Just because the internet didn't exist back then, doesn't mean that radio had a few popular phrases that stuck to everyone's mind.
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* "Hello to JasonIsaacs." [[labelnote:Explanation]]This meme initially comes from MarkKermode's (and Simon Mayo's) habit of... saying hello to Jason Isaacs (a former classmate of Kermode's) on [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lvdrj their film reviews show]].[[/labelnote]]
** Now this meme hasn't spread a lot on the Internet, but it seems to be appearing in increasingly bizarre situations in real life. See for instance:
*** Someone saying hello to Isaacs in their marriage speech.
*** Someone else, having met Kermode in a hospital, actually saying hello ''on the tannoy''.
*** A [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/56008930@N00/5130109708 sign]] in the [[Series/TheDailyShow rally to restore sanity.]]
*** A writer at the ''Tonight Show with Jay Leno'' is apparently a fan of Kermode's show and has been including the sentence in a [[http://www.the-medium-is-not-enough.com/images/416880_10150553340469029_8509069028_8959444_1254322171_n.jpg few]] [[http://www.the-medium-is-not-enough.com/images/402380_10150553340529029_8509069028_8959446_465789376_n.jpg graphics]]. Said writer sent an e-mail to Kermode and Mayo and can be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1diKT1djSxI heard]] here (with the images included).
*** Then an engineer working for Google (UK) joined in. So as of February 10th, 2012, when you type "Jason Isaacs" on google.co.uk, [[http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc81/neldhw/tumblr_lz6fm3vO2H1qbmgqfo1_500.png this]] is what comes up.
*** The words "Hello to Jason Isaacs" have been uttered on Swedish radio.
*** Jason's been greeted on [[http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc81/neldhw/tumblr_m1ngllIsGk1qkikm1o1_500.jpg Cycling Magazine]].
*** And of course, Jason Isaacs's mentioned this happening to him.
* ''Radio/TheGoonShow'':
** "You've got the dreaded lurgi" [[labelnote:Explanation]]The show created the term as a joke sickness, decades later children and adults alike still use the term to mean any generic sickness that they can't be bothered describing.[[/labelnote]]
** "He's fallen in the wa-ter!"
** "It's all in the mind, you know."
* Radio/FibberMcGeeAndMolly: Not the hall closet! [[labelnote:Explanation]]The program is famously remembered for the hall closet. Sometimes, it's the only thing some fans remember from it.[[/labelnote]]
* Radio/PaulHarvey: Good ''day''!
** And ''now'' you know... the ''REST'' of the story! [[labelnote:Explanation]]TitleDrop at the end of ''Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story'', a radio show in which the host would share a story of someone or something fascinating, denying one key detail until TheReveal at the end. The phrase is often used in RealLife whenever one shares a long story with someone else.[[/labelnote]]
* [[GodwinsLaw Feminazis.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Rush Limbaugh's favorite term.[[/labelnote]]
* ''Series/YouBetYourLife'':
-->'''Announcer:''' Ladies and gentlemen, don't tell a soul, but the secret word tonight is 'meme', 'M-E-M-E'".\\
'''[[MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]]:''' Really?!\\
'''Announcer:''' ''[[TitleDrop You Bet Your Life]]''!
** Explanation: This is how the show usually started.
** "And now, here he is: the one, the only, (StudioAudience: GROUCHO!)" ("Is that bum still in town? Oh, that's me!")
* The Creator/AdamAndJoe show on BBC 6 Music gave us "STEPHEN!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Just coming![[/labelnote]]
* "Don't touch that dial!" originated on the ''{{Blondie}}'' radio series in the '40s.