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->''"You asked what about me? It's simple. I love cutting up live people, and I like killing people so much, I can't stand it. I kill; therefore I am! I am who I am. That's all the evidence I need!"''
-->--'''Barry the Chopper''' (anime version only), "The Red Glow" (subtitles)

''Franchise/FullmetalAlchemist'' has several [[CompleteMonster especially heinous]] villains.


[[folder: [[Manga/Fullmetal Alchemist Original manga ]]
and ''Brotherhood'']]:

* [[MadScientist Shou Tucker]], the [[MadDoctor Sewing-Life Alchemist]], is known for his ability to create chimeras capable of speech. He's introduced to the Elric brothers as an awkward NiceGuy with a 4-year-old daughter named Nina. With his State Alchemist license soon to expire, Tucker created another Chimera by [[WouldHurtAChild fusing Nina and her dog Alexander]] into a miserable HalfHumanHybrid which is [[FateWorseThanDeath in constant agony]]. When the Elric brothers discovered Nina's new state, Edward's rage nearly drove him to kill Tucker. It is then revealed that the other speaking Chimera was actually his wife and Nina's mother, whom Tucker created by fusing her to another animal, earning him his State Alchemist status in the first place. Tucker [[ObliviouslyEvil refuses to admit what he did was horrible]], going as far as to tell the Elric brothers that they shouldn't have a problem with his actions and that anybody else would have done the same thing ForScience. While only appearing in one chapter, [[FourEyesZeroSoul Shou Tucker]] manages to be one of the most depraved characters in the manga and ''Brotherhood'' anime.
* The [[NoNameGiven unnamed]] and utterly heinous [[GoldTooth Gold-Toothed]] [[MadDoctor Doctor]] crosses the MoralEventHorizon in one of Bradley's flashbacks, when he's shown cackling with glee as he [[MadScientist puts one subject after another]] through the [[ForScience process intended]] to create [[SuperSoldier Wrath]]; this process horrifically kills the first twelve candidates, deconstructing their bodies [[AndIMustScream while they are still alive]]. In the present day he only gets a few scenes, but they are more than enough. He uses his [[TheMedic medical alchemy]] to heal MadBomber [[SociopathicSoldier Solf J. Kimblee]] so that he might be unleashed upon the heroes again. He later looses the remaining Fuhrer candidates (all of whom have been reduced to an essentially mindless state) on Ed, Roy, Hawkeye, and Scar to prevent them from interfering with Father's plans to destroy the country, activates the Transmutation Circle that sends Ed, Al, and Izumi into Father's presence, and finally has one of the candidates [[SlashedThroat slit Riza Hawkeye's throat]] in an attempt at forcing Roy to perform human transmutation and open the Gate. Perhaps most importantly, he's privy to [[BigBad Father]]'s [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt endgame]] (unlike Central Command, who believe they are all going to receive immortality) and simply doesn't give a damn. No explanation for his actions is ever given, and he spends all of his appearances sporting a SlasherSmile and bragging about his achievements as a scientist.
* ''[[Anime/FullMetalAlchemistTheSacredStarOfMilos The Sacred Star of Milos]]'': [[BigBad Security Chief Atlas]] killed the movie's female protagonist's parents, then [[FaceStealer stole her brother Ashley's skin]] and used it as a disguise in order to trick the rebel group, Bats, into making a Transmutation circle for him in order to gain power to rival other nations. He then killed the Bats' leader, Miranda, for her sacrificial blood, [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder murdered his co-conspirator to gain his blood as well]], and sacrificed dozens of Amestrian soldiers by "feeding them" to Milos's machinery to create a Philosopher's Stone for himself.


[[folder: [[Anime/Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 Anime ]]

* [[BigBad Dante]] is a [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld 400-year-old woman]] with a penchant for {{Body Surf}}ing; she's stayed alive this long by jacking innocent people's bodies, ditching them when they start to rot, and repeating the process infinitely. When her own Philosopher's Stone runs out, she sets in motion a plan to cause so much misery in Amestris that someone will be desperate enough to recreate the Stone, allowing her to steal it with no risk to herself. She's [[AbusiveParents abusive]] towards her Homunculi "children", arranges for Ed to kill Greed, [[GrandTheftMe jacks her own assistant's body]], and finally, attempts to steal the body of one of the hero's {{Love Interest}}s, who had already been severely traumatized by rape/pregnancy, solely so that she can force him to have sex with her. Said hero is both a [[{{Ephebophile}} teenager]], and her ''ex-boyfriend's son''. She later shatters the mind of one of her Homunculi servants when he dares to miss his dead friend, turning him into a mindless eating machine. She's never shown in a sympathetic light, comes off as an [[SmugSnake overconfident]] JerkAss in person, and doesn't even have the excuse of not being human to protect her.
* [[TheDragon Envy’s]] manga counterpart was [[AlasPoorVillain pitiful enough in the end]] to avert this trope. This version however is a malevolent {{sadist}} who gets his kicks out of ruining people's lives (joining up with his BigBad mom [[PsychoForHire solely so he can kill as many people as possible]]), abusing both the other Homunculi and anybody they've managed to take prisoner, and making liberal use of the ShapeShifterGuiltTrip, taking on the forms of people's loved ones before attacking them. He crosses the MoralEventHorizon with Hughes' murder and then follows it up with a string of murders and mind games that end with [[HeroKiller his killing Ed]]. He's got ParentalAbandonment as a FreudianExcuse, but it doesn't come close to justifying his homicidal mania, and he ultimately undermines it when he kills his father rather than trying to reconnect with him.
* [[PresidentEvil King Bradley]][=/=]{{Pride}} is already a [[TheGeneralissimo military dictator]]. He gets worse when it’s revealed that he's the one who ordered the [[FinalSolution genocide]] in Ishbal, and worse still when he has those actions repeated in Liore, with the intent of leading his own nation to destruction. Then he crosses the MoralEventHorizon with his cold-bloodedly nonchalant murder of Marta and [[OffingTheOffspring throttles his own son]], who had served as his MoralityPet, to death in the finale, while ranting about being [[AGodAmI an agent of God]], thus establishing himself firmly as an irredeemable bastard.
* [[MadBomber Solf J. Kimblee]] stands out as [[CharacterExaggeration even more insane]] and [[AxCrazy psychotic]] than his [[BlueAndOrangeMorality manga counterpart]]. A [[PsychoForHire state alchemist]] with the ability to turn [[StuffBlowingUp objects]]—and [[WhyAmITicking people]]--- into explosives, Kimblee LovesTheSoundOfScreaming and earned a reputation during the Ishbal genocide for his ruthlessness. As seen in early flashbacks, Kimblee was responsible for massive explosions all around the region, all while laughing about it. He also tortured Scar by sadistically blasting him apart one piece at a time, making him the distinctive mark in his forehead. Later, Kimblee escapes the prison by using a fellow inmate as a bomb and starts working for Greed before betraying him to Frank Archer and being indirectly responsible for the Devil's Nest massacre. After his reinstatement, Kimblee reenacts the Ishbal genocide in Reole and tries to murder Al by transforming him into a walking time bomb. When encountered by Scar, Kimblee reveals that he has no reason for fighting, other than the fact that he sees [[MisanthropeSupreme humans—not exempting himself--as empty beings]] and that [[{{Sadist}} he simply enjoys seeing people suffer]].
* [[SerialKiller Barry the Chopper]], unlike his [[PlayedForLaughs manga incarnation]], is [[AdaptationalVillainy far more vicious and horrifying]]. Barry was once a simple butcher living in Central City who had grown bored with his life of cutting up pigs and cows. One day, to see what it felt like, Barry decided to chop up his wife and quickly found that he loved the sensation. What followed was a string of women being brutally murdered. Barry's killing spree came to a temporary halt when he was arrested after trying to kill the Elrics' childhood friend, Winry. Rather than be executed, Barry was experimented on, had his soul bound to a suit of armor, and became one of the guards for the Fifth Laboratory. After the lab's destruction, Barry slaked his bloodlust by joining a group of mercenaries to slaughter a camp of harmless Ishvalans. An utter sociopath, Barry killed people for no other reason than because he enjoyed it. When asked by Alphonse if Barry was afraid that he wasn't the real Barry and was just an artificially constructed soul, like Barry accused Alphonse of being, Barry stated that it didn't matter if he was the original Barry or not[[labelnote:*]]He ''is'' the original Barry.[[/labelnote]]. Barry claimed that so long as he had the ability to kill people, he loved who he was: "I kill therefore I am."