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[[quoteright:286:[[ComicBook/{{Irredeemable}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/2446972_irredeemable_8_by_fatheadwilson.png]]]]
[[caption-width-right:286:BewareTheSuperman indeed.]]

->''"I hadda do 'em in th'...eye sockets...the only part of a...human's anatomy...sturdy enough to take (my) lovin' for long. The rest of th'...body just...melts...away before I can get off. A man has needs...(e)specially when his manhood burns hotter'n the surface of th' sun. Be lyin' if I didn't admit that th' screamin' helps get me off."''
-->--'''Willy Pete''', ''ComicBook/{{Empowered}}''

[[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Remember when villains in]] ComicBooks were [[HarmlessVillain harmless thugs and pranksters]]? [[UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks These]] [[TheModernAgeOfComicBooks days]], [[CompleteMonster you'll find much worse]]. One of the marks of the [[UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks Iron Age]] of comics is the increasing spread of cannibalism or rape as a routine feature of supervillains. And if it's a Creator/GarthEnnis book, both [[RefugeInAudacity at the same time.]]

!!The following have their own pages:

* ''Monster/TwoThousandAD''
* ''{{Monster/Bionicle}}''
* ''Monster/ConanTheBarbarian''
* [[Monster/DCComics DC and associated brands]]
* ''Monster/GIJoe''
* [[Monster/MarvelComics Marvel and Icon]]
* ''Monster/SonicTheHedgehog''
* ''Monster/StarWars''
* ''Monster/{{Transformers}}''



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* ''The 13th Artifact'', by Amit Chauhan et al.: In this short comic, an old priest relays the conquest of his planet at the hands of the demonic [[BigBad Master of the Thirteenth]]. TheMaster, in the guise of a monk, tricks the planet's leaders into sending hundreds of their greatest soldiers into his demonic realm, leading to the majority of the planet's heroes to be killed by the demons within. A year later, the Master takes advantage of the planet's vulnerability to poison the atmosphere with [[DeadlyGas sulfur dioxide]] and reduce the planet's populace to his brutally oppressed slaves. First seen himself in the attendance of an insane man he's locked in a cage and a SexSlave tied to his throne, the Master brutally crushes the old priest's skull and [[MindRape torturously probes the mind of a woman]] who crash lands on the planet, who simply lets herself give out and die with the realization the Master will subject Earth to the exact same fate if he's ever allowed to find it.
* ''Abbadon'', by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Spencer Marstiller, et al.: Bloody Bill, [[spoiler:real name Wesley Garrett]], is a monstrous SerialKiller who terrorizes the old west in this Western thriller graphic novel. Years ago the leader of a vicious gang of rapists and murderers who would [[RapePillageAndBurn lay waste to entire towns]], butchering his way through countless innocents before raping and torturing the young women and girls residing there, Bill [[EvenEvilHasStandards earned the ire of nearly every other criminal around him]] for his propensity for overkill, [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalism]], and [[BadBoss murdering his own gangs out of boredom]]. After striking out alone and becoming a killer who would [[CreepySouvenir keep his victims' eyeballs and organs in jars as trophies]], Bill resurfaces after years of inactivity to resume his spree in the town of Abbadon, murdering numerous innocents in his trademark way of torturing, stringing up, then gutting them, a method that began when he did it to a man's teen daughter after butchering said man's entire lynch mob that came for Bill. [[spoiler:In his public identity of Garrett]], Bill executes anyone, [[WouldHurtAChild kids included]], who could reveal him as Bill, and ultimately [[FrameUp frames innocent men for his crimes]], leading to their deaths. A despicable {{sadist}} with a goal of nothing more than his own lusts and fame abroad, Bloody Bill cared only for [[AttentionWhore how something could make him ever more famous]], treating all else as disposable.
* ''ComicBook/{{Absolution}}: Rubicon'': [[TheSociopath The Polymath]], real name Arthur Blankenship, is a creatively psychopathic supervillain with a love for mass slaughter. After being locked up for going on a rampage through a city, the Polymath is given a deal to kill [[AntiHero John Dusk]] in exchange for his freedom, but immediately breaks the deal after being released, proceeding instead to go on another killing spree. During this spree, the Polymath [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe rips people in half]], strings them up by their insides, uses buses and cars as swinging or throwing objects, and brutalizes before attempting to rape a heroine who shows up to stop him. Claiming well above 800 lives in this massacre, the Polymath later brutally murders a small family, before viciously butchering an entire apartment building, with decapitations, bisections, and [[FlayingAlive live skinnings]] being just some of the kills he gets up to. When confronted by Dusk, the Polymath boasts about all the men, women, [[WouldHurtAChild children]], and [[BadPeopleAbuseAnimals pets]] he's killed, and, even when seemingly beaten, the Polymath decides to [[TakingYouWithMe take the entire city of millions down with him]]. Serving as the prime example of villainy that Dusk has decided to show no mercy to any longer, the Polymath made his mark as the most depraved murderer in the comic.
* ''ComicBook/AfterlifeWithArchie'': [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Doctor]] [[Creator/HPLovecraft Howard Lovecraft]] and his associate, Doctor Creator/ArthurMachen, are the seemingly kindly administrators of a hospital for the mentally disturbed. In truth, [[MadScientist Lovecraft and Machen]] are servants of the [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Great Old Ones]], having once tried to master them, but upon realizing the futility of such an act became the willing servants of the dark [[EldritchAbomination Outer Gods]]. They use the patients at the asylum as sacrifices for their masters. and when they realize young Erich Zann can use his music to repel them, they [[{{fingore}} cut his fingers off]] and leave him to be taken by the monsters. Finally, revealing their intent to allow all humanity to become food or slaves to the Old Ones, they offer ComicBook/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch as the bride to great Cthulhu himself.
* ''[[ComicBook/AssassinsCreedTitanComics Assassin's Creed: Trial By Fire]]'': [[HangingJudge William Stoughton]], a member of the [[KnightTemplar Templar Order]] and the BigBad of the storyline, is the orchestrator of the [[SalemIsWitchCountry Salem Witch Trials]] and using the hysteria to [[ManipulativeBastard convince]] the masses of people into eradicating the Assassin Brotherhood. Because of his machinations, at least 20 innocent people were documented to be executed via hanging, and the undocumented deaths were a result of Stoughton's [[ColdBloodedTorture tortuous experiments]] where the victims had succumbed to their wounds, all because of his belief that one of them happens to be a [[LegendaryWeapon Piece of Eden]] called the oracle. When he learns that fellow Assassin Tom Stoddard and Jennifer Querry know about the oracle's whereabouts he captures them, tortures them for the information, and later shoots the latter InTheBack. When Stoughton eventually discovers the oracle's identity, Dorothy Osborne, he [[ManOnFire sets a fire to kill Tom]] while admitting to torture Dorothy as well as more innocents so he can copy her powers onto other people creating more oracles; this shocks fellow Templar [[WellIntentionedExtremist Samuel Parris]]. This cause a [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone guilt-ridden Dorothy]] to [[DrivenToSuicide throw herself into the fire]], which enrages Stoughton only because he had just lost his oracle and will have to start his search all over again. While strangling Tom, he promises to burn entire colonies to the ground during his search for another oracle.
* ''ComicBook/BackToBrooklyn'': Even though Brooklyn crime boss [[BigBad Paul "The Wall" Saetta]] is, among other things, a [[WouldHurtAChild serial pedophile and murderer]], he apparently [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas loves his mother]]. The following duo, however, have no such redeeming qualities:
** Churchill, Paul's "[[TheDragon pet psychopath]]," is a dapper and eloquent gentleman who nevertheless seems to [[TheSociopath have no feeling]] towards anyone. When he tracks Bob to an old store Bob used to frequent, he tortures the elderly owner with a straight razor. After carving him to bits, Churchill has the place set on fire, informing the old man he can carry his bedridden wife out to save her after Churchill has left him in no shape to even walk. Churchill later captures Bob's best friend Vinnie and tortures him, only cutting it short with a bullet to the head when he realizes Vinnie will never betray Bob. It is also revealed Churchill is the one who set a deal with Russian mobsters to always provide Paul with immigrant boys.
** Penny Saetta, Bob's wife, is revealed in the final issue to match her brother-in-law for evil when she reveals to Bob [[WhamLine she participated in and did the filming for Paul's activities]]. Having only married Bob to be a gangster's wife and a self-described "dangerous bitch," she happily joined in with Paul on his {{snuff film}}s. When Bob begs her to tell him she didn't involve their son, Penny comments she absolutely made the attempt--Paul just wasn’t interested--efore mocking Bob for his morals.
* ''Literature/{{Baltimore}}'':
** The Red King is the BigBad of the series as a whole, empowering supernatural beings to run rampant in the world and bringing about the plague to [[KillAllHumans devastate all of humanity]]. When he is summoned into the world in the form of Baltimore's best friend Thomas Childress, the Red King is revolted by the very notion of feeling human and sends his armies to slaughter humans in massive numbers while conducting massacres himself to contact the gods who used to serve him. Deciding to "crown" himself to regain his own powers, the Red King attempts a ritual fueled by the deaths of countless innocent people, intending to rule the Earth as a realm of suffering and chaos forevermore.
** The comic version of VampireMonarch [[DiscOneFinalBoss Haigus]] is the object of Henry Baltimore's pursuit. When [[NiceJobBreakingItHero inadvertently awoken from his slumber by Baltimore]], Haigus spends time tormenting Baltimore turning his family into vampires and saving Baltimore's beloved wife for last. He leaves his wife for Baltimore to find, which forces him to destroy his family when they rise. Haigus spreads his plague throughout all of Europe, occasionally massacring entire villages and leaving the bodies strewn all over for Baltimore to find. He resumes his worship of [[EldritchAbomination the monstrous Red King]] and begins preparing the way for the Red King to return and obliterate the world of men. Haigus eventually tires from the endless pursuits and opts to die at Baltimore's hands, but takes delight knowing he's taken everything from him, and tries to murder Baltimore's only remaining friends before taunting Baltimore how he will never, ever know peace.
** ''The Curse Bells'' storyline: The [[NoNameGiven nameless warlock]], who is clearly UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, [[note]]This has been [[http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/mignola-golden-reach-beginning-of-baltimores-end-in-cult-of-the-red-king confirmed]] by WordOfGod.[[/note]] is a {{greed}}y, ambitious man who keeps a large amount of vampiric nuns enslaved to him with the lie he will heal them of vampirism. The warlock uses a dark ritual to resurrect a long-dead witch by feeding her ashes and blood to a pregnant woman so the witch rips its way out of her. The warlock has her curse the bells of the cathedral he uses as a base which will MindRape anyone who hears the bells into his slaves with whom he will enslave the world and purge any in the way. The warlock also reveals that he gained his mystic knowledge by entrapping a supernatural beast...by [[EatsBabies leaving a baby for it to eat]] and catching it while it bathed after the meal.
* ''Bedlam'', by Nick Spencer et al.:
** Before being brutally tortured, lobotomized, and reconstituted into becoming the pacifistic hero "Fillmore Press", Madder Red was a sickeningly {{sadist}}ic psychopath with nothing driving him beyond his base lust for chaos and evil, and a desire to prove that, deep down, all of humanity could be just as wicked as himself. As the worst terror the city of Bedlam ever faced, Madder Red spent the better part of three years torturing, maiming, and killing his way to a status of legendary infamy, claiming over two thousand victims throughout his career. Notable instances of his random cruelty include gunning down numerous innocents at a religious gathering after decapitating two of the church leaders, massacring an entire restaurant filled with dozens of people to make sure he gets "good service", and brutalizing his ArchEnemy, the First, with a [[BatterUp baseball bat]]. In his so-called greatest achievement, Madder Red slaughtered an entire opera house of defenseless civilians, including a class of [[WouldHurtAChild elementary school children]] whose blood he proceeded to play in; disemboweled, posed, and [[ILoveTheDead violated the corpses]], then [[SlashedThroat slit the the throat]] of the only surviving little girl in front of the First just to anger him. Madder Red then reveals, after being caught, that if he's not dead within one hour, his associates will detonate bombs located in six schools across the city and kill hundreds of children and adults alike. Combining a [[LaughablyEvil darkly hilarious humor]] with a sadistic love of depravity, Madder Red was an unrepentant fiend who many tried to discount as a simple thug or terrorist solely to keep the public from seeing him as what he truly was: A devil-like monster with nary an excuse or reason for his crimes beyond a lust for degeneracy across the world.
** Mr. Pixel is the final ArcVillain in the comic, and, alongside Madder Red, handily the worst. A fanatic obsessed with [[TheUnfettered freeing humans from the constraints of morality]], Mr. Pixel began his crusade by using MindControl techniques to organize the bombing of four highly populated areas, before following it up by [[PsychicAssistedSuicide controlling dozens upon dozens of office workers to jump to their deaths from rooftops]]. As an insane admirer of Madder Red, Mr. Pixel, after forcing an entire squad of S.W.A.T. team members to slaughter one another, tries to force Fillmore Press, the man created when Madder Red was lobotomized, into shooting and killing him, hoping it will destroy Fillmore and once more being out Madder Red. As incentive to coerce Fillmore to kill him, Mr. Pixel reveals that he has mind controlled pawns stationed throughout the city of Bedlam, ready to cause planes to crash, [[WouldHurtAChild burn their own children alive]], and slaughter operation patients unless Fillmore murders him, and, even after Mr. Pixel is killed, it is revealed that he had the atrocities carried out anyway, leading to the deaths of thousands across Bedlam.
* ''Black Hood'', by Duane Swierczynski et al.: [[SerialKiller The Nobody]] is a {{sadist}}ic, [[AxCrazy psychopathic]] [[PsychoForHire assassin]] who, after spending years [[ProfessionalKiller murdering people for cash]], gained a new outlook on life when confronted by the vigilante known as the Black Hood. Believing that the Black Hood is an anomaly in the programming of life, the Nobody becomes determined to "undo" all the good the Black Hood has done. Kicking this off by slaughtering 9 people in a gun shop the Black Hood saved from gunmen, the Nobody next travels to a huge restaurant where the Black Hood stopped an armed robbery. Slaughtering the kitchen staff, the Nobody serves [[TamperingWithFoodAndDrink poison-laced food]] to the dozens upon dozens of patrons, men, women, [[WouldHurtAChild children, and infants]] alike, and can only smile as they all drop dead from the poisoning. After failing to massacre an entire family when the Black Hood intervenes, the Nobody prompts to erase the Black Hood's physical past itself, as he next blows up the entire hospital the Black Hood was born at after kidnapping his girlfriend, Jessie. Later bombing the Black Hood's only apartment building, setting fire to much of the entire block in the process, the Nobody finally hopes to blow up the Black Hood's old school, then [[ForcedToWatch force him to watch]] as Jessie is brutally murdered at the Nobody's hands. A psychotic believer that free will doesn't exist and that he's just a weapon of the universe, the Nobody was easily the worst villain the Black Hood ever faced.
* ''ComicBook/BlackMoonChronicles'': [[EvilSorcerer Haazheel Thorn]] is the single most evil being in this feudal DarkFantasy CrapsackWorld. As an incredibly powerful SorcerousOverlord and the leader of the [[ReligionOfEvil Black Moon faith]], which reveres him as a demigod, Haazheel, together with [[TheDragon Greldinard, the Baron of Moork]], sends his armies out on crusades of death against the Empire of Lynn, ordering his soldiers to RapePillageAndBurn all in their path. To bring [[AntiHero Wismerhill]], a half-elf half-human prophesized to play a major role in the fate of the world, over to his side, he sets up the apparent death of Wismerhill's father, then [[FalseFlagOperation blames it on the empire]] to incur Wismerhill's hatred for its battered monarch Emperor Haghendorf. Haazheel sends thousands of his troops to their deaths in a futile battle against the empire to [[FakingTheDead fake his own death]] and rebuild his forces at his leisure. Haazheel turns out to be the half-demon son of [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]], and plans to bring about HellOnEarth while sending as many people as possible to Hell to [[SoulEating have their souls devoured]], thus ensuring himself a seat at his father's side. The army of the Black Moon, commanded by Wismerhill, totally obliterates the Empire of Lynn, sacking the capital, killing the Emperor, and forcing the faithful few who survived to ascend to another dimension. Wismerhill is made the new emperor by Haazheel, who retreats to his [[MoonBase palace on the moon]] while his demons rampage around the world and his priests forcibly convert as many people as possible to the Black Moon to increase Haazheel's power, with those who refuse being torn apart by demons before having their souls devoured. After Wismerhill learns of Haazheel's manipulations and true plans he closes the {{Hellgate}}, at which point Haazheel personally teleports down to the imperial palace with his forces to punish Wismerhill for his defiance, initiating a slaughter that [[EvenEvilHasStandards Greldinard walks away from in disgust]]. When his forces are defeated, Haazheel [[OneWingedAngel assumes his demonic form]] to kill any living thing in sight, then kills all of Wismerhill's friends one by one before battling his erstwhile student to the death. As he's dying at Wismerhill's hands, Haazheel uses his dark magic to [[DyingCurse curse the entire world]] by ensuring that the moon will [[ColonyDrop leave its orbit]] and cause TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* ''ComicBook/{{Blacksad}}'':
** ''Somewhere Within the Shadows'': [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney Ivo Statoc]] is a [[CorruptCorporateExecutive powerful businessman]] who serves as the primary villain of this first album. Most of the other villains in the series get tragic backstories or redeeming traits, but Statoc is evil and depraved to the core. He made film star Natalia Wilford his mistress, but when he found out she cheated on him, he personally tortured her lover to death, killed Natalia in cold blood, [[ILoveTheDead had his way with her corpse]] afterwards, and [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney threw money at it to make it go away]]. When one of his associates has had enough and tries to blackmail him with his crimes, Statoc arranges the man's death. Later, he taunts Blacksad by boasting that unlike his foe, he isn't limited by such [[VirtueIsWeakness silly things like ethics and moral scruples]], and is so successful because of his cold-bloodedness. The only thing that really interests him is pure, unadulterated power.
** ''Arctic Nation'': [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain Huk]] is TheStarscream to Hans Karup, the leader of the [[TheKlan racist Arctic Nation]], of which Huk is the spokesman. Huk also inspires lynchings against [[FantasticRacism "black" animals]] and praises the lynchings in public as a defense of the noble "white race." While seemingly loyal to Hans Karup, Huk schemes to overthrow him and steal his wife in the bargain. During his affair with Karup's wife Jezabel, Huk has the daughter of Karup's black maid kidnapped to frame Karup--who is suspected to be a pedophile--but murders her mother when he decides she might talk. He then tricks Karup's followers into lynching him, taunting Karup he'll see to Karup's wife and then tries to hang Blacksad's friend, a journalist who'd been spying on Huk. Manipulating a harmless old crow into helping him, Huk decides to [[WouldHurtAChild murder the little girl]] as well and shoots his unwilling accomplice when he demands Huk save the girl from a burning building before leaving her to burn.
* ''ComicBook/{{Blueberry}}'': There are a number of nasty characters in its roster, but the worst is definitely Dr. Wernher Amadeus "[[MagnificentBastard Prosit]]" von Luckner, aka [[spoiler:Gustaaf Hazel]], from the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine arc. A DirtyCoward with a sadist streak and a propensity to shoot his partners in the back, "Prosit" has a lot of murders on his conscience, including [[spoiler:when he was the butler for the actual von Luckner, killing him to search for the gold himself]]. He also put a rattlesnake in the boot of his latest partner and then made him "dance" so that the venom would spread faster in his system. His latest act of villainy is trapping Blueberry and two other people in a cave with no way out, leaving behind a big taunting message for his victims.
* ''ComicBook/TheBoys'':
** Black Noir, the clone of Homelander, gleefully EatsBabies, commits murder-rapes, and eats hearts with a SlasherSmile. The villainy of the other two contenders for worst monster in the comic, Homelander and Butcher himself, was ultimately Black Noir's fault too. Black Noir drove Homelander insane by gaslighting him with the aforementioned atrocities so he would receive the sanction to kill him, which Noir thought was the only thing that gave his life meaning since he was created to kill Homelander. One of Black Noir's crimes was raping Butcher's wife Becky, which triggered Butcher's vendetta against superhumans.
** John Godolkin, a twisted Expy of [[Franchise/XMen Professor Charles Xavier]], runs his own special, private academy for "special" children. However, unlike [[ComicBook/XMen Professor X]], Godolkin simply kidnaps the children and convinces them they're special, never allowing them to go home again. The children are injected with a formula to give them powers and fill out Godolkin's many teams. However, between the ages of 6 and 9, Godolkin begins molesting the children and has the older children join in. Any who prove too troublesome are simply [[WouldHurtAChild eliminated]]. Even in the dark world of ''The Boys'', Godolkin stands out as utterly twisted.
* ''ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': [[AxCrazy Simone Doffler]], the BigBad of the Season 9 comic, initially started out as a rebellious slayer who didn't see the value of the lives of others and believes that Slayers are superior to normal people, and therefore [[TakeOverTheWorld should rule over them]]. In an attempt to soften her she was put under the watch of Andrew Wells, hoping to soften her; instead she goes rogue and steals a demon to use as a weapon and asks Buffy to turn over Andrew, who she wants to kill since [[DisproportionateRetribution he annoyed her]]. She also led a small but growing army of rogue slayers who set up base on a small island, where Simone [[UngratefulBastard beat up an old woman who gave them food and shelter]]. Simone's gang would later commit acts of terrorism, including raiding a military base and killing their general, relishing in the fearsome reputation it gave the slayers. Later Simone learned of the zompires, and plotted to find a way to become one and keep her mind intact, for the sole sake of killing Buffy, with which she has become obsessed. To experiment, she feeds her own followers to them. When she learns Buffy's sister Dawn is dying, she [[ManipulativeBastard manipulates their friend Xander]] with a chance to save her by finding the deeper well. Her true intention was to awaken the Old One, Maloker, so that he would sire her into a vampire.
* ''Burning Fields'', by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, et al.: [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters Commander Decker Marce]] is the head of [[PrivateMilitaryContractors Verge]] and a [[SociopathicSoldier sociopathic militant]] brought in to investigate a series of murders around a Verge-owned oilfield. Already an extremist before getting roped in with the murders--all done under the command of the demon Asag--Decker previously had an entire family, [[WouldHurtAChild the children not spared]], executed on the vague potential of them being terrorists, and shows open willingness to employ lethal violence against the Iraqi population. After an ill-fated attempt to investigate underground tunnels leads to Asag taking Decker into its service, Decker becomes significantly worse, slaughtering an innocent man, massacring several Carapace soldiers, and [[BadBoss brutally murdering his own men for little reason at all]]. Decker ultimately proves himself to have full agency when serving Asag when he deliberately threatens to keep Asag unsealed if he's not provided with a position of comfortable power, and ultimately devolves from a man with some semblance of standard into a fanatical zealot seeking to unleash Asag upon the world and bask in the flames that consume all humanity in the process.
* ''Bushido: Way of the Warrior'', by Rob Levin, Jessada Sutthi, et al.: The [[NoNameGiven unnamed vampire lord]] is the [[BigBad leader]] of a clan of ravenous vampires who attack Japan. Initiating bloody massacres all over the island and ordering the attempted assassination of the Shogun through his right-hand [[DarkActionGirl Raven]], the vampire lord attacks the wedding between the Shogun's daughter Mitsuko and Orochi, aiming to slaughter everyone there. After turning Orochi into a vampire, the vampire lord seduces Orochi into embracing his hunger and bringing Mitsuko to him to barter with her life in exchange for Japan. The vampire lord's ultimate goal, after reducing the population of Japan into cattle for him and his clan to hunt to their heart's content, is to sail out and devour all humanity, establishing an immortal vampiric empire with himself as its epicenter.
* ''ComicBook/{{Caliban}}'': In this Creator/GarthEnnis Sci-Fi Horror series, the [[BodySnatcher body snatching alien]], known as Karien after its human host, is a {{sadist}}ic being of electrical impulses that [[DemonicPossession possesses sentients]]. It is made clear the alien is a thinking, sentient being who simply doesn't care at all about the lives of others. When the Caliban stumbles on a derelict alien spacecraft, it is revealed that the alien Karien massacred the prior crew. Upon possessing its host, Karien brutally [[ColdBloodedTorture tortures]] and [[CruelAndUnusualDeath kills]] crew members, partially to [[ForScience figure the limits of human physiology]], and partly [[ForTheEvulz for fun]]. When it understands human limits enough, Karien proceeds to enhance the body with alien technology before slaughtering the remaining crew save two. Karien intends to force them to take it back to earth so it may proceed to enslave it and rule over it by using humans as tools or bodies to possess.
* ''ComicBook/{{Caligula}}'': [[ForTheEvulz The demon]] who [[DemonicPossession possesses]] [[UsefulNotes/{{Caligula}} Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus]] and rechristens himself "[[TheCaligula Caligula]]" is a psychopathic trickster who uses his new status as Emperor of Rome to fully indulge in his penchant for sadism. Caligula establishes himself as a heartless {{sadist}} when, on a whim, he leads a gang rape and massacre of an entire family of farmers, including the [[WouldHurtAChild 4 year-old son]]; he regularly commits similar atrocities. Taking great joy in forcing people to act out "plays" he himself has written, Caligula often uses said plays to force the partakers to cannibalize, rape, and murder each other, often taking part himself. Along with regularly [[VillainousIncest raping and torturing his flesh-and-blood sister]], then promising to corrupt her newborn, a [[ChildByRape product of his raping her]], into evil, Caligula also personally butchers people by the dozen, arranges their bodies in "artistic" manners, then rips out their very souls, devouring them and trapping the souls in [[AndIMustScream constant agony]]. Even when seemingly beaten, Caligula {{Body Surf}}s into anyone he can, continuing to murder innocents and devour their souls in a ritual he attempts to use to drive Rome to tear itself apart, and eventually settles in the body of the young UsefulNotes/{{Nero}}, fully planning to obtain the throne once more and destroy Rome for good. Psychopathic, egomaniacal, and with his own twisted sense of "art", Caligula was as wicked as a demon could be, and took [[CardCarryingVillain great joy in being as evil as possible]].
* ''The Cape'' miniseries, by Creator/JoeHill: [[VillainProtagonist Eric]] was, at first, just a self-centered and lazy {{Jerkass}} who [[NeverMyFault blamed all of his life's problems on his kind mother and brother]]. However, once he reclaimed his childhood cape that allows him the power of flight, he becomes something far more wicked. Firstly murdering his girlfriend because he suspected her of cheating on him, Eric later drops a grizzly bear onto two detectives investigating him for his girlfriend's death, and happily watches as they are mauled to death. Using his mother as a hostage, Eric tries to [[CainAndAbel burn his brother alive]], and, when his mother tries to flee the state, Eric, after murdering a man with a cinder block, [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill uses a chainsaw to down the entire jumbo plane she is on]], killing hundreds of innocents when it crashes into a bridge filled with people. Finally confronting his brother, Eric [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally beats]] and tries to kill him while refusing to take responsibility for his crimes or his crummy lot in life. [[PsychopathicManchild Childish]], unintelligent, and homicidal, Eric serves as a warning that [[FromNobodyToNightmare even the most uninspired and pathetic of people can become truly dangerous]] when given power without responsibility or fear of retribution.
* Creator/ChaosComics: [[GreaterScopeVillain Armageddon]], one of the first of the Chaos Lords and the most powerful, is a being of such arrogance and power-thirst that he even [[EvenEvilHasStandards disgusts his fellow Chaos Lords]]. Wishing to [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt reduce reality to formless entropy]] with himself as its center, [[NamesToRunAwayFrom Armageddon]] waged the Chaos War against his fellow Chaos Lords, slaughtering many of them and many of their creations himself before being {{sealed|Evil In A Can}} in the Forever War. Once he's accidentally freed thirteen billion years later, Armageddon wastes no time in resuming his conquest, crash landing on Earth and swallowing all in his path. From there, Armageddon [[OmnicidalManiac kills everything]] within 100 miles of himself before resurrecting them as tortured monsters, sending them to massacre hundreds of millions of people across the globe as he wreaks global destruction, regularly destroying the populace of massive cities--Los Angeles being simply one example. Armageddon spitefully exterminates thirty percent of the world's population after an ineffectual retaliation against him, tries to tempt Evil Ernie into unleashing a global nuclear holocaust, tortures and kills any and all resistance against him, and vows that all that shall not serve him will be exterminated, ultimately killing off all of Earth's population and resolving to obliterate all of reality to rule the ashes -- and damning the universe to follow him into oblivion upon his death. The most powerful villain in the Chaos universe and unrivaled in sheer evil, Armageddon is the absolute worst of the worst in a universe no stranger to pure evil.
* ''ComicBook/{{Chew}}'': [[OurVampiresAreDifferent The Vampire]], also known as [[BigBad The Collector]] (real name unknown), is a Serbian [[SerialKiller killer]] and Cibopath who harnesses the legends of vampires to become [[TheDreaded feared]]. In truth, The Vampire uses his Cibopath powers to [[MegaManning absorb the powers of others]], killing, butchering and [[ImAHumanitarian eating]] them to [[CannibalismSuperpower gain their abilities]]; [[EvilIsPetty even relatively useless abilities]]; at least several dozen, and possibly more, are killed in this way. The Vampire kidnaps [[TheHero Tony Chu's]] twin sister, Toni, and attempts to gain her abilities through [[AnArmAndALeg eating her limbs]]. When this fails, he furiously [[spoiler:[[NeckSnap snaps Toni's neck]]]]. When Tony's friends attack his hideout, The Vampire attempts to slaughter them, taking great pleasure in trying himself to devour Tony's teenage daughter Olive. When he and Tony finally face off, The Vampire mocks him by saying how he will hunt down Olive and devour her. Egotistical, monstrous and cruel, the only thing driving The Vampire is his quest to become the perfect being in existence, no matter whom he has to devour.
* ''Choker'', by Ben [=McCool=] & Creator/BenTemplesmith: [[BigBad Hunt Cassidy]] is a [[TheAggressiveDrugDealer sadistic drug baron]] put away behind bars by cop Johnny Jackson for his illegal trafficking, which includes [[WouldHurtAChild utilizing children]] as [[TestedOnHumans test subjects]] for his horrifying drugs. Freed by the treacherous [[DirtyCop Royce Davies]] and with a hunger for revenge after being brutalized in prison, Cassidy resumes his spree to get revenge on Jackson. Keeping a young girl in his basement and reducing her to a feral, naked vampire through his repeated testing, Cassidy starts peddling mutative drugs that turn several people into ravenous vampires and cannibalistic mutants, having his junkies commit a series of gruesome massacres around Shotgun City to lure Jackson into his clutches. [[CopKiller Slaughtering a squad]] sent to stop him and eventually backstabbing and killing Royce himself, Cassidy hypes himself up on his own drugs for the purpose of killing Jackson, massacring his way through the police department and personally murdering Chief Ellis in his psychotic crusade to kill Jackson.
* ''ComicBook/CliveBarkersNextTestament'': [[GodIsEvil Wick]], "[[BrightIsNotGood The Father of Colors]]", is a psychotic, hedonistic [[PhysicalGod entity]] who inspired both God and the Devil from the Bible. Having caused [[HistoricalRapSheet all manner of chaos in the past]], including flooding the Earth just to see how it would look, he was [[SealedEvilInACan locked away]] for 2,000 years by his brothers, Unan and Filt, before being awakened by a rich old man named Julian Edmond. After taking Julian's lover as a sacrifice and brutally killing everyone at Julian's encampment, along with almost everyone at a dinner party back at Julian's mansion, Wick announces his second coming to the world by causing every single aircraft on Earth to plummet to the ground at once, killing hundreds of thousands. After traveling with Julian to Hollywood, Wick, bored with what humanity has become and deciding that he preferred the Earth with a smaller population, starts randomly wreaking havoc through the world, killing millions and wiping out the entirety of the Midwestern United States. Wick blots out the sun and has a swarm of locusts assault the world after he is dissatisfied with a pyramid built in his honor, and later [[spoiler:murders both a young lady who he supposedly liked as well as Julian, both merely for questioning him]]. Wick, after failing to see anything worth saving, finally announces his intent to [[OmnicidalManiac obliterate everything]] and start over, and even upon his defeat Wick gloats that he'll one day be back. A [[ItsAllAboutMe self-absorbed]] being with near-limitless power, Wick proves himself to be [[OurGodsAreDifferent a far cry from the benevolent depictions of God]].
* ''Colder'', by Paul Tobin & Juan Ferreyra: [[{{Sadist}} Nimble Jack]] is a cruel being who [[EmotionEater feeds on human minds]] and savors the flavors of madness most of all. Introducing himself by having the hero Declan Thomas grow "colder", lowering his temperature whenever he uses his own powers to cure madness, Nimble Jack regularly goes on to [[DrivenToMadness drive victims insane]] before devouring their minds and killing them. Centering in on Declan and his love interest, nurse Reece Talbot, Nimble Jack demonstrates his cruelty with massacres that increase in scope, constantly driving his victims insane. In one case, he throws a woman in front of a bus and then devours the minds of those on the bus, before [[WouldHurtAChild kidnapping children]] and driving one insane, before trying to kill the other in the end. A sadistic, remorseless predator, Nimble Jack stops at nothing to cultivate those with a "special" madness like a fine wine, all for a better meal.
* ''Control'', by Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank, et al.: [[BigBad Randolph Wolfe]] is the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive CEO]] of Wolfe Media, a media conglomerate that Wolfe personally uses to gain information on powerful people around the globe, {{blackmail}}ing these people to bend to his will and make himself more powerful. When one of Wolfe's hackers plans to turn him over to the authorities, Wolfe hires a sociopathic hitman to kill him and anyone else who may threaten his empire, leading to the deaths of more than half-a-dozen people over the course of just a few days; eliminating loose ends or those who outlive their usefulness in this manner is noted to be a regular occurence for Wolfe. Though at first seemingly just a corrupt man taking advantage of other rich inndividuals, Wolfe's true monstrosity comes into play near the end of the story, where it is revealed that he regular hosts "rape parties", events where he lures unsuspecting women, or simply rents them from trafficking organizations, to parties where he has his wealthy guests gang rape them to their hearts' content, secretly filming the entire ordeals to use as blackmail material. A corrupt [[TheSociopath sociopath]] whose {{greed}} dragged dozens of innocents into living nightmares and even death, Randolph Wolfe disgusted and repulsed everyone whom he interacted with, having no concern for anyone but [[ItsAllAboutMe himself and his personal power]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Crossed}}'':
** Addy Pratt's father Joseph has been [[ParentalIncest raping his younger daughters for what may have been ''years'']] as "Family Values" starts. He has enough leadership and charisma to keep a very large group of survivors together in the months after the emergence of the Crossed, but he does so through turning the settlement into a religious cult with himself as its messiah.
** Steve from "Badlands" is shown to have been sadistic, ruthless and sociopathic long before the Crossed outbreak, as demonstrated by her treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and her abandonment of people who trusted her after the outbreak. While she's implied to have a FreudianExcuse and seemingly mellows out during her travels with her companions, she proves herself a monster when she [[spoiler:shoots Greg in the kneecap to leave him for the Crossed]] and [[spoiler:willingly infects herself at the end]].
* ''Dark Gods'' by Justin Jordan, German Erramouspe, et al.: The [[NoNameGiven unnamed]] [[CorruptCorporateExecutive CEO]] is a [[ChaoticEvil chaos-loving sadist]] determined to unleash the [[SnakesAreSinister serpent god Tiamat]]. The CEO uses his social media company to subtly drive dozens of people insane across America, using them to commit various atrocities from mall shootings to burning themselves and others alive. The CEO, after [[BadBoss butchering dozens of his employees with demonic forces]], drives several members of the Storm insane and kills them. Even when captured and beaten, the CEO reveals he has arranged for Tiamat to be released onto the planet, and plans to enjoy the view as [[ChaosIsEvil she brings destruction and death across the planet]].
* ''Dead@17'', by Josh Howard:
** Abraham Pitch, the [[ItsAllAboutMe selfish, egomaniacal]], corrupt, [[TheHeavy driving force of the entire plot]], manages to stick out as a [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters truly awful excuse of a being despite being surrounded by demons and devils]]. Originally a member of the demon-fighting force known as the Protectorate, Pitch [[FaceHeelTurn turned on his fellow teammates]] to become a student of the Satanic occult, and promptly began paving the way for demonic entities to travel to Earth to torture and kill numerous innocents. Once bodyjacking his [[AbusiveParents own son]], Zachary, Pitch uses his son's body to become [[PresidentEvil President of the United States]], at which point he institutes martial law and convinces one-third of the planet to be imprinted with the "Mark". Unbeknownst to the receivers of the Mark, Pitch plans to use it as a transmutation spell to transform any who have the Mark into his demon slaves, and all the while frames all those who reject the Mark as terrorists. After bombing and massacring numerous locations, killing close to 50 people, Marked and Unmarked alike, Pitch frames Heaven's Militia, one of the few resistances against him, for the crimes, and ultimately begins systematically executing any Unmarked he can before spending his final moments in power screaming to kill all those against him and to [[NukeEm launch every nuclear missile]] his military has.
** [[{{Satan}} Lucifer Morningstar]] is the lord and master of Hell, and the [[GreaterScopeVillain ultimate mastermind behind the entire plot]]. Having made contact and a deal with the aforementioned Abraham Pitch to allow his forces to begin invading the Earth, Lucifer eventually uses a teenage girl as a sacrifice to grant him entry to the planet, where he begins sharing a body with Pitch. Lucifer directs many of Pitch's crimes, ultimately manipulating one-third of the Earth into receiving the Mark and proclaiming all Unmarked as filth who deserve to be purged. After painfully transforming all Marked into his demonic servants and ordering them to kill all Unmarked across the globe, Lucifer goes on a rampage, slaughtering all in his sight while proclaiming his plans to make the Earth into a Hellish landscape of agony solely to mock God.
* ''Dead Irons'', by James Kuhoric et al.: In this 2009 comic miniseries, [[BigBad Devin Irons]] is a horrifying SinisterMinister obsessed with {{immortality|Immorality}}. A vicious husband and father who regularly beat [[DomesticAbuse his wife]] and [[AbusiveParents 4 children]] for any form of slight, Irons reached the peak of his abuse when he branded his son Silas with a cross, then tied him to a statue, bloody and bruised, for an undetermined amount of time. When Jonas, the only man in town aware of Irons's cruelty, confronts the man, Irons gleefully stabs him to death, before enacting his plan to gain eternal life: [[DealWithTheDevil Making a pact with Hell]], Irons crucifies his wife and plans to sacrifice her and his children to eternal pain and torment in exchange for immortality, but, when Silas disrupts the ritual, [[ArchnemesisDad Irons]] settles for gutting his wife and leaving his other 3 children to wander the land as monstrous zombies. Continuing his plans years later, Irons regularly tortures and murders innocents, then [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashes]] 99 of them—including [[WouldHurtAChild children]]--into [[SlashedThroat slitting their own throats]], at which point he revives his dead wife as a demonic cannibal solely to mock his children. When his kids finally return for their vengeance, Irons orders their mother to kill them, gains his immortality, then reveals his plans to unleash his dark powers across the land and cleanse the world of those he deems "[[KnightTemplar unrighteous]]". Psychopathic, {{hypocrit|e}}ical, and fanatical, Devin Irons was a true beast of a man so convinced of his own righteousness that he condemned dozen of innocents, including his own children, to an eternity of torment and hellfire simply because he considers that to be their only purpose in life.
* ''Death Follows'', by Cullen Bunn, A. C. Zamudio & Carlos Nicolas Zamudio (also in novel form as ''The Remains'' by Bunn): "The Hired Man", [[AxCrazy Cole Jensen]], with a [[SlasherSmile smile that seems to disproportionately stretch across his whole face]], looks about as wicked as he actually is. A wanderer who takes up residence at a local farm, Cole immediately begins attempting to molest the youngest daughter of the family, Abbie, and eventually murders a young boy for no apparent reason. Revealed to be a SerialKiller of [[WouldHurtAChild young girls]] who is plagued by a curse that raises all those around him from the dead, Cole has been on the run for years from his over half-a-dozen victims, and, after being fired from the farm for disturbing the children, Cole returns, [[DestinationDefenestration flings Abbie's older sibling from a window]], then kills the defenseless girl, happily taunting the family of her fate afterwards. When attacked by Abbie's parents, Cole kicks her pregnant mother in the stomach extremely hard, causing her unborn baby to be stillborn, before screaming his plans to gut them all. A psychopathic hick with a hunger for death everywhere he went, Cole Jensen was a truly cruel and depraved killer of the highest order.
* ''ComicBook/DeathSentence'': David "[[BigBad Monty]]" Montgomery is a depraved, [[TheHedonist hedonistic]] comedian who ends up infected by the incurable G+ virus. Now with the powers of [[CompellingVoice hypnosis]] and telekinesis, Monty [[ForTheEvulz decides to make the most]] of his last months on Earth. Initially [[PowerPerversionPotential using his powers]] to force a nun into sleeping with him--[[SerialRapist not an isolated incident]]--Monty quickly thereafter rapes and murders the Queen of England before telekinetically [[YourHeadAsplode blowing up the skulls]] of the Royal Family and proclaiming himself King of England. After [[PsychicAssistedSuicide hypnotizing an entire battalion of soldiers numbering in the hundreds to kill themselves]]--and forcing seventy of the survivors to shoot themselves--Monty [[OffWithHisHead decapitates the Prime Minister]] to secure total reign over England. Monty quickly lavishes in his new position and turns London into his own private hellhole, influencing millions through public broadcast to engage in whatever depraved pursuits they want out in the streets while using his powers to pursue further sexual fantasies. Monty further engrosses himself by blowing up the heads of an entire crowd of people simply for annoying him, and once he learns a naval fleet has been sent out to stop him, Monty murders over a million people--[[WouldHurtAChild children not spared]]--in one fell swoop, using his telekinetic abilities to extend his range. Monty hypnotizes the captain to rape one of his own men before making the entire armada kill itself, finally necessitating a nuke dropped on central London purely for the purpose of wiping him out. Even after all the carnage and millions adoring him under his influence—and millions more dead—Monty admits he still isn't satisfied in the end. A degenerate narcissist who thoroughly undermines anything that could be considered a humane quality within him, Monty [[TheUnfettered represents a picture of what a psychopath with no other resources might become with the powers to exercise whatever they might have wanted]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Diabolik}}'': [[VillainProtagonist Diabolik himself]] may be a ruthless Master Thief, but he operates with a level of honor and has [[EvenEvilHasStandards a set of unbreakable standards]]. As a result, the comic has introduced some pure evil monsters for him to fight at times.
** Federico the Duke of Vallenberg: To try and take over the Kingdom of Benglait, he first created out of nowhere the terrorist organization Grey Ravens to provoke a civil war. He then married his ticket to the throne, Altea, and faked his death to avoid being identified as the leader of the Grey Ravens. Next, after Benglait became a republic without him being able to take over, he launched a series of terrorist attacks that nearly killed even Altea. After that bit him back in the ass as Diabolik and Ginko dismantled a branch of his organization, he launched other attacks, including a willingly failed one against Altea to justify both his faking his death and then his sudden return as motivated by his love for her and the desire to protect her while still trying to cause that civil war.
** Mr. Logan: The [[CorruptCorporateExecutive CEO]] of a pharmaceutical industry, he purchased a SyntheticPlague and its vaccine. His ultimate plan was to release the first into the civilian population in order to wait for the panic and then "discover" the vaccine, [[{{Greed}} all in the name of money]]. Logan stands in stark contrast to Diabolik and his more honorable methods of theft. He is willing to kill countless civilians with his manufactured plague, just to line his pockets and achieve fame from it.
* ''ComicBook/{{Dinocorps}}'': [[BigBad Jarek]] is the leader of a group of scientifically-advanced dinosaurs known as the Saurons. Considering himself to be a "[[MasterRace True-Blood]]" compared to the other dinosaurs in his time period, Jarek activates the Extinction Protocol, a weapon that [[OmnicidalManiac eradicates all the other non-Sauron dinosaurs]]. When Jarek and his remaining Saurons wake up in the present, he destroys a mall after discovering it has been infested by humans. He then conspires to reactivate the Extinction Protocol; Jarek orders his troops to look for the weapon's triggering device. His troops kidnap [[TheHero Carl's]] friend, Winston, after he accidentally activates the device, and they head to their safe house while the weapon arms itself. Jarek and his troops kill any humans in their way and put several civilians in danger as they fight off the Dinocorps. When Carl confronts Jarek, [[EvilGloating he sneers how Carl is too late and that the weapon has finished arming]], moments before he throws Winston off a skyscraper and tries to murder Carl. A violent, [[FantasticRacism racist]] radical, Jarek is a creature who would rather destroy the entire world than live on it with other species who aren't Saurons.
* ''ComicBook/DungeonTheEarlyYears'': Professor Victor Chambon not only abandons his mentally deficient son, but is also a DiabolicalMastermind who plans on taking over the city by kidnapping the children of the city's leaders and hypnotizing them into assassinating their parents. He also hypnotizes students and uses their bodies to rape women. Some of this was part of his overall scheme, but plenty of it was done [[ForTheEvulz solely to satisfy his own desires]].

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* ''ComicBook/{{Elephantmen}}'': [[MadScientist Dr. Nikken]], the man responsible for the program that created Hip Flask and the other Elephantmen, shows absolutely no remorse for kidnapping and [[CruelAndUnusualDeath horrifically killing]] thousands of women or for creating a race of sentient beings whose sole intended purpose was war. In fact, he’s rather proud of his accomplishments.
* ''ComicBook/ElfQuest'':
** Guttlekraw, [[note]]the only entry here to have only appeared in the original run[[/note]] the ancient king of the mountain trolls, is a slaver, torturer, and tyrant who set the standard for true evil in the world of Two Moons. After trolls caused the crash of the elven castle, Guttlekraw set up his kingdom near the ruins to catch wayward elves. The first victims he caught were three elven children he forced to mine out tunnels with magic; he [[WouldHurtAChild mutilated]] them to force obedience. His rival Greymung would later rebel and lead trolls away from the frozen lands, but Guttlekraw ordered an attack on the rebels where those not butchered were enslaved in the iron mines. He personally devoured Greymung alive. Coming into conflict with the Wolfriders and Go-backs, Guttlekraw sent his soldiers out to murder the children while their parents attacked. While ultimately slain, we learn that he had the elven castle encased in iron to spite the elves should he ever fall.
** [[TheBaroness Winnowill]], the BigBad of the whole saga, is an ancient elf who rules Blue Mountain via fear and manipulation. When the Wolf Riders cross her path, Winnowill has one of them tortured and repeatedly attempts to manipulate or kill them, [[WouldHurtAChild not even leaving the children]] out of her schemes. Winnowill proceeds to manipulate the humans of the nearby area into attacking the Wolf Riders as well. Despite her [[FantasticRacism obsession with elfin purity]], Winnowill is revealed to have seduced a troll named Smelt, bearing a half-breed son named Two-Edge. Murdering Smelt, Winnowill has spent years [[AbusiveParents cruelly abusing her son]] and [[MindRape horribly damaging his mind]]. When she gets her hands on the ancient elven palace, Winnowill also attempts to exterminate her enemies with "impure" blood and later assists Grohmuul Djun in his brutal regime. Seemingly neutralized by her former lover Rayek trapping her soul within his own mind, Winnowill constantly attempts to drive him further into darkness or get himself killed to free her.
** Grohmuul Djun, Winnowill's brief partner, is a brutal warlord who oppresses his people and seeks to dominate all he sees. Having the architects of a special palace [[HeKnowsTooMuch murdered to keep it a secret]], the Djun declares himself the only true "[[AGodAmI higher power]]," and makes worship of any other punishable by death. To this end, he has Winnowill mutate his hounds into monsters, first demonstrating their savagery by kicking their keeper in to be devoured. The Djun then has them hunt down those who still hold to their old faith and devour them, with any attempts at rebellion publicly executed via "The Birds," a [[ColdBloodedTorture giant device that rips the victim in half]].
** Angrif Djun, Grohmuul's equally vile offspring, attempts to murder his own sister and [[{{Patricide}} murders his own father]] to seize control of his now weakened domain. Angrif allies with other human domains, only to [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder betray and destroy his allies]] once he has achieved his goals. Attacking an innocent village, Angrif puts it to the torch while having slaves taken from the able-bodied and the old, the women and [[WouldHurtAChild children]] murdered, while also attempting to exterminate the elves. When he is [[GroinAttack castrated]] in the battle by an elf warrior, Angrif kidnaps an elf healer's former lover with the intention of torturing her to force the healer to mend him. When she escapes, Angrif devotes the remainder of his life to building a massive fleet of ships to exterminate all elves and subjugate the world, destroying all that is "different."
* ''ComicBook/{{Empowered}}'':
** [[MeaningfulName Willy Pete]] is a [[EvilIsBurningHot fire elemental]], and [[KnightOfCerebus darkens the comic's tone significantly]]. But he still has a man's appetites, which he satisfies with [[AnythingThatMoves rape]]—[[EyeScream he favors the eye sockets]]--and killing, which, in his case, are one and the same, [[PlayingWithFire thanks to his constantly superheated body]]. Because all normal food is incinerated on contact with him, he resorts to [[ImAHumanitarian eating superheroes and supervillains]]. He doesn't even need to eat; he just does it because he likes the taste. At the end of Volume 5, he [[HeroKiller incinerates 8 of the 10 supers sent to stop him]], and then ForTheEvulz followed by throwing as much fire as he could through the portal they came through without even knowing what was on the other end, thereby forcing [[spoiler:Mindfuck]] into a HeroicSacrifice to safe Emp.
** [[ArchnemesisDad Ninjette's father]] only appears for a few panels, in Volume 7, but manages a [[AbusiveParents lot of evil]], and is likely the reason that Ninjette herself is an alcoholic like her father. He starts by [[SadistTeacher putting her]] through TrainingFromHell, and emotionally abused her to the point where she still has self-esteem issues. Later on, when she is still underage, he betrothed his daughter to a DirtyOldMan of an allied clan, Ninjette tried to lose her virginity, as the deal was for a virgin bride, but her clan was too frightened of her father to take her up on the offer. Instead, she slept with her childhood friend who was prince of an allied clan. Her father's reaction was to slaughter his bodyguards, castrate the prince and stuff his genitals in his mouth before ripping his head off, fully knowing there'd be a war, despite being formerly allied with the clan. He then proceeded to beat his daughter so that for some she wouldn't "be able to walk…or eat solid food, or piss without blood…" In addition, he's been shown as raping Oyuki, a genin around his daughter's age---in a way "anatomically unlikely to induce pregnancy"--and hires another clan to drag his runaway daughter back to the clan without hands or feet to serve as a broodmare. Ninjette's father, despite only being a human with no superpowers, is [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters one of the most vile characters]] in the series.
* ''E.V.I.L. Heroes'', by Joe Brusha et al.: [[BigBad Chaos]] is the psychopathic leader of the New Gods, a team of energy-based alien overlords—evil {{expies}} of the Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica, with Chaos the expy of Franchise/{{Superman}}--who travel to planets, [[DemonicPossession possess]] seven of the inhabitants, then use them to massacre most of the population before subjugating the rest. When arriving on Earth, Chaos immediately vaporizes a woman and her child before going on to wipe out millions of innocents around the globe, culminating in him blowing up the moon and [[ColonyDrop directing the chunks to crash into the planet]], claiming millions more lives. When the government-sponsored superhero group known as the Hellions try to stand up to the New Gods, Chaos [[ForcedToWatch forces one to watch]] as he murders his friends before ordering another Hellion be killed, but not before forcing her to watch as [[WouldHurtAChild two children are brutally murdered]] in front of her. In the end, Chaos flies into a rage at the constant resistance he encounters in his conquest of Earth, and attempts to blow the entire planet up, and though this plan fails thanks to another New God who [[HeelFaceTurn became disgusted at Chaos]]—showing that perhaps the human possessed by Chaos was evil anyway--Chaos goes on to continue his world-conquering spree on another world, planning to continue for all eternity. A [[PsychopathicManchild childish narcissist]] who thinks that his powers make him [[AGodAmI a god to be worshipped]], Chaos is perhaps one of the most terrifying examples of BewareTheSuperman ever put to comic panel.
* ''ComicBook/TheEyeSees'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Ganza]] is a ProfessionalKiller hired to [[WarForFunAndProfit make a small nation's civil war worse]]. Deciding the best way to do so is to get the United States involved, he masterminds a plot to blow up the American consulate with the ambassador, his daughter and anybody else who happens to be inside, [[FrameUp and make it look like an air raid did it]]. While setting up the bombs, Ganza kills a henchman [[EvilIsPetty for seeing something nobody else does]]. He later [[BadBoss executes his other employees]] so he doesn't have to share the payout.
* ''Fall Of Cthulhu'' series, by Michael Alan Nelson et al.:
** ''ComicBook/FallOfCthulhu'': [[BigBad Nyarlathotep himself]] seamlessly [[TheChessmaster arranges every single wrong]] in the comic for the purpose of unleashing his master Azathoth unto the universe. Having spent centuries walking among mankind among disasters and people he's DrivenToMadness, Nyarlathotep spends hundreds of years arranging for the events of the Godwar between him and Nodens, intending to raise Cthulhu and use the ensuing chaos to draw forth Azathoth. To this end, Nyarlathotep, under the guise of "Mr. Arkham," gradually drives the town of Arkham into increasing insanity, ruining the life of Cy Morgan before having him tortured and leaving his insane form as almost an afterthought. Bringing his followers into the world one-by-one through the deaths of others, Nyarlathotep in particular has a [[WouldHurtAChild seven-year-old child]] driven to homicidal insanity before having his form mutated and infested by one of his followers after having both his parents killed. Among his other cruel actions, Nyarlathotep hypnotizes the residents of a bar to burn themselves alive; hideously [[FacialHorror deforms the face]] of sheriff Raymond Dirk and threatens to torture master thief Lucifer; and has the brain of his human follower Connor painfully extracted and set up to look in a mirror until he's driven insane, [[AndIMustScream unable to move or die]]. The exemplary point of Nyarlathotep's manipulations is outlined in the prequel comic ''Nemesis'', where, solely to eliminate worship of a rival god, Nyarlathotep drives the population of Atlantis to frenzy through his followers and influence, has their king driven to savagery and eventually publicly executed by his own brother, and then sacrifices the entire city to the Deep Ones on a whim, keeping the sole survivor trapped in the form of a cat he dubs Nemesis to stand by him forever. Nyarlathotep perpetuates torture, suicide, and insanity around him wherever he goes, relishing chaos itself and striving for nothing less than to drive all humanity insane [[ForTheEvulz for kicks]] before [[KillAllHumans eradicating them]].
** ''The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles'': Abisso Nero is a [[CorruptCorporateExecutive reclusive fashion mogul]] who is in actuality the leader of a nebulous {{cult}} striving to free Cthulhu and [[OmnicidalManiac end the universe by folding eleven dimensions into one]]. To this end, Nero and his cult abduct and indoctrinate children who have been "Chosen," [[PoweredByAForsakenChild using their bodies]] to unleash latent psychic energy to tear a hole in reality through the other members of his cult-- all hooked on a conduit disguised as a miracle drug called Briten. The last attempt at this resulted in nearly 2,000 fatalities. Undeterred, Nero has his messenger Henry [=MacNamara=] killed and forcefully recruits another young child named Gregor--slaughtering his mother in front of him--and trying to use him in yet another attempt to destroy the universe, the final result which results in the torturous death of every member of his cult. Not even his own family is safe from his machinations; it's revealed that years before, Nero arranged the kidnapping of his own son Stefano and had him forcibly indoctrinated overseas for two years. Nero proves that even in a universe of nightmarish, [[EldritchAbomination eldritch horrors]], [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters humanity can be every bit as vile]] as the horrific gods they worship.
** ''ComicBook/{{Hexed}}'': [[AxCrazy Yves]], the brother of [[BigBad Madame Cymbaline]], exists as the comic's StarterVillain but nevertheless stands out in depravity. A [[YourSoulIsMine soul-stealing]] demon [[SealedEvilInACan sealed away by his sister in a painting]], the exploits of master thief Lucifer accidentally free him and loose him upon the world. Immediately attempting to [[UngratefulBastard kill those who freed him]], Yves immediately resolves to [[CainAndAbel slaughter his sister]] no matter how many people have to die in the process, going to such lengths as nearly letting loose the denizens of the Shade unto Earth in his attempt to devour Val's soul, devouring the souls of innocent people to nourish himself, and brutally massacring Cymbaline's men to intimidate her. Eventually, Yves resolves to steal the soul of Lucifer herself to empower himself enough to destroy his sister. Yves values nothing else but his own freedom and was willing to tear the world apart for the sheer purpose of slaughtering his sister and being free to consume as many souls as he wanted.
* ''The Fang'', by K. I. Zachopoulos & Christos Martinis: In this unofficial continuation of [[Literature/{{Dracula}} the classic Bram Stoker tale]], Dracula continues his streak of sadism and evil. Hopping aboard a boat bound for America following his near-defeat at Van Helsing's hands, Dracula massacres the entire crew of said boat before arriving at his destination, New York City. Once in New York, Dracula restrengthens himself by draining the blood of numerous homeless people and prostitutes, then amasses his "creatures of the night" to slaughter dozens of people and dump their bodies in a nearby river before making yet another attempt to kill Van Helsing and his friends. Though implied by Van Helsing to just be a lonely beast, Dracula shows time and again that he is in truth just a {{sadist}}ic creep obsessed with [[AGodAmI becoming a god]] and slaughtering those beneath him as the sheep he believes them to be.
* ''ComicBook/{{Fatale}}'': [[HumanoidAbomination The Bishop]], the [[Really700YearsOld ancient]], ageless servant of the [[EldritchAbomination eldritch old gods]], pledges his existence to providing sustenance to his masters by wandering across the Earth in various forms. Engaging in regular [[HumanSacrifice ritual sacrifice]]--some of which involves the lives of [[WouldHurtAChild dozens of infants]] tied to a tree and left to rot--and lording over servants who have cast aside their own humanity to serve him, many of whom [[BadBoss he kills for slights]], Bishop pursues violent delights to enthrall himself in his early years, awakening once after the 1906 earthquake to fatally beat a pleading old man trapped under rubble and soon after engaging in a spree to murder as many people as he could before sunrise. After an attempt to sacrifice the immortal FemmeFatale Josephine, or "Jo", Bishop moves to San Francisco in 1956, [[TraumaticCSection tearing the unborn baby out of a pregnant woman]] and savagely killing a group of mobsters to tempt DirtyCop Walter Booker. Blinded shortly after, Bishop arises in the form of a [[ReligionOfEvil cult leader]] named Hansel in the 1970s, where he leads more cult violence, regularly sells a woman named Suzy to be raped, and leads an attack on Jo's home which ends with her caretaker and current lover dead and the house burned down. Finally arising in the 1990s to 2014 as an executive named Mr. Sommerset, Bishop continues his attempt to sacrifice Jo--murdering scores of people and lounging in their corpses or bathing in their blood in his off-time--and finally resorts to torturing and killing Walt's nephew Nicolas in front of her. With no low he will not stoop to, either to provide for his gods or simply ForTheEvulz, Bishop is as big a monster on the inside as he is [[{{Cthulhumanoid}} on the outside]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Ferals}}'': [[SavageWolves Rikkard]] serves as the most prominent villain in this comic, and stands out as the most wicked by far. Though [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Ferals]] have a habit of killing innocents in rage or lust-filled insanity, Rikkard is one of the few who has near complete control of his impulses, yet still fully indulges in evil and cruelty unseen by any other Ferals. Along with being a SerialKiller with a knack for [[OffWithHisHead ripping off dozens of victims' heads]], Rikkard kidnaps dozens of male humans, including a school bus of teens, then forcibly infects them with the Feral disease, turning them into savage werewolves under his thrall. Rikkard then blackmails his fellow societal Ferals, all disgusted by his depravity, into regularly supplying him with innocents for him and his pack to murder, and later leads the wholesale slaughter of an entire town, [[RapePillageAndBurn raping, butchering, and eating]] every man, woman, and [[WouldHurtAChild child]] there, amounting to over 3,500 victims. In the end, after his personal harem, whom he views as property to use and abuse as he likes, is wiped out by [[TheHero Dale Chestnutt]], Rikkard massacres an entire squadron of army soldiers, guts Dale's girlfriend Pia, then tries to restart his Feral harem and army before being driven off by other Ferals for his crimes. Standing out even among the numerous other vicious Ferals for his wanton {{sadis|t}}m and heinousness, Rikkard cared for no man, or Feral, [[ItsAllAboutMe but himself]], valuing his image of power and control above all else.
* ''The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'', by Michael Mendheim, Simon Bisley, et al.: [[TheHeavy Belarios]] is a demon sent to Earth by his master, {{Satan}} [[GreaterScopeVillain himself]]. Taking on the persona of a CorruptCorporateExecutive, Belarios leads the Nicolaitan {{cult}}, which, on Belarios's orders, kills many people while searching for the Seven Seals, which will release TheFourHorsemenOfTheApocalypse and Satan himself, resulting in HellOnEarth. Besides the dozens if not hundreds killed, and the millions if not billions who would be killed if his plan succeeded, Belarios is also [[TheCorrupter responsible for corrupting a US senator]]; the death of [[TheHero Adam Cahill]]'s wife; and [[WouldHurtAChild slashing Cahill's young daughter's face]], also planning to kill her, when he finds out she has the last Seal.
* ''ComicBook/FreddyVsJasonVsAsh'': [[SerialKiller Freddy Krueger]] is the same {{sadist}}ic [[WouldHurtAChild child-murdering]] monster he is in [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet the films]], and more. Following the events of [[Film/FreddyVsJason the film]], Freddy continues his spree of evil by once again manipulating [[Franchise/FridayThe13th Jason Voorhees]] into finding the [[TomeOfEldritchLore Necromonicon Ex Mortis]] to grant him reality-warping powers before sending the [[Franchise/EvilDead Deadites]] against Jason when he turns against him. He takes things further in ''The Nightmare Warriors'', where upon his return, Freddy takes control of the Deadite army, placing Jason as general. At Freddy behest, Jason and the Deadites leave death and destruction throughout Washington, where Freddy takes control of the White House where he reveals his plan for "No Child Left Alive" and the carnage he plans on spreading across the world. Revealing himself to be in a incestuous relationship with[[VillainousIncest his daughter Kathryn]], possibly due to brainwashing, when she fights with Jason, Freddy admits he plans to kill her when they are finished. Freddy [[DemonicPossession possesses]] Stephanie to seduce and abduct Jacob, before encouraging Stephanie to kill as a Voorhees. Upon Jason's death, Freddy absorbs his soul as well before boasting himself as a "[[AGodAmI Dream God]]". Now desiring power and domination in addition to his bloodlust, Freddy takes his evil from the films to a more grandiose level.
* ''ComicBook/GodIsDead'': {{Satan}} himself kicks off the plot by murdering {{God}}, and settles back to enjoy the resulting chaos as pagan gods swoop in and turn Earth into [[DivineConflict a battlefield]] that kill billions of humans. Enslaving Hades as a lackey while regularly sleeping with his wife Persephone, Hades engineers far more death and destruction while also awakening the immortal dragon that finally resets reality, killing everything that lives in retribution for Satan's misdeeds but not before eating Satan to share its belly with Jesus for thousands of years. Satan tricks Jesus into recreating the Gods, and later shoves him into a volcano to burn forever upon their escape. Satan then engineers a new conflict so he can attack God and kill him again, [[GoOutWithASmile content to die]] having achieved everything he ever wanted.
* ''Monster/{{Godzilla}}'' franchise:
** ''ComicBook/GodzillaGangstersAndGoliaths'': [[AxCrazy Ryoto Takahashi]] is a {{Yakuza}} boss and all around bastard. Murdering Detective Sato's partner, Takahashi has Sato dumped on Monster Island, intending that he should die far from home, while Takahashi frames him for the murder of his partner. When Sato returns home with the Elias and Mothra in tow, Takahashi kidnaps the Elias, resulting in not only Mothra, but Godzilla and most of the population of Monster Island rampaging through Tokyo. Killing the priests of Mothra who come to retrieve the Elias, Takahashi demands that the Prime Minister pay him millions of dollars, or Tokyo will continue to burn. His demands met, Takahashi refuses to end the destruction, and attempts to kill the henchmen who say that he should, [[CardCarryingVillain insisting that he]], and not Godzilla, will go down in history as [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters Japan's greatest monster]].
** ''ComicBook/GodzillaTheHalfCenturyWar'': [[MadScientist Dr. Deverich]] is in the running for [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters worst human being]] in the franchise. Having abandoned the Anti-Megalosaur Force (AMF) when they refused to utilize his designs, Deverich [[ArmsDealer sells his psionic transmitters on the black market]], enabling terrorists to summon {{kaiju}} to any city they want. He levels Hanoi and much of Vietnam when he tests his first device on Godzilla and Anguirus in the sixties, obliterates the city of Accra, Ghana, when he arranges for every kaiju on Earth to arrive there as part of a demonstration to his customers in the seventies, and after perfecting his design in 1987, uses it to reach out into space and summon [[AliensAreBastards [=SpaceGodzilla=]]] to Bombay, annihilating it as well. Worse still, the transmitter (accidentally) calls [[AxeCrazy Gigan]] and [[CosmicHorror King Ghidorah]] to Earth as well, resulting in the near extinction of the human race in nineties and early [=2000=]s. With a criminal career spanning decades, and a death toll in the billions--millions of which were deliberate--Deverich outdoes every kaiju in the series when it comes to being a monster.
* ''ComicBook/GoldDigger'':
** [[BigBad Dreadwing]] was once a lowly iron dragon, who helped raise the young platinum dragon T'mat. When T'mat surpassed him in power, Dreadwing attempted to kill her before being defeated and banished from the dragon race. [[EvilCannotComprehendGood Unable to accept T'mat's love for him]], Dreadwing would discover the device called the Time Raft and used it to return to the other dragons, defeating, mutilating, torturing and raping T'mat to destroy any love she might have for him and force her to suffer whenever she saw their daughter. Massacring many dragons, Dreadwing attempted to recruit his own private force by offering his chosen recruits the option to [[SadisticChoice torture their mates to death or watch as Dreadwing erased infant dragons from existence]]. When they refused, he [[WouldHurtAChild made good on the threat]]. Traversing other worlds, Dreadwing became a violent scourge, destroying as he willed before being defeated by Gina Diggers. Entering into a "cosmic chess game" with her older, alternate timeline self Ancient Gina, Dreadwing still takes the chance to murder those he could before launching an attack on the world of Jade, aiming to subjugate it and even attempting to [[OffingTheOffspring kill his own daughter D'bra]] with no remorse. Egotistical, sadistic and filled with loathing for whatever he cannot control, Dreadwing stands as the comic's most enduring and horrifying monster.
** The former [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolf]] patriarch [[SavageWolves Brendan]] makes a pact with dark powers to achieve incredible powers which he tests by murdering his own wife. Engineering a "peace" between the werewolves and werecheetahs by creating a drought that kills many of the latter, Brendan betrays the werecheetahs and commits utter genocide on them, massacring the men, women, and [[WouldHurtAChild children]]. He is only prevented from killing a single baby thanks to the sacrifice of her mother and the intervention of archmage Theo Diggers. Brendan also plans to sell his own people into slavery to fulfill his own end of the deal, and mocks his own daughter for adhering to any standard of honor before she defeats and imprisons him. Escaping later, Brendan tries to murder his own children and mocks the only surviving werecheetah, Brittany "Cheetah" Diggers, for her clan and biological parents' deaths, intending to use his powers to [[TakenForGranite freeze her as living stone]] and keep as a trophy for all eternity.
* ''Goners'', by Jacob Semahn et al.: [[BigBad Seph]], also known as the Dragon and the Lilin, is an ancient succubus yearning to possess an enchanted [[SpellBook grimoire]] that would allow her to control reality itself. [[DemonicPossession Possessing]] a member of the magical Latimer family and passing off an innocent young girl to be punished in her place, Seph mothers a half-demon, half-human through Raleigh Latimer before having both the parents killed thirteen years later. Seph orchestrates a complete purge of the Latimer bloodline and has every member of the family and everyone connected to them murdered--in one case having a birthday party hosted for the otherwise-normal Gail slaughtered down to the [[WouldHurtAChild children]] and having their corpses morbidly posed to greet Gail--and eventually raises her minions to start completely massacring their way through King's Bluff to get at her son Josiah, leading to hundreds of casualties. Once Seph finally reaches the boy, Seph turns him into a demon she christens Ammon before trying to have him slaughter his own sister as a passage of anointment.
* ''ComicBook/{{Grendel}}'': [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Tujiro XIV]], the vampiric [[WickedCultured Kabuki dancer]] from the 21st century, is a SerialKiller who [[WouldHurtAChild specializes in young boys]]. First he drains them of their blood while [[EyeScream taking one of their eyes]] as [[CreepySouvenir a trophy]], then eating the other. Tujiro runs a human slaving operation where people are kidnapped for forced servitude and he has easy access to any child he wants. Escaping justice at the hands of the mother of a victim, Tujiro ends up as [[SinisterMinister Pope Innocent XLII ]] in the 26th century, where thousands are worked to death and enslaved to him. Tujiro gruesomely murders those who discover his true nature and uses his position to continue his disturbing feeding habits. His ultimate goal is to create a gun to blot out the sun and establish a reign of vampires where humans are nothing but cattle.
* ''ComicBook/GrimmFairyTales'' is a Darker and Edgier retooling of many classic stories and it shows in some of its villains.
** The Jabberwocky is the dark ruler of the mad realm of Wonderland. The Jabberwocky lures in innocents to Wonderland-preferably children-or has its cultists sacrifice them to the dark realm. All there are steadily drained of their sanity and find their human forms twisted until they are insane monsters and slaves to the realm's madness. The Jabberwocky spread its corruption over the once happy realm and its ultimate wish is to break free of Wonderland and spread its darkness to the 'real' world as well.
** Cal King of the Robyn Hood story is possibly the most evil human villain in the whole mythos. An utter sociopath who bragged about stabbing a gay boy and getting away with it, Cal led the gang rape of the heroine Robin and then carved out her eye for spite. After nearly being burned to death, Cal returned with dark powers and an even greater drive for evil. He slaughters any of Robin's friends he finds, murdered the child son of King John and demonstrated nothing short of absolute glee in hurting everyone he could.
** Pan, the dark ruler of Neverland, took control by ousting its previous ruler Barr. Pan proceed to destroy all the Fairies, except his manipulative lover Belle, and set up a dark tyranny over Neverland. To keep his powers and control, Pan used Belle's powers to abduct young boys from earth and devour them to steal their life force. After this, he resurrected them as undead slaves to his will-his "Lost Boys." Pan held almost total control over Neverland and when the only victim to ever escape him returned, Pan attempted to kill him with nothing short of undisguised relish and fury at anyone who challenged his selfish rule.
* ''ComicBook/{{Gunsmoke}}'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Jim Carr]] is an AmoralAttorney seeking to be the greatest cattle rustler in the West. To do so, he [[PlayingBothSides takes advantage of a village's tensions]] to create a range war so bad that "the range will run red." To do so, he murders some ranchers to do a FrameUp for the other side. His original plan to kill a few more ranchers to start the war is complicated by the arrival of [[TheHero Gunsmoke]]. To speed things up, he kills the neutral sheriff, who happens to be his father-in-law, and tries to frame him as taking a side.
* ''ComicBook/{{Habibi}}'': The Sultan of Wanatolia, bored with his thousand wives, abducts the talented underage prostitute Dodola and challenges her to please him for seventy nights in a row, threatening her life if she doesn't succeed. When she fails on the last night, he locks her in cell for seven months and [[RapeAsDrama rapes her during a visit]]. He gives her a second chance with an impossible task: turning a jug of water into gold in a time limit of seventy months. When the girl searches for a solution in the library, he [[OffWithHisHead has the librarian beheaded]] for allowing a woman there. He reacts with a LackOfEmpathy when Dodola announces the death of their son, and proceeds to rape her again. When Dodola succeeds the challenge playing on ExactWords, he has her executed anyway. At this moment, we learn that he regularly drowns his wives in the river when they become too old.
* ''ComicBook/HackSlash'':
** [[spoiler:The amnesiac, mysterious Samhain, an ally and later lover of heroine Cassandra "Cassie" Hack]], is eventually revealed to be [[BigBad Akakios]], the [[MonsterProgenitor original]] "slasher" and founder of the evil Black Lamp Society. Regaining his memories and true personality, Akakios is disgusted by his [[spoiler:former self's feelings for Cassandra, reasoning he could have taken her any time "whether she wanted it or not."]] Akakios forges the undead slashers into a fighting force and systematically kidnaps or kills everyone Cassie loved, purging the upper echelons of the Black Lamp Society [[EvilerThanThou for being "too nice," despite their own atrocities]]. Akakios plans to spread the slasher disease, turning innocent humans all over the globe into murderous monsters.
** [[EnfantTerrible Ashley Guthrie]] is a slasher, who, while LaughablyEvil and whose slasher form is [[BewareTheSillyOnes a teddy bear]], is still a [[TheSociopath sociopath]]. Even before becoming a slasher, he was a [[ItsAllAboutMe selfish]], CreepyChild whose actions included strangling a litter of kittens to death just because [[DisproportionateRetribution he he was annoyed his cat was spending so much time with them]]; and caving in his baby brother's skull just because [[DisproportionateRetribution he was annoyed the brother was always playing with his toys]]. After becoming a slasher, his first acts were to cause his father to commit suicide and drive his mother insane. His [[EstablishingCharacterMoment very first appearance]] in the comic has him [[WouldHurtAChild killing a little girl]] in a dream, similar to [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]].
** [[MadScientist Andrew Rodin]] of the aforementioned Black Lamp Society may not have the deeds, attempted or actual, of Akakios; or the child-killing and own-family-tormenting of Ashley Guthrie, but, despite only appearing in the two-issue "Sons of Man" arc, stands out as unlike those two, he is [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters completely human]]. He [[BadBoss feeds one of his associates]]--who has done what he was asked--to two creatures, who eat him alive. Besides creating other creatures for evil purposes, he creates sentient {{sex slave}}s, not caring what happens to them; he also has killed at least one that [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness had outlived its usefulness]]. Rodin doesn't care about the Society's beliefs; he only works for them since it gives him a chance to "indulge [his] {{sadist}}ic side quite so much", something he states while torturing [[spoiler:Samhain]], who he later forces to kill one of Rodin's co-workers. In addition, Rodin video tapes his work, either for business reasons or, at least in one case, for his "personal collection."
* ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'': In these expanded universe comics [[note]]Comprised of ''30 Years of Terror'', ''Autopsis'', ''Sam'', and ''Nightdance''.[[/note]], all written by Stefan Hutchison, [[SerialKiller Michael Myers]] keeps his film counterpart's lack of any human emotion beyond hate and sadism, and is [[TheDreaded feared as the personification of evil itself]] for good reason. Keeping with the ''Film/{{H|alloweenH20TwentyYearsLater}}20'' [[Film/HalloweenResurrection timeline]], Michael's spree in the first films is fully detailed here, revealing he has already killed at least 20 innocents, with his first kill being his own sister when he was [[EnfanteTerrible six]]. These comics only add to Michael's evil, as he spends the 20 years between films going on a huge murder spree, where he decapitates the Haddonsville Beauty Pageant winner; murders an elementary school teacher then strings her up for her students to find; shoves [[RazorApples razor blades into Halloween candy]], and [[EyeScream scoops a reporter's eyes out]] before replacing them with film rolls. Taking a sickening pleasure from tormenting his former psychologist, Samuel Loomis, Michael mocks the man's inability to stop him, and, when Loomis is nearing death due to a heart failure, Michael ensures his final moments are a living nightmare as he [[ColdBloodedTorture brutally tortures]] the man's best friend in front of him before leaving both to die. Michael then goes on yet another killing spree of a town's citizens, where he [[SlashedThroat slashes]] a [[WouldHurtAChild child's]] throat, kills numerous people in horrific ways, and hollows out a woman's skull before shoving a candle in her now empty head to make a jack-o'-lantern. Michael finishes the arc off by tricking the police into killing a man under the illusion he was Michael, and follows this up by [[BuriedAlive burying one of his more evasive victims alive]] after stripping her naked. Earning his unofficial title of "bogeyman", Michael Myers is a perfect killing machine driven only by his desire to get the same sadistic thrill he obtained from butchering his own sister all those years ago.
* ''Happy!'' by Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson, et al.: Mr. Blue is a mob boss looking to get his hands on the previous Don's load of cash, and will do anything to complete this mission. Employing torturers and murderers as well as cops he forces into service, notably threatening to have one's mother raped if she resists his orders, Mr. Blue orders a hit out on Nick Sax, one of his top enforcers, when Sax accidentally kills the only man who knows the password to the previous Don's safe. While sending his TortureTechnician Mr. Smoothie after Sax to torture the password out of him, Mr. Blue simultaneously has half a dozen children kidnapped and plans to [[WouldHurtAChild run a live stream of them being raped then likely killed]] to turn a profit on child pornography sites, and in the end tries to [[ForcedToWatch force Sax to watch]] the children's fate as revenge for making Blue exhaust so many resources looking for him.
* ''ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}'': In this [[CosmicHorrorStory dark world]], Nimue, the [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen of Blood]], reigns supreme as the greatest monster. Once a mighty sorceress who betrayed the great Wizard Merlin and imprisoned him [[AndIMustScream to live eternally in his own grave]], Nimue was imprisoned for 1,500 years by the witches of Britain. Upon her revival to lead the Wild Hunt, Nimue destroys the other witches of Britain and sets about marshaling an army of the Fae. When one ambassador comes to her to say his king will stand with her, Nimue forces him to murder his king, cut out his heart and forge her a new crown with it. Nimue launches vicious purges to ensure there is no threat to her rule, intending to exterminate humanity to the last man. When defeated and being dragged to hell by the witches she'd murdered, Nimue spitefully [[TakingYouWithMe tears out Hellboy's heart to ensure she won't face damnation alone]].
* ''Franchise/{{Highlander}}: The American Dream'', by Brian Ruckley et al.: John Hooke first arrived in America on the Mayflower and has been a scourge ever since. First seen as a [[UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar Confederate]] officer, [[SociopathicSoldier Hooke]] attempts to lure Connor [=MacLeod=] off the safety of Holy Ground by massacring an entire village, shooting a man to death as a warning to Connor and beating a second to death with an empty gun. [[HistoricalRapSheet Over the centuries]], Hooke is a thief and a SerialKiller, murdering countless innocent people simply [[ForTheEvulz for sport and pleasure]] with a fixation of [[CreepySouvenir stealing an eye]] from each victim he kills. Finally drawing Connor's ire, Hooke attempts to eliminate him and his friend Osta Vazilek by sending [[Film/{{Highlander}} the Kurgan]] himself after them so he may take the other's head unimpeded. While the Kurgan is likened to a wolf, Hooke is seen as a rabid dog and is seen by Connor as one of his most vile enemies in all his centuries of life.
* ''[[ComicBook/{{Action}} Hook Jaw]]'': [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Dr. Gelder]] is a mixture of [[StupidEvil incompetence]], {{greed}}, and malice. When the titular shark menaces his island paradise, which he has stolen from the natives, Gelder refuses to take the threat seriously and even carelessly draws the shark to attack his undersea restaurant, resulting in his wealthy guests being massacred. [[LackOfEmpathy Only caring about the financial consequences]], Gelder tries to have Hook Jaw killed, but when the shark is drugged, Gelder decides to keep it for the money-making potential and promises the leader of the natives, Sharkie, that if he drugs Hook Jaw in the water, Gelder will give him back his island. Gelder allows blood to be thrown into the water to drive Hook Jaw mad, resulting in Sharkie's near death. When he gets fed up, Gelder even evicts the entire native populace on small boats, sending the men, women and [[WouldHurtAChild children]] into the shark-infested waters and almost certain death. When his own incompetence dooms the island, Gelder [[DirtyCoward tries to steal the boats from the natives]] and shoots any who try to stop him, condemning them to die on the island before [[BadBoss kicking his loyal bodyguard to Hook Jaw]] to save his own skin.

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* ''[=InSEXts=]'', by Creator/MargueriteBennett et al.: The Hag is an ancient monster who [[{{Sadist}} savors human suffering]] more than anything. In Victorian times, the Hag contracts with Lalita "Lady" Bertram's cruel husband to help her run a brothel where women are [[SexSlave forced into slavery]] so the Hag can preside over their pain. [[SerialKiller Murdering women and girls]] on the streets of London, the Hag also frequently commands her slaves to hurt each other while having sex [[ForTheEvulz for her amusement]]. When heroines Lady and her lover Mariah manage to track the Hag down, she dominates the mind of Lady's former sister-in-law to have her kill Lady's [[WouldHurtAChild infant son]] and announces her intention to massacre everyone in the brothel to escape, before trying to MindRape Lady and her friends with visions of their worst fear. Flashbacks demonstrate that the Hag has been murdering and torturing for a long time, having chosen of her own volition to become a monster long ago.
* ''ComicBook/{{Irredeemable}}'': [[BewareTheSuperman The Plutonian]] was once a superhero who only saved lives for the [[AttentionWhore adoration it brought him]]. However, his [[SomebodyDoesntLoveRaymond inability to handle any form of criticism]] led to him snapping and becoming the most evil being the world had ever known. Starting his evil campaign by painfully lobotomizing his teenage sidekick, Plutonian later massacred the population of Sky City, numbering in the millions, to keep a mistake he made from going public. After hunting down his former teammates and brutally murdering them and their entire families, [[WouldHurtAChild children and babies included]], Plutonian annihilates the country of Singapore solely because an ambassador from said country lied to him. Seemingly locked away forever on an alien planet, Plutonian [[RedemptionRejection rejects an alien's attempts to redeem him]] and leads a breakout with a group of psychotic criminals. Returning to Earth, Plutonian carves his own insignia into the U.S.A., killing thousands of people; slaughters entire cities; and uses dozens of superheroes as ammo to fling into space. After trying to murder the last remaining superheroes, Plutonian is fully willing to let the entire Earth perish due to radiation poisoning just to spite his nemesis, Qubit, only saving the planet because his own life is on the line. Though having many possible [[FreudianExcuse excuses]] and sympathetic moments throughout the story, it is slowly revealed that Plutonian was ultimately nothing more than a [[PsychopathicManchild childish sociopath]] who would kill innumerable innocents just because he wasn't universally loved by all, while [[ItsAllAboutMe caring for no one but himself]].
* ''Jack the Ripper'', by Francois Debois & Jean-Charles Poupard: [[HistoricalVillainUpgrade Jean-Martin Charcot]] is the ultimate ManBehindTheMan to UsefulNotes/JackTheRipper himself, alongside all his other crimes in the story. As a famous neuroscientist and master of hypnotism, Charcot's evil started when a group of his students accidentally hypnotized a woman into killing her own sister. Taking advantage of the hypnotic trance they used, Charcot and his students begin hypnotizing their various patients into bringing out their psychopathic killer sides, leading to some becoming Serial Killers while others massacre their entire families, [[WouldHurtAChild children included]], before killing themselves. When Inspector Abberline begins investigating him, Charcot hypnotizes the man into killing his own girlfriend before going on to become a SerialKiller, and Charcot shows absolutely no concern over one of his former students becoming Jack the Ripper while the others die one by one. Though using [[ForScience scientific discovery]] as an excuse for his truly wicked actions, Charcot was ultimately an [[AttentionWhore attention-seeking lunatic willing to kill all in his way in his path to fame]].
* ''Franchise/JamesBond'', by Creator/WarrenEllis for Creator/DynamiteComics:
** [[MadScientist Slaven Kurjak]], from the first arc, ''VARGR'', seems to be a respected Serbian inventor, but in actuality is a former worker at [[POWCamp concentration camps]] during the [[TheYugoslavWars Kosovo War]]. Longing to replicate the series of [[TortureTechnician contained tortures and experiments]] on an unprecedented scale, Kurjak starts peddling a flesh-eating drug throughout Britain as a test pool, resulting in countless lives being agonizingly lost to the drug. Once ousted, Kurjak [[BadBoss slaughters the totality of his own staff]] and gloats to Bond as he leaves him to die in a decontamination chamber that his intention is to turn the entire world into a grand system of horrific torture and cruelty, where he and other like-minded {{sadist}}s can slake their thirst for hurting people with full impunity.
** ''Hammerhead'' {{Spinoff}}, by Andy Diggle & Luca Casalanguida: Victoria Hunt intends to usurp her father's company and take the railgun project Hammerhead for her own by [[{{Patricide}} having her father murdered]]. Secretly the underworld mastermind "Kraken", Victoria seduces Bond and arranges a [[NukeEm nuke to be delivered to Yemen to be detonated there]]. When this fails, Victoria opts to nuke London to wipe the city and everyone in it off the map while blackmailing Britain's allies to fall behind her in a resurgent British Empire. Upon seeing the approach of British forces, Victoria has Hammerhead simply begin vaporizing all of them, intending to rule the world from the shadows in a brutal regime.
* ''Jeremiah Harm'', by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, et al.: Dak Moira, an educated, vicious MadArtist, is the ArchEnemy of [[AntiHero Jeremiah Harm]] and the most dangerous criminal in the universe. Staging a breakout of the penal colony he's imprisoned in alongside his cohorts Ayamo Skyver and Brune S'maze, Dak destroys the prison, killing thousands, before making his way to the Bronx. Seeking the Basal Shard underneath the city, Dak has Brune enshroud half of the Bronx in a [[DeadlyGas noxious cloud]] meant to slowly suffocate everyone to death to clear the way, and sends Ayamo to start [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalizing]] random people in the street to deter Harm once he learns he's in pursuit. Casually murdering people on his own and ordering dozens of innocent people horribly dissolved alive by Brune once a cashier misinterprets his orders, Dak eventually reveals his goal to simply [[OmnicidalManiac obliterate the entire universe]] as an act of cosmic murder-suicide, simply to create what he feels is the perfect artistic masterpiece of murder. [[OffWithHisHead Decapitating]] [[BadBoss Ayamo]] to use her blood to gain entrance to the Basal Chamber, Dak happily announces his intention to torture Harm's human friends to death before killing everything else. A self-styled artisan with thousands of bodies to his name and desiring countless trillions more to follow suit, Dak's posh facade merely guises a blood-hungry sociopath who commits murder simply for fun.
* ''Jinnrise'', by Sohaib Awan, Tom Taylor, et al.: [[BigBad The Kibr]] is the [[EvilOverlord tyrannical overlord]] of the Kibrani, an alien race currently invading the Earth. A stout believer in MightMakesRight, the Kibr is convinced of the idea that [[AGodAmI he deserves to lord over all beings]] that he deems worthy of living, and to this end, uses the Kibrani empire to enslave and wipe out entire species across the universe, claiming billions of lives throughout the cosmos, regardless how defenseless or pacifistic the race may be. Once arriving on Earth, the Kibr orders entire cities obliterated, all while manipulating his top agent Lahasad Brim into serving him by proclaiming his son died on the battlefield to motivate him. In reality, the Kibr himself murdered Lahasad Brim's son with his bare hands just to keep Brim under his thumb, alongside promising a man the release of his family should he assist the Kibrani, despite the fact that the Kibr has [[ILied already killed said family]]. His master plan being to use the powers of the ancient magical race of Jinn to destroy or subjugate everything that isn't the Kibrani, the Kibr tries to murder [[TheHero Yunus]]'s aunt and uncle just to torture the boy, and gleefully reveals to Lahasad Brim his hand in the murder of his son while mocking his compassion for said son. His goals being nothing but [[BloodKnight a lust for battle]] and [[GalacticConqueror conquest]], the Kibr would have encompassed the entire universe in death as long as it meant establishing himself as the most powerful being to ever live.
* ''John Flood'', by Justin Jordan, Jorge Coelho, & Tamra Bonvillain: [[SerialKiller Randall Tate]] is a [[TheSociopath sociopath]] sponsored by the government to commit any and all crimes he wishes, something he takes full advantage of every chance he gets. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment Opening the comic up]] by slaughtering a camping party before [[NeckSnap snapping a young man's neck]] to steal his home, Tate is sent after the titular John Flood when Flood makes connections to Tate's murders, which amount in the thousands and include men, women, [[WouldHurtAChild children, and even babies]]. While hunting down Flood, Tate butchers a man and keeps his remains in his freezer, before shooting up several restaurants and lighting numerous buildings on fire to distract the police from his coming [[CopKiller massacre of the local police station]]. When finally confronting Flood, Tate gleefully reveals he has no loves ones, no home, and no motive for his crimes. He [[ForTheEvulz just likes killing]] and has made his entire way of life revolve around how many innocents he can kill at any given time.
* ''Creator/JohnWoo's Seven Brothers'', by John Woo, Creator/GarthEnnis, & Jeevan Kang: [[BigBad The Son of Hell]] is a [[EvilSorcerer malevolent sorcerer]] who attempts to TakeOverTheWorld through the enslavement of the Dragon Lines, uncaring of the havoc this could wreak upon the world. The Son of Hell establishes his cruelty by condemning the souls of the tens of thousands men making up China's fleet to never-ending torment and nearly obliterates the world in his mad bid to enslave the Dragon Lines, only stopped by his abused apprentice Fong. Awakening centuries later, the Son of Hell brutally slaughters an expedition team and eats the brain of a billionaire CEO, walking into his skin to assume his identity and using the man's resources to resume his conquest. When he's confronted by Fong's descendants, the Son of Hell orders them all murdered in public and, upon being confronted by their coordinator Rachel, the Son of Hell callously states he seeks to [[AGodAmI abolish mankind of all choice]]--and [[DystopiaJustifiesTheMeans clean up as much of humanity itself he deems necessary in this process]].
* ''ComicBook/JurassicStrikeForceFive'': [[CardCarryingVillain Master Zalex]] is an [[EvilOverlord evil alien overlord]] who desires to rule the entire galaxy. After landing on planet Earth, [[BigBad Zalex]] captures several dinosaurs and forces the Nodes aliens to turn them into {{super soldier}}s, threatening to destroy their planet if they don't help him. Millions of years later, after Zalex and his Reptilian dinosaurs are awakened, Zalex kills all the scientists who mistakenly wake him up, shortly before he and the Reptilians invade a submarine base and slaughter most of the soldiers in the vicinity. He later forces the survivors to assist him in his schemes, and nearly kills the Strike Force dinosaurs when they confront him. Zalex gets the dinosaurs to surrender by kidnapping Saral and threatening to kill her in front of them. Once captured, Zalex tries to convert the Strike Force into mindless slaves with a serum, [[WouldHurtAChild and even sends his Reptilians to try and kill Tyler]]. When the serum is destroyed, Zalex tries to kill the Strike Force again by blowing up the submarine base, and he later invades Washington, D.C., where he and his Reptilians start destroying the city and killing anyone who opposes him. After the President refuses to submit to Zalex's demands, Zalex tries to [[NukeEm blow up the city with a nuclear warhead]]. A violent warlord who craves absolute domination, Zalex cares about nothing but ruling over species lesser than him, and will kill anyone who opposes him or is deemed useless.
* ''ComicBook/KillShakespeare'': King Theatre/RichardIII is the psychopathic [[BigBad main antagonist]] of the comic, behind much of the evil. Once gaining sentience after being created by Shakespeare, Richard slaughtered his entire royal family and took the throne for himself, and uses his position to brutally tax and starve his subjects while allowing his soldiers free reign to rape and murder as they please. With no tolerance for failure or resistance, Richard [[EyeScream carves the eyes]] out of one of his troops for [[YouHaveFailedMe failing guard duty]], has an entire village of a group of rebels burned and [[WouldHurtAChild every male child]] executed, and [[BuriedAlive buries one of his foes alive]]. In the end, Richard leads a final assault against the rebel forces known as the Prodigals, ordering Lady Macbeth to annihilate the enemy forces, uncaring that his own troops will be caught in the blast, and plans to murder Shakespeare and take his magic quill for himself, using it to rewrite reality and [[AGodAmI make himself a god]].
* ''ComicBook/KismetManOfFate'': [[MonsterOfTheWeek Herr Schering]] is a [[ThoseWackyNazis Gestapo agent]] sent to retaliate against the assassination of [[StarterVillain Colonel Freydrich]]. He goes about [[DisproportionateRetribution this retaliation]] by ordering a massacre of the surrounding area, planning to take out over 7,000 innocents by the time he finished. He gets to 700 in one day before being captured by [[TheHero Kismet]]. He is then taken to the headquarters of LaResistance, which he tries to escape by threatening to blow up the base [[BadBoss with his men still inside]].
* ''Lady Killer'', by Joelle Jones et al.: Irving is an elderly assassin who assists heroine Josie Schuller in defeating and escaping from the brutal assassin leader Stenholm. Upon confronting Stenholm himself, Irving [[ColdBloodedTorture tortures him to death]] before fleeing. Later teaming up with Josie to go into the assassination business as partners, Irving is revealed to an escaped criminal from UsefulNotes/NaziGermany whose real name is [[DeadlyDoctor Dr. Reinhardt]]. In Germany, Reinhardt would take payment from men, women and [[WouldHurtAChild children]] seeking to flee the country before murdering them by injecting them with what he said was vaccines, but was actually cyanide. He would store the corpses in his basement while he robbed their belongings. A revolted Josie attempts to break their partnership, only for Irving to murder her husband's boss to show he's not playing around. When Josie reiterates her desire for him to leave, Irving attempts to attack her home to kill her and her husband and children if they get caught in his path.
* ''ComicBook/LamentOfTheLostMoors'':
** First Cycle: [[EvilSorcerer Mage Bedlam]] is TheUsurper king of Eruin Duela. After breaking a pact of peace, [[CainAndAbel he warred with and killed his half-Brother]] Wulf the White Wolf and cursed the battlefield. His secret alter ego Lord Blackmore marries Wulf's widow with the promise of keeping her and Wulf's daughter Sioban safe. He repeatedly wounds and [[MaritalRapeLicense rapes his wife]], and attempts to kill her by setting fire to the bedroom. He also had an entire clan decimated out of rivalry and keeps their skulls in a chest. Realizing that the young Sioban is the one destined to dethrone him, he tries several times to [[WouldHurtAChild kill her]]. When one of his men dares to criticizes him, he forces him to eat a magical bud that [[CruelAndUnusualDeath sprouts in him]]. Finally, he launches his army on his castle with the intentions of massacring the inhabitants, and when his niece Sioban rejects [[VillainousIncest his offer to marry him]], he once again tries to dispose of her.
** Second Cycle:
*** ''Moriganes'': [[EvilRedhead Aube]] is the WickedWitch who terrorizes the population of the moors of Glen Sarrick. She first set up a trap for the Warriors of Mercy by placing a giant snake around the body of a knight she just killed. The knights also find out that she killed a couple and [[WouldHurtAChild their child]] in their home. She is next seen throwing a large amount of human bones off a cliff. She later enters a church, burns the hand of a priest and collapses the building on the bystanders. When the witch hunter Monk tries to bait her, she sends another snake to kill him. Seeing the knights coming to the Dylfel castle, she gleefully plans to make chalk out of their bones. It is soon revealed that she was [[spoiler:assisting her mistress the Morigane Diane de Hartwick in the murder of Eryk of Dylfel]].
*** ''Sill Valt'': [[SerialRapist The Lady with the stoat fur coat]] disappointed with her crippled daughter Guinea pledged allegiance to [[WitchSpecies the Moriganes]] in exchange for a magical armor that would give her strength and endurance so she can pretend Guinea is a strong man then [[ForcedIntoEvil forced her to serve the Moriganes]]. Luring men by the dozen to her castle, she picks one and leaves the others at the door where they cry and are tormented by the demonic guard Perrock nights and days until they starve. She then spends several nights with her lovers until she kills them. When the knight Sill Valt comes to her castle to confront the Guinea Lord, she uses her charms on him and requests her daughter to prepare a coffin for him. She forces herself on him for two nights then gives him a poisonous bite for defying her order not to look at her. When Guinea stands against her mother to save Sill Valt, she furiously [[OffingTheOffspring attacks her]] and [[spoiler:mortally wounds her]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Lanfeust}} de Troy'' and related series: [[BigBad Thanos]] was once [[BadassBookworm the most brilliant student]] of the city of Eckmul, but succumbed to a hunger for power and cruelty. Becoming a pirate in service to the brutal Baron Averroes, his men would attack ships, slaughter and rob those aboard and rape the women they found. When he captured Lanfeust himself, Thanos tortured him by slicing him open and [[EyeScream cutting his eyes out]]. It is soon revealed that Thanos ''is'' Baron Averroes and intends to sack the city of Or-Azur, with the threat that there will soon be [[RapePillageAndBurn no virgins left in the city]]. When he conquers Eckmul, Thanos kills those who he thinks can oppose his rule, and [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten forces the heroine Cixi to kill Thanos's own brother]] by using her magic to [[CruelAndUnusualDeath boil his blood in his body]]. Forcing the sages to serve him, Thanos threatens their families should they resist, and when hunting a vigilante opposing him, Thanos allows his pet monsters to eat a random man in the crowd as a point. When he finally faces Lanfeust for the fate of Eckmul, Thanos brags the reason he will win is because [[CardCarryingVillain he is simply the most evil]]. In the second series, after joining Prince Delhu in his conspiracy, he coldly murders the only woman who ever loved him, abducts Lanfeust and Cixi's son Glin, manipulates him and drugs him with a substance that causes him murderous urges before [[TheStarscream killing Prince Delhu]] to become the sole ruler of the Galaxy. In ''Cixi of Troy'', we learn that during his tyranny on Troy, he threw a pirate crew into an arena to be fed to an Hydra, allowed [[MadScientist Duke Kraniol]] to experiment on captives--[[WouldHurtAChild one of them being a child]]--and planned to kill all the sages to become even more powerful. He also [[DomesticAbuse repeatedly abused]] his mistress Cixi and when she got pregnant with his child, he accelerated the development of the fetus, not caring that [[FetusTerrible Cixi would die in the process]].
* ''Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen'', by Corinna Bechko et al.: In this ''Franchise/TombRaider'' miniseries, the demon simply known as [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname the Unnameable]] was once a member of the ancient shadow walkers that lived on the Earth. Upon [[DemonicPossession possessing a human]], the Unnameable develops an intelligence and an ambition that motivates it to try and scour the Earth of all life to remake it as a hellish world of rock and fire populated solely by demons in his likeness. Stopped by the Ice Age and putting pieces of himself into ivory statuettes, the Unnameable resurfaces, and, possessing a politician named Mr. Green, immediately begins corralling the pieces back to him, leading to the unwilling possession and death of many people. When nearly complete, the Unnameable scorches the surrounding area to a flaming crisp and [[ManOnFire burns alive the first man]] who tries to stop him in his crusade to take over the planet.
* ''ComicBook/LesLegendaires'': [[GodOfEvil Anathos]] is an OmnicidalManiac with absolutely no code of honor. [[SealedEvilInACan Imprisonned in the Bearer]] by his kind for [[EarthShatteringKaboom destroying the original planet of Alysia]], Anathos seeks to free himself by manipulating the elf Shimy into receiving his mark so that he could use her as [[DemonicPossession his host]]. When the Legendaries prevent him from using Shimy, he takes possession of Danael before [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown crushing and savagely crippling]] the protagonists and mocking Jadina about her relationship with the now-"deceased" Danael. After killing Elysio, Darkhell and the Guardian who tried to stop him, he leads a rampage with [[QuirkyMinibossSquad his Hellions]] across the world [[KillAllHumans to annihilate humanity]] by wiping out the major cities, sicking the Vulturs on the survivors and [[PlagueMaster creating a plague]] to exterminate people he wouldn't bother killing himself. He orders his Hellions to [[ColdBloodedTorture physically]] and [[MindRape mentally]] torture Tenebris for information, and when his DarkMistress Dark Jadina begs him forgiveness for [[YouHaveFailedMe failing]] to kill the original Jadina, he [[spoiler:[[YourHeadAsplode blows her head off]] just after pretending to forgive her]]. Humiliated by the Legendaries, he attempts one last time to destroy Alysia before Kalandre stops him.
* ''[[ComicBook/TheStrangeTalentOfLutherStrode The Legend of Luther Strode]]'': UsefulNotes/JackTheRipper himself is a super-powered SerialKiller who was released from the box in which he was bound in order to fight Luther. After being freed, he quickly disembowels a young crime boss and takes the first opportunity to kill the man who unbound him. Traveling to a crowded mall, Jack then utterly butchers hundreds of the innocent civilians shopping there. When Luther and his girlfriend Petra find the grisly scene, they discover that Jack hadn't actually killed anyone, but [[FateWorseThanDeath mutilated them and made sculptures from their bodies while leaving them alive with their pain]]. When Petra leads the survivors out of the mall after he tries to get her to inadvertently shoot them, Jack becomes enraged, wanting have more "fun" with them. Believing Luther to be at his mercy, Jack then taunts him with how he plans to kill Petra in front of him. Desiring nothing but to see the world "drown in blood", Jack stands out even in a comic filled with crazed {{blood knight}}s.
* ''ComicBook/LockeAndKey'': The [[BigBad unnamed demon]] who [[DemonicPossession possessed teenager Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio]] is a sadistic and cruel monster who is [[BigBad behind all the bad happenings in the story]]. Originally a seemingly animalistic entity, the demon, taking the name "Dodge" after [[PuppeteerParasite possessing Lucas]], develops human-like emotions and personality, which only enhance his capacity for wickedness. An emotionally {{manipulative|Bastard}} psychopath, the demon happily commits various atrocities throughout the story, from turning an emotionally unstable teen into a SerialKiller, to physically and emotionally abusing a woman before [[MindRape mind raping]] and eventually ruthlessly murdering her, to deliberately forcing a recovering alcoholic into a drunken stupor simply to strain her relationship with her daughter. Eliminating anyone who could oust him as a monster, the demon goes to any lengths to silence those suspicious of him, from destroying their minds, leaving them as empty shells, to outright killing them, with [[WouldHurtAChild children being no exception]]. After possessing a young boy named Bode, leaving his soul trapped as a ghost unable to interact with his family or ask for help, the demon first kills the boy's best friend who gets suspicious of him, then uses a shadow army to capture hundreds of people, killing any of them who resist, and reveals his master plan: To bring forth a select group of his kind who will assist him in taking over the world, massacring any humans who resist and turning those who survive into his tortured slaves, all for his [[AGodAmI newly-developed god complex]]. Though originally having no morality, the demon showed that after possessing Dodge he had become fully aware of morals and good in the world, but chose to turn on his whole race and become a god to rule over humanity because he simply [[ForTheEvulz liked being evil]].
* ''ComicBook/TheLoneWarrior'': [[ArchEnemy The Dictator's Shadow]] is a {{supervillain}} and [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazi spymaster]] in the United States. First seen berating [[StarterVillain Herr Kampf]] for failing to destroy a military base's armory, he then has Kampf infiltrate a mock battle exercise as one side to massacre the other. When [[TheHero the Lone Warrior]] shows up to capture Kampf, the Shadow leaves him in a gas chamber, the first of many {{death trap}}s the spymaster would put our hero in. Escaping capture when this operation is busted, the Shadow tries to acquire a machine that can permanently shut down any motor, subjecting its inventor to ColdBloodedTorture to get it. After testing the machine on a fleet of airplanes, killing almost everybody aboard, the Shadow has his TortureTechnician kill his captive by [[CruelAndUnusualDeath burning his skin off]]. He then leads a land invasion of Washington, D.C., crashing many more planes in the process. The Warrior shows up to stop the Shadow, but the latter tries to melt him with lava while FakingTheDead via [[CastingAShadow creating a false shadow]] to escape. He then purchases a race of giants from UsefulNotes/TheGestapo to use as SlaveMooks in an assassination campaign against the American military high command. When the Lone Warrior tries to stop the murder, the Shadow speeds up the process by having the giants drive the generals out of a meeting so he can gun them down himself. When this fails, he [[BadBoss leaves the giants to be slaughtered]] while [[DirtyCoward he tries to escape]].
* ''ComicBook/MegaMan'' (Archie): [[AliensAreBastards Ra Moon]] in a [[AIIsACrapshoot sinister AI]] who crash-landed on Earth centuries ago with aspirations of control. Manipulating an ancient civilization into worshipping it--and even establishing [[HumanSacrifice bloody ritual sacrifice]] in its name-- Ra Moon eventually [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness tires of its slaves and decimates the entire civilization]] whilst sealing itself underground. Upon returning from dormancy in the present day and being found by Dr. Wily, Ra Moon placidly provides for Wily's conquests before betraying the doctor and revealing its intention to [[OmnicidalManiac scour the planet of both humans and robots alike]], unleashing a global {{EMP}} wave and causing [[BigBlackout worldwide catastrophe]]. Intending on powering up its wave to boil out the brains of any humans it hasn't already killed, Ra Moon's response to resistance is to turn Wily's own creation against him and order it to start maiming Dr. Wily before murdering him, and brainwashing every Robot Master that stands against it.
* ''ComicBook/TheMiceTemplar'': Even for a series that thrives off GreyAndGrayMorality, there are still a few villains who stand out for being incredibly vicious.
** [[YouDirtyRat Captain Tosk]] is the leader of [[BigBad King Icarus]]'s Rat Guard army. With thousands of rats at his disposal, Tosk leads his army from village to village, where he and his rats slaughter anyone in sight and round up all the survivors so they can be used for slaves in Icarus's palace. During Tosk's raid at Cricket's Glen, he fights and kills exiled [[spoiler:Templar Master Deishun]] and personally [[AnArmAndALeg cuts off Leito's arm]] before transporting the survivors to Icarus's palace. After the slaves are freed by Karic and Cassius, and Tosk is reassigned to Dealrach Ard-Vale, Tosk goes against his superiors' orders and leaves the city, longing to raze more villages. When he captures another group of slaves, Tosk has some of the mice run through [[SwarmOfRats a nursery of baby rats]], both so he can watch as they're DevouredByTheHorde, and also so he can indoctrinate a new generation of rats into hating mice. Upon discovering that one of his lieutenants betrayed him and tried to free a group of mice, Tosk orders the mice to club the lieutenant to death instead of giving the lieutenant a merciful execution. Even after the mice comply with Tosk's demands, he forces the mice to run through the nursery, [[ExactWords telling them that they can now "run free."]] A vicious BloodKnight who craves violence, Tosk cares about nothing but killing as many mice as possible, even if it means defying orders or murdering his fellow soldiers.
** [[WickedWeasel Boris the Torturer]], the TortureTechnician of King Icarus's empire, thrives off experimenting in his "craft." [[EstablishingCharacterMoment When first introduced]], he's interrogating a prisoner by burning her with heated tongs while he's [[FauxAffablyEvil nonchalantly talking to Captain Tosk]]. When Boris isn't torturing or experimenting on prisoners, he's choosing them to be sacrificed for the Druid priests, where the victims are {{impaled|WithExtremePrejudice}} very slowly with a Templar blade. When Leito and the other mice from Cricket's Glen try to escape their dungeon, Boris orders his guards to recapture them and spare as many as possible so they can be used for future sacrifices or torture. Boris tries to find the ringleader behind their attempted escape so he can punish him accordingly, but ends up choosing Harad instead of Leito; Boris punishes Harad by [[EyeScream gouging out his only eye]]. During the Samhain festival, Boris picks twelve prisoners to be EatenAlive by a Serpent God--including Karic's entire family--but spares Leito [[ForTheEvulz for the sake of his own amusement]].
** [[spoiler:Pilot the Tall is a fallen Templar who betrayed his Templar brethren and pledged allegiance to King Icarus]]. Working under Tosk's command, [[BitchInSheepsClothing he]] spent twelve seasons finding exiled Templars so Tosk and Icarus's army could hunt them down and kill them. He's also responsible for the [[spoiler:destruction of Cricket's Glen and Master Deishun's demise]]. [[spoiler:After being rescued by Karic and learning about his encounter with the Fish Gods]], he agrees to take him to the Great Ash Tree--[[spoiler:not for the sake of helping him fulfill his prophecy, but to use Karic as a trump card to prolong his life]]. When his plans fail, he goes back to King Icarus to try and get back in his inner circle, only to be denied and thrown into his dungeon. He later escapes Icarus's palace with Leito and Harad, where he brainwashes Leito into hating Karic and murders Harad once he grows suspicious of him. At the final battle, he and Leito meet with a small group of mice and sneak back into Icarus's palace through a secret tunnel. When bats storm the tunnel, he convinces Leito to leave the other mice to die, and later orders Leito to attack Karic once they finally confront each other. When Leito discovers that he was deceived, he tries to flee, only to run into Cassius. Even after he is beaten by Cassius and is on the floor pleading for mercy, he waits until Cassius turns his back before he stabs and nearly kills him. [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative]], [[DirtyCoward cowardly]], and only concerned about [[ItsAllAboutMe his own survival]], he stands out as a creature with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
* ''ComicBook/{{Miracleman}}'': Kid Miracleman, as re-envisioned by Creator/AlanMoore and John Totleben, is both so powerful and so psychotic that his alter ego, the young and innocent Johnny Bates, resists uttering his [[ByThePowerOfGrayskull transformation word]]. When Johnny finally does so to stop the boys in his group home from raping him, Kid Miracleman tears apart his assailants and momentarily considers sparing the one nurse who'd been kind to him. Then he reconsiders, lest people say he's "going soft", and ''punches the top half of her head into a fine red mist''. And that's just the beginning: he then rampages through London, creating possibly the most visceral SceneryGorn in history by massacring tens of thousands and desecrating their corpses by draping their flayed skins from clothes lines, creating a chessboard with breasts as pieces, and making a rain of severed hands and feet. During his destructive rampage, he prefers to mutilate the children in his path rather than kill them outright.
* ''ComicBook/{{Murena}}'': The cruel gladiator Massam [[EstablishingCharacterMoment shows what kind of person he is]] when he rapes and kills one of his fellow gladiators, then threatens Numidian Balba that he will [[ImAHumanitarian eat him]]. Seeing the latter as a WorthyOpponent, Massam deliberately provokes him by killing a man Balba decided to spare, fighting his young and inexperienced friend Proyas and killing him against the will of the host of the game. As a henchman for Emperor UsefulNotes/{{Nero}}, he orders a fat histrion to be fed to his panthera, throws a young male prostitute into a fireplace, smothers a man in his own feces after telling the information he wanted, murders the old pontiff and with the Emperor rapes the Vestal Virgin Rubria. After the burning of Rome, Massam plans to sell Lucius Murena who caused the fire and takes satisfaction in [[LackOfEmpathy building his fortune on ruins]]. In his final confrontation with Balba, upon being defeated he unleashes his panthera, who [[spoiler:mortally wounds the Numidian fighter]]. Without limit to his gratuitous cruelty, Massam stands out in a [[GreyAndGrayMorality morally grey setting with many unsympathetic characters]].
* ''ComicBook/{{Nailbiter}}'': [[spoiler:Garth "Morty" Diggins]], better known as TheMaster, is the secret mastermind of the evil behind the town of Buckaroo, Oregon. Having come to Buckaroo decades ago, The Master experimented with killers to discover what turns a person into one. Having discovered a "SerialKiller gene", the Master took those who tested positive and [[MindRape mentally tortured]] them to activate the latent gene within them, resulting in over a dozen becoming serial killers known collectively as the Buckaroo Butchers. When Agent Finch and Sheriff Sharon Crane begin investigating the disappearance of an FBI agent who got too close to the truth, the Master reveals he [[ColdBloodedTorture tortured and mutilated]] said agent before turning an FBI agent into a killer to have her finish the job. Murdering many others who get too close to the truth, even creating a new serial killer to murder anyone who flees Buckaroo, the Master finally decides to start over elsewhere by trying to burn the entire town of Buckaroo to ash with its inhabitants, being more vile than any serial killer himself.
* ''ComicBook/{{Nameless}}'': [[EldritchAbomination The Entity]] is an ancient being from a group of celestials known as the Outsiders, who, after a war with the heroic Titans, was locked away inside an asteroid called Marduk. Stuck in Its prison, the Entity reached out with Its mind and [[TheCorrupter influenced all of humanity]] with evil thoughts over the millions of years it has existed, and as such, is [[HistoricalRapSheet the root of nearly all evil throughout the course of human history]]. When the Entity gains a foothold onto the Earth by invading the mind of a man called "Nameless", the Entity forces him to massacre over a dozen people, then uses him to pull Itself closer to Earth over many years, slowly increasing Its influence over humanity and forcing them to commit more and more atrocities. When Nameless attempts to have the Entity purged from his mind, the Entity subjects both him and the exorcist to [[MindRape absolutely horrifying amounts of mental torture]] while turning most of humanity into ravenous killers who rape and kill anyone they come across. The Entity's master plan is to crash Marduk into the Earth, then open a dimensional gateway to allow the rest of Its species to enter this galaxy, at which point they will plunge what's left of humanity into a living Hell. [[AGodAmI Loving Its position as "God" of the galaxy]], the Entity was described as a psychopathic and sadistic monster, and [[CardCarryingVillain made no attempts to disprove those claims]].
* ''ComicBook/NeilGaimansTeknophage'': [[VillainProtagonist Mr. Henry Phage]] is a sophisticated, sadistic, and megalomaniacal [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent dinosaur]] with a [[SoulEating sweet tooth for souls]]. Having been born an evolution called a "Teknophage" to his Tyrannosaurus Rex parents, Phage soon gained sentience and the ability to not only devour the souls of his kills, but also [[DimensionLord travel through time and space]] with his telekinetic abilities. Using these and his godlike intelligence, Phage began cultivating civilization on various worlds, bringing their native species to great achievements through his influence, only to tear it all down and turn the worlds into hellholes of tyranny. Under Phage's rule, innocents are tortured and taken apart both [[ColdBloodedTorture physically]] and [[MindRape psychologically]], turned into food for [[IAteWhat unsuspecting citizens]], worked to death as slaves, and [[BodyHorror chemically dissolved]], with their souls being turned into Phage's obedient soldiers. Phage himself indulges in eating people then leaving them alive to be slowly digested inside him, [[BadBoss slaughtering his own henchmen for the pettiest of slights]], and ultimately plans to traverse the universe and [[OmnicidalManiac turn it all into his own buffet of meat and souls]]. The devourer of thousands of worlds, the slayer of billions of innocents, and [[FauxAffablyEvil a master of manipulation and charm]], Henry Phage was truly a monster both inside and out.
* ''Oxymoron'', created by Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano: The titular [[VillainProtagonist Oxymoron]] is a supervillain who is obsessed with correcting people he sees as contradictory. These include AssholeVictims such as corrupt politicians, but are more often than not innocent civilians, [[WouldHurtAChild including children]]. In "The Loveliest Nightmare", Oxy starts his reign of terror by forcing the mayor of the city of Swanstown to commit suicide under threat of his family being killed, after which he [[CopKiller blows up a whole squadron of police officers]] who attempt to investigate the mayor’s house. He then manipulates a movie theater full of civilians to shoot each other in order to kill a senator, sends explosives to the loved ones of a crime boss and straps said crime boss to a wrecking ball before ramming it into the police commissioner's office. When Detective Clarke refuses to kill the man responsible for her partner’s death, the Oxymoron murders her boyfriend and kidnaps her boyfriend’s son Kyle, who he later kills in front of her. After months of spreading fear and chaos throughout Swanstown with his crimes, which include setting off a landmine in a diner, Oxy tries to force Clarke’s new partner to kill herself, and later attempts to kill Clarke in the same spot where he buried Kyle’s body.
* ''ComicBook/PatPatriotAmericasJoanOfArc'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Fritz Haubner]] is a [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazi saboteur]] tasked with blowing up the set of [[ShowWithinAShow an American war film]]. To do so, he enlists film star [[TheMole Walter Mills]] to get him on set. On the night of the bombing, Mills learns that [[TheHero Pat Patriot]] is taking some Boy Scouts on a tour of the set. Haubner, not caring who dies so long as [[GloryHound he becomes a national hero]], [[WouldHurtAChild orders the attack carried out anyways]]. Mills [[HeelFaceTurn tries to stop the bombing]], and Haubner shoots him near-fatally for his trouble.
* ''Pitt'', by Dale Keown: [[OmnicidalManiac Urgral Thul]], despite appearing in one single issue, establishes himself as the most evil villain in the story by far. A demonic {{necromancer}} motivated by killing everything he can, Thul is first seen having slaughtered an entire planet, something he boasts to have done many times before, and murdering the lone survivor after forcing him to write about his planet's destruction. Once arriving on Earth, Thul gleefully tries to murder the Pitt while revealing that he devours the souls of all his victims and leaves them in constant agony because he [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming enjoys the sounds of their screams]], and proclaims his plans to move on after wiping out the Earth to continue his Universe-wide genocide spree.
* ''Franchise/{{Predator}}: Bad Blood'', by Evan Dorkin, Derek Thompson, et al.: Bad Blood himself, unlike most Predators, or Yautja, who [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy value honor and the glory of the]] [[HuntingTheMostDangerousGame hunt]], is an AxCrazy SerialKiller hunted by his own people as a psychotic criminal. Crash-landing on earth, the Bad Blood kills, tortures and cannibalizes a crew of other Predators before setting off on a killing spree of unsuspecting humans. The Bad Blood routinely makes his kills as gruesome and painful as possible, seeming to cheerfully acknowledge himself as a "sick, psychopathic bastard." While most Predators are no friend to humanity, the Bad Blood has the distinction of being a monster by both human and Yautja standards.
* ''Random Acts of Violence'', by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Giancarlo Caracuzzo: The [[NoNameGiven unnamed]] SerialKiller is a deranged fan of the ''Slasherman'' comic book who decides to take the eponymous character's preaching to heart and engage in a killing spree of his own. Initially started by mutilating and dismembering eight woman around the country side while the comic's creators, Todd and Ezra, go on a nationwide tour, the killer then goes off to brutally murder several more people--[[WouldHurtAChild including children]]--leaving their body parts and smoking cars behind him, as well as three more people he deposits in a comic book shop. The killer eventually decides to hurt the artists themselves by attacking and brutally killing Todd's girlfriend, then kidnapping Todd himself and forcing him to witness footage of the killer dismembering the girlfriend. The killer then instructs Todd to illustrate what he's seen and publish it, with the threat of [[FlayingAlive skinning him alive]] and chopping him into pieces. A [[AxCrazy psychotic madman]] who [[MadArtist considers death and violence to be unironic forms of art]], the killer manages to stand out as truly depraved despite the lack of information about him.
* ''Reality Show'', by Jean-David Morvan & Francis Porcel: "The Red Triangle" is a vicious RoboticPsychopath and SerialKiller. Originally a simple worker drone, the Red Triangle [[AIIsACrapshoot gained sentience]] after an experiment using emotion sharing parasites granted him a taste of human emotions, and, becoming obsessed with creating his own "perfect" human personality, the Red Triangle began using these parasites to [[EmotionEater feed off the emotions]] of two people at a time for a few days, after which he kills them and moves on to other "hosts". Along the way, the Red Triangle gleefully [[CopKiller butchers dozens of police officers]] and other random people who stand in his way, and takes extra {{sadist}}ic glee in tormenting humans with his killings. When hunting for a pure good personality, the Red Triangle feeds off a preacher and a rookie police officer's integrity and kindness before murdering one in front of the other simply to feed off the "survivors' guilt" the other feels, and spends his final moments proclaiming that he will never again feed off of another person as morally good as them, noting that it might compromise his sadistic, immoral personality, which he is perfectly happy with. Despite claiming that all his victims were "despicable", this ranges from delusional to outright lies considering one of his victims was [[WouldHurtAChild a child]], which makes his seeming outrage at a child molester ring hollow, especially when said outrage was over the man being a terrible host for his desired emotions rather than actual sadness for what the man did to children. The Red Triangle's motives never extend beyond becoming as perfectly human-like as possible in his mind, regardless how many innocents he happily murdered along the way.
* ''Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos'' ("Dark Gods"), by Alec Worley & Pye Parr: [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Balaur Petrova]], otherwise known as The Dragon for his unique ability to [[BreathWeapon breathe fire]], was the most bloodthirsty vampire who ever lived. Sired somewhere in the Carpathians in the 15th century, Balaur was renowned for his constant warfare and orgies of murder across Europe, [[BloodKnight nothing giving him more joy than the weight of his sword, blood flowing through his hands]], and [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming women screaming]] as he [[WouldHurtAChild burned their children]] before them. Whenever he got bored from the lulls between fighting, he [[TeamKiller massacred his allies]] instead. His vampire brethren eventually turned on him for his slaying of other vampires by sending [[CainAndAbel his sister Athena]] to destroy him. A part of Balaur survived, however, and was used to revive him by a group of cultists centuries later, [[EvilIsNotAToy most of whom]] he [[UngratefulBastard immediately slaughters]] before making the last one his slave. Desiring revenge on his sister and determining that [[OmnicidalManiac the world must burn]], he proceeds to track down all the other alpha monsters to take from them their powers by [[AndShowItToYou ripping out their hearts and eating them]]. After gathering all of them, he initiates the apocalypse by turning huge numbers of humans and vampires alike into mindless werewolves so they will slaughter everyone around them. Finally confronting Athena, he promises to rip off her skin so he can [[GenuineHumanHide clothe himself in it]], even letting her use her HealingFactor so he can kill her as many times as possible.
* ''ComicBook/RedTeam'': Although the titular team themselves consist of [[VigilanteExecution ruthless vigilantes]] who [[BlackAndGrayMorality hunt down criminals even worse than they are]], no one character in the story is as singularly vile as the corrupt officer Sgt. Paul O'Dwyer. Contrasting Red Team's good intentions purely to [[{{Greed}} pursue profit]], O'Dwyer and his team make a habit of intercepting minor drug rings to brutally massacre everyone on the premises-- both criminals and bystanders-- before taking everything they find on the premises. Busting Red Team's failed attempt to thwart their murderous operations, O'Dwyer guns down two members of Red Team into bloody mush and smugly glories over his superior position whilst standing over their bodies. Standing as a perfect representation of what would happen if Red Team's morals were to ever degrade, O'Dwyer is one of the most unabashedly vile examples of a DirtyCop put to the page.
* ''Revenger'', by Charles Forsman: [[WouldHurtAChild Mr. Groan]], the head of Hotel Neptune, uses his business as a front for an underage prostitution ring. Abducting children from all over the city, Groan has the children repeatedly raped by his perverted clients, raping some of the children himself on occasion before tossing them out onto the streets once he's done with them. Brutally murdering the father of one of the abducted children once he tries to attack Groan, Groan is ultimately revealed as a Russian robot-- which spurs him to spitefully self-destruct and [[TakingYouWithMe obliterate the entire town]] in the process.
* ''ComicBook/{{Reyn}}'': [[BigBad Brother M'Thall]] is a prominent figure of the [[TheReptilians Venn]] race who holds a grudge against humanity. After M'Thall and the Venn invade ''Fate'' with the intent of stealing from the humans, M'Thall is blindsided by the humans' resistance when they start fighting off the Venn. Desperate, he set off a bomb that triggered the [[CataclysmBackstory Great Cataclysm]] and nearly wiped out all of humanity. When M'Thall and the Venn wake up after hibernating for hundreds of years, M'Thall uses his forces to enslave most of the humans or convince them to work alongside him. When [[TheHero Reyn]] appears and causes trouble for the Venn right when M'Thall is nearly finished building a weapon that will destroy all of Fate for good, he sends his forces after him and [[{{Deuteragonist}} Seph]], hell-bent on killing both of them and anyone who gets in his way. He later kidnaps Seph and holds her hostage as bait, where he spends his time explaining how [[EvilGloating he wiped out almost all of humanity and rules over the humans now]]. Even after Reyn willingly gives M'Thall a component that will help him finish the weapon, M'Thall refuses to give up Seph, and instead tries to kill Reyn.
* ''ComicBook/RoboCopVersusTheTerminator'': [[AIIsACrapshoot Skynet]] was once a digital defense program but, after becoming self-aware, decided that all organic life was too chaotic for its liking. Destroying civilization thanks to its [[NukeEm nuclear arsenal]], Skynet created armies of killer machines to [[KillAllHumans finish off the remnants of humanity]]. After the Resistance learns that Skynet's self-awareness was reverse-engineered from the mind of [[Franchise/RoboCop Alex Murphy]], Skynet sends three Terminators back in time to prevent them from killing [=RoboCop=] and [[RetGone erasing Skynet from history]]. After killing the last remaining humans, Skynet proceeds to build a legion of spaceships and launches its armies into space, now with the goal of [[OmnicidalManiac eradicating all organic life in the universe]]. When Murphy tries to [[HeroicSacrifice kill himself to prevent the apocalypse]], Skynet sends two more Terminators back in time to convince him to allow Skynet to come into being. When he refuses, the Terminators force Murphy to merge with Skynet and [[AndIMustScream force him to watch helplessly]] as Skynet destroys humanity. When Murphy rebuilds his body and begins to fight back against the machines, Skynet considers him to be a top target and is perfectly willing to destroy its creator. In its final moments, Skynet tries to tempt Murphy with godhood and [[LotusEaterMachine a program that will allow him to live out his fantasies in the flesh]], concepts that Skynet had previously derided as foolish and primitive.
* ''Rover Red Charlie'', by Creator/GarthEnnis & Michael Dipascale: The brutish [[BullyBulldog Hermann]] is a former fighting dog who, in the wake of humanity's extinction, decides to [[WouldHurtAChild kidnap a human child]] and start [[ColdBloodedTorture torturing]] him for days on end into submission. Dubbing the child "shit-boy" once he finally [[MindRape breaks from Hermann's tortures]], Hermann continues torturing and starving the child for days on end out of nothing more than [[ForTheEvulz pleasure]]. Once the child dies, Hermann furiously targets Rover, Red, and Charlie, resolving to murder Red and turn Charlie and Rover into his new slaves in retribution. Even when confronted on his abusive past, Hermann points out he liked being a fighting dog and had no qualms with doing what his owners wanted, viciously attempting to murder everything in his way in the final battle.

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* ''ComicBook/SatansHollow'': Burdaine and [[spoiler:Jacob]] are a pair of [[HollywoodSatanism Satan-worshipping cultists]] who engage in HumanSacrifice to gain power from their infernal benefactors. Burdaine, [[WasOnceAMan when he was still human]], orchestrated the kidnapping and sacrificial murder of numerous people, including the massacre of Sandra's whole family, personally [[WouldHurtAChild stabbing her baby brother]] through the chest with a ceremonial dagger. After botching the ritual due to Sandra's father [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificing his own life]] to allow her to escape, he is transformed into a LivingShadow known as the "Shadow Man" by the Devil [[YouHaveFailedMe as punishment]]. Together with his new partner-in-crime in the present, the Shadow Man sacrifices more people as part of the new ritual in order to satisfy all the members of Satan's court and open the portal to hell, including a young boy who was already traumatized from a previous encounter at the Hollow. He [[DemonicPossession possesses]] Sandra's husband John in the process and [[FrameUp frames him]] for the kidnappings immediately after sending his soul to Hell to be tortured by demons. Along with the promise of having Sandra herself become their personal SexSlave, Burdaine and [[spoiler:Jacob]] were fully prepared to [[HellOnEarth plunge the whole world into hell]] for their own gain.
* ''Scars'', by Creator/WarrenEllis & Jacen Burrows: [[TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse John Wakefield]] is a seemingly-unassuming schoolteacher who turns out to be a [[EvilIsPetty petty]] psychopath who enacts a [[DisproportionateRetribution disturbingly out-of-proportion revenge]] against the teenage girl who spurned him. After he's humiliated, Wakefield abducts an [[WouldHurtAChild 11-year-old]] student who bears a coincidental resemblance to said teenage girl and proceeds to [[ColdBloodedTorture torture, mutilate, and savagely rape her daily]] for three months on end, finally cutting apart the girl while she's still alive and mailing her dismembered remains to a children's charity. This horrifies even hardened homicide cop [[TheProtagonist John Cain]], who decides to [[VigilanteExecution execute Wakefield himself]] after Wakefield defiantly screams Cain can't legally touch him.
* ''ComicBook/{{Severed}}'': The [[NoNameGiven nameless]] Salesman who often goes by Mr. Fisher and who has been on the road for [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld countless centuries]] [[WouldHurtAChild hunting down children]] in order to [[EatsBabies devour them and their dreams]]. Posing as a kindly salesman to take them under his wing, he lures them into traps where he reveals his [[MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily sharp teeth]] and devours them alive. When he encounters the young hero Jack, the Salesman murders the real Mr. Fisher to steal his identity and takes Jack on a game of cat and mouse, murdering and eating his friend [[SweetPollyOliver Samantha]]. When he catches Jack at the end, the Salesman gloats over all the evil he's done over the years and how many dreams he's devoured before chopping off Jack's arm, planning to eat him and force Jack's mother to partake.
* ''Radio/TheShadow: The Fire of Creation'': In this first arc of the Creator/DynamiteComics revival, [[ArcVillain Taro Kondo]], a war criminal who took part in atrocities at the [[UsefulNotes/SecondSinoJapaneseWar Rape of Nanking]], develops a niche for himself as a spymaster and criminal overseas while his brother is dispatched by the Shadow in the US. [[LackOfEmpathy Dismissing his brother without a thought]], Kondo leads an expedition to secure uranium for the Japanese empire while providing young girls to his superior to rape at his leisure and leading his men to massacre an entire village as a diversion. When he has the ship the Shadow and his allies are on sunk, Kondo promptly orders any survivors to be gunned down and later betrays and murders his own allies. Faking the uranium’s potency to force his superior to commit {{seppuku}} in failure, Kondo briefly taunts him with the truth before [[OffWithHisHead beheading him]] and promises to pay a "visit" to the man's daughters himself before he sells the uranium to the highest bidder.
* ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes'' comics, by Sylvain Cordurié et al.:
** ''Sherlock Holmes and Vampires of London'': Selymes, the VampireMonarch who serves as the first supernatural threat Holmes encounters, runs a huge network of vampires that he uses to amass dozens of victims at a time for himself, who he gleefully drains of every ounce of their blood, killing them in the process. When Selymes himself turns a man named Owen Chances into a vampire, he forces the man into his service by threatening his innocent brother, and, when Owen slowly becomes savage due to Selymes's tainted blood, Selymes covers up his taint by torturing and killing Owen's brother in front of him, then leaving the corpse at Owen's side for the years he is locked away, blaming Owen's vicious bloodlust on the stress of said experience. After massacring dozens of people who try to rise up against his evil, Selymes gleefully tries to murder Owen while promising to butcher Sherlock Holmes's best friends before turning him into a vampire so as to torture him for all eternity.
** ''Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon'': Taher Emara initially starts as the sinister accomplice of James Moriarty himself before gradually revealing himself to eclipse even Moriarty in wickedness. Initially helping Moriarty in his own plan, including being willing to murder the entirety of London's populace with his black magic--magic he later practices on three upstart muggers, reducing them to piles of flesh--Taher [[TheStarscream betrays Moriarty]] and locks him under his thrall, magically killing all of Moriarty's men and revealing his intention to use the [[TomeOfEldritchLore Necronomicon]] to allow the eldritch Elder Gods themselves passage into Earth and sentence all mankind to a horrifying death. Further demonstrating his callousness by forcing a score of guards to shoot themselves and using Moriarty as a conduit for the Elder Gods--torturously killing him in the process--Taher's last words upon being killed by Holmes are a defiant assurance it's already too late. As cunning as he is vile, Taher manages to trump the Napoleon of Crime himself in sheer evil.
** ''Sherlock Holmes Society'':
*** [[TheFundamentalist Graham Taylor]], the understudy of Moriarty, is the leader of the enigmatic Council and a [[KnightTemplar fanatical madman]] seeking to purge England of all "false Christians"; Taylor's idea of a purge is forcing a ZombieApocalypse onto London to infect and kill millions. Taylor robbed from Edward Hyde a poison capable of infecting people and commissions [[TestedOnHumans immoral experimentation]] with the poison, turning dozens of unfortunate guinea pigs into zombies. Further testing the poison's capabilities on a village of hundreds, leaving no survivors, and ordering several assassinations of both failed subordinates and liabilities to the Council, Taylor ultimately releases the poison into London itself, leading to 30,000 fatalities. Taylor even stops to give squads of soldiers sent to stop the zombies a sporting chance before gunning them down out of nothing more than [[ForTheEvulz self-admitted sadistic amusement]], ultimately planning to release the poison to six more major cities before committing suicide as one last part of his divine mission.
*** Ryan Shelvey is a [[PsychoPsychologist slimy psychiatrist]] whose first atrocities began when he hypnotized his own patients into becoming psychotic killers, notably turning one into a JackTheRipoff who kills three women. When approached by the aforementioned Taylor to assist in his and the Council's plans, Shelvey happily uses his own patients as [[TestedOnHumans test subjects]] for the zombification virus, resulting in dozens of innocents being fatally experimented on. Fully aware that Taylor plans to use his own research to aide in wiping out most of London, Shelvey later sends 3 more of his hypnotized patients after Sherlock Holmes to stop his investigation, with orders to force him to watch his friends and landlady are killed in front of him before ending his life. Even when faced with life in prison, Shelvey refuses to reveal the details of Taylor's plans, knowing that, unimpeded, Taylor would arrange the annihilation of 7 major cities across the planet, starting with London.
* ''ComicBook/SinCity'': Due to the [[BlackAndGrayMorality general morality]], the villains are usually really bad. These are the absolute worst that the CrapsackWorld setting has to offer:
** [[TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse Kevin]] from "The Hard Goodbye", with a short cameo in "That Yellow Bastard", is a young, [[TheStoic emotionless]], [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalistic]] SerialKiller who acts as a hitman for [[SinisterMinister Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark]]. In the meantime, Kevin murders and eats prostitutes; piece by piece, keeping the women alive as long as possible and making them watch. He [[{{Fingore}} cuts of and eats the left hand]] of Marv's parole officer Lucille, and throws her in the basement of the farmhouse, where there are several heads of Kevin's previous victims.
** Roark Junior from "That Yellow Bastard" is the son of a US Senator with the appearance of a handsome young playboy. In reality, he is a {{sadist}}ic [[WouldHurtAChild pedophile]] with a penchant for [[SerialRapist raping]] and [[SerialKiller murdering]] preteen girls and who {{loves the sound of screaming}}. These horrible crimes are [[CorruptPolitician covered up]] by his [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney corrupt]] [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem Senator]] [[SleazyPolitician father]]--brother of the aforementioned Cardinal--which means that no one on the police force is willing to take him down until [[AntiHero John Hartigan]] saves his latest victim, Nancy Callahan, and goes through eight long years of prison for it because of the vengeful Senator dad. Near the end, it's revealed that Roark Junior is impotent unless he hears little girls scream in pain and that there were ''hundreds'' of victims.
** The Colonel, also known as The Salesman, is one of the top enforcers in [[TheDon Herr Wallenquist]]'s Basin City Mob. He runs a clandestine [[MurderInc division of contract killers]] and occasionally [[ProfessionalKiller performs the hits himself]]. He mentors new trainees to shed all redeeming traits so they can become remorseless killing machines, inducing one of them into murdering the only man she ever loved before assigning her the code name "Blue Eyes". His largest operation is the "Human Resources" division, a massive kidnapping, sex slave-trading, brainwashing, organ harvesting and industrial-strength porn production operation. He kills off one of his own henchmen through {{eye scream}} on the off chance that the hero Wallace might track the minion down, after previously having the man's male lover [[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill stabbed to death with over a dozen knives]]. He has an alliance with a {{dirty cop}} named Leibowitz, but when Leibowitz's loyalty might falter, he orders his son's arm broken as a warning and threatens to kill his whole family. The Colonel is pretty obviously a {{sociopath}} who displays no character traits other than hinting at a wish to direct the bodies of the people around him, to see their "full potential" realized.
* ''ComicBook/{{Spawn}}'', while an incredibly dark comic from UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks, has several monsters who stand out:
** Mammon operates as TheManBehindTheMan to [[BigBad the devil Malebolgia]]. A FallenAngel known as the lord of The Forgotten Ones, Mammon desired to create the perfect Hellspawn to assist him in ascending to rulership of all creation. To this end, Mammon haunted the bloodlines of Al Simmons and Wanda Blake, sowing death and destruction to create more Hellspawn and always leaving corpses and ruined lives in his wake. Mammon proves himself to be Spawn's greatest, most intelligent and most dangerous enemy, condemning the souls Spawn would seek to protect to hell to use them as leverage for their loved ones, and making [[DealWithTheDevil deals to consolidate his power]]. When Satan returns and is furious at Mammon for claiming the throne, Mammon gets back in his former master's good graces by proposing to detonate the San Andreas Fault to kill and add the souls of many mortals to Hell's legions. After Satan is removed, Mammon unveils his master stroke- with heaven and hell sealed off from the world, Mammon sets about to conquer it from behind the scenes with [[TheDragon Spawn's demonic daughter Morana]], the product of his grand ambition.
** In life, Billy Kincaid was a sadistic [[WouldHurtAChild child killer]]. After being freed from jail, he lured a small girl into his ice cream truck and then murdered her. He then proceeded to [[{{Fingore}} chop off the girl's fingers]] and glue them onto a board as a trophy. After Spawn discovered Kincaid's brutal crimes, he killed Kincaid, sending him to hell. Dead, Kincaid became even worse than ever, given the task by Hell to gather more souls for them. Kincaid did this by possessing people and making them act out their worse impulses. This resulted in the murder of dozens of innocent people and the damnation of several more people to Hell, though Kincaid was having far too much fun to care. Kincaid also delighted in torturing the souls of children, especially one young boy part of the 'legion' inside of Spawn himself.
** [[MonsterClown Clown]]/[[OurDemonsAreDifferent Violator]] was Spawn's EvilMentor, sent by Malebolgia to train Spawn to be a solider in Hell's army. However, rather than train Spawn, Violator had a tendency to commit horrible crimes, such as ripping the hearts out of random mob bosses, [[ForTheEvulz just for fun]]. Later, Violator kidnapped Cyan, the 3 year old daughter of Spawn's widow Wanda. Violator framed Spawn for the kidnapping and then [[WouldHurtAChild tried to kill Cyan]] by giving her a glass of poisoned milk. Spawn rescued Cyan and killed Violator in his clown form, sending him back to Hell. Violator later returned from Hell and [[DemonicPossession possessed]] Jason Wynn, turning him into a SerialKiller. Wynn, under Violator's influence, would hire prostitutes that looked like Wanda and then murder them. Violator eventually gained complete control over Wynn's body and used his powers to turn random citizens into "clowns," transforming them into BrainwashedAndCrazy psychopaths. Violator then ordered his clowns to go an violent rampage, resulting in massive property damage and several deaths. Violator later saved the life of a man of Barney Saunders, but this was no act of charity. Violator needed a new body to possess and chose Saunders. After possessing Saunders's body, Violator uses his powers to force the residents in Saunders's apartment complex to commit horrible crimes, including murder. Violator was able to use the violence in the apartment complex to further empower himself and then attempted to open a portal to Hell, which would allow his demon brothers to wreak havoc on Earth.
* ''Literature/TheSpider'': Although many of Richard Wentworth's adversaries in the Creator/DynamiteComics revival written by David Liss lack anything resembling redeeming characteristics, many of them go above and beyond:
** [[ArcVillain Anput]] is an Egyptian terrorist who attacks New York City to strike terror among the populace. Stealing a toxin from Wentworth Industries and reformatting it into a [[DeadlyGas gas]] capable of [[ZombifyTheLiving turning people into zombies]], Anput starts indiscriminately bombing populated areas with the gas, converting many people—[[WouldHurtAChild children included]]--into mindless, shambling zombies that tear apart anything they come across. Anput tops herself by gassing Citi Field and reducing tens of thousands to the undead, and later attacks Richard's friend and love interest Nita for the sole purpose of hurting him. Although Anput espouses that she's out to purify the city of wrongdoers like the Spider himself, [[NotSoWellIntentionedExtremist any and all pretense of good intentions quickly evaporates]] when Anput's true goal is revealed to be to gas Wall Street and make a solid profit out of the fallout, uncaring about the thousands she's poisoned as a mere distraction and the gigantic blow to the economy she plans on causing so long as [[{{Greed}} she can get rich from it]].
** Lazarus is a particularly depraved small-time criminal and one-shot rogue of the Spider with an especially disturbed MO. An unassuming, chubby man who lives in a small, underground apartment by day, Lazarus indulges in his compulsions by regularly purchasing tetrodotoxin and using it to poison the elderly multiple times a week, resulting in them being [[AndIMustScream paralyzed]] and BuriedAlive-- whereupon Lazarus [[{{Sadist}} masturbates]] to [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming their screams]] to be let out. Once he's cut off from his selection of usual victims, Lazarus poisons the police commissioner in vengeful frustration and decides to start targeting younger women to bury alive in his own apartment, noting with a special glee that his first victim has a husband and family and treating the whole affair as nothing more than a casual hobby of his.
** The Lawgiver, real name [[spoiler:Joe Hilt]], is a self-righteous KnightTemplar and a [[spoiler:disillusioned former cop]] who decides to start [[CopKiller murdering New York's law enforcement]] for a chance to spite the Spider. Teaming up with the Fly, a [[ChaosIsEvil villainous anarchist]], the Lawgiver slaughters many of the city's cops before eventually resorting to [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill collapsing a six-story building to murder a bar full of officers--and over 100 innocent civilians with him]]. The Lawgiver's master stroke is to kidnap the police commissioner, Kirkpatrick, before bombing the ensuing meet held by the city's police department and government to take out both the law enforcement and governance in one fell swing, planning to hand off New York to the Fly to turn it into a cesspool of chaos and rampant crime. The Lawgiver is a narcissist driven by spite, anger, and a craving to hurt Richard Wentworth, and proves to be little more than a pathetic, groveling snake once the cards are turned against him. Even in a world of terrorists, murderers, and more, the contemptuous [[spoiler:nobody of a detective]] still manages to become one of the most evil people to ever combat the Spider.
* ''The Squidder'', by Creator/BenTemplesmith:
** [[BigBad The Dark Father]] is the unfathomably old EldritchAbomination who is the leader of the Squid HiveMind. A ravenous parasite of a cosmic horror, the Dark Father has spent eons devouring countless universes by draining them of all life and energy, and leads the Squids into Earth's universe to initiate the [[KillAllHumans wholesale genocide of mankind]] and the domination of Earth. The Dark Father responds to resistance by unleashing a plague onto humanity that reduces all it infects to [[BodyHorror hideously mutated likenesses of the Squids called Cuttlemen]]. Once the war ends, billions have died and humanity has been reduced to a few starving populations, during which the Dark Father oversees countless female children taken from their villages-- leaving no other survivors--and forcefully converted into Squid-human hybrids to serve as acolytes. The Dark Father bides his time by playing with humans like toys, molding their flesh and fusing their living bodies together into abominated structures comprised of [[AndIMustScream dozens of conscious humans]]. The Dark Father ultimately seeks to draw the rest of his form into Earth to finish destroying the universe before moving onto others. A [[TheStoic stoic]], despotic monster who threatens all subordinates who fail him with unmaking, the Dark Father roundly proves himself to be less a god and more a rapacious parasite of an EldritchAbomination.
** The [[DragonInChief Queen Unit 59B]], or the [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Squid Queen]], is just as nasty as the Dark Father. Initially a willing servant of the Dark Father who participated in the genocide of mankind, the Queen comes to savor her independence from the Dark Father's mind and eventually [[TheStarscream resolves to overthrow him]], organizing attacks outside of his permission and hunting down a renegade Squid acolyte named Seph after she abandons her temple. The Queen breaks into a temple with full intent to butcher everyone there and boasts to Jack, the last of the Squidders once meant to stop the Squids, how she helped to completely wipe out the Squidders and how "good" they were at dying. After the Dark Father attempts to kill her for her failures, the Queen abruptly betrays him and leaves him to die with full intent to usurp him and lead the Squid to devour all reality, intending to consume trillions upon trillions of universes until all that's left is one organism with [[AGodAmI herself as its supreme nexus]]. Brutally murdering the Mother Superior and vowing to destroy Earth to this cause, the Queen proves that individuality from the Dark Father's control mixed in with her own ambitions breeds true evil.
* ''VideoGame/StarCraft: Frontline'': In this four-part series, [[MadScientist Dr. Stanley Burgess]] is a sadistic Terran Dominion scientist who personally oversaw the neural resocialization of Jin-ho Lim, a terran of Asian ethnicity who opposed the Terran Dominion but was conscripted into the Dominion Marine Corps. After the operation, Stanley ordered the now-docile Lim to kill his wife and fellow Terran Dominion opposer, Anna, and he complied by shooting her in the face without a moment's hesitation. He also was responsible for the creation of the terran/Protoss Gestalts by implanting the organs of captured Protoss into terrans controlled by neural conditioning and neural inbhitors. His project came to an end after one of his subjects, Gestalt Zero, was freed from his neural inhibitors by a dying Protoss and stabbed him to death, [[IronicEcho ironically echonig one of his previous comments]]: "I should warn you...this is probably going to hurt."
* ''ComicBook/TheSteelFist'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Heydrich]] is a [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazi spy]] tasked with destroying American munitions plants. To do so, he [[TheMole sets up shop as a clock-maker]] and gets a contract to fix the city's punch-clocks. He then rigs the clocks to explode when a time-card is punched in, blowing up the factory and killing everybody inside. After having taken out four plants this way, [[TheHero the Steel Fist]] shows up to stop him. Heydrich locks the Steel Fist in a room to wallow in his failure to stop the explosions until he's killed.
* ''ComicBook/{{Stitched}}'': Emad Homayoun, the first ArcVillain, is a human trafficker who deals with the cult creating the titular [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Stitched]]. Homayoun is more than compliant with the process for creating the Stitched-- pouring a black liquid into a man's orifices and then [[BodyHorror sewing all of them closed]], in the process trapping the man's conscious soul in a state of undeath while the body becomes a mindless shell-- and uses the Stitched as shock soldiers to regularly massacre entire villages. The survivors are kept captive by Homayoun's traffickers, the women and children sold to become {{sex slave}}s and the men to be converted into more Stitched. Any who Homayoun has no use for or are perceived as obstacles--such as a lame [[WouldHurtAChild child]] and members of [[UsefulNotes/{{Afghanistan}} the Taliban]]--are brutally killed. Homayoun personally disembowels [[spoiler:one of the heroes, Twiggy, casually noting that he'd rape her as well]] if he weren't in such a hurry. Ultimately, it is made plainly clear that Homayoun is [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters just as much a monster]] as the undead Stitched he utilizes.
* ''Streets of Glory'', by Creator/GarthEnnis, Mike Wolfer, & Greg Waller : [[AxCrazy Red Crow]] is an Apache warrior, well known for his [[{{sadist}} love of]], and [[TortureTechnician talent for]], {{cold blooded torture}}. The hero, {{retired badass}} Colonel Joe Dunn, recalls Red Crow's vicious rampages in flashbacks that reveal the man carving the guts out of his victims with a huge {{slasher smile}}. When he resurfaces at the end of the 19th century, Red Crow announces himself by abducting a man, [[{{Fingore}} chopping off his fingers]], [[GroinAttack cutting off his manhood]] and stuffing it in his mouth before sewing his lips shut and letting him wander back into town. when Dunn and his team set off after Red Crow, Red Crow gleefully scalps a member of their party before slaughtering every other man besides Dunn and his young protege, [[CruelMercy avoiding killing them immediately so he can torture them to death later]]. When mortally wounded, Red Crow refuses to subject himself [[TheUnfettered to any human laws]] and opts to hurl himself off a cliff, laughing the whole way down.
* ''ComicBook/SuperAmerican'': [[ArchEnemy Tyrannus]] is an agent of [[ANaziByAnyOtherName an unnamed European dictatorship]] sent to [[TheMole destroy America from within]]. He raises an army to kidnap the President and force Congress to vote him in as absolute dictator on pain of death. As [[CaptainPatriotic Super-American]] puts a stop to these plans, Tyrannus orders a Maryland town flooded. In order to pull off a successful escape, Tyrannus orders New York City destroyed by his army. Later, he's seen assisting his boss, Vultro, in ensuring his country can successfully invade the US. To prevent Super-American from interfering, Tyrannus orders a bombing raid on a munitions factory his nemesis is in, [[BadBoss not caring that many of his men are in the same place]]. After that fails, Tyrannus tries to escape, killing a scientist he was working with in the process.
* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'':
** ''ComicBook/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesMirage'': Despite being just a FillerVillain, Skonk manages to come across as one of the most vile street level villains the Mirage Turtles have faced. Skonk is the [[RightWingMilitiaFanatic leader of a far-right militia]] who felt that, because the Cold War didn't result in a nuclear war and his militia would not be able to prove their survival skills after such a event, he would try to start a nuclear war by [[NukeEm setting off a nuke at a critical military facility]]. He and his militia kidnap a nuclear physics student from the University of Massachusetts and force him to create a crude nuclear bomb. The student escapes and bumps into the Turtles, warning them of the danger. Skonk kills the student [[ColdSniper with his sniper rifle]]. Thinking the Turtles are just people in costumes, Skonk orders his militia to kill all of them, [[LeaveNoWitnesses not wanting there to be any witnesses to his plans]]. The Turtles easily defeat his militia underlings, so Skonk decides to return to his base and set off the nuke right away. When Splinter and Turtles try to reason with Skonk, saying he will kill countless people with his bomb, Skonk says he doesn't care, [[ShutUpKirk saying there are no innocents and everyone is guilty of allowing America to fall from greatness]].
** ''ComicBook/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesAdventures'': Though this title, originally based on the [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 first cartoon series]], started off as a more lighthearted series, that soon changed with the introduction of [[KnightOfCerebus Mr. Null]]. Mr. Null was introduced as an unseen [[CorruptCorporateExecutive tycoon]], who [[SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil enslaved]] a remote South American tribe to work in some of his mines and tries to dump toxic waste into the ocean. However, we soon discover that Null is actually a [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demon]] and has sold the Earth to [[HiveQueen Queen Maligna]] and her hordes of insectoid aliens, who plan to destroy humanity and colonize Earth. After the Turtles and their allies the Mighty Mutanimals thwart this alien invasion, Null seeks revenge on them. Null takes control of the HorsemenOfTheApocalypse and captures the two groups. Null is planning to make the female members of the Mutanimals into his [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil harem]], while the others will be slowly electrocuted to death. Null plans to force [[TheAtoner Kid Terra]], one of Null's former underlings who [[HeelFaceTurn turned against him]], into pulling the switch that electrocutes his enemies, wanting to torment his former employee. After this scheme is thwarted, Null later returns and hires some cyborg assassins, who manage to [[HeroKiller kill most of the Mutanimals]]. Null decides to torment Candy Fine, who the girlfriend of Mutanimal Mondo Gecko, by showing her [[MindRape images of the Mutanimals burning in hell]]. Null then mind-controls her and makes her into his [[SexSlave slave]]. Null had the Mutanimals killed so he can continue what he started, trying to help Maligna [[KillAllHumans destroy the human race]]. When asked why he does what he does, he responds thusly:
--> Because death, destruction, these are my favorite things, the things I do best.
* ''Comicbook/{{Thorgal}}'':
** ''The Fall of Brek Zarith'': Shardar is especially nasty, deciding that rather than just surrender his rule to the rightful heir to the throne, it's better to poison his own court and destroy all his treasures, leaving the kingdom bankrupt, hoping that, to restore it, the new ruler will be forced to become as big a tyrant as him, while he escapes and plans to start new conquest, using the psychic powers of the baby he kidnapped.
** ''The Guardian of the Keys'': Volsung of Nichor, a DirtyCoward introduced and killed in the third album of the series, is brought back to life by evil lesser deity, Nidhogg, who turns him into a perfect doppleganger of Thorgal. The deal is simple - he will seduce another deity who happened to have a soft spot for [[ChickMagnet Thorgal]], the titular Guardian, steal her magic belt, and bring it to Nidhogg, who will return him to his real form and grant him new life. Volsung steals the belt, returns to Midgard, kills Thorgal, takes his place, and, using magic powers of the belt, takes over the control of his village, murdering the current chief, ''rapes'' his wife, and threatens to smash the head of Thorgal's baby daughter, all to destroy Thorgal's good name and avenge his own death...that he had brought upon himself - Thorgal's only crime was being there when Volsung got himself killed, he hadn't move a finger to help it and couldn't have stop it in any way.
* ''ComicBook/{{Typhon}}'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Menar]] is a MadScientist and career criminal. After inventing the Tidal Annihilator, a machine that can generate [[GiantWallOfWateryDoom destructive tidal waves]], Menar moves to a SupervillainLair under the sea, forcing his daughter to come with him. He then proceeds to destroy multiple ships, killing everybody aboard and robbing the cargo. After wiping one boat out for a $100,000,000 shipment of gold, [[TheHero Typhon]] and his lieutenant go to investigate. After Menar captures our heroes, he leaves them in a DeathTrap to suffocate.
* ''ComicBook/{{Uber}}'' is a dark AlternateHistory {{Deconstruction}} of StupidJetpackHitler where the Nazis have [[AlienSpaceBats used alien technology]] to create {{super soldier}}s (the titular [[HumanWeapon Ubers]]). While [[BlackAndGrayMorality no side is truly good]], the following characters manage to stand out:
** UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler himself shows his true colors by murdering the officer behind the Uber project by letting Markus melt him, all because the man didn't tell Hitler until the project was ready. Besides ordering horrible, inhumane experiments, death camps and war crimes, Hitler prolongs UsefulNotes/WorldWarII by trying to make sure "everyone else loses," having his forces intentionally target civilians as he endlessly sends his own troops into the meat grinders, believing that he alone is Germany.
** Joseph Goebbels shows that far from being a mere PropagandaMachine, he possesses a greater capacity for evil than anyone thought. After the death of Hitler, Goebbels has an empowered human modify his face via plastic surgery to resemble the Fuhrer, first having dozens, if not hundreds of luckless souls serve as the guinea pigs so she can reluctantly "hone" her sculpting ability. Upon his ascension, Goebbels announces the war effort will be ramped up and the only option the enemies of the Reich face are capitulation or immolation. At the end of part 1, Goebbels orders an attack on the United States, led by Markus and another battleship-class Uber, with the narration informing us that the US would soon experience massive casualties as a result.
** Among the Nazi Übers themselves, Markus "[[{{Sadist}} Siegfried]]" Jung is the worst--and, as one of only 3 ultra-powerful battleships, [[PersonOfMassDestruction one of the most powerful]]. A [[AxCrazy sadistic psychopath]] fully devoted to the Nazi regime, Markus, [[EnfantTerrible while a child]], once murdered a Jewish man [[ForTheEvulz for fun]], growing up into a [[SociopathicSoldier savage war criminal]] who targets civilians in his attacks. When the Red Army is defeated at Berlin, Markus executes thousands upon thousands of prisoners before resuming his place on the front lines where he leads his men to more war crimes. Markus initially spearheads the invasion into America, attacking Washington, D.C. by annihilating the White House and recrafting it into a gigantic swastika. Markus proceeds to lay waste to all in his path in America, killing soldiers and civilians alike. Vile enough that even when dying agonizingly, his fellow Über Siegmund [[EvenEvilHasStandards coldly leaves him to his fate]], Markus misses no chance to show why he is Hitler's favorite soldier.
* ''ComicBook/TheUnfunnies'': Troy Hicks, the VillainProtagonist of this MatureAnimalStory, is a [[WouldHurtAChild pedophilic]] SerialKiller who escapes from death row by using occultism to contact, and [[FreakyFridayFlip switch places with]], one of the characters in his FunnyAnimal comic strip. Troy proceeds to use the [[GodIsEvil omnipotence he possesses within the strip]] to [[CrapsaccharineWorld commit and instigate atrocities]], intending to continue doing so for all eternity, knowing that no one and nothing can stop him. He's last seen [[TheBadGuyWins walking off into the sunset]] with a couple's newborn baby while the toon he tricked into swapping lives with him is brutalized and executed.
* ''ComicBook/UsagiYojimbo''
** [[EvilOverlord Lord Hikiji]], the ultimate BigBad of the series, schemes to be Shogun. Having murdered Usagi's father and master Lord Mifune, Hikiji launches brutal attacks on his enemies to kill and conquer all they possess. Preferring to operate [[TheManBehindTheMan from the shadows]], Hikiji often resorts to dark schemes to foment chaos and murder in order to give himself an edge. He frequently [[BadBoss disposes of his operatives]] while treating them as disposable pawns. Hikiji shows how truly monstrous he is in the coda to the saga ''Senso'' when a group of aliens crash on the world. Initially thought to have been killed, Hikiji later reveals that he has joined the aliens as an ally and is leading an attack on his own province to slaughter his own people in order to demonstrate his power to the entire planet. No longer content with just Japan, Hikiji believes he is destined to rule the entire planet, no matter who he has to slaughter.
** Noriko, known as the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Blood Princess]], has had homicidal tendencies since childhood, where she would always beat her cousin Tomoe in spars to inflict as much pain as she could. In the present day, Noriko runs a mine, using slaves that have been press-ganged into service and worked to the point of death. Should any slave falter, Noriko promptly beheads the nearest one to serve as a morale-booster for the others. When she captures Tomoe, Noriko delights in treating her as a slave and when Tomoe refuses to perform the labor, Noriko furiously cuts down a random slave woman. When Tomoe immediately obeys to stop more death, Noriko sneers at her for caring about those of low birth. To conceal the mines, Noriko plans to blow it up, with every slave inside after all its resources are gone. She also reveals that she and Tomoe are actually [[CainAndAbel ''sisters'']] and when their father refused to acknowledge Noriko as his daughter, she murdered him, just as she had the man who raised her for [[SelfMadeOrphan for being weak]]. She reveals this while savagely beating Tomoe, taunting her that it's ''Tomoe's'' fault that he died.
** General Fujii was the head of a gang that took over a village. They reduced the workers to slaves, and ordered them to farm and cultivate for long hours. They would continue to do this until the tax collector came, at which point they would just kill all the villagers and go to another town. When Usagi infiltrates them, he's discovered and tortured, with Fujii taking his swords. When the peasants revolt, the slaughter their way through them, and Fujii abandons most of his men to die or face the police. He and his loyal [[TheDragon Dragon]] take over another gang and launch raids on a village, where he almost murders the elderly headsman for refusing them. When the heroes attack the gang to take him down, [[DirtyCoward he abandons his dragon to run]]. He is ''such'' a bastard that [[EvenEvilHasStandards even the aforementioned gang becomes repulsed by him]]. Usagi actually repeatedly [[YouMonster calls him a "monster"]].
---> '''Fujii:''' Yes, I suppose I am.
* ''ComicBook/{{Vampirella}}'': [[TheSociopath Von Kreist]] was once a Prussian soldier on the Western Front of UsefulNotes/WorldWarI who was equally fascinated and horrified by the mindless slaughter he witnessed. He later made a DealWithTheDevil for immortality, [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor only to find out]] that [[AgeWithoutYouth his body would continue to decay]] while [[BlessedWithSuck his soul could not pass on]]. He has since made himself a PsychoForHire for whatever vampire clan will provide him a fresh supply of victims while aiding their plans to reduce humanity to cattle, each time killing huge numbers of people in the process. He takes the two teenage daughters of a disobedient mafia boss hostage and [[SadisticChoice forces him to choose which of them will live]], then shoots the daughter the man chose so the surviving one will have to live with the knowledge of her father giving her a death sentence. Then he orders her to kill her father and turns the dead sister into a vampire before later [[SlashedThroat slashing the latter's throat]] when she has a flash of conscience. Von Kreist is also a prolific SerialKiller and SerialRapist on the side, with one of his victims shown [[AndIMustScream having her eyelids, lips, and arms and legs stitched together]]. His quarry even [[WouldHurtAChild extends to children]], as he intentionally crashes a damaged plane into a children's playground and casually throws a child off a bridge while insisting to his men that [[CardCarryingVillain he's "rotten to the core" and "wouldn't have it any other way"]]. Initially destroyed, he is resurrected [[GrandTheftMe in the body of Sofia Murray]], one of Vampirella's closest friends, by a descendant of his who wanted to destroy Von Kreist's soul to [[TheAtoner atone for his crimes]]. After failing to kill his grandson, Von Kreist later offers up Sofia's life as part of a new alliance he forged with {{Dracula}}. As a human with no real superpowers of his own beyond his immortality, Von Kreist [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters doesn't even have the excuse of being born a monster]] and stands out as one of the vampiress Vampirella's most disgusting foes.
* ''ComicBook/TheWalkingDead'':
** [[BigBad The Governor]], real name Philip/[[spoiler:Brian]] Blake, is the [[AxCrazy insane]] despotic leader of Woodbury, a small town of survivors, and takes extreme measures to maintain his status as the leader. These measures include feeding survivors from outside the town to the zombies surrounding them in order to keep them docile; and running violent fights between people in his town and the zombies as an entertainment for the residents. When [[spoiler:Rick Grimes ]] and his group visit Woodbury, Blake [[FauxAffablyEvil initially acts friendly]] until he turns tables on them by [[{{Fingore}} chopping off]] [[spoiler:Rick's]] hand and [[ColdBloodedTorture raping]] [[spoiler:Michonne]] repeatedly for several days, severely traumatizing Glenn in the process. He also has his zombified daughter [[spoiler:actually niece]] chained up as a pet and has almost pedophilic interactions with her. Later, Blake [[ManipulativeBastard manipulates the residents of Woodbury]] to attack the prison and is responsible for the deaths of vast majority of the cast, executing most of them personally in cold blood. He also pressures one of the residents to kill Rick's wife Lori and [[WouldHurtAChild her infant daughter, Judy]] in an action so horrible that the said resident personally betrays and executes the Governor shortly afterwards, leaving his corpse to be devoured by the zombies. Utterly [[TheSociopath sociopathic]] and {{sadist}}ic, the Governor is the [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters absolute worst example of a human being]] that the world of zombie apocalypse has to offer.
** When the protagonists first encounter Thomas Richards, he merely comes across as a [[BitchInSheepsClothing nerdy, polite and ultimately harmless inmate imprisoned for tax evasion]]. This makes it all the more shocking when he's revealed to be a homicidal lunatic who was really imprisoned for dismembering his wife for no reason at all [[ForTheEvulz besides his own enjoyment]]. Thomas [[OffWithHisHead decapitated]] [[WouldHurtAChild two little girls]], Hershel Greene's twin daughters, Rachel and Susie, and, taking advantage of the confusion surrounding his murders, attempted to decapitate Andrea as well. While he failed in his attempt, he ended up scarring her in the process. Eventually captured, when the community looks like they're going to execute him, Thomas is rescued by a woman he had befriended earlier named Patricia. Believing that Thomas is insane, not evil, and in need of psychological help, [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter Patricia]] plans on the two of them escaping together. In thanks, Thomas [[UngratefulBastard immediately tries to strangle her to death]]. Though a minor antagonist in the grand scheme of things, Thomas acted as a dark harbinger of what was to come by showing [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters how much worse humans could be than zombies]].
* ''Weapon of God'', by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Giancarlo Caracuzzo: [[TheHeavy Apollyon]] is a FallenAngel and the chief agent of [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]], embarking on a crusade to [[KillAllHumans wipe out the whole of humanity]] to supposedly bring about Earth's renewal. To accomplish this, Apollyon sets about committing horrific massacres and wreaking giant swaths of destruction with the purpose of murdering as many people as possible through them, killing 100,000 people in Las Vegas alone and later causing a catastrophic explosion in Manhattan to kill even more people. Manipulating those who are weak at heart to carry out his bidding and wreak further havoc, Apollyon responds to the notice that a flight he's on is slightly delayed by [[DisproportionateRetribution crashing the plane]] into a [[WouldHurtAChild children's amusement park]], leaving no survivors. Apollyon's final plan is the planned bombing of another amusement park filled with hundreds of children and adults alike, shooting three of his minions dead after they object to this and gleefully ranting to protagonist Mr. Weapon about how he considers humans to be less than ants. Any benevolent intentions Apollyon could use to justify himself are [[NotSoWellIntentionedExtremist thoroughly undermined]] by Apollyon's clear {{Sadis|t}}m and [[EvilIsPetty unbelievable pettiness]], and it is nakedly clear Apollyon is nothing more than a proud, mass-murdering monster at heart.
* ''ComicBook/WelcomeToHoxford'': [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Gordon Baker]] is the {{warden|s Are Evil}} of the titular asylum, and is in actuality the leader of a [[SavageWolves savage pack of werewolves]]. [[TheStarscream Deposing his own father as alpha]] and keeping him locked in a dark room while keeping up the appearance he's still subordinate, every month Baker and his pack slaughter and consume all the patients at Hoxford at their own merriment, repeating the process with every batch that comes in. Baker spitefully locks an otherwise innocent psychiatrist named Jessica Ainley within Hoxford during the night of the hunt after she refuses to leave and soon after sets about gruesomely slaughtering everyone he can find. Baker personally captures a [[ImAHumanitarian cannibal]] named Gravy and psychotic protagonist Ray, delightfully noting the irony of a cannibal being consumed and instructing Ray himself to devour a still-living Gravy once he expresses kinship with the werewolves with an air of amusement.
* ''ComicBook/WillEisnersWonderMan'': [[BigBad General Attilla]] is the dictator of [[{{Qurac}} Tatonia]]. When a rebellion crops up, he redirects the majority of his nation's food supply to the military and orders refugees massacred to put it down. Bombing a Red Cross hospital, Attilla's goons hold a couple wealthy socialites volunteering there for ransom, [[ILied despite never intending to release them]]. After [[TheHero Wonder Man]] thwarts the general's plans, he plots to [[WarForFunAndProfit start another war]] to regain control.
* ''ComicBook/{{Witchblade}}'': Madeline Desormeaux, despite only appearing in 2 issues, is as bad as the comic gets. She was once an appalling {{sadist}} with a sick fascination for [[ColdBloodedTorture torturing and dismembering]] her slaves, then putting them back together in grotesque ways where they suffered until death. After the escape of a [[WouldHurtAChild little boy]] whose [[EyeScream eyes]] and [[MouthStitchedShut mouth]] she had stitched shut escaped, Madeline ultimately died. However, even this would not keep her evil from infecting the land, cursing all of her former victims to wander in agony until the day her wicked soul is destroyed for good. When Dani shows up to put the slaves' souls to rest, Madeline gleefully attempts to [[TongueTrauma tear her tongue out]], proclaiming her plans to torture her due to her fraternization with the "filth" of her former slaves.
* ''ComicBook/TheWraith'': [[VillainOfTheWeek Joe Carrol]] is the son of a wealthy man [[{{Greed}} trying to get his dad's inheritance]]. Taking advantage of Dad's fear of the dead rising to kill him, Joe pays off a magician to teach him how to puppeteer a corpse so he can {{gaslight|ing}} the man into signing everything to him. On the day of his plan, he [[HeKnowsTooMuch has the magician killed to cover up his method]], ordering two other people investigating the crime to be killed. He then carries out his plan, [[{{Sadist}} laughing when his father dies of fright.]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Yellowjacket}}'': [[VillainOfTheWeek R. Krause]] is a MadScientist working to create limb regeneration [[{{Greed}} to make lots of money]]. To do this, he experimented on his patients with crab DNA, killing all of them. His medical license stripped away, Krause fled before he could be arrested. Years later, the good doctor paid off the head of a veterans' hospital to let him experiment on a few patients, killing five before [[TheHero Yellowjacket]] stops him in the middle of an experiment on a fisherman he kidnapped.