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[[caption-width-right:316:Johan Liebert is indeed a Monster.]]

->'''Dr. Tenma''': You can't just go around killing!
->'''Johan''': Why not?
-->-- ''Anime/{{Monster}}''

{{Anime}} and {{manga}} creators have created a wide variety of villains, and some of them, like the ones on this page, are [[CompleteMonster utterly horrific in their cruelty and depravity]].

!!The following series/franchises have their own pages:

* ''Monster/{{Berserk}}''
* ''Monster/{{Bleach}}''
* Monster/{{Digimon}}
* Monster/DragonBall
* ''Monster/FistOfTheNorthStar''
* ''Monster/FlameOfRecca''
* ''Monster/FullmetalAlchemist''
* Monster/{{Gundam}}
* ''Monster/OnePiece''
* Monster/{{Pokemon}}
* ''Monster/RurouniKenshin''
* ''Monster/YuGiOh''
* ''Monster/YuYuHakusho''

!! Other examples:

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* Sora from ''Manga/AirGear''. He's an absolute bastard who emotionally abused his brother and his girlfriend, the two people who loved him and trusted him most. He even {{brainwashed|AndCrazy}} the latter, and when they stopped being useful to him, he threw them aside like trash. While he does have a slightly sympathetic past that paints him as a failure, this justification rings hollow when it's shown that he's orders of magnitude more powerful than every single rider except Ikki. Furthermore, he remorselessly killed several friends who were once in the same situation as him and who even helped him, all in the name of gaining personal power. He is either directly or indirectly responsible for all of the deaths in the series and he doesn't even think highly enough of the lives he's taken to feel something like satisfaction, let alone remorse or regret. After he is defeated, he spits in the face of redemption and even tries to turn his girlfriend into a bomb so that [[SoreLoser he could kill everyone in the tower in which he was fighting so that even if he were to lose, his opponents wouldn't win]], and he only gave up afterwards when faced with overwhelming power that convinced him he would never be able to succeed. Even his terrifyingly AxCrazy brother looks tame and compassionate in comparison.
* The Patchman, the BigBad of the series ''Manga/{{Arago}}'' is a vicious SerialKiller initially dubbed "This Era's Jack The Ripper" for his depraved and random murders. The Patchman murdered TheHero Arago's parents and later his brother Ewan in the future. The Patchman is later revealed to murder people so he can take pieces of them to keep his own rotting body mobile. He is also responsible for empowering his servants, the Four Horsemen after [[TheCorrupter taking advantage of their pain and despair]] to enlist them in [[OmnicidalManiac ending the world and destroying humanity.]] He reanimates Ewan as a corpse with his [[AndIMustScream consciousness trapped in his mind]] to mess with Arago, and at the final battle he [[DemonicPossession possesses Ewan]] so Arago can know the despair of his own brother killing him.
* From ''Anime/ArmoredTrooperVOTOMS'', human experimentation is no problem for Pailsen. His experiments on Sunsa involve burning hundreds of children to death to test them for the "unique survivalist" trait. In addition, the Red Shoulders themselves are essentially the Waffen-SS, and he forces '''them''' to fight and kill each other for his research. The BrainwashedAndCrazy Zaki is a result of his other experiments, and later becomes the basis for PS research. He manipulates Wockam into starting a useless battle that leaves 120,000,000 Melkians and a huge number of Balarant dead, and feels no guilt about it.
* Luuza Luft from ''Anime/AuraBattlerDunbine'' (by YoshiyukiTomino, [[RuleOfThree again]]), an EvilMatriarch of the worst kind who plots against her own husband (who, despite being the BigBad, comes across as more sympathetic than her) to have the power all to herself and her lover Bishott (and it is doubtful she has any loyalty to him as well). She will do ''absolutely anything'' to get what she wants, including [[spoiler:[[OffingTheOffspring murdering her own daughter]] in cold blood, which she threatens to do in an early episode and ''actually does'' prior to the [[KillEmAll bloody finale]]]]. Her KarmicDeath [[spoiler:at the hands of Rimru's heartbroken boyfriend]] is both brutal and highly satisfying.
* ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' has two very nasty customers
** Szilard Quates, the immortal MadScientist and alchemist. Szilard believes in knowledge being the most important commodity in the world, and to that ends [[ImmortalityImmorality devours immortals for their knowledge.]] After becoming immortal, Szilard devoured the brother of the immortals' leader before being driven away. Szilard creates ArtificialHuman homunculi to serve him, abusing them mentally and physically. He also developed his own immortal potion which he feeds to intelligent people before devouring them to amass their knowledge without working for it. He isn't above straight up murder for his purposes either. It's mentioned at one point he gains no greater joy than in [[EvilTastesGood devouring others.]]
** Fermet, another of the original immortals, was the caretaker of the immortal child Czeslaw Meyer. However, once they were immortal, Fermet revealed his true colors as a vicious sadist who WouldHurtAChild by torturing Czeslaw for years and years, with new, inventive ways, ranging from throwing him into a roaring fireplace, to making him bathe in acid. The excuse was to test the limits of immortality. The truth was simply sadism. Then we find out that he's the reason why [[ReligionOfEvil SAMPLE]][[note]]a cult whose members tortures children in the hope that the children will receive any pain directed at themselves[[/note]] really spread across the world. He also killed [[MadScientist Huey]]'s wife Monica, giving [[TheSociopath Huey]] his StartOfDarkness. And to top it off, he sets things up so that Niki, a woman who loved him and who was also a close friend of Huey and Elmer, would be killed[[note]]or horribly scarred, as it turns out[[/note]], and then tells Elmer and Huey that it was their bomb that did it just to see the pain on their faces. And why does he do all of this? [[ForTheEvulz Pure sadism. He finds it fun]]. He's more dangerous than Szilard: as much as the latter may enjoy killing and devouring others, he at least doesn't kill without some sort of reason (even if that reason is a simple lust for knowledge). It's hard to say the same about Fermet: he'll murder and betray everyone just for fun, ''especially'' the people who love him.
* ''Manga/BakiTheGrappler''[='=]s Yujiro Hanma, definitely. He beat the everloving crap out of his own son, titular Baki Hanma, so that Baki's entire body, except his face, is covered in scars, killed Baki's mother, and then beat up Baki's friends and allies ''just to show he could'', '''ALL IN LESS THAN AN HOUR'''. Yujiro has enough CharlesAtlasSuperpower to be effectively untouchable by police and authorities ([[OneManArmy even the military]]) and uses his abilities to do whatever suits his fancy without repercussions to put relentless psychological pressure on his son (including, but not limited to, threatening to kill his girlfriend if Baki fails his expectations, and to subject Baki's possible children to the same abuse he had piled on Baki), just to create an opponent worthy of himself. And that's not counting the ''thousands'' of people he murdered since he was at least sixteen, or the fact that every fight we've seen him in ended in him delivering a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown while [[SlasherSmile grinning like a maniac]], just because [[ForTheEvulz it's the sadistic bastard's idea of fun]]. Or how he treats [[TheUnfavorite his other son]] (i.e. less than dirt on his slippers). Baki puts himself through TrainingFromHell and a series of incredibly brutal [[TournamentArc martial arts tournaments]] just to become able to protect himself and his loved ones from Yujiro. The worst part is that Yujiro [[KarmaHoudini hasn't got his comeuppance yet]] - [[LongRunners after about 600+ chapters]] - although this is somewhat understandable, as his defeat probably would end the series.
* ''Anime/{{Bakugan}}''
** King Zenoheld's original plan was to enslave the Bakugan to use them as entertainment against their will, passing them off as inanimate playthings. When they got free and were revealed to be sentient beings (a fact that horrified a large number of his followers), his response was to bring in the Bakugan Extermination System to perform a genocide on them simply because he lost. When that's stopped, he has a VillainousBreakdown and goes OmnicidalManiac, trying to ''destroy the entire universe'', all because the Bakugan got their freedom from him. He also [[WellDoneSonGuy treated his son like a disposable soldier]], which [[HoistByHisOwnPetard came back to bite him in the end]].
** Emperor Barodius is a power-obsessed tyrant who declared war on and earnest to wipe out a peaceful planet to gain more power than he already had. After his defeat by the heroes and imprisonment in an alternate universe for eternity by Code Eve for genocide, He took the alias Mag Mel and began using a PsychicLink he formed with Dan and Drago to leech of their energy to free himslef and MindRape them with terrible visions of the destruction he intends to cause on Earth. He's also a firm believer in YouHaveFailedMe and YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness as his disposal of his CoDragons Mistress Sellon,even though she'd completed her assignment perfectly and hadn't failed him, and Anubius, robbing him the honor of dying in battle with Dan. If he doesn't kill you for either of those things he brainwashes you into his loyal puppet, as shown when he kidnapped a large number of kids from Bakugan Interspace to brainwash into his loyal soldiers.
* Tenzen Yakushiji, the NumberTwo of the Iga Clan in the Ninja War series ''Manga/{{Basilisk}}'' absolutely leaps heads and shoulders over any of his fellow ninja for sadism, cruelty, greed and monstrosity. Secretly [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld a centuries old former Koga himself]], Tenzen has nothing but loathing for the Koga and little use for his own Clan. When Princess Oboro seals away her mystic eyes, Tenzen attempts to rape her before being stopped by a Koga attack. Engaging the Koga ninja, Gyobu Kasumi, Tenzen hears how Gyobu's father was murdered by Iga and in their duel, tricks Gyobu into striking at a child, forcing the boy's father to take a fatal blow, solely so the child's pain rattles Gyobu enough for Tenzen to win. Tenzen sadistically toys with other ninja and even abandons his loyal student Koshiro because Koshiro had objected to his actions with Oboro. When Tenzen captures the beautiful Koga shinobi, Kagero, because her [[DeathBySex powers make raping her impossible]], he brutally tortures her by impaling her with needles, before attempting to rape Oboro with intent of forcing her to dispel Kagero's powers to force himself on her as well. When he faces off with the young Koga leader Gennosuke, Tenzen reveals his intent to destroy all in his path, end the war victoriously and force Oboro to be his bride while he rules Japan from [[TheManBehindTheMan the shadows through the young shogun.]]
* Yonemi Kamon from ''Literature/BattleRoyale'' is the administrator of the Battle Royale Program, where high school students are forced to kill one another. His hobbies are watching students kill each other, killing students and joking about said students' deaths. After taking a schoolbus full of students including Shuuya and Yoshio to be transported into the Program, he later tells he also went and raped an orphanage director Shuuya and Yoshio had grown close to (just in case you didn't already get he's evil). What makes Yonemi so noteworthy as a villain is that unlike the movie portrayal of the Director, he doesn't even pretend to buy into the crap about maintaining order or protecting the honour of the Empire. He ''enjoys'' raping and killing, and he's a huge fan of the Program because he gets to see teenagers deal with gut-wrenching emotions before dying horribly. He's so heinous, even ''soldiers'' are visibly nervous around him.
* From ''Manga/{{BioMeat|Nectar}}'', we have [[spoiler:Jean Cloche]]. At first, he seems to be [[spoiler:a FunnyForeigner CloudCuckoolander that serves as a foil to his FrenchJerk superior]]. Then, he's [[spoiler:an AffablyEvil [[TheChessmaster Chessmaster]] who effortlessly manipulates a [[GeneralRipper stupidly aggressive]] [[{{Eagleland}} American general]] into helping him steal/take control of BM production using a terrorist attack as a pretext]]. ''Then'', when [[FromBadToWorse everything goes FUBAR]], [[spoiler:he leaves everyone high and dry, [[MoralEventHorizon consciously and willingly dooming Kyushu (the only one of the four main islands that's not overrun by BM at that point)]]]]. ''''''THEN''''', it's revealed that [[spoiler:he was behind the events leading to the previous outbreak, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people on the Japanese mainland]]. His reaction when confronted with this basically boils down to "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs" - [[DissonantSerenity always while keeping the same trademark bemused, smiling expression]].
* Kuzunoha Shuhei stands out in the Supernatural Shojo romance ''Manga/BlackBird'' as the most vicious, misogynist bastard around. The leader of the Kitsune Demon Clan who sets his sights on the magical heroine Misao Harada. Shuhei attempts to rape her after disguising himself as her love interest and the leader of the Tengu Clan. After being foiled by Kyo and the rest of the Tengu clan, Shuhei manipulates a member of the snake demon clan into having Kyo poisoned before invading the Tengu territory, before attempting to injure Misao badly to abduct her. Shuhei gleefully states he doesn't care how badly he hurts her as long as he can force her to bear his heir.
* ''Manga/BlackButler'':
** [[GenderBender Angela Blanc/Ash Landers]] in the latter half in the first season. While they try to present themselves as [[WellIntentionedExtremist well intentioned]], in reality they're nothing more than HolierThanThou hypocrites who enjoy the suffering of those they view inferior to themselves. Angela being a dominatrix going after everything that can move including a transforming dog, [[BodyHorror fusing Ciel's parent's together as an abomination they'd later use to try and murder him,]] toss their loyal doll minion like trash and faithfully turning little girls into dolls, trying kill the cultists who had been loyal to them once they served their purpose, manipulating the queen into planning a world war, only to leave her to die and sacrificing the population of London to create a barrier bridge against demons and empowering themselves. No wonder Sebastian calls them fallen.
** The former head of House Trancy, a DirtyOldMan with a creepy taste for little boys. He refers to his boys as 'dolls' and subjected them to beatings and abuse while holding them as {{Sex Slave}}s for his pleasure. We see Lord Trancy have multiple boys brought to him at one point, his intention to pick the 'best' out so he can sexually abuse them. In the first episode of Season 2, we see Alois Trancy, his adopted son, naked near Lord Trancy sleeping in bed, with a cold, [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds and vacant look in his eyes]].
* The unnamed doctor from ''Manga/BlackCat''. A {{sadist}}ic MadScientist with a penchant for human testing, The Doctor conducts a number of awful experiments over the course of the series, transforming a man into a werewolf, brainwashing captured bounty hunters into fighting their friends, and trapping Train in a [[MasterOfIllusion illusory world]] where the very people he cares about most are trying to kill him. Fascinated by ten-year old Eve's power to shapeshift, The Doctor kidnaps her towards the end of the series, planning to vivisect her in order to discover how her abilities work. Loyal only to himself and driven by his [[ForScience need to know]], The Doctor outshines even BigBad Creed Diskenth when it comes to villainy.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' is a CrapsackWorld, filled with terrible people, but none manage to be quite as hateful (or fundamentally [[EvilIsPetty petty]]) as [[JerkAss Chaka]]. A Yakuza lieutenant with a penchant for DomesticAbuse, Chaka makes his [[EstablishingCharacterMoment entrance]] beating up Rock in an effort to impress Revy. When the battle between the Yakuza and the Russian mob goes badly for the Yakuza, Chaka kidnaps and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutalises]] Yukio, his boss' teenage daughter, beating her bloody, and planning to sell her to a sexual sadist as part of his plan to take control of the remnants of the Yakuza. When Revy and Ginji arrive to bail her out, Chaka shoots through his own men to try and get at them, kills another man for daring to try and run away, then [[{{hypocrite}} runs away himself]], leaving his men to be massacred. [[PsychopathicManchild Childish]], {{stupid|Evil}}, and completely out of his depth, Chaka manages to make an impression only through his complete lack of conscience, [[{{Turncoat}} loyalty]], or human decency.
* ''Manga/BladeOfTheImmortal'' brings us the truly despicable Shira, who's just around the level of [[BakiTheGrappler Yujiro Hanma]] in his depravity. He murders a HookerWithAHeartOfGold [[spoiler:who was just in the business to pay for her mother's medicine]], because he enjoys cutting up women and making their muscles seize up during sex. After that, he [[spoiler:savagely, gleefully tortures an assassin with his saw-edged sword and severs the leg of the unarmed woman that led him and Rin to the trap]]. After losing both of his hands to Manji, Shira is saved by his employer, who asks if he's chosen a new set of hands yet; he raped a hooker (to death) and young boy (who provides his new pair of hands) all night long in his cell. Later on, he mutilates and brutally cuts a woman to pieces, gags her with her own ''dismembered hand'', impales her through the breasts, and rapes her to death, while ''eating parts of her corpse''. After finding [[spoiler:Rin]], he strips her of everything but an open shirt, tied huge rocks to her feet and left her tied to a dock, half submerged in water ''during winter''. It's exceptional how well Shira can execute numerous [[BaitTheDog baits of actually appearing sincere]]. His heartfelt speech to Rin aims [[spoiler: to drive in how he killed and ate her dog.]] Helping Renzo seek revenge is aiming to [[spoiler: Force Renzo to be a sex toy for Shira's abusive benefit.]] Truly emotional pleading of Renzo to call off his revenge [[spoiler: ends with a spiteful "never listen to men like me!", which thus end up putting the latter in even worse a state than before.]] Eventually, Shira gets saddled with [[FateWorseThanDeath one of the most satisfying ends ever written for a manga]].
* While Diva, the EvilTwin of heroine Saya has her share of crimes in ''Anime/BloodPlus'', the true monster is her [[DragonInChief Chevalier Amshel Goldsmith]], an unscrupulous MadScientist who values Diva solely for his scientific curiosity. Amshel's experiments with Joel Goldsmith helped to turn Diva into the AxCrazy creature we see in present. Amshel handles most of the planning for Diva's team, and has no compunction killing anyone he thinks is a threat- even Diva's own Chevaliers. Amshel's actions lean to numerous deaths from the Chiropteran outbreaks and even when Diva is dead, all Amshel cares about is stealing her baby daughters to experiment on later.
* Gostello from ''Anime/BlueCometSPTLayzner'', a [[HumanAliens Gradosian]] officer who takes WeHaveReserves UpToEleven - his only real joy is killing people, the more defenseless the better, and his lust for blood is such that he often murders his own men just to get a kick out of it. Logic tells him that killing his own men might prove detrimental to him as well...but he's so AxCrazy that he just ''doesn't care''. To cement his Complete Monster status, in fact, he often refers to his victims as "prey" or "meat" and gets all tingly at the prospect of murdering people in the most gruesome of ways. Truly a monster, if there ever was one in such a dark RealRobot series. [[spoiler: And his hilarious death of getting stepped on by a giant mech? WELL EARNED.]]
* The manga version of Hagatai from ''Manga/{{Bokurano}}'' seduces his girlfriend's middle school aged sister, convincing her that he loves her, only to then have her gang-raped. He then blackmails her into staying silent, while he moves on to his next target. His motivation, beyond ephebophilia, is the sick thrill that he gets out of hurting her, while knowing that her family continues to trust him. He may not have been an alien, or the operator of a HumongousMecha, but when it comes to being just plain disgusting, no one else in the manga comes close.
* Bryan J. Mason, later known as Largo, from ''Anime/BubblegumCrisis'' is the BigBad of the first part of the series. A CorruptCorporateExecutive who manipulates the [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot Boomers]] by kidnapping a child boomer so he can gain access to the technology that allows him to pinpoint a KillSat in space and had one of his own Boomers go berserk to force her to panic and unleash the KillSat in a boomer populated area. When he's first shown on screen in episode 3, he heartlessly evicts the tenants of a poor neighborhood and has his demolition crews continue their job even though a woman is still trapped inside the building-he only stops them after she is dead to rub it into the heroine Priss's face. After his supposed death, he reappears as a Boomer named Largo who manipulates a group of {{Sex|bot}}aroids, leading to most of their deaths and tricks the final Sexaroid Anri into believing Priss had murdered her best friend Sylvie to make Anri stab Sylvia. Larog then uses his KillSat on multiple occupied cities to [[TheStarscream destroy the bases of his former masters]] without care that the blasts consume entire city blocks. For all his rhetoric on 'equality', he sneers that Sylvie was 'just a sexaroid' before killing Anri in front of Priss and declaring his intent to [[AGodAmI become a god]] before being defeated when he tries to [[TakingYouWithMe take everyone with him using his]] KillSat toy to satisfy his ego.

[[folder:C, D]]
* ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'': [[BigBad Colonel Muska]] is one of the few antagonists from a Creator/HayaoMiyazaki film who is purely evil. Muska was a ruthless government secret agent who tried to [[TakeOverTheWorld take the flying city]] by force. Along the way, he committed many heinous crimes such as kidnapping Sheeta and Pazu, and also threatening to [[WouldHurtAChild kill Pazu]] if Sheeta didn't give him the amulet. When he finally conquers Laputa, however, he [[DrunkOnTheDarkside became mad with power]] and proceeded to [[BadBoss toss his own henchmen from the floating city]], all while laughing about it. He also threatened to shoot Sheeta's ears off after she tried to convince him that the people left Laputa because it was inhabitable.
* Terra of the Left in ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' is a HolierThanThou murderer and a member of the elite Vatican unit God's Right Seat. Unlike his [[WellIntentionedExtremist less psychotic colleagues]], Terra exists only to kill those who aren't Catholic, not even seeing them as human beings. To assist in regaining his power, Terra outright slaughters a host of tourists without [[WouldHurtAChild even sparing the children]], which prompts his [[AntiVillain comrade Acqua of the Back]] to turn on him. Terra's goal is no less than the utter genocide of every man, woman and child who won't serve the Vatican.
* ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun'':
** Kihara Gensei is an [[EvilOldFolks elderly member]] of the [[BigScrewedUpFamily evil Kihara family]] and a MadScientist obsessed with creating a 'Level 6' Esper. In one of his experiments, Gensei fostered a relationship between one of his scientists and a class of children known as the 'Errors.' Manipulating her affection for them, Gensei's experiments overloaded their minds and put them in comas. He was not above murder of those in his path, or experimenting on his family, even his own grandchildren. He viewed this as utterly worth it for the 'samples' he collected. Gensei also tried to turn [[TheAce the heroine Mikoto Mikasa]] into a Level 6 Esper as well- knowing that the surge of power she would give off would destroy Academy City, killing most of its 24 million residents.
** His granddaughter Therestina Lifeline is just as twisted. Not content with living in her grandfather's shadow, Therestina assumed control over the child Errors experiment. Therestina put the heroines through a series of mental torture while intending to overload the Errors in their comas, which would kill them and create an effect called poltergeisting: a process that would destroy all of Academy City and cause Therestina herself to be imbued with the power of a Level 6, allowing her to 'transcend' her mortality and exist as a deity of pure energy.
* Norose Genichi of ''VisualNovel/ChaosHead'' is a sneering, arrogant maniac with [[AGodAmI a god complex]] who specializes in the MindRape of young girls. Operating as TheChessmaster to get the heroes, superpowered beings called Gigalomaniacs, to do what he wants to further his ends, Norose also destroyed one's sense of self to make him break down. It also revealed he had another's family in an experiment, using her mother as a test subject in creating matter from artificial delusions. He forced a woman who had lost her baby to have a new one from her delusions until he decided he'd gotten enough information and ended the experiment, causing the woman [[GoMadFromTheRevelation to lose her mind and stab her eyes out]] which Norose found quite amusing. While Norose claims he is a WellIntentionedExtremist, he is nothing more than a petty tyrant with a god complex seeking to enact his designs on [[StrawNihilist a world he sees as having no point]] by hurting those in his way.
* Roxanne of Love and Hate, the former greatest warrior and 'Number One' of the Organization in ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'' differs from the majority of other villains in the series by being a cruel, violent sadist. Initially a low ranking warrior, Roxanne began to seduce, befriend and eventually murder stronger warriors after stealing their techniques. Eventually, she set her sights, on number One Cassandra, but when she saw Cassandra's technique, she spitefully decided she hated it and gave Cassandra the hated name 'Dust-Eater.' She later set up Roxanne's only friend to die a torturous death at the hands of a monstrous Awakened Being and mocked Cassandra that the other warrior had looked as if she had 'enjoyed' the beast playing with her, so interfering wouldn't have been right. Just as Roxanne had known she would, Cassandra snapped and attacked her. Roxanne used the entire other forty-five warriors as shields, relishing in their fear of Cassandra and cackling how hideous Cassandra's abilities her. when Cassandra finally reached Roxanne, Roxanne gleefully impaled her head with the pommel of her sword.
* Luciano Bradley, the Knight Of Ten from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' is a PsychoForHire BloodKnight for the Britannian Knights of the Round who is utterly despised by almost everyone around him. Luciano appears to be a member of the group solely so he can kill other people and be lauded for it, and when Kallen is held captive, Luciano makes advances to indicate he's going to rape her before fellow knight Gino stops him. Luciano participates in an assault on Japan and is positively gleeful about slaughtering every Japanese person he can get his hands on before facing off with Kallen. He has no compunction sacrificing or killing his own men and seems to even relish the chance to do so. Hateful, cruel and bloodthirsty, it's telling that none of his fellow knights even mind when Luciano's dead.
* The [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast appropriately]] [[MeaningfulName named]] Vicious of ''Anime/CowboyBebop''. The reasonable response to your best friend seeing your girlfriend is ''not'' to [[SadisticChoice sadistically force her to decide between her own death and having to kill her lover herself]]. Vicious has loyalty to nobody and thinks nothing of betraying former comrades to death or prison...he doesn't even register when men loyal to him give their lives as they're expendable to him. He also has no qualms about betraying anyone, whether he's usurping power from his leaders or cutting the throat of the foster father who saved his life.
* ''Anime/CuteyHoney'': Jewel Princess from the updated series is a PsychoLesbian who runs a jewelry shop as a front for entrapping beautiful girls. When she finds one she wants, she has her brought to the basement, stripped naked and subjected to a gas that results in the girl being turned into a statue, so she can preserve their beauty and keep them around for her to admire. She even [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming loves their screams of despair and pain]] as they're converted into statues. She [[ForcedToWatch forces the captive heroine Honey to watch]] as she does this to an innocent girl, and once Honey bests her in a fight, Jewel Princess takes a serum to change into a monstrous creature to simply rend Honey apart that way.
* ''Manga/DanceInTheVampireBund'':
** The Three Lords of clans Rozenmann, Ivanovic, and Li are all nasty customers, with Ivanovic being the most overtly brutal of the lot. In the past, the three destroyed and usurped all the other great vampire clans before murdering their sovereign, Queen Lucretia, and only sparing Lucretia's young daughter Min as a future tool for breeding for one of them. While Li hasn't been seen as much, he, Ivanovic and Rozenmann participate in a contest to determine who has possession of Mina: by sending their best assassins after her love interest Akira with the winner taking the prize, and subjecting Mina to a degrading chastity test so she knows she is the property of the three.
*** Ivanovic, as the most vicious and unhinged of the three Lords, leads a brutal attack on the Bund to capture Mina for his own pleasure. Once there, he deliberately targets civilians, and has the innocent fangless vampires executed to draw Mina out of hiding. He also uses as shock troops werewolves he's tortured into feral beasts that have forgotten their own humanity. Ivanovic at points attempts to rape Mina when he can and has a disturbing [[{{Lolicon}} taste for young girls]], not caring that Mina is in her younger body as opposed to her adult form; he even declares he'll only enjoy her adult body ''after'' he's had his pleasure of the younger one. In the past,[[BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy he was also Grigori Rasputin]] and drove Russia into chaos and ruin. Mina barely rescued Grand Duchess Anastasia from being dragged to his bed chambers at the end.
*** Rozenmann, TheChessmaster. The most elegant, handsome, [[TheDandy well dressed]] and [[FauxAffablyEvil polite]] of the three Lords, Rozenman is also the most intelligent and manipulative. He tricks Ivanovic into invading the Bund, knowing the death and destruction that will result. Planning for his fellow Lord's death, Rozenmann set up Mina to be kidnapped and replaced by a doppleganger whose terrorist attacks he was secretly financing and patronizing. With Mina in his hands, Rozenmann has Akira killed (though he was FakingTheDead) solely to break Mina further, and injects her with a drug to freeze her in adult form to rape her later. While Ivanovic is a wild, furious warlord, Rozenmann manipulates nearly every bad thing to happen in the series, with nary a care as to the many innocent lives or mental trauma he leaves behind him in his quest of domination.
** Comparatively minor villain he may be, but the vampire crime boss Gabe from volume 11 uses his short screen time well. Gabe is a vampire sworn to Rozenmann living in New York where he's a vampire, pedophile and maker of child pornography who routinely taunts a stripper about paying a visit to her daughter Susy, who can't be more than six. After he learns the stripper is sheltering the runaway Mina, Gabe violently murders her friend and storms her apartment, immediately noticing how Susy is prettier than he imagined and attempting to seize her before Mina stops him. Gabe uses Susy and her mother as hostages so Mina surrenders under promises they won't be harmed. While Rozenmann's [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy honorable werewolf retainer Gerhard]] is willing to give the assurance, Gabe makes it clear he has zero intention of not coming back for Susy and when Mina asks to feed, he [[TooDumbToLive comments he thought her child form was much hotter and if he can have Susy when Mina is done.]] Mina remarks he has mistaken her ''grievously'' before she [[KarmicDeath rips his throat out]], commenting his blood is as foul as his soul.
** Radovan Elichenko in life was a Serbian war criminal who, during the Bosnian wars led his troupe of soldiers into a village while the men were away and slaughtered the elderly and the children. The women suffered worse. Any woman in their teens or over where taken and subjected to endless rapes and tortures. To escape justice, Elichenko became a ''Cudoviste'' or monster in the Slavic tongue- a vampire. He then joined Lord Ivanovic and carried out [[WouldBeRudeToSayGenocide 'purges']] of any leftover clans in Ivanovic's territory. After fleeing to the Bund and betraying Ivanovic to gain sanctuary, Elichenko was confronted by the father of one of his victims who had become a vampire to hunt Elichenko down. when presented with a picture of the girl he'd raped and tortured, Elichenko sneered [[ButForMeItWasTuesday he'd done 'thousands of Bosniak sluts']] and only remembered them by how they looked 'down there' before mocking him about having probably slept with his daughter because 'Muslim men love to control their women.' He then proceeded to assume [[OneWingedAngel his true form]] to kill him, unaware that the rage inside a grieving father was [[AssholeVictim far more powerful than Elichenko knew]].
* Gildorome of ''Anime/{{Dancougar}}'' is perhaps the single most depraved character in the series. While Death Gaia and Helmut are insane, their way of thinking is extremely straightforward. Shapiro, however, preferred his knowledge of earth geography and his battle tactics to take down the Cyber Beast Force. Gildorome? No, instead of using conventional methods, he preferred psychological methods, such as using a Lotus-Eater Machine to hypnotize a whole town to kill them when they can't even fight back. In the long run, his method caused the highest number of innocent victims in the most brutal way possible.
* ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'':
** Claude from the Gaiden is the nastiest Contractor in the anime. While most Contractors are simply amoral, Claude is a relentless sadist who enjoys tormenting people by disguising himself as their loved ones to get a rise from them. His ultimate goal to awaken [[EldritchAbomination Izanami]] to commit genocide on his fellow Contractors, solely [[ForTheEvulz for the fun involved]] in it. He compounds this by unleashing Izanami's powers to murder a group of Contractors who simply wanted to live in peace.
** From the manga, ''Flower Of Darkness'' we have Coach Daisuke Mioka, a perfect example of how HumansAreBastards in the series. Daisuke is the handsome young coach of an all girls' academy, but is also a serial womanizer and [[HotForStudent has affairs with his impressionable, starstruck students]], making web porn of them. When one of them, Azusa, finds out, Daisuke tries to silence her by convincing her best friend, his cousin, another conquest, to talk to Azusa so he can save the day from a group of his friends who want to rape them. Daisuke mentions to his friends to go ahead, but he'll just be 'a little late' so they can have their fun and later drugs a teacher so he can sleep with her. When Hei is talking the newly empowered Azusa from leaving Daisuke alone, he gloats how happy he made her, and how [[HeManWomanHater it's all the fault of women for what he's done]] and tries to fry Azusa with a stun gun, which enrages the normally taciturn Hei into trying to kill him in cold blood.
** The Contractor [[BigBad antagonist]] of ''Flower Of Darkness'', Harvest serves as an EvilCounterpart to Hei. While Hei embraces his humanity, Harvest [[FantasticRacism considers humans weak and pathetic]] an offers humans in mental torment his Black Dandelion, the 'Flower of Darkness' to grant them power at the price of [[DealWithTheDevil murdering their best friend]], not mentioning the flower strips the victim of morality and restraints...and he often gives it to the target as well to see who will kill the other first. Harvest's entire motivation is he was once informed he was inferior to the then fully human Hei. Unable to accept it, Harvest opens the Black Dandelion to infect every human in Tokyo, and from there on the rest of the world, to turn humans into amoral monsters like him so he can judge for himself if morality is necessary and there is "nothing within me." Defined his selfishness and narcissism, when the Black Dandelion is stopped, Harvest declares '''I alone am the future!''' before using his enhanced powers to attempt to simply obliterate [[OmnicidalManiac the entire remainder of the planet.]]
* ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'':
** [[FromNobodyToNightmare Formerly a reclusive and indifferent otaku]], Tsunenaga Tamaki becomes a tyrant who cares for absolutely nothing but himself and his games. Case in point: when the Great Tokyo Earthquake occurs, he leaves his mother to die so he could find a backup generator. He is also responsible for designing the prison and forcing prisoners to participate in [[DeadlyGame Death Games]] by poisoning them upon arrival and only awarding antidotes to their winners. As a sadist who sees defeating the Wretched Egg as a game, he also creates the Forgeries, prisoners who are turned into artificial Deadmen and [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashed]] into obeying Tamaki's orders.
** Rinichiro Hagire, the prison's real director and the series' BigBad, is a sadistic sociopath [[MadScientist who will do just about anything for his research.]] Using Shiro as a guinea pig for research on how to improve a person's immune system, Hagire becomes obsessed over his subject's ability to regenerate. From crucifixion to vivisection, Hagire grows fond of conducting brutal experiments on her and becomes directly responsible for her becoming the [[PersonOfMassDestruction Wretched Egg]]. He also manipulates Chan and En to use their Branch of Sin to [[BodySurf invade and override other people's bodies and personalities]] when he's on the verge of death (including victims such as [[spoiler:Toto Sakigami]]) and cannibalizes the remains of defeated Deadmen.
* [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon Elimona]] of ''Manga/DefenseDevil'' is a {{manipulative|Bastard}} and [[TheSociopath sociopathic]] FallenAngel who believes [[ItsAllAboutMe everything exists for her amusement and pleasure.]] Stripped of her divine position for manipulating humans into warring against one another, Elimona conspired to gain her powers back by manipulating TheHero and good hearted demon Kucabara into being her errand boy. When she reveals her true plans, Elimona poisons Kucabara's friend Idamaria and steals the latent powers of Lilith from her. She sets up the demon world (where demons aren't actually evil) to be subject to genocide at the hands of the angels, while she regains her powers. When she sees Kucabara's brother, WellIntentionedExtremist Legato, planning to destroy the demon world before the Angels can arrive, she threatens to enslave their souls and submit them to a world of slavery at her and the other angels' feet. Elimona displays a LackOfEmpathy for everyone, even her own angel kin, and when defeated, she opts to [[TakingYouWithMe drag as many of Kucabara and his friends into the grave with her as she can.]]
* Revi Rah, the EvilSorcerer BigBad of ''Literature/DemonCityShinjuku'' made a pact with the powers of darkness for power out of envy over his fellow pupil Genichiro being superior to him. Promised power in return for granting the demons dominion over earth, Revi Rah defeats Genichiro but is prevented from summoning the demons further than Shinjuku. Men are killed, women raped and children go missing while Shinjuku becomes a twisted hellhole where demons prowl and Revi Rah himself reigns. When Genichiro's son arrives to stop Revi Rah, the sorcerer tries to have the world's president assassinated and use his daughter as a ritual sacrifice so he can complete his work and give demons dominion over all the world.
* Handsome, charming Dr. Kazutaka Muraki from ''Manga/DescendantsOfDarkness''. As of the start of the series, he's already spent several years systematically kidnapping, dismembering, and vivisecting small children (like [[spoiler: InnocentFlowerGirl Eileen, whose heart he harvests for her friend, Tsubaki]], raping adolescents and infecting them with slow, agonizing fatal diseases (like [[spoiler: Hisoka]]), and seemingly murdering pretty much every grown woman he comes across, whether to use them in scientific experiments to attract the attention of the Shinigami or just for lulz. All of this murder, torture, and rape is really only the means he uses to the end of fashioning a good old MindRape, whether it's mentally torturing a girl madly in love with him into developing split personalities (like [[spoiler: the aforementioned Tsubaki]]), mind-controlling suicidally depressed pop stars into becoming blood-drinking monsters (like [[spoiler: Maria Wong]]), or stalking and harassing one of the Shinigami ([[spoiler: Tsuzuki]]) with so much misdirected guilt that he finally manages to drive him into a [[HeroicBSOD catatonic state]], in which state he fully intended to vivisect the guy and use his powers [[spoiler:to bring his older brother Saki (apparently another CM) back to life, ''so that he could kill him more slowly and painfully'' for the murder of their parents.]]
* ''Anime/{{Devilman}}'':
** Jinmen, the depraved turtle-like demon eats humans alive to [[YourSoulIsMine devour their souls]], leaving an imprint of them on his shell while they are trapped in agony. Jinmen targets vulnerable humans on purpose, with children being a favorite meal, including a 10 year old named Sachiko who had befriended Akira. Those he devours are left [[AndIMustScream alive and conscious]], but trapped until Akira kills him.
** Amon was a demon that was [[DemonicPossession taken inside of Akira Fudo]] but was eventually trapped inside him, existing as Akira's SuperpoweredEvilSide. When Akira crosses the DespairEventHorizon, Amon finally emerges in the OVA ''Amon: The Dark Side Of Devilman''. Amon murders humans and demons [[ForTheEvulz for his own twisted amusement]] and takes delight in [[MindRape mentally torturing Akira with images of him as Devilman devouring his beloved Miki]] and in one of the most memorably horrifying scenes, when Amon discovers a little girl in rubble, he lifts her up before ''eating her alive'', horrifying even other demons.
** Candy from the AMON side story was a SerialKiller before achieving great power. In the post apocalyptic world, Candy ekes out a power base by convincing humans there is no such thing as Devilmen, resulting in purges of countless peaceful humans believed to be demons. Candy takes delight in the deaths of the innocent and simply enjoys wielding power over others.
** From the spinoff ''Manga/ViolenceJack'' we have The Slum King, the BigBad of the story. The most powerful warlord of the Kanto region, the Slum King maintains his power by brutally murdering any in his way and violent conquest where nobody is spared if they resist. The Slum King allows [[RapePillageAndBurn rape, murder and looting]] and when someone really annoys him, he'll simply subject them to ColdBloodedTorture. Perhaps the worst thing he does is the 'Dog-People': cutting off all the limbs of a victim and making them crawl on peg-leg stubs while he keeps them as a SexSlave.
* Lan Asuka from the anime of ''Manga/DevilmanLady'' is revealed as the BigBad of the series and to have been manipulating the heroine Jun the whole time. First awakening Jun's powers as a monstrous Devil Beast by letting another attack and try to rape and eat Jun, Asuka formed [[InLoveWithYourCarnage a lust towards Jun's alter-ego of Devilman Lady]] and constantly toyed with her and her friends. Asuka manipulated conflicts throughout the series between humans and the mostly peaceful Devil Beasts, resulting in camps formed to hold and exterminate all the Devil Beasts. Asuka lured Jun to her and revealed her true intent: despising the world and all in it, Asuka had been born both male and female. Her ultimate goal was to use Jun to become [[AGodIAm a new God of the world]]. Asuke paralyzed Jun and then, demanding Jun 'prove' her love for Asuka, raped a traumatized and terrified Jun before informing her [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness Jun had been born solely for her and would now die for her]] before disposing of her. When Jun returned, the newly deified Asuka mocked her, saying being perfect was too good for a 'hideous creature' like Jun before trying to destroy her in their final battle. Valuing her own ego above all else, Asuka was a manipulative and cruel embodiment of lust, cruelty and selfishness.
* Nebiros from ''Manga/{{Diabolo}}'' is known as the most cruel and twisted of Satan's generals. The leader of the Six Great Spirits of darkness, Nebiros has no compunction [[BadBoss sacrificing them to meet his goals]]. When he manifests on earth, he happily tortures a church full of his own worshipers to death with a SlasherSmile on his face. When his survival while [[DemonicPossession inhabiting the hero Rai]] is threatened, Nebiros tries to break free and [[GrandTheftMe possess Rai's friend Ren]], to erase Ren and inhabit his body as a shell.
* Angelika Einstürzen from ''Manga/DogsBulletsAndCarnage'' is a MadScientist whose specialty is human experimentation, and [[WouldHurtAChild she starts on her test subjects when they're young children]]. Chronologically, the first thing we see her do is tell Heine, a member of one test group, that if he took part in an extremely dangerous experiment, he'd save all of his friends from the same fate. Once it was clear that the experiment was a success, she no longer needed the rest of the test group and had them go berserk and murder each other, and she forced Heine to watch. Next, she sends a large number of her old test subjects to invade the UndergroundCity and slaughter as many people as they could before she blew her soldiers up. She didn't even do this because she had something against the people she had killed, she just wanted to get rid of her old, defective test subjects and at the same time, get the attention of the mayor, who resided on the surface, and [[LackOfEmpathy she figured the easiest way to kill two birds with one stone was to blow her men up and take hundreds, if not thousands of innocent civilians with them]]. Afterwards, she sends [[HiveMind one of her many bodies]] to one of the districts hit hardest by her attack and tells the people there that their friends and family, who had been kidnapped long ago, were among the attackers that the people had killed, just to see how horrified they would be. It's telling that one of the nicest things we can say about her is that she [[ElectricTorture shocked]] one of a pair of young twin sisters who understandably didn't want to go back to her for more brainwashing and MindRape. She does all this for one of two very simple reasons: [[ForScience scientific research]] and [[ForTheEvulz amusement]].
* Izumi Ran of ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}'' not only kidnaps his rival Masaomi's girlfriend and gloatingly breaks both of her legs to get revenge on him, but also delivered a truckload of abuse on his own brother, Aoba, for extremely [[EvilIsPetty petty]] and [[TheUnfavorite selfish reasons]], namely that Izumi couldn't stand being perceived as 'less' than him. Worse still, he is also a sex offender and even threatens to rape Earthworm after already putting her through a massive beatdown. Even despite Earthworm's lack of morality, Izumi showed himself as ready to sexually assault her just to force himself on someone helpless.

[[folder:E, F]]
* The manga of ''Manga/ElfenLied'' brings us the [[NoNameGiven "Unknown Man".]] A monster hunter, assassin and sadistic pedophile who, in order to find our protagonist, crafted a radar system made from a near-human silpelit diclonius who was still alive. Among other things, this involved having a surgeon remove the lower half of her body so that he could carry her around in a sort of backpack, and keeping her in a special tank that left her in excruciating pain to make sure she couldn't use her powers against him. He'd also cut her vocal cords to keep her from screaming, leaving her [[AndIMustScream in a state of hideous agony and begging for death.]] Being the sick bastard that he is, he felt that it would have been a shame to let her body go to waste, so he, in no uncertain terms, raped her before he had her legs removed. It's also heavily implied that he repeatedly raped numerous other diclonii in a similarly brutal fashion. Finally, just when you think this guy couldn't get any more repulsive, he attempts to rape Mayu, a young girl for the chance to 'play' with a human girl for once. Even Bando, a PsychoForHire who kills ForTheEvulz, is [[EvenEvilHasStandards disgusted.]]
* Dewey Novak of ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' likes to act the part of an AffablyEvil and noble military officer, but we later discover he put [[DarkActionGirl his top fighter Anemone]] and multiple girls like her through torturous experiments to make them TykeBomb soldiers. Anemone was the only survivor and it damaged her mind severely. In order to gain support for his war efforts, Dewey engineers enormous levels of civilian casualties, using the StarfishAlien Coralians as a scapegoat to convince humanity they cannot coexist and must wipe out the Coralians. His motivaton is that his [[TakeOverTheWorld world domination plans]] have no place for the Coralians. Most of his motivations boil down to a petty grudge with his [[CainAndAbel younger brother Holland]] and he even made preparations to [[TakingYouWIthMe drag the entire universe to death]] with him should he fail.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'':
** Master Jose Porla of Phantom Lord has a bad case of [[EvilIsPetty envy towards Fairy Tail for its sudden rise in power]] and wealth due to Lucy (which neither she nor the guild had intention of using) drove him to use [[BloodKnight Gajeel]] to destroy the guild hall. Makarov, Fairy Tail's master, wasn't prepared to retaliate...until Jose later [[StuffedInAFridge hung up Team Shadow Gear as an example]] after having them viciously beaten. This earns [[PapaWolf Makarov]]'s wrath and when the two encounter each other, [[spoiler: Jose being an illusion]], he shows no ill will and says some small talk to further enrage his rival, [[spoiler: enough for his minion to drain him of all his magical power temporarily]]. After Lucy angers him when he kidnaps her, Jose's first step is to have his [[ItMakesSenseInContext guild robot]] destroy a town and then he proceeds to defeat and torture Erza. He also attempts to use his magic cannon to annihilate Fairy Tail and their guild hall. This is all because Makarov said, [[DisproportionateRetribution while drunk, that his guild was better while at an annual guild meeting]].
** [[PsychoForHire Zancrow]] is one of the elite members of Grimoire Heart, another of the top Dark Guilds. what sets Zancrow apart from others is how his only [[AxCrazy apparent motivation in life is to kill and destroy whatever he can.]] Zancrow feigns concern and care for members of his own Guild but after several are defeated by Natsu, he shows no hesitation or remorse in burning them alive. Zancrow makes certain to attempt to kill nearly everyone he meets, be they combatant or not. When he catches his ally Meredy coming over with an unconscious Zeref, he instantly assumes she's betrayed Grimoire Heart and attempts to murder her as well.
* Ryunosuke Uryu of ''LightNovel/FateZero'', the master of the equally sadistic and twisted Caster Gilles de Rais. Initially a serial killer who targeted women, children and whole families, Ryunosuke opted to read a magic spell on a whim which led to him summoning the fiendish Caster who began to help his master learn how to really hurt others. Ryunosuke would capture children for himself and Caster to kill together and help his servant torture others. Ryunosuke found nothing so amazing as watching Caster kill others in inventive ways. While Caster once cared about Jeanne D'Arc, Ryunosuke's only interest was seeing how much depravity he could get away with. His last moments of life were even spent admiring his own blood and marveling how beautiful it was.
* [[WhiteHairBlackHeart Bai Lian]] of ''Manga/FengShenJi'' manages to eclipse many of his fellow JerkassGods for evil. One of the Sage Kings of heaven, Bai Lian engages TheHero Wu Geng in combat and reminds Wu Geng of when he was enslaved in the mines. It is then revealed Bai Lian has murdered every slave who ever befriended or helped Wu Geng and presents their preserved heads to him. Bai Lian says he had no reason to kill them. [[ForTheEvulz He just felt like it.]] He is also forcing the mines' master, who loved the slaves, to assist him by holding the man's beloved son hostage. When Wu Geng convinces Master Li to help him, Bai Lian orders the child killed without a second thought. He also lures Wu Geng to where Wu Geng's grandfather Fu Yi is held hostage so Wu Geng will be forced to euthanize him. Bai Lian chose that spot solely so he could bask in Wu Geng's despair, knowing what the young hero would be forced to do and how it would affect him.
* You get some of these in ''Manga/FrankenFran'' (and before anyone even considers it, Fran ''doesn't'' count; she's [[BlueAndOrangeMorality physically and psychologically unable to realize what she's doing may not be morally acceptable]], and besides, she genuinely wants to help people even when her priorities are skewered). One of her employers, seeking eternal youth, [[spoiler:had any doctor that couldn't completely fulfill her request decapitated (including ''Fran''; Fran, however, could survive it) and their research stolen to increase her wealth]], as well as [[spoiler:mass-murdering clones of herself just to drink a juice made of their eggs]]. Then there's the "Very Lucky Man", a man born with an accelerated HealingFactor. He spent his entire life raping and killing because he knew there was no way to execute him for his crimes.
* On ''Literature/FromTheNewWorld'', K demonstrates why Kamisu 66's Ethics Committee is so desperate to prevent the creation of Akkis. Even before his PK powers came to fruition, K alarmed the village and his family with [[TheSociopath his sociopathic tendencies]]. According to Tomiko Asahina, his subconscious worldview was obsessed with destructive, murderous images and impulses. When the Ethics Committee fails to take action, however, he develops PK and uses these powers to brutally rip his teacher into a bloody stain on the classroom. K becomes euphoric in learning that his [[PowerLimiter Death Feedback]] does not work and he proceeds to butcher every person in his path with a horrifying smile. On the first day of his rampage '''alone''', he kills 1,000 people ([[WouldHurtAChild including everyone from his class]]). Then, after days of endless killing, he finally falls ill and visits the hospital Tomiko worked in. Tomiko and Doctor Tsuchida eventually succeed in poisoning and killing K… but not before [[YourHeadASplode the bastard blows Tsuchida's head off with his PK.]]
* ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'':
** [[TerroristWithoutACause Gauron,]] aka Mister Iron, is [[TheHeavy the main villain]] of the first season of the show. A former mercenary from Hemaljistan (Afghanistan in the light novels) Gauron was the {{archenemy}} of main character, Sosuke Sagara long before the series began. In flashback, we are shown that Gauron was responsible for killing all of Sosuke's comrades in Afghanistan. In the present day Gauron kills a KGB agent he was working for when the man argues with him. He then hijacks an airliner after killing the captain, threatens to murder all the high-school students onboard if the authorities refuse to cooperate, and kidnaps Kaname, whom he has subjected to experiments. When that plan fails, Gauron returns months later, working as a [[NukeEm nuclear arms dealer.]] When Sosuke and his new team try to interfere, Gauron kills all of them except Sosuke gloating the entire time. He later hijacks the entire Tuatha De Danaan submarine, planning, again, to kidnap Kaname, and threatening to sink the entire sub. That's in Season 1. In Season 2, we find out he's the one behind the actions of CreepyTwins [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Yu Fan and Yu Lan,]] whom he sends to kill Kaname as a means of screwing with Sosuke, before blowing himself up in a final attempt at TakingYouWithMe. In all of his appearances, he is incredibly proud of the number of Sosuke's friends he has killed, constantly rubs it in his face, and seems to be trying to push Sosuke into [[DeathSeeker killing him.]] A truly sick individual, Gauron is engaged in a game of psychological warfare with a sixteen year old kid, all because of a warped StalkerWithACrush obsession.
** Gauron's successor and head of Amalgam's Execution Squad, Gates (aka Mister Kallium) is ''[[AxeCrazy completely and utterly off his rocker.]]'' In his first appearance he shoves a man out of a helicopter for questioning his predictions about how a battle may have progressed, has all his former allies slaughtered, then has a FreakOut and kills the men who did it. He later tries to ambush the heroes and kill them, using an attack in a public place as a way to draw them out. He's a truly warped sexual predator as well; he's heavily implied to be taking advantage of teenage girls Yu Fan and Yu Lan, admits to being [[ILoveTheDead a necrophliac,]] and is seen masturbating to images of kittens and squirrels. A spectacularly BadBoss, he drowns one of his men in a pool for bringing him bad news. In the Season 2 finale, after Leonard Tesstarossa has killed one of the twins, Gates uses her corpse as part of a puppet show to taunt the surviving twin, whom he then murders, before making his final assault on Mithril.
* ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'':
** Miboshi is a CreepyChild appearing member of the warriors of Seiryu who [[OlderThanTheyLook is truly far older than he appears.]] Miboshi's MO is to possess his victims and turn them against their friends, forcing the friends to experience the pain of betrayal and delighting at the agony he causes to his host by forcing them to harm the ones they love the most.
** The Emperor of Kutou acts as the commander of the BigBad Nakago until Nakago opts to overthrow him. We soon learn the reason that the villainous Nakago always hated him. A sleazy SmugSnake who sent his armies on campaigns of extermination and conquest, Nakago saw his people slaughtered and his beloved mother being raped by the Emperor's soldiers before his powers awakened and he accidentally killed her and the soldiers. The Emperor decided to use Nakago as a tool from then on, knowing his potential. Captivated by his beauty, he opted to keep him as a SexSlave as well despite Nakago being only a little boy.

[[folder:G, H]]
* The Elementary School Principal, Kuonji, from ''Manga/GakuenAlice''. Kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, child abuse, child slavery, etc. He's not even remotely a good person. At first, he turned [[spoiler: Luna]] against [[spoiler: Yuka]] and made them enemies. Then, after [[spoiler: Yuka's stealng alice was discovered]], he forced her to [[spoiler: go on missions and steal the alices of dying/dead people]]. He was also responsible for [[spoiler: Izumi Yukihira's death, practically brainwashed Rei, AKA Persona, implied to be resposible for Kaoru's death, burned Natsume's hometown by making Aoi's alice go out of control and held her hostage to ensure Natsume's loyalty, caused Yuka's death, and severely injured Narumi. He's currently holding Mikan hostage, preventing her from using her alice to heal Nobara. Oh, and his clone is the boss of the Z organization, which kidnapped Natsume and nearly killed Hotaru.]]
* From ''{{Manga/Gamaran}}...
** Ryugo Daimaru, heir of the Daimaru, is obsessed with the ascendance of the family- or more accurately himself. To that end, Ryugo has cultivated the talent of his mentally unhinged younger brother Sakon who is known as the strongest in the school's history. When Sakon was young, Ryugo threw him into a basement with multiple other prisoners with the promise only one man would be allowed to leave after the others were dead. When a berserk Sakon emerged, Ryugo directed him to kill their father who he determined as worthless. Ryugo uses Sakon's violent side to destroy all those who stand in his way and when Gamaran fights Sakon, Ryugo rants how Sakon isn't allowed to lose because of how perfect Ryugo made him.
** Jinsuke Kurogane, [[WorldsStrongestMan the mightiest sword in the world]] and the most wicked. Jinsuke joined the Ogame school, only to later give its leaders the ultimatum of joining with him to conquer the world or die if they refused. When they showed their reluctance, Jinsuke slaughtered the entire school with his followers, including the friends of his son Gama in front of Gama's eyes, before defeating Gama as well and only sparing him on a whim. Jinsuke shows no hesitance in an attempt to kill Gama later and no remorse in killing his own students should he decide to. He manipulates the Washitzu clan by holding the mother of its new Daimyo captive with her life on the line and builds a power base where he plans to create a world where he, the strongest rules, and any who oppose him fall to his sword. In the end, when asked if he has any regrets, he declares he has not a single one.
** Mario Kujo, initially Jinsuke's [[TheDragon right hand man]], [[DragonWithAnAgenda is in reality a spy for the Shogunate]]. Kujo aided Jinsuke in the slaughter of the Ogame school, not for the sake of his sword skills but for his eventual political power. To that end, Kujo has no compunction destroying sword schools and anyone else while also betraying his own Muho school to be exterminated by the Shogunate. He also, unlike nearly every other fighter, has no compunction cheating in his fights by having guards ambush his victims. In a series defined by honor in battle, Kujo sticks out by having none and viewing all around him as nothing more than stepping stones [[ItsAllAboutMe to his rise to glory]]. Even his initially stoicism is an act as [[NotSoStoic he displays nothing more than glee at killing the brother of one opponent in front of him.]]
* ''Anime/{{Gasaraki}}'':
** Kazukiyo, the eldest son from the Gowa family. He goes so far as to [[spoiler: assassinate a minister of justice in what looks like a tragic road accident, have soldiers injected with PsychoSerum and forced to pilot the series' mecha for 36 hours straight (something that his MadScientist brother Kiyotsugu actually ''[[EvenEvilHasStandards refuses]]'' [[EvenEvilHasStandards to do]]), provide assistance to a WellIntentionedExtremist, allowing him to stage a coup, use his own little sister Misuzu in an experiment due to her powers as a ''kai'' (empath that can synch with the HumongousMecha from the series) - something that, again, Kiyotsugu objects to - and commit patricide (and when his dad was trying to ''save'' Misuzu from him, nonetheless!) in order to achieve his goal.]]
** [[spoiler: His very ancient predecessor, Tsuna Watanabe, isn't any better, deliberately having the city of Kyoto set on fire, letting the firestorm of Gasaraki be summoned, and then torturing Yushiro by shooting him in the knees with arrows when he refuses to let the summoning continue.]]
* Rando from the ''Manga/GetterRobo'' series was an EvilOverlord whose mission was to TakeOverTheWorld even if he had to kill every last human on it. Starting with mass-murder, Rando forcibly converted his victims to mindless killing machine cyborgs and unleashed them on the rest of humanity. He had no compunction using nuclear weapons on citie as well, all borne out of his desire to rule the world.
* ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' has Kazundo Gohda, director of the Cabinet Intelligence Service. A charmless, callous, and totally amoral ManipulativeBastard, Gohda's (largely self-inflicted) InferioritySuperiorityComplex and obsession with Great Man theory led him to kill hundreds with the terrorist-producing Individual Eleven virus, to come within inches of starting a genocidal war, and to try to nuke a crowded city-state half a mile off the coast of Japan just to show that he could. To give some impression of how severely he eclipses the other villains of the series in heinousness, one of his most minor crimes was to deliberately expose labourers to a dangerous work environment (he asked them to excavate a buried ruin, but didn't tell them it was a heavily-irradiated nuclear facility), and then [[HeKnowsTooMuch cover it up with a string of murders]]. Someone else did something similar on much the same scale elsewhere in the series, and it became the driving force of most of the first season.
* ''Manga/GingaDensetsuWeed'':
** Hougen has the distinction of being one of the most vile and cruel canines imaginable. When he encounters the warriors known as the Heroes of Ohu for their defeat of the evil bear Akakabuto, Hougen threatens them by using the life of a young female dog named Reika and has the heroes beaten near to death. Hougen shows no respect for heroism and even defiles the corpses of the dead, even [[BadBoss using his minions as shields]] and sending them [[WeHaveReserves as cannon fodder against enemies he could defeat himself.]] He's also prone to brutal temper tantrums where he slaughters anything around him, loyal or not. Hougen is also a serial rapist and doesn't take well to any [[ChildHater children around.]] At one point, he forced another minion to murder a bunch of abandoned puppies simply because he thought they meant the minion had been hiding females from him.
** Shogun, the [[AxCrazy axe wielding baboon and ruler of the monkeys and apes]], is a vicious tyrant who will kill anyone and anything that gets in his way, or even if it's simply in the area to vent frustration on. What sets Shogun apart is his [[EatsBabies eating habits.]] When he's hungry, he simply wrenches a baby out of the arms of its mother and takes it to his private lair to devour.
* Compared to its American counterpart ''Anime/{{Voltron}}'', the SuperRobot anime ''Anime/GoLion'' brings us this BigBad and his son.
** Emperor Daibazaal, the ruler of the Galran Empire, is a despotic conqueror, slaver and murderer. Seeking to expand his grasp across the Galaxy, Daibazaal conquers planets that will submit and destroys those that will not. The slaves taken are condemned to fight in gladiator arenas, or fed to the monsters on planet Galra for his amusement. Daibazaal has no hesitation at taking attractive slave women as concubines. One that he once favored once begged him to give better treatment to the slaves, for which he strangled her to death. Daibazaal and his son Sincline have a mutual loathing of one another and Daibazaal has no compunction trying to get him killed. Brutal, nasty, smug and cruel, Daibazaal is an example of an EvilOverlord at his worst
** [[TheEvilPrince Prince Sincline]], Daibazaal's son, and [[TheDragon eventual leader of the Galran armies]] is introduced gifting his father with the severed heads of the leaders of worlds he had conquered. Sincline spearheads the invasion against the planet Altea, guarded by the robot [=GoLion=] and its five pilots. Initially honorable and chivalrous, Sincline reveals his true colors when he cheats in single combat and develops a [[StalkerWithACrush fascination with Princess Fala]], one of the pilots. His obsession carries over to abducting her cousin, Princess Amue, who resembles her greatly and abusing (possibly raping) her. Sincline is notorious for his rage at [[BadBoss subordinates]] and failure is usually met with [[YouHaveFailedMe swift and painful death.]]With no loyalty to his father, Sincline tries to assassinate him, before pulling a successful coup where he forces Daibazaal to fight the heroes with the promise he'll be restored to the throne if he wins. Naturally, Sincline sabotages his father and lets Daibazaal die before hemming in [=GoLion=] with innocent prisoners in exploding capsules. When Galra is besieged, the [[DragonAscendant new King Sincline]] slaughters his own subordinates who wish to surrender and has no compunction trying to kill Princess Amue. When his grandmother, Daibazaal's mother and adviser Witch Honerva opposes him in grief over Daibazaal's death, Sincline viciously kills her. He later takes a hostage to insure his escape from Galra and attempts to kill the heroes with a bombardment, declaring as long as he lives, Galra will never die before he is finally brought down by his hostage's HeroicSacrifice.
* Edward King of the manga ''Manga/GreenBlood'' was an Irish Immigrant to New York decades before the series start with his friend Gene [=McDowell=] with whom he founded the Gravediggers gang. Edward grew bored with the Five Points and left- after murdering the woman who had borne him two children, in front of his elder son Brad, inspiring Brad's lifelong hatred and desire for revenge. Years later, Edward returned when the Gravediggers were warring against their rivals, the Iron Butterflies and manipulated both sides, supplying Gene's son Kip with a Gatling Gun simply to make the carnage more fun. After escaping again by threatening Kip's life to Gene, Edward returned to the frontier with his Crimson Gang. When one of them was defeated by Brad, Edward [[YouHaveFailedMe killed him by crushing his skull with his horse's hoof]] simply because the man was helpless and Edward could. Edward initiated a massacre in another town, capping it off by shooting a priest and declaring '''This is my freedom''' before they rode to Montana where Edward supplied his weapons to help wipe out the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors [[WarForFunAndProfit for amusement and gain.]] Edward later faked his capture in Kansas City to plunder its gold reserves and when both his sons confronted him, Edward laughed that he had "forgotten the bitch bore two curs" and engaged them, willing to have his stolen battleship burn down Kansas City and attempting to kill his sons with sadistic relish, mocking his younger son how it would feel to die at a 'real man's' hands.
* [[AristocratsAreEvil Marquis Albert du Blois]] of ''LightNovel/{{Gosick}}'' is the leader of Sauville's Ministry of the Occult. A man obsessed with the supernatural, he viewed his own children as nothing more than tools. After he met a woman who matched the bloodline he was looking for, he kidnapped her and raped her to produce a child before stealing the daughter Victorique from her. Albert apparently manipulated the start of World War 2 and blackmailed the King into making of him the Prime Minister. He also managed to amass a legion of followers by making the people believe that his daughter was a monster.
* In ''Manga/{{Gunnm}}'', most iterations of [[MadScientist Desty Nova]] have been amoral at best and have performed inhumane experiments on humans all for the sake of research on Karma. The latest incarnation, Super Nova, powered by two [[spoiler: [[BrainUploading Brain Chips]]]], direct access to Melchizadek, and an [[FunnyAfro afro]] in his introduction betrayed the main characters and the other two clones of himself to [[KnightTemplar Aga]] [[BigBad Mbadi]], and proceeds to gleefully tell Alita how LADDER is going to send down an army after the [[TournamentArc Z.O.T.T.]] to wipe out The Scrapyard and capture all people on Tiphares for [[spoiler:their brains]]. He then destroyed Alita physically and mentally by telling her [[spoiler:her brain was replaced with a chip and deconstructing her body, causing her remains to fall down a shaft]] all while [[EvilLaugh maniacally laughing]] about it and celebrating over her despair and sadness, which disturbed even his other clones. When he asks if the clones would like to work together with him and they politely decline, stating that their methods have grown too different, [[spoiler: he uses his power to kill [=NovaPod=] and would have killed Nova X if he didn't unplug communication.]] All in his ''[[MoralEventHorizon introduction]]''. While various Novas have been FauxAffablyEvil or AffablyEvil, Super Nova is just plain evil.
* ''{{Manga/Gun x Clover}}''
** [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon Angel Valentine]] shows he's a nasty customer by ambushing the heroine Kotonoha and tying her down before sexually assaulting her. He gleefully enjoys seeing her struggle and shifting through her [[SplitPersonality multiple personalities]] until she realizes she's helpless. Later, he decides to murder two girls he was in charge of protecting solely to piss off Kotonoha's escort Morito by presenting him with their dismembered arms.
** Morito's master. She's openly talks about using children as experiments and making them into soldiers, and has no problems with getting rid of them when they outlive their use. One of experiments with children is so she could gain the ability to use "Dead Language", she used 10000 subjects as guinea pigs, of whom 90 percent died or were incapacitated. When an experiment was successful she would chop the limbs of those that it worked on, and graft it onto herself.
* Minos, the master of Synapse in ''Manga/HeavensLostProperty''. First, there's his xenophobia toward humans, referring to them as "downers" and "bugs". He also beats Nymph whenever she fails her orders (or when he feels like it, really) and constantly threatens to destroy her. It's likely that he treats the other angeloids that way too. He also threatens destruction if they don't provide entertainment for him. This "entertainment" includes such things as ordering Ikaros to annihilate the Tower of Babylon and the surrounding city, which would kill countless people, and placing a bomb around Nymph's neck, triggered to explode if she again failed to bring Ikaros back to Synapse. The worst personal and petty thing he did was probably the time he ordered Nymph to call on her pet bird and prove her loyalty to him by crushing it to death. After she did so, he stomped her face into the ground while laughing about how "That was pretty fun. I'll save scrapping you until next time." Nymph goes on to thank him for not destroying her, which in all those cases, can easily be interpreted as "Thank you for not destroying me today." All this, while wearing a SlasherSmile the entire time. He does these sorts of things after the series fully establishes that the angeloids have feelings and emotions despite their artificial natures. Both of the angeloids in question cry their hearts out after recalling what they were ordered to do. Simply put, the sections that have him in it mean that the plot shows its [[KnightOfCerebus dark and serious side.]]
* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'':
** The leader of the 'Last Battalion'' of the Nazi remnant Millennium, [[BloodKnight The Major]] is an unassuming, jovial [[FatBastard fat little man]] who has one defining characteristic: his love of war. The Major, after surviving World War 2, consolidated his forces in South America where they awaited their chance for one final, glorious combat. Acting behind the scenes, the Major had multiple humans turned into vampires, having them slaughter innocent people to slowly reveal himself to Hellsing. Finally taking center stage, the Major launched an attack on London, obliterating everything he saw and having his men slaughter every living thing in sight, including babies. The Major confesses there is no end goal for it: the means of combat and war are their own end. The Major shows no hesitation in killing one of his own officers when he objects to the Major carelessly sacrificing their soldiers, and his ultimate goal is to die at the conclusion of his war, after having created one last great display of carnage he so loves.
** Zorin Blitz lays siege to the Hellsing mansion with her forces and {{mind rape}}s Seras by delving deep into her memories and forcing her to relive her painful childhood, where she had to watch her parents be murdered by gangsters and her mother's corpse being raped. While Seras is trapped in the illusion, Zorin hacks off her arm, stabs her through the back, and cuts her eyes. [[BadassNormal Pip]] and his two remaining squad members arrive and manage to temporarily disable Zorin by shooting her multiple times. Pip tries to escape with the badly wounded Seras, but Zorin kills him by stabbing him through the back with her scythe. To top it all off, as Seras cradles his dead body and cries for him, Zorin mocks Pip, calling him an "insect", and prepares to kill Seras and her fellow soldiers. [[spoiler: This was enough to provoke Seras into absolutely [[CurbStompBattle curb stomping]] Zorin and her forces to death and pulling a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Zorin by scraping her face against the wall at superhuman speed until her head remains as nothing more than a red smear on the wall]].
* ''Manga/HiganbanaNoSakuYoruNi'': Yoshihito Kanamori, a SadisticTeacher, and a dark, twisted version of the typical {{Lolicon}} you would normally see in anime, and he isn't PlayedForLaughs. He started off as the homeroom teacher of Marie Moriya, a young girl who was bullied by her classmates. He used to defend her from the bullies, until the stress of his job got to him and he started to take his stress out on Marie. His supplementary lessons include molesting her and putting it on camera. When Marie gathered up enough courage to stand up to him, he strangles her to death, singing her a song about graduation from life to death while doing so, then dumps her corpse in the old school's septic tank. When he encounters Marie's spirit in the restroom, he gives her a long TheReasonYouSuckSpeech about her not going to the police to report on him while she was still alive and called her an imbecile who couldn't fend for herself. He then opens the door to one of the bathroom stalls, and upon finding that Marie has apparently physically manifested, he attempts to strangle Marie a second time. When the deed was seemingly done, he proceeds to rape the corpse when he notices it was still there.
* SadistTeacher Sidou of ''Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead'' first shows he's a man to fear when, during a zombie attack, when a student he's guiding twists his ankle and begs Sidou for help. Sidou's response was to kick him in the face, and gloating over the poor kid's impending death and his own survival by telling that the new world had no place for people that weak. Then he uses his position as a teacher to get himself elected leader of the surviving group. Sidou sets out to make himself a cult leader, promoting sexual activity amongst the kids to make them loyal to Sidou. When a student doesn't like the action going on in the "orgybus" and asks if he can just be dropped off at his house to see if his family is ok. Sidou and his group, who are at this point a cult, decide that the best way to grant his wish is to throw him out of the bus and let him get eaten. In a ZombieApocalypse, Shidou stands out as more evil and vile than any walking corpse.
* Soujin, the BigBad from ''Manga/{{Hiuri}}'', is a rather nasty individual. Consumed by obtaining the power of the Hiuri, he willingly lets an Evil Spirit possess him and he slaughters the Kiriba Clan he was supposed to serve in a bloody coup d'tat. He takes a young, highly skilled ninja named Soujiro and mutilates by removing his arm and eye and forces him to be his [[TheDragon Dragon]] and renames him Kiriga. Soujin then orders hundreds of deaths all over Japan, leads the direct conflict of a former young Heiga Clan ninja named Korin with her old best friend [[TheLancer Hime]] who is forced to kill her. And finally, to spite the Kiriba Clan for its failures he engineers another civil war which ends with only ''one'' survivor. A lust for power is what defines him, and is what ultimately destroys him from the combined efforts of Kiriga and [[TheHero Gen]].
* ''Manga/{{Holyland}}'' has Yagi, through and through. He kidnaps the hero's LoveInterest Mai, force-feeds her the drug True to get her into a state of severe addiction, and ties her up in a place where three of his henchmen might possibly rape her, and he's got the whole thing being video-recorded and broadcast over the Internet via his cellular phone as a way to keep Yuu from fighting back while Yagi's thugs beat him to a pulp. Even his boss King, while a SmugSnake, doesn't sink this low.
* Ryogaku of ''Manga/HoushinEngi''. The first thing he does is inject the heroes with a virus in order to make them surrender. However, he truly crosses into this by their next fight, when he has a monster experiment try to kill Nataku's father with his mother inside its belly in order to prevent attacks. The kicker, the monster is actually his own son, Bagen, who he made into a mindless monster in the false assurance that he'd be made stronger and shows no concern when he's dying.
* Shaiapouf of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard in ''Manga/HunterXHunter''. While his fellow two Royal Guard members are genuinely loyal to their King Meruem, Shaiapouf's level of devotion approaches a disturbing fanaticism that extends only to the King of his imagination and desires that he projects onto Meruem. Shaiapof tries to push the King into greater atrocities: conquering a nation for himself and turning the inhabitants into a food supply with plans to expand this dominion throughout the world while killing humans for sport and food. When the King forms a close bond with a blind girl named [[MoralityPet Komugi]], Shaiapouf forms a deep loathing for her and admits he would abandon his respect for the King should he turn from the path Shaiapouf wants. When grievous injuries give the King amnesia, Shaiapouf takes the opportunity to try to murder the helpless Komugi and arranges pointless battles between one of his comrades and the heroes, openly plotting to murder his comrades should they 'lapse' by his ridiculously high standards. Shaiapouf plans to use the King's amnesia to manipulate him into conquest, though his plan fails when the King remembers Komugi in the end. When the King muses on how amazing being human must be, Shaiapouf uses the final moments of his life to scream in disgusted rage and despair.

[[folder:I, J]]
* ''Manga/IchiTheKiller'' is a twisted manga, and its VillainProtagonist and his CoDragons reflect this
** Kakihara, a twisted sadomasochist whose boss is murdered by the titular [[PsychopathicManchild Ichi]], begins a hunt for the mysterious assassin in his obsession to discover the ultimate pain. Kakihara participates in a number of murders of Yakuza and civilians alike and has no compunction about allowing rape or torture to occur under his watch. ColdBloodedTorture is his specialty; he tortures one man by hanging him from multiple needles and hurling hot tempura oil over his bleeding back. Obsessed with the point where pain and pleasure meet, Kakihara terrifies all who meet him.
** The CreepyTwins and CoDragons to Kakihara, Jiro and Saburo, brag they've raped hundreds of women. Driven to outdo one another, they introduce themselves by asking a pair of lovers who the women preferred in bed. When the women give an answer, the offended twin viciously tortures and kills them. The two later abduct a prostitute after brutalizing her and rape her to get her pimp to talk. Despite Kakihara's orders not to kill them until he verifies their information, the two play a game to see who can hurt the two worse solely to prove who's better at causing pain. When one accidentally kills the pimp, the other kills the girl just to prove he can kill someone as well. After Ichi kills Jiro, Saburo is only angry because [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou he wanted to kill his brother himself one day.]] He then proceeds to kill a man Kakihara tortured earlier and rapes and murders the girl with him, before killing her with a knife through her genitals.
* ''Manga/InuYasha'' has Naraku, the BigBad of the series. He is responsible for nearly every atrocity in the series. He is a half demon who wishes to become a full demon by using the sacred Shikon Jewel. How does he want to go about doing this? By messing up the lives of every single one of the main cast's lives because he can. He was responsible for Miroku's Wind Tunnel curse, Sango's brother becoming BrainwashedAndCrazy, reviving a group of serial killers to slaughter his enemies, and sending his minions to kill villagers to lure the protagonists to him. He's a mastermind at manipulating others to do his bidding and he's killed Kikyo numerous times because he wants to remove the only side of him that could possibly be redeemable. If that wasn't bad enough, he essentially was responsible for Kikyo and Inuyasha's falling out and killed a huge margin of Koga's wolf clan. He's also not above killing his minions if they choose to disobey him and killing innocents if they even so much as become inconvenient to him.
* The Marionette King from ''Manga/{{Is}}'' (real name Samejima as revealed in the I''s Pure anime) is a senior in [[OfficialCouple Ichitaka and Iori's]] high school. When Iori's photo shoot makes her well-known, he's at the forefront of the other seniors who gather in front of the window of her acting club and sexually harass her before starting to chant her to strip. From her reaction to this it is clear that this is very emotionally damaging to her. After that, he organizes a fake photo-shoot of the girl students in order to secretly film them while they're changing, with Iori being the real target. When she notices the hidden camera and tries to get out, she's almost raped by his underlings. As a result of the incident, the Marionette King and other seniors are expelled from the school. He then concocts an elaborate plan that lures Iori into a dilapidated building where she is trapped by him and his gang with the intention of raping her as revenge for getting him expelled. When this plot is foiled by Ichitaka and Jun he vanishes from the story only to reappear in the last couple of volumes where under his internet moniker "Marionette King" he sends messages declaring Iori as his "puppet" and his intention to rape and kill her and sell the snuff video of it. When Ichitaka fights him at the end the Marionette King has been driven further insane by drug use. Even when he's defeated, the Marionette King can only think about raping and killing Iori. The only reason that he stalked Iori was because he was obsessed with her and wanted revenge for his expulsion from school. He blamed everyone but himself for his self-inflicted trouble and was unrepentant to the end.
* ''Anime/JinkiExtend'''s Kalis Norman in both the anime and manga continuities.
** In the anime, Kalis manages to establish himself as one of these in less than [[OneSceneWonder ten minutes screentime]], completely altering the tone of an otherwise tame and derivative show with his very presence. Disguising himself as thirteen year old Satsuki's older brother, he gets close to her, slashes her with his [[SinisterScythe scythe]], brutalises her, and then rapes her, ranting the entire time about how she should "be good for her big brother". When the rest of the Angel team arrive, Kalis tries to escape, taking Satsuki with him, and [[EvilGloating gloating]] about how he's going to continue "loving her like a brother". When Akao attempts to stop him, Kalis tries to kill her with one hand, while continuing to grope Satsuki with the other throughout the fight, snickering about how easy it was to do this to her. His actions leave Satsuki completely shattered, and of all the people in [[BigBad Shiva]]'s employ he's easily the most despicable.
** [[AxeCrazy Kalis]] is even worse in the manga, where he's essentially a [[RapeAsDrama Rapist]] [[PsychoForHire For Hire]]. Employed by ''de facto'' BigBad [[DarkActionGirl Shiva]] for the purpose of [[BreakTheCutie breaking]] potential Angel pilots, Kalis assaults and rapes one of the main girls, driving her into a HeroicBSOD. When she refuses to scream for him, Kalis has a minor FreakOut ("[[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming You boring bitch, you won't even scream]]!") and starts cutting her up with his scythe; when the rest of Angel team interferes, he tries to kill them all. Reappearing at the end of the volume, Kalis ambushes Satsuki and [[AttemptedRape tries to rape her as well]], only to be halted by the male lead. Returning again in volume three, Kalis tries to apply his craft to the entire Angel team, via a giant, fluid spraying, tentacle rape machine. A raving [[HeManWomanHater misogynist]], who gets off on the psychological damage he inflicts as much as the actual rape, and thoroughly warps the tone of the story with every appearance, Kalis is never less than absolutely disgusting.
* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''
** Dio Brando. He has no compunctions forcing people to do his bidding, and if they do that, it's no guarantee of survival (think the rich man who drives him around in Part III). His shadow also looms large over all antagonists that follow him, with all of them being connected to him in some way, and he's [[spoiler:directly responsible for the events of Part VI, where all the main characters die]]. He used his [[spoiler:time-stopping]] stand to force someone to eat a dead cat and stab someone else in the face - and he did this just because he could. In Part I, after being adopted by Jonathan Joestar's father, he proceeded to make Jonathan's life a living hell with the intent of discrediting Jonathan with even his own father. In this way, Dio planned to become the only inheritor of the Joestar fortune and estates. He beat up Jonathan, humiliated his girlfriend, burned his dog alive, tried to poison his father, and forfeited his humanity to become a nigh-immortal vampire. Dio then embarked on a killing spree across London, with his atrocities including [[spoiler:cornering a young woman, who begged Dio to spare her baby. Dio agreed, promising not to kill the baby, but killed the woman only to revive her as a zombie. True to his word, he left the baby, but watches as the zombified woman proceeded to eat her own child in front of him. He refused to die after being defeated, with his severed head returning at the very end to attack the cruise ship Jonathan and his new wife are on, thus sinking it, leaving few survivors. Jonathan drags him to the bottom of the sea with him, finally killing Dio...until he returns 100 years later, [[GrandTheftMe using Jonathan's corpse as a body for his severed head]].]] Even though Dio had a hideously abusive father, his FreudianExcuse isn't nearly good enough to excuse his barbaric behaviour.
** Cioccolata. For starters, his back story involves him torturing old people to death while maintaining a guise of being a good samaritan. When he starts fighting the heroes, he makes sure that he starts horribly killing the innocent people in the village just for fun. His Stand Green Day works when people are at a lower altitude than him, so what does he do? He gets on a helicopter and flies above Rome to kill as many people as possible. It says something when even the BigBad [[spoiler: Diavolo, a man who would kill his own daughter to protect his identity]], [[EvenEvilHasStandards is disgusted by him]]. Thankfully, Giorno proceeds to give Cioccolata the biggest and longest beatdown in the entire series, which sends him flying into a Garbage Truck with "Combustable Trash" labeled on the back.

[[folder:K, L]]
* The Colorless King of ''Anime/{{K}}'' in all spades. For starters, he took control of a young teenager boy and shot Tatara Totsuka (the only pacifistic member of [=HOMRA=] and a NiceGuy at heart) to death, thus escalating the conflict between [=HOMRA=] and Scepter 4. He later meet up with Adolf K. Weismann, the Silver King, under the young boy's body and managed to BodySwap with Weissman, thus effectively framing Adolf K. Weismann for the murder of Tatara Totsuka with amnesia. When he was a dancing with a masked lifeless woman (heavily implied to be one of the victims that he possessed) in Weismamn's blimp, he decided to "celebrate" his Scepter 4 "guests" by blowing up the blimp, thus killing the said women and nearly killed Yashiro in a helicopter, but left Adolf K Weissman's body unscathed due to his immortality. He then later possesses a random highschool boy and calls Mikoto Suoh through the phone by [[CardCarryingVillain admitting to kill Tatara Totsuka]] and threatening to hurt the other clansmen next (including raping [[TokenMiniMoe Anna]], who has no ways of defending herself) simply to [[ForTheEvulz get a reaction from Mikoto]]. During the fight between [=HOMRA=] and Scepter 4 at, he possesses a random Scepter 4 sniper and [[WouldHurtAChild tries to kill Anna]]. And during the said fight, he even managed to possess [[NiceGirl Kukuri]], a cute highschool girl, and puts ''her'' in even further harm. Why did he all of this? He wants to be the only king in the world through BodySwap possession and create as much chaos as possible. In a series where [[GreyAndGrayMorality neither HOMRA nor Scepter 4 are portrayed good and evil and very complex and moral ambiguous characters]], the Colorless King is simply a despicable monster.
* The lord of the Hioki Domain in the first series of ''Manga/KamuiDen": among many other misdeeds, [[spoiler: he rapes a peasant girl who was serving at his residence, then after she's drowned herself in despair, he spitefully hacks up her corpse and sends it back to hvillage, bundled togther with rotting animal meat.]]
* Silcardo Jenazad from ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'' couldn't stand lasting peace, so he incited a civil war, which he's still actively maintaining, in his own country 20 years ago. During said ongoing civil war, one of Jenazad's servants informs him that the men, who joined his side, because they were devoted to his cause, will die in large numbers if they persist in the current segment of the conflict. Jenazad's response: "So?" For his research purposes Jenazad causes his past students to fight and kill each other. He causes an avalanche to kill his own modern-day YOMI student, [[AssholeVictim who, granted, isn't a very nice guy himself to begin with]][[spoiler:[[NotQuiteDead (except he survives)]]]]. Jenazad also almost manages to trick [[EvenEvilHasStandards fellow YAMI member Akira Hongo]] into [[spoiler:[[MoralEventHorizon killing the titular protagonist]]]] as well as kidnaps and brainwashes [[spoiler:Furinji Miu]] into becoming his newest cold-blooded disciple. He later supervises [[spoiler: the [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashed]] Miu's battle against Kenichi, with the expressed purpose of getting her to kill Kenichi, following which her mental state will be completely subject to Jenazad's manipulation and the brainwashing process to convert her into his thinking will be complete]]. Jenazad detests peace so much he is willing to kill his country's deposed princess (the sister of the aforementioned 'dead' YOMI disciple), who is all for restoring peace to the nation. Silcardo Jenazad winds up being [[spoiler:the only Nine Fist member to get {{killed off for real}} - by a fellow Nine Fist, the aforementioned Akira Hongo, no less]].
* Ajo from ''Anime/KeyTheMetalIdol''. A former Japanese Imperial Army officer turned CorruptCorporateExecutive, he forcibly extracts [[OurSoulsAreDifferent the object-animating gel]] out of humans and has no care for human lives except [[HumanResources as resources]], eliminating anyone who stands in his way regardless of them being harmless civilians, children, or elderly and condemning others to a FateWorseThanDeath just to feed his monomaniacal obsession with creating working {{Ridiculously Human Robot}}s; he even did a MoralEventHorizon by doing a bad treatment on Miho, and especially his savage beating of her replacement.
* Ragyo Kiryuin is the BigBad of ''Anime/KillLaKill'' and possibly one of the [[AbusiveParents worst parents in all of fiction]]. [[CrossesTheLineTwice Unlike almost everything else in this show]], her actions are always played [[KnightOfCerebus played 100% seriously]]. Her ultimate goal is the [[OmnicidalManiac annihilation of the human race]] by transforming the Earth into a cocoon for the parasite alien Life Fibers and she carries it out entirely of her own free will and with great gusto. She desires nothing less than the total physical, mental, and sexual domination of everyone that she comes into contact with, up to and including her own daughters. Prior to the start of the show, Ragyo married a genius scientist named Soichiro, with whom she had two daughters: Satsuki and Ryuko, the latter of whom she never bothered to name. After experimenting on both, Ragyo believed that the experiments had cost the newborn Ryuko her life and callously disposed of her as a failure. After finding out Ryuko is that daughter seventeen years later, Ragyo's first action is to MindRape her into subservience that temporarily succeeds. Satsuki fared little better growing up, subject to Ragyo's disturbing attentions and regular molestation. When Satsuki begins her rebellion, she wastes no time in delivering her daughter a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown and calling her a worthless failed experiment. She initially seems to display affection for her subordinates, but has absolutely no qualms about [[DevourTheDragon absorbing them into herself]] when it is convenient. When defeated, Ragyo rejects any offer at reconciliation, [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled tearing out her own heart and crushing it]] with the promise that the Life Fibers will return and destroy all Ryuko held dear.
* The Nighmare from ''Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa'' made the demon beasts seen throughout the series. He eliminated an entire LaResistance group save for a few survivors and likes making monsters and terrorizing planets (Popstar soon to be one of them), [[ForTheEvulz just because he likes doing it.]] He also sped up the asteroid Gerath's course to crash into Popstar itself.
* Akai in ''Anime/{{Kite}}'' is a cop, who thinks he's making justice by sending the girls he rapes to kill other criminals. He killed Sawa's parents, raped her many times when she was a little girl, turned her into a killing machine and kept her at his service by giving her earrings filled with her parents' blood, aside from having put other girls through similar treatment. The permanent smile on his face shows that he has no remorse at all. The lack of remorse is accentuated by his slightly retarded partner-in-business-and-raping, Kanie, acting as a foil for Akai, who is perfectly aware and proud of the atrocities he commits.
* Camilla Baruges of the Sci-Fi horror manga ''Manga/KodokuExperiment'' begins the series sending a group of soldiers to die on Deronga Five Alpha for 'research.' Twenty years later, she leads an expedition back to witness the end of the planet, only for the last remnants of one of the soldiers she betrayed to infect the ship. As things get worse, Baruges reveals her ambitions: she kills all her commanding officers with preparations she had made beforehand, slaughters anyone who objects and reveals [[EvilutionaryBiologist she is responsible for the infectious lifeform plaguing the ship]] with full intent to spread it throughout human [[SocialDarwinist space to ensure survival only of the fittest.]] Even when she learns one of the soldiers resisting her is her son due to the donation of her DNA, she has no problem trying to kill him.
* Mudou Gou, or the Gedou (Heresy) Bancho of ''Manga/KongohBancho'' sticks in a series full of [[AntiVillain honorable]] and sometimes heroic villains. When one of the FiveManBand, Yuu, arrives to see the orphans he considers his own family, we see in flashbacks that Gou [[WouldHurtAChild tortured and beat the orphans]] while disguised as Yuu and arranged them to spell out the Kanji for 'Heresy.' When he fights Yuu, Gou reveals he gave all the kids fatal doses of poison just to throw Yuu's game off, and even activates a bomb in the orphanage to blow them all up. He then mocks Yuu about him having to watch the final one with Yuu die slow of the poison. when Yuu reveals he planned ahead for poison and explosions, Gou shows his lack of honor by taking one orphan hostage with a knife to his throat. Despite his brief appearance in the manga, the Gedou Bancho proved himself to be easily the most evil and depraved villain: a fact he acknowledges with his CatchPhrase being to ask [[CardCarryingVillain "Aren't I the lowest?"]]
* [[MadScientist Ichinose]] from ''Anime/KurauPhantomMemory'' is unique among the series' few villains in that he has no discernable FreudianExcuse. Even The BigBad was a WellIntentionedExtremist. Ichinose had no motive behind his attrocities apart from [[ForScience research]] or, more likely, [[ForTheEvulz personal enjoyment]]. Said attrocites involve experimenting on a young girl who was possessed by an EnergyBeing, to the point where she was physically and mentally exhausted. When he tried to force her to continue, she unleashed a surge of power that would have killed him if her [[{{Irony}} father hadn't saved the sonofabitch]]. Years later, we see he's continuing his experiments, and after learning the girl is still alive and more powerful than before, he gives an expression that can best be described as [[MemeticMolester arousal]]. It is soon revealed that the BigBad has hired him to create an army of SuperSoldiers, and we are given no reason why Ichinose agreed to this, so we can assume that he just wants to do horrible experiments. And they are horrible. Most of his subjects have died or lost their sense of self, and he shows no remorse. At one point, he suffers LaserGuidedKarma during one of his offscreen experiments, where he repeatedly says that he was "[[MadnessMantra a fool]]". At first this seems like a form of redemption, right? Well, the very next time we see him, he used some [[DiabolusExMachina device created by Kurau's Father]] to heal himself and reveals he only called himself a fool for [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk not realising what went wrong with his experiments]], and now he has successfully created his SuperSoldiers. He overshadows the BigBad in terms of his sheer depravity and is the one character who is treated as irredeemably evil and possible [[AxeCrazy insane]]. The worst part? [[KarmaHoudini There is nothing to indicate that he has died or faced any retribution for his sins]].
* Yashahime, the true BigBad of ''Manga/{{Kurohime}}'' is one of the most powerful Gods and the most evil and insane. Initially a StalkerWithACrush for the God of Death Darkray, after his defeat, Yashahime find Darkray's soul and despite being capable of saving him, destroys him out of disgust. She proceeds to brainwash Kurohime's beloved Zero into the new Death God and relishes using him to destroy Kurohime. Yashahime later brutally attempts to murder Kurohime by slicing her to ribbons and when this is undone, she steals the power of the god of earth by merging with the planet, aiming to devour and sacrifice the lives of all surviving humans to free herself to go on and devour every planet that exists so she can reign over the universe. When Zero rejects her wishes to rule at her side, she remorselessly tries to kill him as well.
* [[TheCaligula Maestro Delphine Eraclea]] from ''Anime/LastExile'', [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen the leader of the Guild]]. A [[AristocratsAreEvil decadent, heartless aristocrat]] and a ManipulativeBitch who makes her younger brother Dio live in fear of her and ends up [[spoiler: [[MindRape mind-raping]] him into insanity]]. If that wasn't enough, she [[spoiler:tricks Luciola, Dio's only friend before Lavi and Klaus came along, by pretending to agree to let Dio go free... but Luciola ends up being dissolved by the ring she gives him.]] She also takes delight in pointing out how the delicious meals she eats needlessly waste the resources of the world...and goes as far as to say that the fact that people have died in order for her to eat such delicacies makes her meals all the sweeter. It can safely be said that Delphine is a [[EvilIsSexy beautiful]], [[LackOfEmpathy soulless]] ''beast''.
* ''Anime/LegendOfGalacticHeroes'':
** Prince Braunschweig, heir of the Goldenbaum dynasty. Braunschweig acts swiftly to crush any hint of rebellion from any subordinate and shows no remorse at all at any deaths that occur. He continues the Goldenbaum dynasty's despicable policies of eugenics and oppress to the populace, but his crowning achievement of villainy is when protests against the Goldenbaums occur at the colony world of Westerland. Braunschweig simply decides to kill every inhabitant on the world with a nuclear strike. Ironically this [[StupidEvil has the opposite effect he intended]] and simply makes the AntiHero Reinhard's campaign against him more popular.
** There is also the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire, [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Rudolf von Goldenbaum]], who slaughtered billions of people with his Eugenics Policies. The handicapped, gay, mentally retarded or ill, or poor were killed. [[AMillionIsAStatistic Though, due to how big of a population there was in the Empire, hardly anyone noticed the billions of deaths until after the effect]]. Those who noticed were understandably reluctant to speak out, as all suspected political dissidents were persecuted even worse, often being summarily executed in public places in broad daylight. [[LaserGuidedKarma The day karma came calling]], Rudolf only cemented his status: when his only son, borne to him by his favorite mistress (and possible One True Love), was discovered to be a congenital idiot (simultaneously invalidating all his übermensch rhetoric and kicking him in the balls on a personal level), he ordered that any and all involved in the birth be executed - doctors, nurses, even the mother herself. Living to old age [[LonelyAtTheTop with no loved ones]] and DyingAlone hardly seems punishment enough, but like RealLife, life in ''Legend of the Galactic Heroes'' is seldom fair.
* [[FatBastard Captain]] [[DepravedHomosexual Continental]] of ''Anime/LegendOfTheBlueWolves''. He tries to sexually subdue subordinates that take his fancy, and if they happen to refuse him, he whips them and beats them half to death unless they submit. And if even that doesn't work, he just rapes them and forces them to participate in various sexual activities with absolutely no remorse. In fact, he seems to get sexual pleasure (if his constant SlasherSmile is any indication) out of breaking, beating up, and raping people.
* Manami from ''Manga/{{Life}}'' is about as much a CompleteMonster as a teenage girl in a normal high school setting can be. She's tried to get the protagonist and her best friend murdered, raped and possibly made into a SnuffFilm. She's tries her best to make Ayumu's life a living hell, forces all the other girls in her class to either bully certain individuals or face the same sort of harsh bullying and says she aims to ''kill'' her bullying victims (be it by driving them to [[DrivenToSuicide committing suicide]] or other measures).
* [[MadBomber Riku]] [[VillainousGlutton Ousei]] from ''Manga/LinebarrelsOfIron''. Most other members of the [[NebulousEvilOrganization Katou Organization]] have at least some redeeming qualities (with [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Jack Smith]] being a full-fledged [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains Type IV]] AntiVillain), [[spoiler:and BigBad Hisataka Kato himself is an AffablyEvil WellIntentionedExtremist]]. Ousei, on the other hand, is a slimy little prick who delights in blowing people up from orbit with a KillSat just to make a point about his twisted concept of imagination (a bastardized take on his boss' own vision), and he is ready and willing to kill off a couple of innocent bystanders (a young man and his girlfriend who knew nothing of what was going on) just to taunt [[TheHero Koichi]] and drive him into a rage. And after doing that, he was going to repeat the atrocity, [[spoiler:this time targetting Koichi's UnluckyChildhoodFriend Risako]]. A truly despicable snot. [[spoiler:Therefore, it makes it a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for Koichi and [[DudeLooksLikeALady Satoru]] when they destroy him and his KillSat when he's one second away from killing more people.]]
* Count Luis Yu Almeida stands out from the dark cast of ''Anime/LupinIIITheWomanCalledFujikoMine'', which consists of thieves, murderers, seductresses, assassins, and gang bosses [[VillainProtagonist as the protagonists]]. Count Almeida was the mastermind behind horrible human experimentation. As the owner of Glaucus Pharmaceuticals, he and his scientists conducted Cold War experiments, including mind control, hypnosis, memory and personality manipulation, sensory deprivation, physical abuse, and rape. During the course of these experiments, Almeida convinced two scientists, Dr. Fritz Kaiser and his wife, to include their young daughter in the experimental trials. Then he murders Dr. Kaiser. Almeida doesn't stop there, however. He [[FakeMemories adds the memories]] of the tortures he puts his other experimental subjects through to her memories. Thirteen years later, and we see how insane this woman has gone from everything the Count has done to her. Glaucus Pharmaceuticals is now kidnapping children and adults, disguising human experimentation as cult fanatics, and keeping surveillance almost everywhere. Based on all the evidence Lupin compiles on Almeida's guilt, the Count's only desire was to create the perfect slave. The revelation that [[spoiler:Luis is already dead by the time the series takes place]] only drives in the injustice of all he has done.

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* Grace O'Connor in ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'', who uses a fleet of millions of people as tools to [[TakeOverTheWorld take over the galaxy]]. [[spoiler:The ultimate plan is to MindControl a race of beings (the Vajra) in order to subjugate the ''other'' race of beings (Humans and Zentradi) and give them all the ultimatum of MindControl implants or ''death'', in effect enslaving the ''entire galaxy'' not just physically, but mentally as well. Yet despite all this, possibly her greatest crime is what she did to one little girl. She murdered her parents, tormented her on the streets where she was homeless and alone, and finally used her in an experiment that causes extreme pain, and assuming she didn't die like the previous eight subjects, [[YourDaysAreNumbered she would still die in ten years]]. Her name was Sheryl Nome. She was seven years old. Grace becomes something of a tragic case, as she comes to admit to herself that over the ten years she raised Sheryl, she came to care very deeply for her. She decides these feelings are probably going to get in the way of her mission and deletes them in what could be considered a very subtle but all the more damning crossing of the MoralEventHorizon]].
* ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth'' is a show notorious for giving all of its characters a sympathetic, or at least understandable, motive for what they do. Nobody is a Complete Monster here. Except one: the BigBad of the second season of the anime, Lady Debonair, an EldritchAbomination [[TheHeartless born from the collective fears]] of Cephiro's people who wants (just like [[{{MW}} Yuki]] and [[Anime/{{Monster}} Johan]]) to destroy the world for no understandable reason, cannot be reasoned with, and will use any despicable trick in the book to get her way. Even reading this does not convey how horrible she is, but when she [[spoiler:abandons her own "daughter", Nova, to her fate after she fails in defeating the Magic Knights...]] well, that's when it truly sinks what kind of monster we're dealing with.
** Not to mention, [[spoiler:she was the one who killed the very popular AntiVillain Eagle Vision for ''no reason at all'' and got [[{{Yandere}} the already unstable]] Alcyone completely BrainwashedAndCrazy so she could become her DarkActionGirl [[TheDragon Dragon]], killing her when the MindControl completely broke.]]
* ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic'':
** [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Empress Gyokuen]] of the Kou Empire appears to be a [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon sweet, caring and gentle mother]]. The truth is far different. Gyokuen is a member of [[NebulousEvilOrganization Al-Tharmen]], and is one of its oldest and most powerful members. To achieve the throne, Gyokuen married the Emperor and bore him four children. She later [[OffingTheOffspring had her husband murdered, along with two of her sons]], with her youngest, Hakuryuu, barely surviving. When he asked Gyokuen if she was really behind it, Gyokuen asked him what he would do if it was and taunted him over how powerless and unable to strike back he was. She also offed her ''second'' husband in a [[BodyHorror thoroughly disgusting fashion]] for no reason other than that he stood between her and the throne. During the Magnostadt arc, Gyokuen takes the initiative in fighting the heroes with her forces, revealing herself as a former Magi of King Solomon, who she betrayed for Al-Tharmen. After summarily deciding the world is a 'failure', Gyokuen uses the lives of others to summon the [[EldritchAbomination 'Father']] of Al-Tharmen to [[OmnicidalManiac devour magic from the world]] and let it die in darkness.
** King David Jehoahz Abraham, the King of Alma Torran of the past and the ruler of the Magicians. As King, David oppresses all non-human species in his empire with magic towers constructed to steal their reason and intellect, turning them into feral, mindless beasts under the control of the human ruling class. Having discovered the form of 'Ill Illah,' an EldritchAbomination known as God, David makes plans to [[AGodAmI surpass it]] and take a seat as God himself. When his son Solomon rebels against David's tyranny, David bides his time until Solomon and his TrueCompanions attack David's capital. David lets them attack a decoy before leading his magicians to butcher the helpless civilians in David's entourage, including the children. The young son of two of Solomon's closest followers is found hideously burnt and dying, but still alive, begging his mother to save him as he dies in her arms. The one fighter who attempts to stop David is mercilessly slaughtered with nothing short of cold satisfaction. When engaging Solomon, David shows no regret or remorse, proclaiming his grand ambitions and utter megalomania.
* All of the psycho killing and betrayal in the anime ''Anime/MaiHime'' is ultimately a result of Nagi's direct and indirect manipulation. He gives the girls their powers and then creates monsters for them to fight in order to train them to use violence to solve their problems. Then he manipulates a few characters to get the massive betrayals and killings we see in later parts. It is not clear exactly why he does this (though he laughs his head off over the betrayals and fawns over the killers) or who he is. Supposedly, he is just serving the Big Bad of the story, but the Big Bad is more of an Orcus on His Throne. At the end, Nagi seems to imply that he himself is an immortal demon and that, though the Big Bad is dead, Nagi can't be killed and will be back.
* ''Anime/MaiOtome'', has Tomoe Marguerite, a PsychoLesbian to the extreme. She's a BitchInSheepsClothing that uses her charm to mask her malicious intentions, and almost everyone fell for it. Throughout the show, she tried to personally take out Arika, because she saw her as a potential threat to her affections towards her elder Shizuru Fujino. Her [[MoralEventHorizon most despicable act]] involved her trying to convince a gang to rape Arika, knowing that if they went through with it, her [[VirginPower Otome powers]] would be neutralized. She later went on to betray the Alliance, stating that [[ItsAllAboutMe she deserved to have anything she wanted]], and that everyone's lives (except that of Shizuru's, of course) were meaningless to her. Not even her supposed love for Shizuru is a redeeming factor, since she essentially made her into her plaything, and took great pleasure in it. [[WasItAllALie When Shizuru had revealed to her that she never loved her]], Tomoe rants noting the similarities between her and the older Otome, and states that she was entitled to be [[{{Yandere}} the only person to have her]]. She then attempts to attack her and Natsuki.
* Sicks from ''Manga/MajinTanteiNougamiNeuro'' absolutely revels in his evil. A monster from birth who [[EnfanteTerrible slit the other babies' throats in his nursery]] and later [[SelfMadeOrphan murdered both his parents]], Sicks comes into conflict with the AntiHero demon detective Neuro. Sicks tracks down his clone, X, and murders X's love, infiltrating the police by wearing the skin of a man he killed. He punishes a subordinate who had failed to find X by making him saw himself open with a rusty saw, admitting he didn't care about a fair punishment: he just wanted to see the man die. To present a meal for Neuro, a demon who eats mysteries, Sicks forces a mansion's worth of people to commit murders in inventive ways...and then blew them up when Neuro was repulsed by the gesture. When recruiting his 'Fingers,' Sicks presented one with a cube made of the faces he had ripped from everyone close to him, and with another he forced him to murder his own father. Sicks' goal was nothing less than the absolute annihilation of humanity as well and on his orders, Japan suffered catastrophic death tolls before he and Neuro finally engaged in a DuelToTheDeath.
* Admiral Haruki Kusakabe from ''Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico'' establishes himself as a very detestable person near the end of the TV series, by [[spoiler:framing Tsukumo Shiratori for treason and having his former best friend Genichiro "mercy-kill" him]], all in order to prolong the war between Earth and Jupiter and [[spoiler:have a chance to seize Mars' forgotten technology]]. He is [[spoiler:finally discovered and forced into exile, but plotting revenge...]]and what marks his real entrance into Complete Monster territory is the fact that, in the three years between the series and TheMovie, [[spoiler:he had Akito and Yurika captured and experimented on to replicate the Boson Jumping effect. The experiments permanently hooked Yurika up to a machine, in a catatonic state, and completely destroyed Akito's senses, leaving him an empty, tragic shell of the innocent boy he was.]] He's also [[spoiler:a KarmaHoudini]], so it's even more infuriating...and it makes it [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome even more cathartic]] when you get to kill him off in some ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' episodes. Preferably with Akito and Gai's Double Gekigan Flare...
** His [[spoiler:KarmaHoudini status]] would have probably been undone in the sequels, but, since WordOfGod is they've all been cancelled with no chance of ever being made...
** There is also Yoshio Yamasaki from the same movie, the Martian Successors' resident MadScientist who was directly responsible for [[spoiler:doing all those horrible experiments on Akito, Yurika, and Lapis - and possibly on a lot more people before them]]. This guy is the most ''chilling'' character in the whole ''Nadesico'' series: there is something about his [[AffablyEvil cheerful]] and [[DissonantSerenity friendly]] demeanor, even as he's committing all those atrocities, that only manages to make him ''more'' horrific. It's not that he enjoys his cruelty. He just has ''no feelings whatsoever'' about it. To him, ruining countless people's lives or [[MindRape mind-raping]] an innocent girl into becoming a mindless machine is just as mundane as brushing his teeth in the morning. [[FridgeHorror Think about it]] - he won't even have his conscience to answer to; he has ''no'' conscience, period. He's just pure intellect unbrindled by emotion. Think an evil version of [[CodeGeass Lloyd Asplund]], make him a hundred times worse, and you've got Yamasaki.
* Hideki Kurohagi of the ''Anime/MarvelAnime'' is a SmugSnake who is perfectly willing to execute people with nerve toxins for minor failures, even if they're totally loyal. Kurohagi demonstrates zero remorse in this and even seems to take pleasure in their excruciating deaths. He has a willingness to hide behind his own fiancée as a HumanShield to save his skin, abuses said fiancee around for still wanting her boyfriend before she was kidnapped by her father for this ArrangedMarriage, and had [[SelfMadeOrphan murdered his own father to seize control of his criminal empire.]]
* In ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum'', up until the first half, those opposing the Takakuras were revealed to have at least a sad or sympathetic background, I.E, [[spoiler: Masako chases after Kanba relentlessly, but she also wants to save her brother Mario; Sanetoshi is a ManipulativeBastard, but he lost his "special person" and still longs to find her again.]] However, in episode 15, we see that the latest "antagonist", [[spoiler: Yuri Tokikago]], is a [[BrokenBird thoroughly broken person]], and a CompleteMonster was to blame. Said monster is [[spoiler: her own father, a famous MadArtist who ''carved his daughter's body with a chisel'' to make her "look beautiful" and be worthy of his love, while telling her that no one would ever love her because of how "ugly" she was. This happens in a flashback and that, in these scenes, Yuri is ''[[HarmfulToMinors no older than 8 years old]]'']]. And it's really not helped by [[spoiler: the huge [[ParentalIncest sexual abuse]] vibes and the implication that Mr. Tokikago either killed or drove away Yuri's MissingMom because she lost her "perfect beauty" after giving birth to Yuri.]] No wonder said person [[JerkAssWoobie developed some of the biggest issues]] [[DysfunctionJunction in a series that's already very complicated]].
* ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}''[='s=] Ridley, in the manga adaptation, is the series version of evil incarnate. His first encounter with Samus has him landing on Samus' home of K2-L, and telling his minions to "First enjoy the slaughter to the fullest!" Not long after killing most of the planet's workers, he tries to kill the three-old-Samus, but her mother saves her. He later eats her parent's bodies after Rodney Aran destroys his ship and badly wounds the giant space dragon. This comes up later when Ridley uses this fact to send Samus into a HeroicBSOD.
* Dodo from ''Manga/{{Mixim}}'' is a MonsterClown with only one purpose and drive in life: [[VillainousGlutton to devour all he can.]] Dodo is initially a member of the Big Bang Zero group and is one of their four elites. He is also the only one to lack any redeeming quality or FreudianExcuse for his actions. What sets Dodo apart is how he devours the populations of entire plaets, including women and children. He relishes in what he does and has no loyalty to his allies. When one of them, Heigar, was injured, Dodo took the chance to devour him. When he encountered two children on one world, he tried to eat them as well, not caring they'd be future allies. In his final battle with the heroes, he even killed the team mascot before attempting to kill and devour all the other good guys as well.
* Hayao Miyazaki isn't fond of villains and when it comes to antagonists, his movies are chockful of either [[DesignatedVillain (initially) villainous characters]] who turn out to have a good side to them as well, or [[DesignatedHero "good" characters]] who turn out to have a few nasty tricks upon their sleeve. There is ''one'' subversion in the Ghibli canon, however; ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'', which features [[TheNeidermeyer Colonel Muska]], a government secret agent on a mission to retrieve Laputa. Once he does, at the expense of the heroes, he reveals he is the descendant of the Laputean monarchy, forces his way to the middle of the floating island and starts utilizing its sheer force to turn on everyone. While he sheds his AffablyEvil front, he gleefully kills most of his allies by [[DisneyVillainDeath throwing them off the island to their deaths]], thus crossing the MoralEventHorizon. Basically, Miyazaki's only true villain suitably plays this trope straight.
* ''Anime/{{Mnemosyne}}'':
** Apos, with his [[BlondGuysAreEvil golden hair]], [[RedEyesTakeWarning crimson eyes,]] and [[{{Bishounen}} beautiful features]] resembles an angel. The truth is markedly different. Apos is an immortal who finds amusement in suffering and agony. Apos hunts down female immortals and rapes and tortures them physically and mentally to consume their 'core' of immortality. [[EvilTastesGood The suffering improves the taste.]] Apos's obsesses over the heroine Rin Asogi and has his female subordinate Laura disguise herself as Rin to ruin Rin's name with a series of murders, and also satisfy his lust by raping her. At one point, he brutally crucifies and rapes Rin's best friend and lover Mimi simply because he was bored waiting for Rin's arrival. Apos is behind nearly every evil plot in the series and [[TheChessmaster engineers a plot to turn the world against immortals]] and turn on itself by causing a nuclear explosion with an immortal seen as a survivor, before revealing the world tree Yggdrasil to the world to have humanity infected with the time fruits and become immortal so he cna harvest them at leisure. Apos betrays Laura and forces Rin to kill her old lover apos had turned into a carnivorous Angel in self defense, before personally executing her current lover (Apos's own father) and attempting to sacrifice Rin to Yggdrasil. When asked what he wants with the world, Apos's response is simple: '''I want to taste it!'''
** Sayara Yamanobe, second only to Apos, is a repulsive, callous scientist, who masterminded the cloning program that killed the original Koki Maeno. She keeps the failed test subjects as ravenous, flesh-eating zombies that suffer every moment they're alive. When she has Rin in her care, Sayara proceeds to molest and then torture her to death while it's more than just implied that she molested and raped Koki as well, also being hinted this is ''routine'' for her. Sayara later just attempts to wipe out all human life and she would be the morally lowest character in any other series, so it says a lot about Apos that he's the lowest, the most depraved and the most disturbing one in ''Anime/{{Mnemosyne}}''.
* Redda of ''Anime/MonColleKnights'' rarely picks fights with characters that are either weaker or stronger than he is, but that's because he doesn't need to. Instead, he prefers to stick with his [[ManipulativeBastard mastery of manipulation]], which he takes pleasure in using on others, especially to the point of [[DrivenToSuicide driving them to suicide]], and loves subjecting things to [[ChestBurster disturbing splooshy transformations]]. And that's not all: [[spoiler:he even takes Rockna hostage and sticks her inside Dread Dragon's neck and commands it to create a wormhole that sucks all of Mondo's monster friends inside it, leaving Mondo with a HeroicBSOD, after which it takes him a bit to get better. And thanks to Redda himself, Rockna was ACTUALLY this close to being slaughtered in a truly terrifying way]].
* ''Manga/{{Monster}}'' is dedicated to exploring whether there is such a thing as PureEvil, or if anybody, no matter how heinous, can be redeemed. The series' conclusion is that while anybody can be redeemed, it is the refusal of titular character Johan Liebert to seek redemption that makes him a monster. A sadistic {{chessmaster}} and {{manipulative bastard}} since he [[EnfanteTerrible learned to walk and talk]], Johan is on a personal journey to become, in his own words, [[CardCarryingVillain as dark as possible]], all while trying to find out if there is anyone as evil as he is out there, or failing that, force the heroic [[BigGood Dr. Tenma]], and/or his own pacifistic [[CainAndAbel sister]], Nina Foertner, to [[StrikeMeDownWithAllOfYourHatred kill him in cold blood]]. In this way he hopes to establish that even the best people can become just like him. Along the way he [[WouldHurtAChild convinces children to jump from rooftops]], gets a recovering [[TheAlcoholic alcoholic]] drunk before throwing him off a building, and convinces various {{serial killer}}s to murder every foster family he has ever lived with, as part of his quest to become an {{unperson}}. Numerous {{Freudian Excuse}}s are proposed for Johan's behaviour, yet each and every one is ultimately undermined, revealing that in the end, Johan simply is what he is, and what he is, is pure, unadulterated evil.
* Moo from ''Anime/MonsterRancher'' was originally a SuperSoldier from a long dead civilization. Feeding off anger and hatred, Moo was [[SealedEvilInACan sealed away]] when he attempted to destroy the world and corrupt all monsters into his minions. Freeing himself ages later by [[DemonicPossession possessing an explorer]]. He sought to manipulate the man's daughter to fulfill his own ends and set about forcibly corrupting monsters into his minions. Moo has no compunction killing anything in his way and [[MindRape destroying the minds of those he can corrupt.]] Moo attempts to kill any minion he believes is an issue for him, and his ultimate goal is to find his old body and resume destroying the planet.
* OsamuTezuka's manga ''Manga/{{MW}}'' features ''the'' single most hateful and sociopathic character Tezuka has ever created, Michio Yuki, who is a {{blackmail}}er, [[DepravedBisexual bisexual rapist]], kidnapper and murderer. In one chapter, he [[spoiler: seduces and kills (for sexual thrills) the daughter of the president of the bank he works at, fakes her kidnapping, (anonymously) extorts ransom money from her parents, then robs her father's bank and pins the robbery on the dead girl by impersonating her and finally kills her father by making him lose his grip on a precipice by throwing lit matches into his mouth.]] [[ForTheEvulz Michio does this for his own amusement]]. His crowning achievement would be stealing a classified military neurotoxin and [[TakingYouWithMe slaughter as many people as he can with it]] in vengeance for his own mortality. [[spoiler: He doesn't succeed, but still manages to fake his own death and get away clean]]. To see the man who created ''Manga/AstroBoy'' come up with someone this messed-up rattles the eyeteeth more than a tad.
* The Mysterious Cloaked Guy [[spoiler: (revealed to be Inasa)]] in ''Manga/NabariNoOu''. To start, [[spoiler: he kills four-year-old Miharu - in a pretty gruesome way, no less.]] Later, he reveals that [[spoiler: he's not only another immortal like Aizawa and Shijima, he's also actually Fuuma Kotarou...who's been tricking, playing with, and manipulating everyone from the start because he won't let anything stop him from possessing his "lovely Shinra-chan", though as he said, and Aizawa admits, he has been telling everyone all along that he wanted the Shinrabanshou...]]
* From MohiroKitoh and his utter disbelief in the notion that ChildrenAreInnocent, we have AlphaBitch Aki Honda of ''Manga/NaruTaru'', who is a triumphant example of KidsAreCruel in manga. Aki relentlessly bullies one of the protagonists, Hiro-chan, with daily mockings or beatings. Eventually, she forces her to eat worms. She later rapes Hiro-chan with a test tube, threatening to kick her in the stomach with the glass tube inside her. This is what makes Hiro-chan [[BreakTheCutie utterly snap.]]
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' is an idealistic series with most villains achieving redemption or having redeeming qualities. That said, two of them outstrip others in atrocity and have nothing redeeming whatsoever to them.
** Orochimaru was the series' first monster, and one of its worst. Formerly one of the three Sannin, and a [[FallenHero hero of the village]], Orochimaru was driven out when it was revealed that he was a SerialKiller and MadScientist, who had performed sick experiments on captured villagers, genetically altering infants in order to create {{super soldier}}s, and murdering others in an effort to unlock the secrets of immortality. He joined up with the Akatsuki, but was expelled after he tried to [[GrandTheftMe bodyjack]] Itachi Uchiha, and struck out on his own, [[TheCorrupter recruiting lost children into his Hidden Sound Village with promises of power]]. He infiltrates the Chunin exams, corrupts Sasuke with the curse mark, and then triggers a war between the Sand and Leaf Villages. During his battle with his former mentor, [[CoolOldGuy The Third Hokage]], Orochimaru [[BadBoss sacrifices three of his men]] in order to summon the the First, Second, and Fourth[[note]]this one fails[[/note]] to fight against the third, resulting in the Third's death. He later does his best to kill his former friends Jiraiya and Tsunade, completes Sasuke's turn to the dark side, and is defeated while trying to steal his body. Having long ago shed any good qualities he once had, Orochimaru shows how low even those with once good intentions can fall, having reached the point where he [[MotiveDecay does not even remember them anymore]].
** [[ImmortalityImmorality Hidan]], who unlike the rest of the Akatsuki, has no real FreudianExcuse. An AxeCrazy PsychopathicManchild and member of a ReligionOfEvil, Hidan worships violence and death, and sees mercy (or indeed, anything other than fullscale slaughter) as a sin. He and his partner, Kakuzu, corner and capture the Two-Tails jinchuuriki, Yugito Ni, delivering her to Pain for draining and, eventually, death. The two of them subsequently slaughtered a temple's worth of monks in order to collect the bouny on the head monk, Chiriku. During the battle at the bounty station, Hidan engaged [[MauveShirt Asuma Sarutobi]] in combat, and used a religious ritual to bind their souls together, then began [[CombatSadomasochist mutilating himself in order to torture Asuma]], ultimately leading to the Leaf Ninja's painful death. When Asuma's student Shikamaru confronted Hidan, Hidan [[KickTheDog mocked his mentor's memory]], and attempted to inflict the same fate on Shikamaru.
* ''Anime/NinjaScroll'':
** Gemma Himuro is the leader of the Eight Devils of Kimon, and stands out from his men in his callous disregard for all around him. In the past, Gemma betrayed his allies and framed a warrior named Jubei Kibigami for the betray, forcing Jubei to kill his friends in self defense. In the present, to cover for the Eight Devils' movements, Gemma has a well poisoned to wipe out an entire village. He organizes multiple massacres and even murders his employer, declaring he himself will be [[TheManBehindTheMan the true ruler of Japan in the end]]. Gemma also kills Jubei's beloved, Kagero, in front of him, solely to hurt Jubei. Gemma, in the end, cares for nobody. The deaths of both his lovers in the Eight Devils arouse no emotion in him, and he witnesses every ally he has die without even changing an expression. His only concern is the gold imported to Japan, all to feed his bottomless greed.
** Tessai is, hands down, the most violent, brutal and nasty of the Eight Devils of Kimon. A [[TheBrute hulking brute]] of a man with skin he can harden into rock, Tessai is introduced butchering a group of shinobi who are investigating the village he and his seven comrades poisoned to manufacture rumors of a plague. The leader, Hanza, is caught by Tessai and killed sadistically as Tessai slowly rips his arms off with his bare hands before drinking the blood from the severed arms. Leaving only the sole woman of the group alive, Tessai takes her to his home and attempts to rape her, informing her not to struggle because "he wouldn't mind raping a dead girl." When Kagero is rescued by Jubei Kibigami, a humiliated Tessai later makes it a point to hunt down Jubei and attempt to beat him to death in retribution.
* King Hamdo of ''Anime/NowAndThenHereAndThere'' is a raging and unpredictable tyrant who uses {{child soldiers}} as cannon fodder. Hamdo evokes the smallest drop of sympathy because he is obviously insane and in great pain - and then he kills his cat in a temper tantrum and sexually assaults a little girl. His second-in-command warns him that one of his tactical moves will [[WeHaveReserves directly result in the bloody deaths of thousands of children]], and his response is, more or less, "So?"
* Sanmoto Gorozaemon from ''Manga/NurarihyonNoMago'' is initially a member of [[DiscOneFinalBoss Hagoromo Gitsune's entourage]] but in truth pursues his own agenda. Formerly a human merchant in old Edo and suffering from boredom, he opted to dabble into the dark Hundred Tales' clan's power to unleash a swarm of Yokai that terrorized the nation through indiscriminate killing while Sanmoto brainwashed high ranking officials into his own personal cult. When cornered by the past hero Rihan Nura, Sanmoto opted to become a Yokai himself, resulting in even more death and destruction. In the future, Sanmoto secretly worked with the true BigBad Abe no Seimei, transforming Rihan's first wife into an assassin to murder him in a child form, gloating over how she murdered the man she had loved while looking like the child the two could never have. Unlike most of the villains who either brainwashed or had aspirations of creating a paradise for yokai, Sanmoto was merely a vulgar man with a god complex who terrorized Edo for his own greedy ambitions. Even a side story delves into how vile he is: when he is rejected by a lady who disliked him, he responded by killing off her family and friends and then picked her up when she was destitute and mentally scarred from the ordeal.

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* Lord Magistrate Wolfram, the keeper of the titular fortress in ''Manga/OokamiNoKuchiWolfsmund'' is a [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon handsome, gentle looking man]] who is a genuine sadist. As the guardian of The Wolfsmund, everyone passing through St. Gotthard's pass must be inspected by Wolfram, who delights in mentally tormenting his victims. Starting the series by having a young woman executed and her body displayed Wolfram goes on to commit many atrocities, including forcing a little girl and her mother to undergo a search inside their 'womanly' parts with tongs to see if they're hiding anything, participating in torture [[ForTheEvulz ostensibly for information but simply for pleasure]] and feeding the mother and younger brother of one of the only people to escape his clutches to ravenous wolves for an execution. It is revealed Wolfram led violent raids to kill civilians in the past and spared only two children with disfiguring scars over one eye each to make sure they never forgot him. Ostensibly loyal to the Austrian Hapsburg Dukedom, Wolfram admits that his only reason is for the amusement it gives him and his greatest joy in life is to cause others pain, especially after giving them hope first.
* Shiro Hisujikai from ''LightNovel/OokamiSan'' is a [[BitchInSheepsClothing respected student]] whose [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon handsome looks]] conceal a depraved heart. Shiro attempted to rape his girlfriend, Ryoko, in the past and blamed her for leading him on when she told people, manipulating them into ostracizing her and leaving her with mental scars and trust issues.In the present, Shiro returns and tries to entrap Ryoko to force her to be his woman again. Part of his plan involves [[WouldHurtAChild threatening the lives of seven children with full intent to harm or kill them.]] Shiro returns throughout the light novels, eventually aimed at destroying Ryoko and her LoveInterest mentally, as well as everything connected to them.
* Hazanko of ''Manga/OutlawStar'' is high ranking member of the Kei Pirates, right behind their two supreme rulers in terms of power and authority. Not satisfied, [[TheStarscream Hazanko schemes to overthrow his masters]] and rule over the Galaxy. Hazanko governs the assassin squad, the Anten Seven and routinely uses them to slaughter whoever he deems a potential threat with little care to collateral damage. When he encounters the heroes, Hazanko gruesomely kills Harry Macdougal, one of the rivals of the Outlaw Star crew and proceeds to mentally torture TheHero Gene Starwind and his RobotGirl beloved Melfina. After an initial defeat, Hazako merges with his own ship, gaining power by [[DevourTheDragon devouring his crew]] and becomes an incredibly powerful being with OmnicidalManiac inclinations, planning to aim ''far'' further than just his erstwhile masters in who he intends to slaughter and conquer.
* Isla Yura from ''Manga/PandoraHearts'' manipulated dozens of politically powerful people into believing that the Abyss was a paradise, even though ''he'' knew the Abyss for what it was: a chaotic and very literal hell that imprisons and warps anything that ends up there. Using one of these connections, he was able to gain control of an orphanage full of children who were abyss-sensitive, and he tricked them into contracting with a chain (abyssal creature), a contract that would eventually kill them. He then used these contracted children as BrainwashedAndCrazy {{Child Soldier}}s to slaughter dozens, maybe even hundreds of people as preparation for plunging the world into the Abyss, and he did all this because his greatest wish was to die laughing in the face of the unknown, and the Abyss was the greatest unknown. This is fine in and of itself, but the only way he knew how to go to the Abyss was by trying to annihilate a country, so that's what he did. Needless to say, he didn't regret a thing.
* Kabuto from ''Manga/{{Parasyte}}'' is a human being who manages to be many times worse than the man-eating parasites of the story. A sadistic SerialKiller, he considers other people his "playthings" and gets off on all acts of cruelty he can inflict on them, including murder, rape, mutilation and cannibalism. After he was caught and forced to work for the army, he gleefully helped them slaughter dozens of parasites along with a few innocents before killing the police officer escorting him and escaping. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before being caught again, he decides to spend his last days as a free man forcing protagonist Shinichi, who had never done anything to him, to confront him. He does this by killing more innocents, capturing Shinichi's girlfriend Murano and threatening to "have a lot of fun breaking this little doll" if he doesn't comply, only to throw her from a rooftop and stabbing Shinichi when he does. A depraved fiend, Kabuto was even able to see through the parasites' disguise because he was, like them, a monster hiding behind a human appearance.
* Herbert Muller from ''Anime/PhiBrainKamiNoPuzzle'' - in his initial apperance, he tricked a kindergarten teacher to lead a bunch of little children into semmingly innocent puzzles, which he remade to be deadly, just to hope this level of fear will consume Kaito and his friends and get them killed. Yes, he has absolutely no problem with sacrificing little children to get his opponents. He is also said to be the "dark face" of P.O.G., implying that all it's members we seen until this point were the better side of the organization. One of them wanted to destroy a city if his puzzle wasn't solved. And Muller is apparently [[UpToEleven worse]].
* ''Anime/PrettyCure'':
** Gohyaan from ''Anime/FutariWaPrettyCureSplashStar'' initially just seems to be [[BigBad Akudaikahn's]] sly [[TheDragon right-hand man]] that his other minions pick on. He starts to show his true colors when he takes Michiru and Kaoru to back Dark Fall while they're making their HeelFaceTurn, where they're seemingly killed. Then he crosses the MoralEventHorizon when he captures and tortures Flappy and Choppy for information. When the Pretty Cure defeat Akudaikahn, Gohyaan kills him and [[TheManBehindTheMan reveals he created Akudaikahn and Dark Fall]] to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy Earth and the Land of Fountains]]. He then turns the Earth into a wasteland. Why does he do all this? [[TimeAbyss Because he remembers the universe before it had any life]] and wants to return it to the silence it once was.
** Kawarino from ''Anime/YesPrettyCure5'' is TheDragon to [[BigBad Despariah]], but he ends up being much worse than her. He enjoys [[ManipulativeBastard manipulating people]] and [[HopeCrusher crushing their dreams]] [[ForTheEvulz just because he can]]. The Nightmare organization may never have been a nice place, but Bloody, Kawarino's former superior, notes that Nightmare at least had teamwork before he took charge. He claims to be working for Despariah's immortality, but this seems to be just an excuse to spread despair. He [[MindRape mind rapes]] the Pretty Cure with his despair masks to turn them into Nightmare's slaves. Then he starts giving his minions the black mask, which gives them a [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity power-up at the cost of their minds]]. When Hadenya and Bloody refuse to wear it, [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness he shoves it on them anyway]]. He blasts Bunbee off a building when he tries to leave Nightmare. It's revealed that he was the one who tricked Nuts into opening the gates to the Palmier Kingdom, meaning he was responsible for its destruction and all its citizens becoming brainwashed employees of Nightmare. In the end, when Despariah contemplates a HeelFaceTurn, Kawarino is shocked and outraged at her before [[KarmicDeath Bloody comes back to kill him]].
** ''[[Anime/YesPrettyCure5 Yes Pretty Cure 5 GO!GO!]]'' features the [[BigBad Director of Eternal]], who's goal is to collect treasures and valuables from all the worlds and keep everything of value for himself only. His collection includes various living creatures frozen in stasis, precious objects stolen from people, and anything else he finds valuable. In particular, he wishes to acquire Flora from the Cure Rose Garden for her beauty. To him, anything that holds no value must be destroyed, including humanity, friendship, love, and life itself. [[OmnicidalManiac When he goes to Earth he levels the Pretty Cure's school because he sees it as worthless]]. [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness He kills two loyal minions, one of whom loves him, when he sees no more use for them]]. Upon arriving at the Cure Rose Garden, [[PersonOfMassDestruction he starts to turn it into a wasteland]], which severely damages Earth, the Palmier Kingdom, and the other kingdoms in the process. Flora tries to help him see the infinite possibilities of life with a flower seed, but he considers them worthless and continues his rampage until defeated.
** Joker from ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'' is a [[VileVillainSaccharineShow surprisingly vile villain in an otherwise light and comical show]]. He's TheDragon to [[BigBad Pierrot]], but since Pierrot needs to be revived to do anything for most of the show, Joker is the primary villain. His goal is to bring the world to a Bad End, an eternal state of despair. He revels in breaking people's hopes and dreams. His first major act is to kidnap Candy for something he thinks she has, and shortly afterwards he thrashes the Pretty Cure and takes their despair energy for Pierrot's revival. In the past he manipulated Wolfrun, Akaoni, and Majorina's rejection in the picture books to become his Bad End Generals. Later, [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness he sends them to die in a stalling tactic]]. Throughout the series Joker attempts to find the Miracle Jewel, which is said to grant wishes. When it turns out to be Candy, he tries to kill her, revealing that he just wants to destroy it to [[HopeCrusher deprive them of hope]]. Then he sends the entire world into a state of despair, turning it into a wasteland. Even as he's dying, [[LaughingMad he's laughing at the prospect of Pierrot's revival destroying the world]].
* Severin from ''Manga/PrincessResurrection''. This [[DirtyCoward cowardly]] SmugSnake is the opponent against whom Hime (normally a calm, collected LadyOfWar) came the closest to [[NotSoStoic losing her cool]], and with good reason: before the series even began, [[spoiler:Severin used his necromantic powers to raise an army of zombies and sent them to kill Hime, which caused her to lose all of her blood warriors - something which she still considers [[MyGreatestFailure her greatest failure]].]] Then, [[spoiler:he does it again in Volume 5, infecting a whole city with a zombie plague and causing hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent victims - once again, just to kill Hime.]] Unlike Hime, who genuinely cares about her blood warriors despite her [[SugarAndIcePersonality outwardly cold demeanor]], Severin abuses and humiliates his servants every chance he gets. And just to top it off, he's the reason Hime [[DoNotCallMePaul hates being called by her actual name of Lilian]]: that's the name [[spoiler:Severin gave to his cat, whom he tortured to death ForTheEvulz - which [[FridgeHorror implies]] that he wanted to do the same to Hime as well. Luckily, he gets a very satisfying KarmicDeath when Hime [[OutGambitted outgambits him]] and slits his throat with his own sword]].
* Keith White in ''ProjectARMS'' is willingly the head of a research group that uses humans (usually children) as test subjects for painful, unethical and often deadly experiments. When Alice asks if she and the children could just see the outside world for a second, he hits her. He then has all of the children shot, which leads to [[spoiler:Alice being shot and merged with an alien lifeform]], something which he shows absolutely no sorrow or regret over. When a colleague denounces the experiments as unethical, Keith laughs at him. Then, he [[spoiler:creates multiple child clones of himself and implants them with nanotechnology, causing most to turn into monsters and die painfully]]. Even later, he shows up, [[spoiler:taking over Keith Black's body]] and is thrilled at the thought of [[spoiler:Alice launching a nuclear missile and driving the Jabberwock to blow up America with anti-matter]]. When [[spoiler:Keith Violet]] tries to talk him out of it, he tosses her off of a building. Top that all off with him [[spoiler:kidnapping Katsumi possessed by Alice to get her to be taken over by the ARMS Bandersnatch and freeze the entire world. He kills Keith Blue, his son, with absolutely no remorse]].
* The Director from ''Manga/PureTrance'' qualifies. The story never presents any positive traits in her, and gives plenty of reasons to loathe her. She is shown as being directly responsible for the deaths of two of the nurses working under her (one of whom she kills by force-feeding her poison pills until she bursts), in addition to being an incredibly negligent surgeon who has killed many more women through her incompetence. Her Establishing Character Moment is stabbing and killing the mother of a woman she killed in surgery (by placing a pornographic magazine in her abdomen instead of the necessary organ). The Director is an unrepentant drug addict as well, stealing medicine needed by her patients for her own recreational use; while on drugs, she becomes even more wildly violent and unstable. In what is arguably her absolute worst moment, she attempts to freeze-dry two barely-born twin children and turn them into a pair of earrings.
* ''Anime/PsychoPass''
** [[WhiteHairBlackHeart Shogo Makishima,]] the darkly charismatic BigBad of the series. A SerialKiller who embraces his dark nature, Makishima seeks out those with the potential to be killers and pushes them into living out their darkest fantasies so he may enjoy seeing the 'true state' of humanity. If he ever grows bored with this, he simply has them eliminated. Makishima has no issues getting his own hands dirty, and slits the throat of an innocent girl in front of her friendout of disgust to her devotion to Japan's SIBYL system and her surprise Makishima [[PureIsNotGood registers no negativity on its scale.]] Seeking to plunge Japan into anarchy, Makishima attempts to sabotage Japan's entire food supply and forms a twisted attachment to the hero Shinya, unable to believe Shinya can go on without him when Makishima is gone.
** Rikako Oryo is one of Shogo Makishima's side projects: an [[DissonantSerenity always placid]], [[EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette pale, dark haired girl]] who [[WickedCultured relishes Shakespeare's plays when they depict human cruelty and suffering,]] Rikako has an obsession with [[MadArtist creating art]] by drugging her fellow female student and murdering them. In order to mimic her father's artworks, which Rikako enjoyed even if she had nothing but contempt for the man himself, Rikako dissects the girls and arranges the corpses into scenes to mirror the portraits. In addition to this, Rikako is [[PsychoLesbian a rapist]] who rapes her female victims after drugging them. With no feeling but to savor her art as much as possible and create a countless number of masterpieces, Rikako is among the worst of Makishima's pupils.
** Toyohisa Senguji is another of Makishima's associates. An old man who has converted most of his body to cybernetics to achieve immortality, Senguji has found himself experiencing incredible boredom. To alleviate it, he's turned to being a unique type of SerialKiller: the kind that [[HuntingTheMostDangerousGame hunts human beings.]] Senguji enjoys releasing his prey into the [[AbsurdlySpaciousSewer large sewers underneath the city]] and hunting them down while dressed as a Victorian hunter, along with his cybernetic robotic dogs which he uses to savage his prey before he executes them. Senguji's only passion is hunting people like this, and he has wracked up dozens of victims. When done, he harvests the bodies to make [[CreepySouvenir tools out of their bones]]. With his immense wealth keeping him out of reach of the law, Senguji cares only about exciting himself by playing his twisted game.

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* From ''Manga/RAINBOWNishaRokubouNoShichinin'' we have two examples
** First is the prison doctor Sasaki. Sasaki hides behind the veneer of a kindly old man but [[BitchInSheepsClothing in reality, he is a cruel sadist who regularly rapes attractive male prisoners.]] Sasaki coerces them by holding privileges and favors over their heads. One prisoner is eventually DrivenToSuicide thanks to Sasaki's molestations. Sasaki schemes with the warden Ishihara to murder anyone who knows the truth and after leaving behind the prison, continues molesting young boys when conducting a political campaign.
** Sasaki's partner in crime at the prison, Warden Ishihara. Ishihara is a corrupt prison warden who delights in exercising sadistic authority over the prisoners by regularly conducting beatings or giving out [[DisproportionateRetribution punishments that are massively out of proportion to minor offenses]]. Ishihara gives prisoners to Sasaki to rape and proposes murdering those who discover the truth to cover his tracks. When the series' initial hero, Sakuragi, finally defeats Ishihara, he gives the warden the evidence of Sasaki's crimes to make Ishihara leave his friends alone. Ishihara's response is to stab him.
* ''Manga/RaveMaster''
** Ogre is a psychopathic [[TheBrute brute]] defined by his violence, lust and thirst for power. He steals a giant battleship called the Silver Ray, destroying the reputation of its creator and using it to try to annihilate an entire continent. The [[HairTriggerTemper hot-tempered]] Ogre will frequently fly into a rage and go on killing sprees of anyone in sight, as well as [[BadBoss sacrifice his minions]] without a second thought. Additionally, he plans to turn every women in the world into a sex slave, as well as [[IhaveYouNowMyPretty kidnaps Elie to rape her]].
** Shakuma Raregroove is the former [[SorcerousOverlord sorcerer-king]] of Raregroove and by far the most evil member of his family. He started a war with the kingdom of Symphonia [[ForTheEvulz purely for fun]], destroying both countries and all their citizens. He killed Haru's grandfather, the king of Symphonia, with a deadly curse. He abondoned his son (King) Gale so he would spend his life enduring so much suffering until he became a world-destroying nihilist. He allows his magical student Haja to initially believe that he merely wants to take over the world, before killing him and revealing that his true plan is to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy all of reality]] out of nothing more than hatred and sadism.
* Wagnard of ''Roleplay/RecordOfLodossWar'' is an EvilSorcerer who was kicked out of his wizard's academy for practice of the black arts. As a result, the egotistical Wagnard has decided to awaken the destroyer Goddess Kardis and cause TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt largely out of nothing more than spite and a petty grudge. Wagnard uses many as pawns, leading to large scale battles and many deaths to catch the pure-hearted priestess Neese, who is the reincarnation of Kardis. Wagnard spares no effort in trying to murder her friends, and when he has Neese captive, subjects her to ColdBloodedTorture to awaken Kardis within her. At the end, Wagnard expresses sheer glee in awakening Kardis to kill all that lives, solely so he can reign supreme in a 'Kingdom of the Dead.'
* In ''Manga/ReikoTheZombieShop'', Saki Yurikawa is a [[AxCrazy mentally messed-up]], [[KnifeNut knife-wielding]] serial killer obsessed with finding little girls to replace her dead ([[spoiler: actually comatose]]) little sister. When the girls refuse to comply or make Saki made in any way, '''she snaps'''. Her two debut stories in the first volume, ''Dead Sister'', reveal that she has already murdered over thirty little girls, including one of her classmates, an investigative reporter, her cameraman, and [[spoiler: Reiko Himezono herself]]. In the case of the investigative reporter, Saki had threatened to murder her daughter if she didn't get to her apartment in ten minutes. The reporter managed to get to the apartment in time. [[spoiler: Saki already killed her daughter.]] In the battle against Reiko, Saki finally gets her LaserGuidedKarma by way of Reiko summoning a portal to hell, where Saki is greeted by her many victims. [[spoiler: All this despite Reiko being reduced to a severed head.]] In the next volume onward, Saki is now forced to silently serve Reiko as her personal zombie.
* Akio from ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' is the epitome of heartless, callous selfishness. Once the heroic Dios, Akio grew disillusioned with being the hero and allowed his sister Anthy to be tortured for what amounts to centuries. As one of the prime figures at Ohtori Academy in the present, Akio seduces many high ranking figures (including his fiancee's mother) in order to manipulate them and runs the Rose Duels that essentially pimp his sister Anthy to the victors, abusive or otherwise. Akio gains a cold enjoyment out of mentally ripping apart those near him, including his fiancee who it's also implied he's physically poisoning to get her out of the way. He views Anthy as nothing more than a means to ultimate power and when at one point she's hesitant to [[BrotherSisterIncest continue their weekly tryst]] one night, he angrily rapes her anyways. Akio seduces Utena and takes her virginity, manipulating her feelings for him to send her into a final confrontation to be sacrificed for his 'revolution,' where he will rise above the world. Akio views people around him as nothing more than pawns or toys, to be mentally or physically used and discarded as his plans or his whims demand.
* The famed ''Anime/RobotRomanceTrilogy'' featured at least one in each of its entries.
** Emperor Zu Zambajil of ''Anime/VoltesV'', ruler of the Boazanian Empire where the horned upper classes are the rulers and the hornless are little better than slaves. Zambajil engineered the overthrow of his elder brother when he discovered his good-hearted sibling was actually hornless and proceeded to hold Boazan in his grip with the FantasticCasteSystem, manipulating his brother's son Prince Heinel into becoming his pawn and puppet. By manipulating Heinel, Zambajil is responsible for his actions, including his war of conquest on earth with all the atrocities and death that resulted so the Boazan empire could gain more slaves. Eventually fearing Heinel's potential, Zambajil tried to have him killed. When Boazan is taken in the war and the hornless have won their revolt, Zambajil attempt to flee and when confronted by the Voltes team, he attempts to pin everything on Heinel and let his nephew take the fall for his own war crimes.
** Empress Janera, the true BigBad of ''Anime/CombattlerV'' is cruel even by SuperRobot standards. Initially wanting to TakeOverTheWorld Janera sent her onsters to destroy resistance, but was always blocked by Combattler V. It is revealed Janera even oppresses her own people, the Campbellians, inspiring their true leader Deus to return and lead a revolt against her forces. Realizing time is short, Janera opts for a new solution against Earth: leading an attack personally, she deploys a bomb to the earth's core to destroy the planet and kill everything on it.
** From the third entry in the trilogy, ''Anime/{{Daimos}}'' we have two. The first is BigBad king Olban of the WingedHumanoid Brahmin race. While most Brahmins are AntiVillain or NobleDemon types, Olban is a power-hungry, cold hearted tyrant who states his people only exist for him to rule them. Olban rose to power by [[TheStarscream murdering the previous king]], and masterminded the war between the Brahmins and humanity. He blamed the humans for his ruler's death, taking advantage of the Brahmins' despair after the loss of their power and risking their extinction simply to gain him more to rule. He displays no compunction in attempting to murder his dead sovereign's children as well.
*** Chief General of Earth, Sakimori Miwa, a brutal GeneralRipper who believes the best way to win a war is to exterminating your enemy to the last man. Ostensibly on the heroes' side, Miwa tries to undermine them at every time, even accusing them of treason and despite his job being to protect humanity, he doesn't care when civilians are caught in the crossfire. He also proceeds to execute groups of defeated and helpless Brahmins simply out of hatred. In many ways, the genocidal, brutal Miwa is simply as bad as the power hungry Olban.
* Gyokuro Shuzen of ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' is the EvilMatriarch of the Shuzen family and the leader of the genocidal anti-human organization Fairy Tale. In her position, Gyokuro tasks her men with sowing the seeds of the Human World's destruction, aiming at nothing less than humanity's annihilation by awakening the ancient vampire and EldritchAbomination Alucard. Gyokuro also brainwashed her gentle, kind daughter Kahlua into being an efficient assassin that cannot refuse her orders to kill, viewing Kahlua as a proud achievement. When she confronts the heroes, Gyokuro rips off her stepdaughter Moka's Rosary Seal, and proceeds to cheerfully laugh, enjoying the pain it causes Moka. It is then revealed that Gyokuro had implanted bits of Alucard into the other Shuzen vampires, which have devoured them from the inside out and turned them into ravenous ghouls. When Moka begs on hands and knees for Gyokuro to save her beloved Tsukune from this fate, Gyokuro agrees...and then mocks Moka's weakness before punching her in the face. She even directs Kahlua to murder her beloved little sister Kokoa with no remorse, Kokoa [[OffingTheOffspring being Gyokuro's own daughter as well]]. It's revealed Gyokuro's rage stems largely petty jealousy at Moka's mother, her rival Akasha. When she fuses with Alucard, Gyokuro gloats that she will destroy everything Akasha ever loved and destroy the world she protected. [[EvilIsSexy Beautiful,]] sadistic and unforgiving, Gyokuro viewed all in her path as nothing more than stepping stones for her own power.
* In ''Manga/RoseOfVersailles'', The Duke de Guemenee kills a boy named Pierre right after promising not to hurt him after he had stolen his wallet out of hunger. He laughs after gunning the boy down, and Oscar has to be restrained not to throttle him.
* Dr. Kenmi from ''Anime/SacredSeven'' was revealed as this in later episodes. To activate the mysterious Darkstone powers, Kenmi enacted torturous experiments on people and had murdered one heroine, Rinoa's, parents in order to force Rinoa's sister Aoi to activate her powers. Kenmi later attempts to rip out another heroine's heart after causing her financial ruin for his experiments, and is even revealed to have been behind the 'random' Darkstone attacks early in the series that had caused so much grief, all in an attempt to force his test subjects to go berserk.
* As idealistic as ''Anime/SailorMoon'' is, there are several villains in it who cross the ultimate lines:
** Wiseman of ''Sailor Moon R'' is the most vile of all the main villains through the long run. Wiseman corrupts the Black Moon Clan into villains and used them to turn the peaceful, utopian Earth of the future into a barren, desolate wasteland while using MindRape on a little girl to turn her into his [[TheDragon Dragon]]. Worse still, this is Sailor Moon's future daughter and Wiseman happily sends her to murder her friends and her parents. Wiseman's own allies fare no better. Wiseman manipulates Esmeraude of the Black Moon Clan into turning into a monster, sending her to her death. When Saphir, the brother of the clan's leader Prince Dimande, attempts to warn his elder brother of Wiseman's treachery and his true plans Wiseman painfully executes him in front of Dimande. Wiseman later kills Dimande as well when he [[TakingTheBullet sacrifices himself for Moon in the anime]]. Revealing his true nature as Death Phantom, Wiseman intends to [[OmnicidalManiac to destroy all that lives solely out of boredom and spite.]] Before he became Death Phantom, he was a depraved mass-murderer in the manga as well. Of all the villains in the series, Wiseman was easily among the most personal, and the most monstrous.
** The manga version of Shuichi Tomoe was no slouch. He was supposedly a loving father once (or at least Hotaru thinks so), despite being a MadScientist even then. He completely snapped after the accident in his lab that crippled Hotaru (her manga self is a heavily scarred cyborg, thanks to it) and killed her mother, willingly joining Death Busters and implanting the egg of Mistress 9 into Hotaru's body without any sort of second thought. He also had a massive A God Am I complex and wished to create a new race of superbeings, starting with himself. He was toned down in the anime, where he was mostly a BrainwashedAndCrazy father who made a Deal with the Devil to save Hotaru after the freak accident - not knowing that they'd be rendered insane in different ways. The manga version, however? Pure evil.
* ''Manga/SaintSeiya'' is an idealistic series, but it has an utter monster:[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Cancer Deathmask]], one of the twelve [[LightIsNotGood Gold Saints]] and one the mightiest warriors alive. Unlike his companions who are mostly honorable warriors, Deathmask is a psychotic murderer who views his position as a warrior of justice as a way to [[BloodKnight have his fun and destroy whatever he wishes.]] When the heroes, Seiya and Shiryu confront him at his sanctum, they discover the souls of countless innocent people Deathmask has frozen into the walls, [[WouldHurtAChild even children]] who have died as 'collateral damage' to Deathmask and that he keeps enslaved as twisted trophies. He and Shiryu fight one another and Deathmask, when he realizes Shiryu's sister Shunrei praying for Shiryu, he attempts to psychically murder her. When he opens a hole to Tartarus, the souls of Deathmask's victims try to stop him, only to have him flung their souls to the underworld, gloating at the numbers of the tormented souls are just proof of his prowess as a warrior.
* Dr. Tomohiko Katsuragi of ''Manga/SakuraGari''. Not only is he a disgusting pedophile ''and'' a DomesticAbuser, he drugs, rapes, and tortures Masataka (this includes whipping him, [[AssShove sticking a household object up his anus]] right after raping him, ''and'' holding his hand in boiling hot tea because of his jealousy over Masataka being the one Souma loves, when he loves Souma to an [[{{Yandere}} insane degree]] himself). Oh, and because [[spoiler: Souma hated his stepmother Sakurako for raping him when he was younger, Katsuragi takes his words literally and forces a reluctant, young Souma to kill her. He literally took Souma's hand, which held a knife, and forcibly made him cut Sakurako's wrists, effectively killing her, while she was naked and passed out in the bathtub. And after the act, he also practically rapes Souma. Not only was Souma left traumatised by the deal, but this also contributed to Souma's "[[VillainousCrossdresser half-sister]]" Youya going from [[UsedToBeASweetKid a simply adorable toddler]] into a scary {{Yandere}} and CreepyChild that [[MySiblingWillLiveThroughMe calls himself "Sakurako"]], having walked into his mother's murder and gone mad from the horrifying sight.]] When Souma confronts Katsuragi on his rape and torture of Masataka, Katsuragi denies the accusation and tries to seduce Souma. He acts uninterested and mentions Masataka's name, so Katsuragi actually grabs Souma by the throat and ''tries to strangle him''. [[spoiler: Fortunately, though, [[MagnificentBastard Souma isn't fazed]] and deals him a huge HumiliationConga, which Asayo transforms into a KarmicDeath.]]
* Mukuro from ''Anime/SamuraiChamploo'' is the EvilCounterpart to resident HeroicSociopath, Mugen. A particularly bloodthirsty pirate, Mukuro is [[EstablishingCharacterMoment first seen]] leading an attack on a ship for it's gold, killing the sailors onboard and shoving a lit grenade into the mouth of a subdued man who was begging for mercy. Through flashbacks it's revealed that Mukuro was the one who talked Mugen into piracy, and used him as muscle to kill the guards of a sugar shipment only to leave Mugen to die once he'd stolen the cargo. In present day we discover that Mukuro and his band slaughtered nearly an entire village, including the [[WouldHitAGirl women]] and [[WouldHurtAChild children]]. The only ones who were spared were the young men that could be used as muscle for his biggest heist yet: a raid on a government ship carrying 60,000 ryu in gold coins. He talks Mugen into joining up with him again, but it's only another set-up. Using his crew as canon fodder to lure the government security onto the pirate ship, Mukuro then uses a mass of explosives in an attempt to kill everyone, [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness his own crew included]] just so he can keep the gold for himself. Mukuro also proves to care little for his "sister" Kohza, either, since he's spent his life controlling her, murdered her mother, and expresses an unreciprocated sexual interest in her. A sadist with a propensity for [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder betraying everyone he knows]] and [[LeaveNoSurvivors leaving no survivors]] from his attacks, Mukuro knows exactly what a bastard he is and [[CardCarryingVillain relishes the darkness within his soul]].
* Ukyo from ''Anime/SamuraiSeven'' is a real nasty piece of work. He was born in a feudal Japanese village where he was oppressed by bandits (employed by the Emperor to oppress the people and consolidate his power). At some point, he was adopted into a noble family, where he was pampered into being a ridiculously selfish and arrogant sociopath. When he becomes Emperor (long story), he takes control of the bandits like his predecessor did and has them attack the villages. Apparently not feeling like a big enough dick, he even told the bandits' leader to take the food that the peasants hid away so that they could, you know, not starve to death -- even the bandit leader (who knew about these stores) [[EvenEvilHasStandards felt that he was going overboard]]. Then Ukyo personally brings an army to one particular village so that he can wipe it out. He has several reasons for this, but the biggest one is that he wanted the priestess of that village to be part of his PaidHarem, and her reply was essentially, "go screw." He places so little value on human life that when he sees the corpses of his PaidHarem, his only response is to say, "Oh dear, they won't be easy to replace."
* Steyr from ''LightNovel/ScrappedPrincess'' is a Peacemaker of Mauser, a god who uses a set of ironclad laws to control humanity and [[InYourNatureToDestroyYourselves keep it from self-destruction]]. Steyr ignores her duties as a caretaker for mankind and instead tries to manipulate the rulers of the country most loyal to Mauser into unwittingly setting up the one situation defined by Mauser's laws in which she would have a perfectly valid excuse to wipe 90% of humanity off the map. While she's affable enough to her fellow Peacemakers, she doesn't really seem to care when one of them dies, and she seems more angry that she has now inherited his duties than anything. She shows absolutely no remorse when her manipulations pay off and she gleefully orders Socom, her more powerful partner and subordinate, to start killing, and the only reason she didn't try to wipe out ''all'' of humanity was because Mauser's laws literally prevented her from doing so.
* ''Anime/SengokuBasara''
** Akechi Mitsuhide is depicted as a particularly depraved madman when he goads Nobunaga Oda's brother-in-law, Azai Nagamasa into fighting the hotblooded hero Date Masamune. Mitsuhide diverts a squad of riflemen to fire on his own allies, having also brought Nagamasa's wife Oichi along. He ostensibly allows her to try to warn her husband before having him shot before her and relishing her pain. Mitsuhide is a vicious killer as well, serving Nobunaga only because it allows him to satisfy his bloodlust on the innocent and any warriors he finds. After the first season, he seeks to resurrect the Demon King, wanting nothing more than to watch the world burn.
** Nobunaga himself leads a hideously brutal campaign of conquest across Japan without care for the innocents who suffer in his wake. After Oichi is broken, Nobunaga keeps her enslaved to his will and has no issues killing her himself. Despite his wife [[DarkActionGirl Nohime's]] devotion to him, he thinks of her as nothing more than a disposable pawn. Referring to himself as the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, Nobunaga thinks he has a right to do whatever he pleases to those 'weaker' than him and will happily kill every peasant in Japan if it brings him closer to ruling it.
* Phine from ''Anime/SenkiZesshouSymphogear'' [[GrandTheftMe took over the body of her kindly descendant]], slowly destroying her mind and convincing her she could create a peaceful world. All the while, Phine tortured her and abused her, forcing to use an ArtifactOfDoom Phine wanted to test. Once she [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness was no longer useful]], Phine tried to murder her. She also experimented on the heroine, turning her into a rampaging monster that couldn't tell friend from foe. Phine's ultimate goal? to force humanity to bow before her as a God.
* ''Manga/TheSevenDeadlySins'': [[BigBad Great Holy Knight Hendricksen]] is one of the two great Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Liones. Unlike his partner Dreyfuss, with whom he has overthrown the King and seized control of the nation, Hendricksen seeks to free the Demon Clan from bondage and plunge the world into a bloody war. Using the blood of a captive demon, Hendricksen mystically empowers trainee knights with a 50/50 success rate. The failures simply explode into blood and gore. When the heroic Deadly Sins, led by Meliodas, attack the kingdom, it is revealed Hendricksen participated in the murder of his and Dreyfuss's predecessor Zaratras and Hendricksen has enslaved Zaratras's son Gilthunder by using an invisible monster to threaten the life of Gil's beloved. Hendricksen proceeds to force every demon tainted knight to transform into horrible monsters by awakening the blood inside them, having them rampage and destroy anyone and anything in their path while he uses the princesses as hostages to deal critical injuries to Meliodas and Gilthunder, telling [[StalkerWithACrush Gil's admirer Vivian]] he'll revive Gil as an obedient corpse for her. If this wasn't enough, Hendricksen revives his slain [[TheDragon right-hand fairy Helbram]] as a mindless corpse and mocks Helbram's former best friend King about how he can have the pleasure of killing his best friend again as King suffers a mental breakdown.
* Ryoko Naruse from ''LightNovel/ShangriLa'' is a ruthless, domineering woman who governs Atlas with an iron fist and treats most of her employees like slaves or assets. Eventually rising to the position of Japan's Prime Minister, she shows little concern about everyone or everything except her plans and herself, and has children subjected to horrible experiment for her own advancement. She has men from a failed raid disposed of, has captives beaten, and plans to trick the heroine into destroying a great deal to kill multiple people. Ryoko's ultimate plan was to achieve the [[OmnicidalManiac destruction of the entire world]], using the destruction to create a new one that only she would rule.
* Kogan Iwamoto, the head of the Kogan-ryuu Dojo in ''Manga/{{Shigurui}}'', particularly for his treatment towards women. So great is his cruelty in and out of combat that even the psychotics and pedophiles among his students are taken aback. Indeed, in a series full of depravity and madness, he consistently stands on his own mountain of heartlessness. Two key examples are his treatment of his daughter, Mie. He wanted a son instead and only sees her as a vessel for carrying the dojo's heir. Thus, he's willing to watch her get raped by one of his students to make sure she got pregnant, slashed through a student's face for suggesting she should have a husband that respects her, and scoffed at her mother committing suicide when Mie finds her body. When the man first picked as Kogan's successor, Irako, is cast out, she spends years starving herself, eventually reducing herself to a semi-sane bag of bones. He only shows concern once he realizes she won't be able to give birth in such a state, and he almost rapes her himself. As for his concubine Iku? She was seen as cursed by the locals, as every man she gets involved with dies in one way or another. Thus, she is grateful to Kogan because he was kind to her despite that...until one of his top students, Irako, tells her that Kogan killed her first husband just to show off a sword technique. She and Irako become lovers behind Kogan's back; when he finds out, he slices off both her nipples, mutilates one of her breasts by burning it, and then blackmails her into burning a hole through Irako's penis. Oh, and this is AFTER Irako is tricked into getting beaten to a pulp by his fellow students, but BEFORE Kogan personally blinds him by slicing his eyes open.
* Aji Tae, the main villain of ''Manhwa/ShinAngyoOnshi'', or ''Blade of the Phantom Master'' in English, absolutely embraces this trope. [[ManipulativeBastard The man responsible for a country's destruction]], [[GrandTheftMe he devours the king to take his form]], manipulating his people and the king's good friend, Munsu. While ruling like this, he transforms the country into hell on earth, intending to MindRape Munsu by convincing him that his old friend has turned into a genocidal tyrant. [[MoralEventHorizon He kills the woman Munsu loves, turns her into an undead, rapes her]] [[{{Squick}} (yes, in that order)]], and promises her that she will be returned to life if she kills Munsu (he lies about that). After she opts to kill herself DeaderThanDead, instead, Aji Tae's reaction is to be so infuriated with human goodness that he slaughters everyone around him with guiltless conscience or love in their hearts. And the reason he started the entire scheme in the first place? [[ForTheEvulz He wanted to see loyal servants of the country in general fall into the savagery of civil war and destroy each other, and Munsu, in particular, being reduced to absolute despair, because this would have amused him and because he could.]] And then he sets his sights on [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt making the entire humanity into conscience-free monsters like himself.]] Despite his [[FauxAffablyEvil charming demeanor and good looks]], he's a monster with few equals.
* Due to its [[FantasyPantheon God versus Monster]] nature and its [[MedievalEuropeanFantasy traditional fantastic nature]], ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}'' naturally has a few.
** Hellmaster Fibrizzo of the second season and eighth LightNovel. As the oldest of the Mazoku, Fibrizzo's ultimate goal is the destruction of alll reality. This is pretty standard for Mazoku, but the sheer joy which Fibrizzo conducts his manipulations,and worse, when he tortures and kills his enemies lands him here. There are few other villains in slayers who take such unmitigated delight in causing suffering,especially when Fibrizzo seems to target loved ones to give as much pain as he can to his targets.
** Joyrock from the motion picture is a particularly cruel demon who attacked the elves of Mipross island centuries before the movie begins. Joyrock committed absolute genocide on the elves, absorbing their lives and powers, using the power to separate Mipross from the mainland and rule it from the shadows. Joyrock toys with the humans of Mipross as he desires, and those who enter a certain part of the island have their lives sucked out by Joyrock. Being the sadistic beast he is, though, he keeps them trapped in a state of living death as zombie slaves. When he simply wants to show how he 'loves to play with his food' to Lina Inverse, he rips their souls out painfully. The only survivor of his massacre on the elves was a young human boy named Rowdy who he allowed to live simply because it'd be too boring to rule the island totally unopposed. In the present, though, when Joyrock decides Lina and Naga might be more fun, he has no hesitance [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice impaling Rowdy on his claws]] while gloating.
* Medusa from ''Manga/SoulEater'' [[KnightOfCerebus turned the show from a funny, off-kilter]] [[ShonenDemographic shonen series]] into an almost-CosmicHorrorStory. Her list of evil-doings is long and continues to grow. She's a witch who has used her own child, [[TheWoobie Crona]], as a horrible science experiment, driving [[AmbiguousGender them]] to complete madness and not showing an ounce of love, much less regret. When Crona is finally shown, for the first time in their life, true kindness from [[spoiler: Maka, they do a HeelFaceTurn.]] At this time, Medusa is also trying to revive the [[EldritchAbomination Kishin]] using two witches, Eruka and Mizune, that she blackmailed into helping her--she can off them with a snap of her fingers. When she's defeated by [[spoiler: Stein, she escapes in the form of a snake and [[GrandTheftMe takes over the body of a little girl]]. She uses this form to her advantage, knowing damn well the protagonists won't kill her if it means killing the child. She gets Crona in Shibusen to act as TheMole and drive Stein to (greater) madness. When her sister Arachne is revived, Medusa goes to Shibusen to [[ManipulativeBastard ask]] for their aid in defeating her--she's given Shibusen's best students to help with the job. At this point, Crona's been captured and Medusa tells Maka it was Arachne who took her. When Maka defeats Arachne, Medusa [[GrandTheftMe takes over her sister's body]] and tells Maka [[ILied she lied]]: she was the one who captured Crona.]] As of recent chapters, we see Medusa has [[spoiler: driven Crona to insanity and broken him/her again to use against Shibusen and anyone else who stands in her way, all just as an experiment.]] [[spoiler: She then gives Crona the first hug she/he ever got from her, driving her completely mad and killing her, all part of her sick plan.]]
* ''Anime/SpeedGrapher'' is a dark series but a number of monsters stand out.
** [[DirtyCop Chief Ekoda]] is the head of the Tokyo Police Department, who hides a secret fetish: He has a thing for legs. In fact, while a member of Suitengu's Roppongi Club, Ekoda took the chance to satisfy his feitshes by kidnapping women, holding them hostage and then cutting their legs off before preserving them as trophies, molesting and killing the women himself. His first two victims were his own wife and daughter. Later in the series, Ekoda kidnaps [[DarkActionGirl Ginza Hibari]] and tries to do the same to her before she frees herself. Ekoda is set apart by being a completely human monster and his insane excesses make even the hardened Ginza [[HeelRealization reevaluate everything she had done to this point.]]
** Mizunokuchi is a [[DepravedDentist sadistic dentist]] who, as a Euphoric, is granted a multitude of spider-like limbs that he can turn into drills. In the past, Mizunokuchi operated on heroine Kagura when she was due for dental surgery, removing her lower molars while she was still conscious so he could feel her pain. In the present, the dentist takes pleasure in outright tying patients down and simply torturing them to death by drilling through their mouths. He even takes disturbing trophies of the teeth that he carves and polishes afterwards.
** Ran Yurigaoka is an esthetician with a thing for tattoos and body art. With his Euphoric powers, he can make his tattoos come to life. Yurigaoka uses them to control other people, playing them as PeoplePuppets for his amusement. His real joy, though, is the GiantSpider tattoo on his back. Yurigaoka uses his fame to find women and uses his powers to give them pleasure, before he paralyzes them by merging the spider with their skin. After this, he has it kill them while they're alive and conscious, but paralyzed the entire time.
** Kamiya is a CorruptPolitician who becomes Japan's Prime Minister and schemes to take possession of the Roppongi Club, which caters to every fetish and predilection of the upper classes, away from BigBad AntiVillain Suitengu, while also gaining control of Kagura for his own purposes. A [[VillainousGlutton glutton whose power is to devour anything,]] before he even achieved these powers, he once [[DrivenToSuicide drove a couple to suicide over a huge debt,]] and then took their children to compensate. The son he sold as a child soldier who would one day become Suitengu. The girl, who was only five, he sold as a SexSlave to be abused and debauched until she was an EmptyShell years later, knowing only how to please men and request money for it.
* In ''Manga/SukebanDeka'' Reimi qualifies for this status when she and her family orchestrate the deaths of over sixty of the sisters' classmates to make room for the kids of possible financial benefactors for the father, Gozo's, political career. Reimi is quite good at putting on the façade of being the WhiteSheep, which she uses this to her advantage when she decides to brainwash her students for her personal army. [[spoiler: She then gives Ayumi a rigged shotgun, steals all her money, has one of her brainwashed lackeys kill Emi and Gozo, and then laughs about "her poor sisters.]] During her rooftop battle with Saki, Reimi drops the princess facade and reveals her true AxCrazy tendencies as she savages Saki with a whip while screaming at her about her supposedly insane mother.
* Aleria from the second OVA of ''Anime/SuiseiNoGargantia'' is, in short, the [[BigBrotherBully Big Sister Bully]] taken to the max and then some. She cares for absolutely nothing but complete social, political, and religious control of her father's fleet and is shown to be willing to do anything to get what she wants. Case in point: when her youngest sister Linaria inherits her father's fleet and converts to a sky-based religion (implied to be a means of escaping Aleria), Aleria orders her other two sisters to hunt down her freighter and kill everyone on board. By the time Kugel arrived, only Linaria was left as a result of Aleria's relentless attack. She later intentionally lures the Hideauze onto the fleet by setting off mines on the seabed in order to publicly shame Kugel and leave the fleet up for grabs. Finally, after both attempts fail, she finds out that Linaria died. Hearing this, she smirks at her own sister's death and tries to usurp the vacant position as high priestess in order to become the leader of the fleet. Villains this bad are very hard to come by in this series, but Aleria takes the cake as the vilest of the bunch.
* ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'' has the main villains of the Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online arcs:
** [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Suguo Nobuyuki]] is the director of research and development at RECTO Progress Incorporated, and the one-time fiance of female lead, Asuna Yuuki. He was also completely obsessed with research into the manipulation of human emotion. Following the clearing of ''Sword Art Online'', Suguo trapped three hundred of the surviving players in his own game, ''Alfheim Online'', where he ran experiments on their minds, [[ColdBloodedTorture testing their fear and pain responses]]. [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty Kidnapping Asuna in the game]], he keeps her trapped in a gilded cage at the top of Alfheim's World Tree, while plotting to wed the [[DudeShesLikeInAComa comatose girl]] in the real world. When protagonist Kirito reaches the top of the World Tree, Suguo uses his administrator abilities to paralyse him, tortures him, and then sexually assaults Asuna in front of him, gloating the entire time about how, once he's freed, he will [[RapeAsDrama rape her again in real life]]. When the plan fails, he attempts to kill Kirito in the real world, attacking him with a knife. Guilty of attempted murder, torture, trying to rape a teenage girl, and putting three hundred people who had just spent two years fighting for their lives through an additional two months of trauma, Suguo is as bad as ''SAO'''s villains get.
** [[RedEyesTakeWarning Red Eyed]] [=XaXa=] (real name: [[IllBoy Shoichi Shinkawa]]), one of the top three members of the [[PlayerKilling Laughing Coffin Guild]] in ''SAO'', and the Guild's MasterSwordsman. During the Murder Investigation Arc in ''SAO'', [=XaXa=], alongside [[TheLeader [=PoH=]]], and Johnny Black ambushed and attempted to murder players Caynz, Yolko, and Schmitt; when Kirito intervened, the trio also tried to kill him. After making his way back to the real world, [=XaXa=], bored, and seeking a way to kill again, took advantage of his younger brother Kyoji's fragile mental state, to convince Kyoji to create the online persona of Sterben/Death Gun in ''Gale Gun Online'', ultimately hijacking Kyoji's desire to be "the strongest" for his own ends. Using Kyoji, and his old partner Johnny Black as aides, [=XaXa=] was able to arrange the murders of players Zekushiido, Usujio Tarako, Pale Rider, and Garret, before sending Kyoji to murder his own crush, Shino Asada. A sadist at heart, [=XaXa=] makes a point of crippling his opponents' avatars with a paralysing toxin before delivering the coup de grace, and during his SwordFight with Kirito in ''GGO'' does his best to cut him to ribbons, mocking him the entire time.
** [[AxeCrazy Johnny Black]] (real name: Atsushi Kanemoto), one of the top three members of the [[PlayerKilling Laughing Coffin Guild]] in ''SAO''. As the Guild's MasterPoisoner, Johnny came up with a way to paralyse opponents so that they could then be [[ColdBloodedTorture tortured to death]], and puts this poison into effect during his, [=XaXa=], and [=PoH=]'s attack on the members of the Golden Apple Guild. When discussing what they will do with the captured trio, Johnny expresses a desire to [[InvoluntaryBattleToTheDeath make them fight each other to the death]], promising the survivor that he or she will be released; when [=PoH=] notes that Johnny will just kill the survivor, Johnny complains about how the Guild Leader has ruined the surprise. He subsequently attempts to poison Kirito when he comes to the Golden Apple trio's rescue. Escaping into the real world, Johnny was recruited by [=XaXa=] during the Death Gun murders, poisoning Pale Rider and Garret in their homes, before again making a getaway. He was finally arrested when, after having lain in wait for six months, he attacked Kirito and Asuna on the street, intending to inject them with poison from a syringe, and hospitalising Kirito. [[SerialKiller Unable to quit killing]] in the virtual world or the real world, Johnny is the show's definitive PsychoForHire.

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* ''VideoGame/TearsToTiara'''s High Priest Drwc. He convinces Riannon to become Arawn's sacrifice by threatening to ''chop off a little girl's fingers''. There's also that whole "I want to summon a demon king to destroy the world so I can rule what's left" thing. [[spoiler:Arawn's first CrowningMomentOfAwesome is to shank the evil bastard; Riannon gets one when she kicks his undead ass]].
* MadScientist Kagato of the ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' franchise is an intergalactic researcher who utterly lacks anything resembling conscience. [[HairOfWhiteHeartOfBlack Kagato]] turned on his mentor, Washu Hakubi, and imprisoned her for thousands of years, hijacking everything she had left behind, including Washu's [[TrulySingleParent created 'daughter']] Ryoko. Brainwashing Ryoko, Kagato sent her to discover the truth of the 'greatest treasure in the universe,' having her hunt down traces of it...and then destroy the worlds that contained it to make certain nobody else could replicate his discoveries, whether they were inhabited or not. Over 3,000 worlds met their fate this way. After losing Ryoko, Kagato continued the process himself until he discovered her alive on earth. He wastes little time in trying to kill Tenchi and his UnwantedHarem and succeeds in blowing Tenchi apart from his ship. When Ryoko offers her life in place of Tenchi's, Kagato merely responds he'll just kill both of them. When Wahsu is freed, Kagato decides to 'reminisce' about the old days by drawing on his ship's power to destroy the earth. Kagato is defined by his drive for his 'scientific method.' Anything that gets caught in his path is simply collateral damage to that end, no matter what.
* Sohaku from ''Manga/TenjhoTenge'' is a power-hungry sociopath who delights in ruining people's lives. Two of his favourite pastimes are engaging in ColdBloodedTorture and watching one of his subordinates MindControl helpless victims into fighting and killing each other. He has spent hundreds of years spreading his influence in order to manipulate, use, or kill hundreds of powerful martial artists as well as all the people around them. A few years before the beginning of the story, he experimented on his wife, using her PowerParasite abilities to steal the abilities (and in most cases, lives) of the most powerful martial artists in japan, before judging her too weak, cutting off her arm, and ripping out her eye (which contained the powers she had collected) and giving it to his [[TheDragon dragon]]. Flash forward to the present, and he sets his full plan into motion, indirectly {{Mind Rap|e}}ing his son, who has the same powers as his ex-wife, into letting his powers turn him into a god-like being whose only purpose is to go on a rampage, killing any powerful martial artists it comes across and stealing their powers. Once this happens, his son goes around the world, killing thousands of people, just as Sohaku planned, before his friends can stop him. The closest Sohaku gets to redemption is realizing that he has no chance of succeeding and quietly admitting defeat.
* Kano from ''Anime/{{Texhnolyze}}'' is a fairly good candidate. Being a product of [[IncestIsRelative generations of selective inbreeding]] and a batshit insane soplipsist [[PsychopathicManchild who thinks that the entire world is inside his head]], it's a bit unclear how far he can be considered responsible for his actions. But driving the city of Lux insane and flooding the streets with murderous cyborg soldiers for ideals that make so little sense that it could just as well be ForTheEvulz, along with the more personal atrocity of [[spoiler:chopping off Ran's head and keeping it artificially alive on a statue to use her as an oracle]], puts him deep into this category, if you choose to judge him by his deeds.
* For a rather optimistic show, ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'' has suprising share of these.
** Dr. Rotwang, MadScientist extraordinaire who thrives on a FantasticRacism for the superpowered NEXT. First introduced as a one-shot villain creating robots to take on the heroes, Rotwang appeared in the final episodes as the partner to the BigBad of the series with one goal on his mind: to wipe out the NEXT and replace them with his robots. Rotwang mocked the very concept of friendship while trying to kill the city of Sternbild's superheroes, calling their friendship and devotion to one another 'pathetic.' Hateful, cruel and genocidal, Rotwang is truly a monster in even the idealistic show.
** The BigBad of the show, Albert Maverick, seemingly the kind and friendly benefactor of superheroes and founder of Hero TV. Maverick was secretly a member and one leader of the crime syndicate Ouroboros and was involved in many criminal activities. To make things easier for himself, he presented NEXT as marketable to gain them fans and create a superhero legacy, all the while hiding his being a NEXT himself whose power was MindRape. Maverick would murder the parents of future hero Barnaby Brooks to mold the boy into his perfect pawn- rewriting his memories every time Barnaby got too close to the truth. When he realized Barnaby's partner Kotetsu was too close to the truth, Maverick had Barnaby's mother figure Samantha murdered and framed Kotetsu, wiping the memories of everyone who knew his superhero identity. After this failed, he revealed he fully intended to wipe out his own NEXT and replace them with more easily controllable robots created by Rotwang. Feeling nothing but egotistical disgust at the doctor, the second his safety was compromised, Maverick murdered Rotwang after revealing he himself was NEXT. When cornered, Maverick even held Kotetsu's young daughter Kaede hostage with a gun to her head, with full intent to murder her if need be.
* Deep Blue of ''Manga/TokyoMewMew''. Sure, he's another alter-ego of Aoyama-kun, very much like the Blue Knight, and he looks similar to him, too. But admit it, unlike both of them, he's an absolutely terrible person. [[spoiler:He's cold and extremely cruel and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way with no remorse whatsoever, and he doesn't share their feelings towards Ichigo, nor does he hesitate to hurt her or any of the other Mew Mews, despite Ichigo's refusal to fight against him. He also kills Quiche for getting in his way as a sacrifice for protection of Ichigo, and unleashes beams that threaten to murder the other Mew Mews until Pie sacrifices himself to save them; if it weren't for this HeroicSacrifice courtesy of Pie himself, Ichigo's teammates would've been slaughtered in a truly horrible way. It all eventually leads up to Deep Blue's VillainousBreakdown as Aoyama-kun fights back against him from within him and eventually forces Ichigo to finish him off and kill both of them in order to free Aoyama, which is a truly satisfying end for this alien menace himself]].
* Tommyrod is one of the Sous-Chefs of the Bishokukai Organization in the ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'' series. While he puts on a rather AffablyEvil [[FauxAffablyEvil facade]] with his subordinates he is utterly ruthless and won't hesitate to kill them if failed. His powers use BodyHorror insects he keeps inside his body and he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice them, even with high capture levels. He takes sadistic joy in tormenting his opponents, or even bystanders like the unfortunate hunters he encountered in Ice Hell, and his brutal fight with Toriko just shows how much joy he has in inflicting pain on others. Its taken to extremes when he kills Komatsu's baby wall penguin's parents for absolutely no reason, just wanting to enjoy the suffering he inflicted.
* Kamishiro from ''Anime/TowaNoQuon'' - ruthless commander in charge of hunting Attractors in Japan [[spoiler: (who really is one of them and drains powers of captured Attractors)]] - proves how bad he is in the final two episodes - [[spoiler: he tortures a man for information, sets a mook on fire just to check out his power boost, convinces a group of children under Quon's care and one of his friends to leave with him only to imprison them, probably with an intent of draining them later, and almost kills kidnaped telepath and Quon to reawaken the most powerful Attractor in the world, only to drain him and use his powers to wreck chaos and randomly mutate people for kicks]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and is pretty]] [[SmugSnake smug]].
* Count Heinrich von Kinkel from ''Anime/TsukuyomiMoonPhase'' was always a nasty customer, with his habit of sadistically tormenting and trying to murder the majority of the cast. As one of the eldest vampires around, Kinkel believes anything around him is a toy for his amusement or enemy to be destroyed without mercy. It's revealed in flashbacks of his fledgling Elfriede that Kinkel seduced a human woman, drove her insane and returned many years later when the daughter was a teenager. Kinkel turned Elfriede into a vampire before slaughtering the human family who raised her. He then forced her to drink the blood of her best friend, gloating how Elfriede was his slave. When Elfriede was done, Kinkle proceeded to gloat that her pain gave him joy to no end. IHateYouVampireDad doesn't begin to cover it.
* Both Friends of ''Manga/TwentiethCenturyBoys'' were absolute monsters of a different variety
** The First Friend was responsible for 150,000 deaths by creating a plague and spreading it around the world, also causing widespread death and destruction in order to seize control of the planet and run it with [[DystopiaJustifiesTheMeans an iron fist]] where people are sent to nightmarish 'reeducation facilities' or high security prisons just for drawing manga. Friend successfully [[VillainWithGoodPublicity demonized the heroes and made himself a savior of the world]]. His whole motivation? Being a massive AttentionWhore and egocentric tyrant who wanted to be worshiped by everyone while satisfying a petty grudge against TheHero Kenji
** The Second Friend is an OmnicidalManiac StrawNihilist who, upon taking over from the first, proceeds to run the world even further into the ground. While the first Friend was a tyrant, the second simply wants to see everything burn. His actions are far more depraved and more and more people are killed under his reign. Even worse, he manufactures a new plague that he sends out with a twist: there is no antidote, only placebos. He simply wants everyone on the planet to die to satisfy his own cruelty.
* ''Manga/UbelBlatt'' has several examples
** The First Kferr is the first villain we meet, and is one of the nastiest. A minor frontier lord, Kferr betrayed his home nation to join TheEmpire of Wischtech and is introduced violently raping a captive girl before he leaves her for his HellishHorse Xylus, who shares his master's penchant for rape. He also [[DisproportionateRetribution kills a man just for disturbing Xylus later]]. He also leads his men to RapePillageAndBurn all in their path, planning to rape the women he catches there as well after slaughtering multiple innocent people for no reason.
** The Fake Gustav is as brutal as Kferr, using her forces to repress those in her domain and kidnapping children for her experiments. A [[{{Shotacon}} lover of young boys]], she also rapes the hero Koinzell when he falls into her clutches after having obtained him by blackmailing a girl with her brother's life to lure Koinzell in. She then reveals she'd already turned the brother into a horrible abomination, like she has so many other boys.
** Vice Admiral Pago, TheDragon to the first of Koinzell's targets of the Seven Heroes. Pago puts on the front of being a decent human being to his gentle sworn brother Geranpen, but uses Geranpen to unknowingly gather women to be experimented on and killed by Pago's lord Schtemwolech, all for his personal profit. When a young elf named Zeppy learns what's happening to the women, Pago murders his parents out of spite, reanimates them and sends them to kill Zeppy. When Geranpen intervens, Pago tries to kill him as well, coldly declaring [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness his brother means nothing to him as he's done using him.]] After Koinzell drives off Pago by taking his arm, Pago simply makes another by using necromancy to graft two elven maidens to the stump to serve as CombatTentacles
** Regional Count Schtemwolech, Pago's master, and a MadScientist obsessed with immortality. he keeps an AmazonBrigade consisting of elven maidens he's used expert MindRape powers on to keep them trapped in a state of eternal agony, but unable to disobey him. He conducts experiments on elves to kill them, or turn them into living abominations for his usage, and regularly bleeds elven maidens dry to harvest their blood for his use. When he encounters Koinzell, a man he betrayed and murdered twenty years prior, all he can wonder is how Koinzell has kept himself young.
* ''Manga/UshioAndTora'':
** Hakumen no Kono qualifies as a CompleteMonster from the first few chapters of his introduction. He's literally born from hatred and rage from [[spoiler: Tora when he was human]], thus has no positive qualities. He delights in destroying countries, having done so for thousands of years until 800 years before the story he was hit by the Beast Spear, and Japan's Bakemono and Human population teamed up to defeat him. In response, he holed himself up below Japan...and if he was removed, the entire country would ''sink''. From both Ushio's and Mayuko's families, a BarrierMaiden is chosen to keep him imprisoned...but after 800 years, he got stronger. [[spoiler: His worst acts are during the time between the weakening of Ushio's mom's barrier and his awakening. First he sends his Bushin's out to attack the Kohemei Sect and Japan, one of which manipulates an boy named Kirio by becoming his mother figure. Then he uses a special type of demon to systematically ''wipe out everyone's memories of Ushio and Tora, including Asako and Mayuko''.]] When he awakens [[spoiler: he ceases no time whatsoever causing fear and hatred by ''nuking an entire island'' ''''TWICE''' while Japan sinks.]]
** Guren, TheDragon to Hakumen no Mono, was a vicious mercenary and murderer in life before he found [[ArtifactOfDoom the Beast Spear]]. Enjoying nothing so much as killing others, he used the Beast Spear on human beings until it devoured his humanity, leaving him as the monstrous, black-furred Guren. Guren would spend the centuries hunting down and devouring humans: men, women and children without discriminating. Finally, he devoured the family of a man who would take the name Hyou and the two inflicted wounds and scars on one another, earning a mutual hatred. Hyou would hunt down Guren, following the trail of his atrocities. In their final duel, Guren attempted to gain the upper hand by holding a woman and her child hostage, knowing Hyou would be reminded of his own family. Guren planned to kill Hyou when his guard was down- and devour the humans as a post-victory treat.
* Carmilla, the Blood Countess of the ''LightNovel/VampireHunterD'' film ''Bloodlust.'' Famed for [[TheCaligula her dark excesses]] when she lived, Carmilla was slain by [[EvenEvilHasStandards the vampire King Dracula]] for her bloodlust and gluttony. However, Carmilla's ghost still haunts her old palace. She lures the StarCrossedLovers, vampire Meier Link and his mortal lover Charlotte to her with promises of protection, only to use her illusions to separate them and slice Meier in half before feeding on Charlotte and using her blood to revive herself. When D himself and other vampire hunters enter her manor, Charlotte uses her illusions to MindRape them with visions of their past. She murders one hunter and turns him into a vampire so he'll kill D and the other hunter Leila- his own adopted sister. When she fights D himself, she tries to torture him out of fury that he, a {{Dhampir}} himself, hunts her. Carmilla views herself as above any human being and when D bests her, she immediately tries to devour the rest of Charlotte's life, stopped only by the intervention of [[NotQuiteDead Meier himself.]]
* With ''Manga/ViolinistOfHameln'' being a {{dramedy}}, most of [[AlwaysChaoticEvil the mazoku]] are regularly played for laughs. There are two exceptions, though:
** [[TheDragon Hell King Bass]] is a cold, emotionless EvilOverlord who is not only behind every atrocity that happens in the first 2/3 of the manga, but also personally takes the field to give 3/5ths of the main cast their tragic pasts. The worst thing he has done, though, [[spoiler: is killing the greatest champion of humanity and one of his most passionate enemies, Lute, in an incredibly sadistic, spirit-shattering way, then turning Lute's body into a soulless puppet, forced to carry out his atrocities. And this was all done right before the eyes of Lute's mother and comrades. And once said body started breaking down, Bass intended to do the same to Lute's sister.]]
** The BigBad himself, [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Great Demon King]] [[TheDreaded Chestra]], though, tops Bass by far. He is the only villain in the whole manga who is always presented with dead seriousness (even Bass, despite having no funny traits or sense of humor by himself, serves as the butt of a few jokes), invoking nothing but terror (in good guys) and awe (in his minions). To list his evil deeds is to list every scene where he appears and is not busy fighting the heroes, but the most salient example happens, once again, in the backstory. [[spoiler: He not only seduced one of the kindest women in the world, Pandora, and pretended to be her loving husband for years, just so she will open the box for him, where his magical power and most of his mazoku minions were sealed, intending to kill and devour her once she outlived her usefulness, he also had children with her, just to make them live traumatic lives and eventually devoured them, after they suffer enough and develop strong enough magic to serve as a powerup, restoring his full abilities. The worst aspect of this? It is implied that, unlike the rest of [[AlwaysChaoticEvil the mazoku]], almost all of whom are firmly stuck in LackOfEmpathy and EvilCannotComprehendGood territory, Chestra actually felt love for Pandora...and still ''decided to proceed with the above-outlined plan''.]]

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* Haguro Dou in ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest'' epitomizes the fear of encountering a sociopath, especially a FatalAttraction -style of obsessive one. For starters he manipulates the younger Kuroda into [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge going Columbine]] on half the student body. Using weapons from his family gun cellar, the lad wants revenge against Inugami for his older brother's death, which in reality was caused by ''Haguro'' pulling the life-support. Haguro keeps going on the same line by beating his [[NobleDemon far more honorable]] subordinate Chiba within an inch of his life, biting off his tongue and then raping him for good measure to the point that Chiba ends up dying from a combination of ruptured organs, blood loss and broken ribs([[spoiler: before Inguami bringing Chiba back to life by giving some of his own blood]]. His reason for this is Chiba ending up encountering Inugami, whose werewolf-form Haguro is {{Yandere}} for, out on the streets and talking to him for maybe 15 minutes when Haguro isn't around. Haguro, not relenting or repenting, kidnaps Aiko Aoshika(a teacher who ends up falling in love with Inugami, becoming his MoralityChain). He repeatedly has Aoshika gang-raped by his Yakuza goons(also raping her himself), while recording it for Inugami to see [[spoiler: and threatening Inugami through the camera with spreading the videos to the internet, which would ruin what's left of her life. He also gives her a PsychoSerum to make her go even more insane than such experinces already would, ''making the poor woman enjoy her own torture and rape'', which almost destroys her physically and mentally.]] He does this in hopes of Inugami (who left to Nara due to Haguro's actions) coming back to him. After Aoshika's release from her chains, Haguro tries to kill her, telling her that Inugami is too good for her. Inugami shows up in time to beat him up. During their fight, Haguro slices off two of Inugami's fingers and eats them in an insane attempt to confirm himself as a superior beast to Inugami. Then Haguro slices off four more of Inugami's fingers - and an entire arm. In addition to all this Haguro also commits the SECOND school shooting of the series with an MGL-140, a semi-automatic grenade launcher. The attack hospitalizes Aoshika, who still survives to later identify him as the shooter.
* ''Manga/TheYagyuNinjaScrolls'' brings us this trio.
** Akinari Kato is a tyrannical Daimyo who rules the lands of Aizu in [[TheCaligula a hedonistic hell]] where he has girls abducted to serve as slaves and toys for his pleasure before allowing his pet psycho squad, The Seven Spears, to torture them to death. When his vassal, Mondo Hori, rebels to save his daughter from such a fate, Akinari has him and the Hori men tortured to death. Throughout the series, Akinari abuses, tortures and rapes those who fall into his clutches, and when he is so terrified by TheHero Jubei Yagyu's constant hounding him, he makes himself feel better by abducting and violating the innocent daughter of a lord who had the bad fortune to host him for a night. When he finally gets ahold of the surviving Hori women, Akinari sentences them to death by crucifixion and orders it to be made as drawn out as humanly possible.
** Dohaku Ashina, the ruler of the Ashina ninja and the [[TheManBehindTheMan secret ruler of Aizu who pulls Akinari's strings]] and [[DragonInChief soon reveals himself to be the true villain.]] Dohaku is [[EvilOldFolks a 107 year old immortal man]] and when Jubei begins his heroic actions in Aizu, Dohaku's response is to begin having random women beheaded and their heads displayed as a deterrent. he then proceeds to have multiple women abducted for Akinari's harem or to be sacrificed in his dark rituals. Worse still, he raised his own beautiful young daughter as Akinari's concubine to get an heir from Akinaris bloodline, intending to do away with Akinari and Akinari's trueborn son. When Oyura ends up [[TakingTheBullet intercepting a blow Dohaku had meant for Jubei]], Dohaku [[VillainousBreakdown breaks down, screaming furiously how all she was to him]] was something to produce a PuppetKing and refusing to save her life.
** Uroshido Koshichiro is the leader of the Seven Spears and TheDragon to Akinari. A talented MasterSwordsman who serves as an EvilCounterpart to Jubei with equal skill, but none of the honor, virtue or goodness, Koshichiro opens the series dragging the men of Hori before the Hori women and then promptly initiating a slaughter of the women just to hurt the men more. Koshichiro leads the Spears in their disposal of women Akinari is bored with and kidnaps newlywed couples to frame Jubei's ally Princess Sen as a rapist, forcing concubines to rape the men and giving the women to Akinari. While Koshichiro is seen as a WorthyOpponent by Jubei, Jubei makes it clear it is only because he [[BloodKnight deeply desires to face Koshichiro's skill against his own]] and makes it clear that he has nothing but hatred and contempt for the man himself.
* YoshiyukiTomino gives us another despicable villain in ''Anime/{{Zambot 3}}'', in the form of [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Killer The Butcher]], TheDragon to BigBad [[AIIsACrapshoot Gaizock]]. During the series' run, this guy commits any sort of horrible action, the ''mildest'' of which is mass murder of innocent civilians with the excuse of [[HumansAreFlawed humans being worthless]]. One ofthe crueler of his deeds is [[spoiler: implanting mini-bombs inside unknowing human prisoners, just to release them, let them go back to their families - and only ''then'' blow them up. ''Alive''. Even ''children'']]. All the while, he admires his work, is proud of the bloodshed and jokes about the horrible deaths of his victims, treating his killing sprees as a funny game.
* Of all the evil demon children in ''Manga/ZatchBell'', Zofis was easily the most vile. A total sadist and an egotist, he horribly MindRaped both humans and fellow mamodo, for practical reasons and ForTheEvulz, and enjoyed nothing more than the suffering of others. He also kept an army of 100 year old demons in line by creating the illusion of turning them back into stone tablets, thus being able to control them using their fear. He despised Brago and dreaded his power so much that he attemted to take his life rather than simply burn his spellbook and send him back to the Demon World. Most notably, he warped the heart and mind of Sherry's best friend Koko and made her do anything he wanted her to do, specifically if it hurt Sherry in any way (Koko nearly even jumped to a fiery, burning death because of him). His final threat was to not erase Koko's memory of her time as his partner so that she'd always suffer from the guilt and stay broken as a result, a threat that thankfully became empty when Brago forced the DirtyCoward into a VillainousBreakdown that left him broken.