! Examples of Psychic Assaults

* In ''Toys/{{BIONICLE}}'', [[EldritchAbomination Tren Krom]] tends to inflict this when he searches someone's mind for information, as it also gives the victim [[TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow glimpses into Tren Krom's mind.]] The fact that he tends to assault his victims with his long, red, fleshy appendages while doing this only adds to the disturbing subtext.
** Toa of Psionics are also capable of doing this, and it's implied that they can cause permanent brain damage with their powers.
** The Makuta species has many mental powers, too, and where a Toa of Psionics may stop, they will gladly push further. When Teridax unleashed his powers on Karzahni's mind, it reduced the latter into a vegetable on two legs. Yet Karzahni was the one most famous for his soul and mind-crushing visions. Makuta evidently like beating others at their own game.
** Gali Nuva experienced one after being hit by Dalu's SensoryOverload-inducing weapons. Her sight became so advanced that she actually peered into ''other universes'', all of which she just couldn't take in at once, and eventually broke into a furious craze, attacking her partners and running off into the wilderness. Thankfully, Axonn was there to cleanse her mind with his healing powers.