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[[quoteright:350:[[Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame_CompleteMonster_6331.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[TemptingFate "And He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit."]]]]

->''"And that's all there is to report from the happiest place on earth: evil family members, psychotic killers, and of course the prince of all darkness himself, Satan."''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''', ''[[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/2786-top-11-disney-villains Top 11 Disney villain list.]]''

Disney villains tend to be very noteworthy, both for their personalities and their songs. However, some of them can also be [[CompleteMonster horrible, ruthless, and despicable]]. As Disney is primarily about kid-friendly fare, please note that qualifying for this trope takes something pretty extraordinary.


[[folder: Franchise/Disney Animated Canon ]]

* ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'': [[BigBad Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke]] is a tomb-robbing mercenary (or, as he insists, "[[InsistentTerminology adventure capitalist]]") solely in the Atlantis operation [[OnlyInItForTheMoney for profit]]. The leader of the expedition sent to find Atlantis, Rourke maintains a gruff, militaristic indifference to the lives of those lost to the Leviathan and upon seeing the Heart of Atlantis, plans to confiscate it and sell it for double the money he'd receive. Knowing full well this will kill every Atlantean, when he's confronted on this Rourke threatens to shoot Princess Kida and shortly thereafter murders her father, never dropping his [[FauxAffablyEvil friendly façade]]. Rourke was [[ItsAllAboutMe concerned for little else but himself]] and the potential profit he could reap from Atlantis, to the point where he tosses [[TheDragon Helga]] off a blimp to her death for a minor benefit to his escape, and was {{greed}}y enough in the end to make his entire party turn against him.
* ''Disney/TheBlackCauldron'': The Horned King is a dark, terrifying, power-hungry [[OurLichesAreDifferent lich]] tyrant with a [[AGodAmI god complex]] and absolutely NoSenseOfHumor (a rare case for a Disney villain which makes him more creepy). He plans to obtain the powers of the eponymous Cauldron in order to raise [[NightOfTheLivingMooks an army of undead skeletons]] to rule the world and so destroy thousands of human lives. He stops at nothing to achieve his goal, even if it means kidnapping and/or killing an innocent girl or a harmless little pig, or [[BadBoss harvesting his own perfectly loyal men to make more skeletal warriors]]. When the Cauldron seems to need another body he immediately decides to sacrifice his most sycophantic servant to it. He also has a bit of an ego to him since his motive behind conquering the world is forcing all of humanity to worship him as a god. Because the mindless Cauldron Born turn their enemies into more of themselves, he's planning to [[TheNecrocracy turn the world into a graveyard so he can be king of the dead]] if he can't be king of the living.
* ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'': [[HangingJudge Judge Claude Frollo]] is likely one of the [[KnightOfCerebus most evil characters]] the company has ever invented. In the film's opening, he pursues a young woman on horseback, and pushes her onto steps of the church, causing her to tumble to her death. [[WouldHurtAChild He tries to drown her infant son, Quasimodo, in the well for being ugly,]] but the archdeacon stops him. Solely out of fear of being punished for his crimes, Frollo takes the boy in, [[AbusiveParents keeping him under strict rule, isolation, and emotional abuse]]. He initially seems to have [[StalkerWithACrush fallen in love]] with the young gypsy girl Esmeralda, but when she rejects him, he decides she must burn in hell. Taking his anger out on all gypsies, Frollo tries to burn an innocent family alive for harboring them. After that, Frollo tries to have a massive section of the city burned so he can kill Esmerelda. Even being a classic case of KnightTemplar, his actions cast his "good intentions" as being sham and hollow.
* ''Disney/TheLionKing'': Scar is defined by [[TheResenter his envy and hatred]] of his elder brother Mufasa. [[TheEvilPrince Hating that he isn't king,]] Scar hatches a scheme to remove Mufasa from the equation as well as [[EvilUncle Mufasa's young son Simba.]] When Scar's first attempt to murder Simba and his best friend Nala fails, Scar has his Hyena cohorts cause a stampede and personally throws Mufasa in to be trampled when he escapes it. He then convinces Simba the whole thing was his fault, convincing him to go into self imposed exile before ordering the hyenas to murder Simba anyways. Scar's incompetence as king leads to a famine, and when Simba returns, he sees Scar refuse to allow anyone to leave to go anywhere else, declaring, "so be it" when Mufasa's widow Sarabi says he's condemning everyone to death. He proceeds to backhand her when she compares him unfavorably to Mufasa, and when he confronts Simba, Scar tries to break him by bringing up Mufasa's death. He only pauses in his attempt at a public execution to mock Simba that Scar was Mufasa's true murderer. Later, in a desperate attempt to save his own skin, [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder he tries to blame everything on his loyal hyena henchmen]].
* ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'': Shan Yu views the Emperor of China having built the Great Wall as both an insult and a challenge. As a violent BloodKnight, Shan Yu leads his horde of Huns to invade, relishing when China ''knows'' he's there. After capturing two Imperial spies, Shan Yu releases them with a message for the Emperor- but has one of his archers kill one anyways as you only need one man to deliver a message. Shan Yu later ambushes the armies of General Li at a village, resulting in a mass slaughter, not only of the soldiers, but every civilian as well, with no children spared either. Even after his army's downfall, Shan Yu attacks the Imperial Palace with his remaining men and takes the Emperor hostage, furiously trying to kill him when he refuses to kneel to Shan Yu.
* ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'': [[VileVillainSaccharineShow The Coachman]] runs Pleasure Island, a too-good-to-be-true amusement park for troublesome children. Presenting a guise as a [[FauxAffablyEvil kindly old man]], [[WouldHurtAChild he]] laces the cigars and beer of the children with a substance that [[BalefulPolymorph transforms the children into donkeys]] whenever they act like jerks. The Coachman then sells them as normal animals into harsh working environments and keeps the boys who can still talk within a pen with no indication of their fates afterwards. Even [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Honest John and Gideon]], a pair of con artists, are [[EvenEvilHasStandards visibly terrified by him and his actions]].
* ''Disney/TheRescuers Down Under'': [[KnifeNut Percival]] C. [[BigBad McLeach]] is a [[EvilPoacher sick and twisted poacher]]. He starts by kidnapping Cody, a child who confronts him about his poaching, and then tricks the authorities into thinking Cody is dead by throwing Cody's backpack to the crocodiles. From there he tosses knives at Cody, locks him in one of the cramped cages he keeps the animals he's captured in, and to top it all off, [[WouldHurtAChild ties Cody to a crane]] and [[MoralEventHorizon lowers him into another river filled with crocodiles]], only to raise him back up, then almost does it again just to toy with him. When the power on his [[CoolCar half-track]] goes out, stopping him from lowering Cody, [=McLeach=] takes out a gun and shoots the rope holding him above the river. Finally, he is seen [[BadBoss abusing his "pet"]], [[TheDragon Joanna the Goanna]].


[[folder: Pixar ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'': [[BigBad Lots-O-Huggin' Bear]] allows the toys to be tortured by the too-young toddlers in the Caterpillar room, and will do anything just to keep his reign. Here's just a short list of his atrocities: lying to Big Baby and Chuckles that their owner had replaced them just so he wouldn't be alone in being lost, ordering the resetting of Buzz Lightyear, watching him beat down his former friends with a cold sense of satisfaction, beating Chatter Telephone to a pulp in order to find out about Woody's escape plan, and, in the climax of the film, [[MoralEventHorizon he leaves Andy's toys to burn in the Incinerator after they risked their lives to save him]], and he does so with a sadistic smile, a mocking salute and while yelling out "Where's your kid now, sheriff?". And while he does have a tragic backstory, there's a scene where Woody directly calls him out on how weak it is (his owner replacing him with a new Lotso was, considering she doesn't know toys are alive, a sign of how she loved Lotso; Woody says that it was Lotso who abandoned her). What makes it worse is there was almost no warning that Lotso was going to be the villain going into the movie. Sid and Stinky Pete to a degree had a glimpse of their villainy in previews but Lotso was promoted as a grandfatherly figure in trailers and commercials. Finally, he is the only villain in the franchise that never sought redemption. In fact, he only faked gratitude when Woody saved him, and ultimately he has gone down in the Pixar history as the most vicious villain that the company has created.


[[folder: TV series ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'': [[BigBad The Huntsman]] is the worst of [[TheHunter the Huntsclan]], seeing as he is their leader. He kidnapped Rose at birth and was quite possibly the one who personally brainwashed her into believing in the Huntsclan way of life. As Rose's abduction means that this is probably the way that all Huntsclan members are recruited, this possibly gives him somewhat of a FreudianExcuse. However, since his hatred has consumed him to the point where he has continued to kidnap infants from their parents despite knowing that he himself was kidnapped, he could be considered even '''more''' of a monster. The Huntsman has also killed a magical creature onscreen and when he found out about Rose's HeelFaceTurn, he [[MoralEventHorizon threatened to kill her parents if she refused to help him acquire the means to kill every single magical creature on the face of the Earth]].
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'': [[ALoadOfBull Taurus Bulba]], Darkwing’s [[GeniusBruiser smartest]] and [[TheDreaded most-feared]] adversary, is introduced serving a ninety-nine year sentence at a high-security prison for several crimes, including the murder of [[KidSidekick Gosalyn's]] grandfather. Once he breaks out and destroys the prison he was contained in, Taurus schemes to activate the Waddlemeyer Ramrod in order to destroy buildings and rob banks. To gain the code, Taurus threatens to [[WouldHurtAChild drop Gosalyn off a building]] if Darkwing didn't activate the Ramrod, remarking that she'd "make a nasty stain on the street." Once Darkwing activates the Ramrod in desperation, Taurus drops Gosalyn anyways [[ForTheEvulz for little reason at all]], looking over it with a smug grin. After he was resurrected by [[NebulousEvilOrganisation F.O.W.L.]] as a {{cyborg}}, Taurus shows his gratitude by [[UngratefulBastard destroying their base]] and going to work on his own. [[KnightOfCerebus With no comedic quirks]] and with no regard to who he hurt, Taurus Bulba was Darkwing's most feared adversary [[VileVillainSaccharineShow for a reason]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'', for the most part, has a well-deserved reputation for sympathetic and three-dimensional villains - [[MagnificentBastard Xanatos]] pets at least as many dogs as he kicks, while [[JerkassWoobie Demona]] has an involved and tragic backstory that keeps her sympathetic despite the often extreme evil of her present appearances. There are, however, a few unrepentantly horrible ones:
** [[PsychoForHire Jackal]] is a sadistic and violent member of The Pack who gleefully participates in hunting the gargoyles for sport and abandons his humanity to become a cyborg killing machine, seeming only to take pleasure in violence and cruelty. While Jackal is often kept in check by his colleagues, season 2's "Grief" reveals what he is truly capable of. When the Egyptian God Anubis is captured by an Emir seeking to bring his dead son back to life, Jackal seizes power from the Jackal God and makes himself the god of death, torturing his enemies by aging them to the point they are almost too infirm to move and transforming his own teammates into children. Jackal proceeds to attempt to wipe out every living thing on the planet simply [[ForTheEvulz because he can]], even destroying an entire city before he is stopped.
** Thailog is the EvilTwin of Goliath. Created from the DNA of Goliath, with some more from Xanatos and MadScientist Anton Sevarius, Thailog ended up as an EvilGenius whose only drive was his ambition to dominate, enrich himself and control what he could. Thailog seduced Demona and attempted to trick her and Macbeth into killing one another to steal their fortunes and seize control of their assets. He later revealed he had cloned the Gargoyle clan in preparation for killing them...even Demona herself. When Demona stopped Thailog from killing her daughter, Thailog merely attempted to kill her as well, and later resurfaced to gut Goliath with a knife to collect his DNA and potentially kill his 'father.'
** Proteus of the New Olympians is a shape-shifting SerialKiller who was imprisoned after murdering the previous captain of the guard. He consistently assumes the form of his victim to mock the man's son Taurus. When he tricks his way to freedom, Proteus delights in sowing the seeds of chaos all through the city, using people's emotions against them with his powers for a sick thrill and trying to destroy his city and commit genocide on his own people.
* ''Series/MyBabysittersAVampire'': "The Cloaked Man" from season two (actually [[spoiler:[[SadistTeacher Vice Principal Stern]]]], is an arrogant and [[FantasticRacism genocidal]] wizard out to wipe out all vampires, knowing that not all are evil, and that some are even [[spoiler: his students]]. He starts his operations by summoning the breath of death, a mist to drive vampires to kill each other, before the human Ethan foils his plan. Upon finding out Ethan has seer powers, and after being exposed, The Cloaked Man casts a spell on Ethan to cause him to hallucinate everyone being dead, just to make sure Ethan doesn't cross him. The Cloaked Man also gets his hands on the Lucifactor, a energy draining weapon to kill vampires, and goes on a killing spree before planning on using the Caller beacon to wipe out vampires en masse. During the climax, he tries to distract Ethan by casting a spell that makes Ethan's friend Benny attack him.


[[folder: Live-action films ]]

* ''Film/JumpingShip'': In this Creator/DisneyChannel original film, [[BigBad Frakes]] is an Australian [[RuthlessModernPirates pirate]] whose modus operandi involves kidnapping the rich and extorting them for money. Once he's satisfied, Frakes and his gang [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness murder their victims]] as opposed to letting them go and [[FedToTheBeast feed their bodies to sharks]]. Frakes is intent on repeating this process to Michael and the [[WouldHurtAChild young Tommy]] after finding their wallet, stranding them on an island and bartering with Tommy's life to goad Michael into doing his bidding. Once Michael tries to trick Frakes into letting Tommy go for gold that doesn't really exist, Frakes simply [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy draws his gun on them and tries to have them lead him there]]. In the climax, Frakes abandons one of his crewmates to die in a hole after she breaks her leg, and chases after the protagonists himself, fully intent on simply shooting Michael dead in a show of [[VillainousBreakdown spectacular rage]]. Frakes is uncaring that one of his victims is a child, displaying ruthlessly [[TheSociopath sociopathic behavior]] and treating the whole affair as a "project." Cruel and {{greed}}y, Frakes was as close to a {{serial killer}} as a live-action Disney movie could get.
* ''Film/TheLoneRanger'': Butch Cavendish is one of the darkest villains to ever appear in a ''Disney'' film. Rumored to be a {{Wendigo}} for his unusual habits, Butch shows why when after gunning down the hero, Reid's brother, Butch cuts out his heart [[IAmAHumanitarian and eats it]]. Butch uses fear to oppress any hint of rebellion and will kill at any hint of complaint At one point, he even kills a laborer for nothing more than saying the entrance of a cave he wanted entry to was blocked. Butch conspires to start a war with, and wipe out the Comanche people for the silver in the mines by leading attacks on innocent people in settlements, framing the Comanche. In the past, when the Comanche saved Butch's life, he repaid them by [[UngratefulBastard slaughtering them]], earning Tonto's undying hatred. With his evil and his dark habits, it's easy to see why Tonto sees Butch as a flesh-eating monster of myth.
* 1998's ''Film/MightyJoeYoung'': EvilPoacher Andrei [[BigBad Strasser]] begins the film by killing the titular ape’s mother while also mortally wounding a doctor trying to stop him. Years later, Strasser runs a supposed animal preserve that is secretly a way for him to lure in and kill endangered species for his own profit. When enlisted to help "save" Joe, Strasser also attempts to kill Joe's human friends, causing his [[TheDragon right-hand-man, Garth]], to [[EvenEvilHasStandards turn against him]]. He demonstrates zero remorse when a missed shot accidentally starts a deadly fire at a carnival, and simply stalks the heroine to murder her and finish the job he began with her mother.
* ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'':
** ''[[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest Dead Man's Chest]]'' and ''[[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd At World's End]]'': [[AristocratsAreEvil Lord]] Cutler [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Beckett]] of the East India Trading Company is the BigBad of the second and third films. Upon his arrival at Port Royale, Beckett assumes illegal control and has the governor's messenger to the king murdered. Beckett later enslaves Davy Jones, forcing him to kill his pet Kraken and making Jones his personal attack dog of the seas. Governor Swann himself is later murdered when Beckett [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness decides he's of no further use]]. It is made abundantly clear Beckett's prime control is power and control and piracy is a threat to that, particularly when he initiates a purge of anyone even vaguely associated with piracy with all legal proceedings suspended. The result is a massive line of people, many of whom aren't even pirates, taken to the gallows to be hanged. Not even children are safe as a little boy is shown being hanged as Beckett looks on without remorse or emotion. His only emotion is a satisfied "finally" when the prisoners indicate the pirate Brethren Court is going to be called.
** ''[[Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanOnStrangerTides On Stranger Tides]]'': Blackbeard enjoys [[ColdBloodedTorture torturing his prisoners]], locks them in cages and burns them alive, punishes anyone who tries to disagree with him, his [[BreakTheCutie horrible treatment of Syrena]], and in the end, he is ready to sacrifice his own daughter to save his own life. His disregard for his own daughter's life was even implied when he was ready to force Jack Sparrow to jump the gorge under the threat of her death, and ordered a mook to load two guns with a bullet each, and keep even himself in the dark as to which guns are loaded, and later ''lied'' to his daughter about knowing which ones are loaded.
* ''Film/PrinceOfPersiaTheSandsOfTime'': Nizam, the [[EvilUncle uncle of the hero Dastan]] chafed at being in the shadow of his elder brother, the King. To remove himself from under the King's shadow, Nizam set his sights on the Dagger of Time and the Sands of Time, not caring of the horrors and chaos he could unleash on the world. Nizam brought about a battle with an innocent city, not remotely caring of the deaths of innocents, and arranged the death of his own brother while attempting to have his sons murdered. Revealing an utter contempt for the adopted low-born Dastan, Nizam revealed his true goal was to rewind time so he could undo this greatest error: once saving his brother's life when they were children.
* ''Film/ReturnToOz'': Princess Mombi somehow manages to outdo [[Film/TheWizardOfOz the Wicked Witch of the West]] in sheer unpleasantness: let's start with the asking price for helping [[BigBad the Nome King]]- [[OffWithHerHead the heads of several beautiful women.]] Mombi keeps these heads, still alive [[AndIMustScream and still conscious]], in a hall of cabinets; every so often, she'll "slip into something more comfortable" by swapping heads. And when Dorothy arrived in the Emerald City, Mombi had her imprisoned, fully intending to keep her there until she reached adulthood just so she could have a fully mature head to add to her "collection."
* ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'': AxCrazy [[HangingJudge Judge]] [[DoomyDoomsOfDoom Doom]] is a [[KnightOfCerebus shockingly dark villain]] for such a [[VileVillainSaccharineShow lighthearted film]]. Doom starts as a brutal, [[FantasticRacism anti-toon bigot]] who invents a chemical called "Dip" that can destroy Toons, demonstrating it on an innocent little shoe Toon. Doom shows full willingness to kill or harm innocent humans, either himself or sending his toon weasel henchmen after them. It turns out Doom is responsible for the murder that has driven the plot, and the death of TheHero and private eye Eddie's brother as well. He also seeks to wipe out the Toon population with The Dip to profit off their destruction. What's worse is that [[BoomerangBigot Doom is a Toon himself]] in disguise, so he is engineering the destruction of his own species solely for his own {{greed}} and [[ForTheEvulz cruelty.]]


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* ''VideoGame/TheHauntedMansion'': [[BigBad Atticus Thorn]] is an EvilSorcerer who seeks to use the power of the [[MacGuffin six soul gems]] to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy both the afterlife and the living world]]. Thorn has lived for hundreds of years by [[YourSoulIsMine devouring souls]] to extend his life, [[AndIMustScream keeping them trapped in his body to drain them for energy]]. Just before the FinalBoss fight, Thorn devours the soul gems along with 999 souls, stating that with his new powers there will no longer be either the land of the living or the afterlife, just "death, death, and more death."
* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'': [[BigBad Master Xehanort]] is responsible, [[BiggerBad both indirectly and directly]], for all the hardships the main characters suffer and the creation of the three main villains that are destroying the worlds. The secret reports in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep'' paint him as a [[WellIntentionedExtremist well-meaning person ready to resort to extreme solutions]] of unleashing the Heartless and the Unversed in order to flood the universe with darkness and thus bring about perfect balance between light and darkness, but as of the game, [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope he's clearly run so far beyond the line of inexcusable acts that any good intentions he once had are long gone]]. He takes Ven, an eleven-year-old child, in as an apprentice with the sole intention of training him to use the darkness and stealing his body. When Ven proves himself not to be up to the task, he forcibly extracts Ven's darkness, leaving him comatose, then drops his apprentice's failing body off in his own much-hated homeworld to die. After realizing Ven isn't going to die, he gives him to his fellow Keyblade Master Eraqus, a man whom he considers to be a brother, to train until Ven's light grows strong enough that he can be forcibly reunited with his darkness and become a weapon that will allow its wielder to reshape the entire world. While he's there, he notices Eraqus's student, Terra, and immediately decides that he wants Terra's body. Through a complex series of manipulations, Xehanort arranges Terra to fight Eraqus to the death, and finishes off Eraqus himself after Eraqus is weakened. [[ForScience He is even willing to risk an apocalypse out of sheer curiosity]]. Eventually Xehanort willingly splits himself into two beings: his Heartless, "Ansem", which possesses Riku and manipulates a cartel of Disney villains from behind the scenes, and his Nobody, "Xenmas", which formed Organization XIII, manipulated its members to stop them from growing Hearts for themselves, and planned on using all of them as vessels to store pieces of his own Heart in, to turn them into clones of himself.