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[[caption-width-right:273:[[MyEyesAreUpHere It's only polite to make eye contact]]]]

* Supermodels (Creator/CindyCrawford, Creator/TyraBanks, Stephanie Seymour, Laetitia Casta etc) are generally this.
* [[PageThreeStunna Page Three girls]] in ''[[PageThreeStunna The Sun]]''.
* In fact, models in general (some more than others, like Creator/BrooklynDecker opposite).
* Sarah-Ellen Cutler, from ''What Car'' magazine. [[MsFanservice Mrs. Fanservice]], considering she's married.
* Also from the automotive press, Dawn Tennant (no relation to Creator/DavidTennant) from ''Auto Express''.
* SarahSilverman, whenever she poses for magazine photos. She may be a filthy comic, but she sure as hell knows how damned hot she is.
* Before gender roles were liberalized in TheSixties and beyond, the airlines invoked this to calm (predominately male at the time) passengers against the possibility of crashes by hiring [[SexyStewardess attractive young women as flight attendants]].
* KimKardashian is a professional MsFanservice.
* The British Grattan catalogue of 2001-2002 was an UpToEleven version of this (and ''much'' tamer than any Victoria's Secret catalog ever would be). One girl [[NoNameGiven whose name is unknown]] wearing a red sleeveless Coca-Cola T-shirt was considered fanservice ''a lot'' during 2001-2002, and her identity remains unknown to this day. The picture is still occasionally circulated on celeb forums ([[KeepCirculatingTheTapes as people upload the image]]).
* Even when she was on ''CoronationStreet'' Helen Flanagan was pretty much this. Now she spends more time modelling than acting... well.
* Mamie Gummer is this UpToEleven, according to a lot of people lately on showbiz forums. She's the daughter of MerylStreep.
* Also, Susan Sarandon as well, given how she's become something of an image macro on... football forums!
* Porn actresses.
* Ms. Green is usually a parody of this in [[Advertising/MAndMs M&M's]] adverts (such as her SportsIllustrated cover shoot), but also has been played [[WebVideo/FamiliarFaces straight to a degree with some people]].
* NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers also fit the bill.
* Erin Andrews, the poster girl for the female sideline reporter.