for example.]]
* ''VideoGame/RustyHearts'' has the following characters who show a lot in their default outfits, and alternate outfits take them UpToEleven:
** Meilin wears a sideboob-exposing short cheongsam with high slits.
** Natasha wears a top that exposes both her midriff and (un)healthy amounts of cleavage on her ample buxom, a DangerouslyShortSkirt that doesn't take much effort to reveal her panties and thigh high boots.
** Roselle is the local queen. Her top exposes a dangerous amount of underboob, her bottom is a glorified pair of panties and she has torn thigh high boots. It's telling that the Japanese version actually ''toned down'' the amount of skin revealed. The Japanese version ''still'' managed to cover the decreased fanservice by assigning Creator/ChiakiTakahashi, [[PigeonholedVoiceActor the current seiyuu for]] MsFanservice, to voice her. Among her portfolio? The aforementioned [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Litchi]]...
%%* ''VideoGame/RumbleRoses'': All the girls are played for fanservice.
%%* ''VideoGame/RivalSchools''/''Project Justice'': Tiffany Lords
%%* ''VideoGame/SamuraiShodown'': Cham Cham, Mina, and Iroha
* ''VideoGame/SeikenDensetsu3'': Angela's {{Stripperiffic}} leotard is both lampshaded and deconstructed. She also has a special attack which basically moons the enemy to death.
* ''VideoGame/SengokuBasara'':
** Kasuga, a platinum-blonde ninja with a body like her namesake, who wears a catsuit that barely covers half of her. Her Lord, [[AnIcePerson Uesugi Kenshin]], can bring her to orgasm with a single glance.
** The GenderFlip version of Saika Magoichi is also quite the MsFanservice. She wears a [[ChainmailBikini Breast Plate]] which still shows off her ample bosom (especially the upper arts), and her gratuitous SexyBacklessOutfit, [[BareYourMidriff midriff]], and has a [[OfCorsetsSexy sexy corset]], as well as a shapely butt that shows off when she's running.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'':
** Shania. In her Fusions, she flies up into the sky and nearly strips off her clothes, and comes back down wearing pretty much nothing at all.
** Veronica Vera from ''Shadow Hearts: Covenant'' also qualifies, being a [[GagBoobs ridiculously endowed]] {{dominatrix}} who doesn't wear very much. Lucia could also qualify: she's Veronica's rival, comparable in overall figure if not quite so bosomy, and her introductory scene renders the male party members dumbstruck by her sex appeal. Her outfit is a bit more modest than Veronica's, but she and Karin can both acquire stripperiffic alternate costumes by game's end.
** [[UsefulNotes/MataHari Margarete G. Zelle]] from the original game, who makes her introduction to the party by letting Yuri look up her skirt and flashes her panties every time she attacks.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowrunReturns'': Cherry Bomb, the elven bartender at the Seamstress Union. {{Invoked|Trope}}: The game points out that [[GenreSavvy she's very obviously tailored her appearance to look like this for good tips]].
* ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'': Combines this trope with FanDisservice for a horrible effect with the character of Maria. She wears a deliberately revealing outfit (a bonus scenario shows she works as a stripper) and spends most of her time flirting with James and basically telling him "I'm yours and you can do whatever you want to me". The fact that she's behaving like that in Franchise/SilentHill, a town where the [[MalevolentArchitecture Malevolent]] ChaosArchitecture is the ''least'' of your problems, is unsettling enough, but then there's the revelation [[spoiler:she's a delusion created by James as he goes ''completely insane'', representing a more pliable and overtly sexual version of his dead wife, whom he murdered]], which doesn't at all help matters.
* ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'' is kind of heavy in the fan([[FanDisservice dis]])service department as it is, but two characters in particular stand out:
** Valentine, who wears a NaughtyNurseOutfit everywhere she goes, adjusts her top (with a closed curtain) in her intro, and lodges a thermometer between her [[GagBoobs abnormally large boobs]], which breaks as she says "too hot to handle".
** Eliza, a popular singer in-universe that wears an outfit which [[AbsoluteCleavage graciously shows off]] [[SideBoob her breasts]] along with a ShowgirlSkirt to show off her legs. [[ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself It's apparently based on the same outfit]] she wore [[Really700YearsOld while she was a ruler in the Skullgirls equivalent of ancient Egypt.]]
* Inspector Carmelita Fox's choice of clothes in ''Franchise/SlyCooper'' is quite fanservicey with her Interpol outfit featuring a [[BareYourMidriff bare midriff]] and a low-cut top (and naturally, she often wears a LittleBlackDress), though in-universe she fits the trope as well-- in the [[VideoGame/SlyCooperAndTheThieviusRaccoonus first game]], one of the [[SpinningPaper spinning newspaper headlines]] literally refers to her as "hot chick with gun," and the trend continues from there. In ''[[VideoGame/SlyCooperThievesInTime Thieves In Time]],'' she also has some crossover with ReluctantFanserviceGirl when she has to do a [[BellyDancer belly dance]] to distract some guards, much to her displeasure.
* Neith from ''VideoGame/{{Smite}}'' is one. Her shapely body is barely covered by her choice of dress, she's a flagrant example of TheCutie with a beaming smile on her face, an endearing tone and sweet personality along doing the air guitar with her bow as a pre-game animation, and her victory animation is a take on the CaramelldansenVid, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9Ykg-4JiLY complete with music]].
** Aphrodite has the largest breasts of the female playable characters, and is pretty much {{Stripperiffic}} defined, but it's justified since she is the goddess of beauty. The edge Neith has over her is that Aphrodite this time around is implied to be kind of a BrokenBird instead of the totally promiscuous Goddess she's known in the myth (she'd still use that as her front personality).
* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'': The series gives us [[http://photobucket.com/images/rouge%20the%20bat/ Rouge The Bat]], who somehow got away with JigglePhysics in a ''Sonic'' game. Her fanservice is more downplayed these days.
* Pretty much every female character in the ''VideoGame/SoulSeries''. Ivy is the current page image, Sophitia just keeps getting more well-endowed and her clothes more revealing with every game to the point where they're see-through by ''III'', Seung Mina's ''II'' outfit was practically a bra and a loincloth, and Taki jumps around in spandex. Even Hilde somehow manages to make steel plate armour look fetching.
* ''VideoGame/StarFox'': Krystal from this series is an obvious example. An exotic blue vixen who goes from an Amazonian look (wearing little more than a loin cloth and a bikini top) in ''VideoGame/StarFoxAdventures'' to a skin-tight, high-heeled flightsuit open at the cleavage in ''VideoGame/StarFoxAssault''.
%%* ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope'':
%%Example depends on weblink, explain it yourself ** [[CoolBigSis Myuria]]. Seriously, [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110610062914/starocean/images/4/4c/So4_muria.jpg look at her]]. [[MaleGaze It doesn't help that the camera seems to agree]].
%%How? ** Reimi is also an example to a much lesser extent.
* ''Franchise/StreetFighter'':
** Rainbow Mika from ''[[VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha Street Fighter Alpha 3]]'', a professional wrestler with a revealing outfit who specializes in a very physical moveset, including [[MurderousThighs holding her opponent's head between her thighs]] and [[AssKicksYou throwing herself ass first at her opponent]]. For her long-awaited return appearance in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterV'', she's pumped up into an AmazonianBeauty and has even taken to smacking her own ass.
* ''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage'':
** Blaze Fielding of this series, particularly in the second and third games. In the first game she wore a short skirt to showcase [[ShesGotLegs her legs]] but was otherwise pretty covered up; from the second game onward she wears [[AbsoluteCleavage a bra]] and an even shorter skirt to allow for some brief {{Panty Shot}}s. (Not to mention official and fan artwork that show her in various states of undress.)
** The fan-made ''Streets of Rage Remake'' goes a step further with this: in the in-game store where you unlock various gaming mechanics, [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3e5IoGO2N7I/Tvuu1_2a92I/AAAAAAAACYM/uMy2fxtje0M/s640/SoR%2BShop.png Blaze is the shopkeeper]].
** The remake also gives us CanonForeigner Rudra. She wears a vest that [[BareYourMidriff emphasizes her stomach]], she's got AbsoluteCleavage, she wears fishnet stockings that help to emphasize that ShesGotLegs, her skirt's short enough that you can get very brief {{Panty Shot}}s if she kicks high, and the lower half of her outfit gives [[MaleGaze a subtle outline of her butt]] [[spoiler:if she BECOMES THE BOSS]].
* ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha 3'': Selena Recital ''appears'' to follow Excellen's example at a glance (that glance usually being her portrait on the character select screen)... but aside from her cut-in animation and a few lines more meant to troll people she doesn't fit the bill. This goes double during Dark Prison, where you have [[TooKinkyToTorture Saphine]] [[CombatSadomasochist Grace]] as a measuring stick. Though they do become friends, Selena is more than a little put off by the Wizol Kai's risque appearance while Saphine just wants to recreate it.
* ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact2'': Excellen Browning ''loves'' playing this trope for ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars''. Not only is she the resident HardDrinkingPartyGirl [[ThePollyanna Pollyanna]] ManicPixieDreamGirl, she also wears a PlayboyBunny outfit for the guys' viewing pleasure, and even talks her fellow female crew members into joining her. She succeeds in the [[BonusEpisode bonus episode]] of ''[[AnimatedAdaptation Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars]]'', getting Captain Lefina Enfield to do it. Cue HilarityEnsues, with {{nosebleed}}ing, SpitTake and MaleGaze from the guys.
* ''Franchise/TalesSeries'':
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'': While the original Phantasia and Narikiri Dungeon didn't have much aside from mention of Mint Adenade's breast size, the PSP remake, Narikiri Dungeon X, gives us [[http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110207030954/aselia/images/6/63/Rondoline.jpg Rondoline E. Effenberg]], who wears probably the least amount of clothes that a female has worn in the Tales series yet, a bikini that shows off her ample breasts AND a huge amount of her midriff along with a skirt that gives a good view of her legs, plus her dark skin tone as well.
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'':
*** Noir is a pirate/circus performer with large breasts on prominent display, a minuscule waist, hips that are wider than her shoulders, and who sashays like a streetwalker.
*** {{Defied|Trope}} by Tear. She's quite modest about her figure, going as far as refusing to wear the swimsuit Emperor Peony had made for her because it was too "daring" and choosing to wear a rented tasteful one-piece instead.
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'':
*** Sheena. Has a very large chest, which is mostly exposed. This causes a lot of comments form the team pervert Zelos, all which result in Sheena hitting him.
*** Her normal outfit isn't too bad. Two of her [[AndYourRewardIsClothes unlockable outfits]], a bathing suit and formal wear, are much worse. She even lampshades the formal wear:
-->'''Sheena:''' I feel like one of Zelos's floozies!
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'': Judith. Large breasts, combined with some [[TheTease naughty teasing]], some [[{{Gainaxing}} bouncing]] and being {{Stripperiffic}} ''on purpose'' makes a deadly {{fanservice}} combo.
%%* ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'': Asuka Kazama
* ''Franchise/TombRaider'': Lara Croft is occasionally known by many as a fanservice machine by many video gamers. Well, she does fit with her tanktop wear, nice legs and (in)famous breasts. DownplayedTrope ''significantly'' by the [[VideoGame/TombRaider2013 2013 reboot]]. While Lara is certainly still a quite beautiful young woman, she is ''much'' more realistically proportioned than in the previous installments. She also spends much of the game CoveredInGunge (particularly her own blood). The tank top is still there, but she's ditched the [[WhoWearsShortShorts shorts]] for much more practical pants.
* ''TraumaCenter'':
** Angie appears to be turning into a Ms. Fanservice based on [[http://kotaku.com/5045232/who-wants-trauma-center-on-other-platforms the reward for an ATLUS poll...]]
** All of the female members in ''TraumaTeam'', if you don't see their cleavage then expect a bathing scene. And then there were the {{Feelies}} of Tomoe...
* ''VideoGame/{{X}}'': Since the ''X-Universe'' series consists of space simulators where the only interaction with other characters is over comms (you only see the other pilot from the chest up), it falls to images of [[http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/attachments/397450d1301531304-spieler-frauen-die-beliebtesten-frauen-charaktere-computerspielen-x3saya.jpg Saya Kho]] on the back of the box to provide fanservice. Except in the cutscene when you first meet her in X2 and she explains that its her "standard uniform".
!!Visual Novel Examples:
* ''VisualNovel/BionicHeart'': Tanya and Helen. Both wear tight-fitting, {{Stripperific}} outfits that reveal lots of cleavage, along with BareYourMidriff. Worth mentioning is Tanya's post-ShowerScene when she walks out with nothing but [[HandOrObjectUnderwear her hands to cover her breasts]].
* ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'': Shizune Hakamichi. She's the only character to get a random PantyShot during the entirety of the game, has a larger bust than the rest of the girls (save for Lilly), and her second sex scene is perhaps one of the most graphic in the game. (You can tell the artist had fun drawing that.) She also gives an impression of confidence and kinkiness in both sex scenes.
* ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'': Mia Fey's appearances. No, [[SpiritAdvisor being dead didn't stop her at all]]. A side effect of spiritual possession in these games is that you resemble the soul being channeled. Meaning you also get facial structure, but ''the huge breasts'' are generally what are noticed first. When people are channelled, the channeller's clothes stay, so that's Mia Fey and her [[WesternAnimation/{{Sealab 2021}} D Cups Full Of Justice]] (probably bigger, actually) in the clothes of her flat-chested sister or eight year old cousin. It becomes a [[{{Pun}} plot]] point in the third game, when Maya happens to be wearing the sort of maid outfit that gets a certain witness all hot and bothered. However, since she is young-looking and small-chested he isn't interested in her. Then Mia possesses Maya and suddenly he becomes much more cooperative...