''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' is a veritable FountainOfMemes, since the game has lasted since 2009. Granted, few of them have spread outside the community, but they tend to spread rapidly within it. It's quite telling of Riot Games how in-tune they are with their fanbase seeing how many of these memes have been [[AscendedMeme ascended]] into the game itself or related media.

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** Further mutations and successor memes, if any.
!!Memes originating in the game:

[[folder:Controller Champion Memes]]
* Sona's breasts, in general. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Her older splash art's ImpossiblyLowNeckline on full display was highly infamous. Even after she received a newer splash art that also resulted in that aspect being less blatantly seen, the memetic awesomeness of her breasts show little sign of dying away.[[/labelnote]]
* Soraka's deadly bananas.[[labelnote:Explanation]]In her auto attack animation, Soraka throws golden crescent moon particles. Combine this with her low auto attack damage and decent attack range, and you'll have people raging about just [[HopeSpot barely escaping a fight]] only to be picked off by a random flying 'banana'. Ascended with a changed joke emote and a changed dance emote (to the Chiquita dance). Then "Order of the Banana Soraka" changed her particles TO bananas and dispensed with all subtlety.[[/labelnote]]
-->'''Soraka''': Yes, that was a banana. No one expects the banana.
* Truly, truly, truly, outrageous [[labelnote:Explanation]]Part of Taric's pre-VGU /joke referencing WesternAnimation/JemAndTheHolograms' opening, likely to follow wherever he is mentioned.[[/labelnote]]
** [[AscendedMeme now immortalized in emote form.]]
* CLICK THE LANTERN! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Thresh has an extremely useful ability where he can throw his lantern out and any ally who clicks on it will be dragged back to his location, very useful for saving allies caught out of position. Unfortunately, a lot of less experienced players will not actually know this, resulting in them regularly ignoring the lantern and being killed with salvation just a single click away. As you can imagine, this causes no end of frustration to Thresh players.[[/labelnote]]
** This actually prompted Riot in patch 4.1 to add an indicator that directs allied champs' eyes to the lantern with a line of arrows... and some people still don't click it.
* [[IncrediblyLamePun Thresh]] [[Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir Prince of Bel-Air]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Originates from commentators at the EU League Championship Series, who bust out the pun whenever Thresh is picked or banned, which in that tournament, was quite often.[[/labelnote]]
** As an extension, commentators began ranking people based on their alleged skill with Thresh. So the reportedly best Thresh player in the EU would be called the Thresh King, and the second best will be the Thresh Prince.

[[folder:Fighter Champion Memes]]
* whotrox? [[labelnote:Explanation]] Due to how AwesomeButImpractical he is, Aatrox is seen very rarely outside of bot matches or aram, as a result some players jokingly act like he doesn't exist.[[/labelnote]]
* DEEEEMMMAACIA! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Line brought to you by Garen, the Might of Demacia. Really, Garen and his [=Spin2Win=] is the most memetic thing in the game.[[/labelnote]]
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8ZensTnIXw Yup.]]
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oAQfVvfDjQ and again.]]
** In a bit of BeamMeUpScotty, he screams that when he uses Courage, the defensive self-buff, not the spinning thingy everyone attributes it to. The association comes from the fact that the two skills are often activated at the same time, since his spin requires him to stay in melee range of the enemy for three seconds to achieve maximum effectiveness, and as such, he tends to draw fire.
** Became a bit of AscendedMeme, as Lux screams "DEMACIA!" for her Ultimate as well.
** As does Jarvan IV.
** The Brolaf skin for Olaf puts a humorous spin on this when he activates his ultimate skill.
--> '''Brolaf''': ''[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/d/d5/Brolaf.ult1.ogg BR]][[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/b/b9/Brolaf.ultimateeffort2.ogg OM]][[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/e/e3/Brolaf.ultimateeffort3.ogg AC]][[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/7/7e/Brolaf.ultimateeffort4.ogg IA]]!
** The "Patch notes" for April Fool's Day 2011 included [[TheStoic Galio]] shouting "DEMACIA!" while he channels Idol of Durand.
** And now we have Darius, the Hand of Noxus who is a stylistically similar counterpart to Garen. His joke? He looks around for a sec to see if anyone is watching before he tries to spin around in a circle with his huge axe, screaming NOXUUUUUUS! Unfortunately, he gets really dizzy and...
--> '''Darius''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/1/14/Darius.joke1.ogg Noxuuu... oh, woah, oof! How does he do it?]]"
** Yet again, Quinn's /joke has Valor say something to her about one of three Demacians. Quinn's responses make it clear one of them is about Garen saying something a lot... you'll know what Valor must have been referring if you've read the rest of this section.
--> '''Quinn''': [[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/3/32/Quinn.joke03.ogg "Who's there? Garen who? Yeah, I guess he does say that a lot."]]
** Upon being reworked "Troll King" Trundle continues the gags.
--> '''Trundle''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/8/83/Trundle.ChampionSpecific01.ogg TROLLMACIA!]]"
** Gnar tries his best on doing an impression too, but due to SpeakingSimlish, all that comes out was...
--> '''Gnar''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/6/6d/Gnar.tauntGaren.ogg DEMAGLIO!]]"
** Even ''[[TheJuggernaut SION]]'' does this now after his relaunch. And when you hear him shouting, it's a ''REALLY'' bad sign for your team if he's an enemy.
--> '''Sion''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/1/15/Sion.R2.ogg NOOOOOXUUUUUUS!]]"
** Ekko from Zaun also wants to join in the fun when taunting Garen:
--> '''Ekko''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/a/a0/Ekko.tauntGaren01.ogg?_ga=1.265458447.1877892590.1411719603 ZAUUUUUUNNNN!!]]"
** After VU, Irelia also joins in.
--> '''Irelia''': "[[https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/6/68/Irelia_206.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180321084524 IONIAAAAAA!! Hmm, that's me, if I was you.]]"
* Morde es the best, # 1, best, shield es always win, never loose huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The joke being that Brasilians on NA were abundant, generally bad and spoke in mangled English. "Huehuehuehue" is the equivalent of English "hahahaha" or the infamous Korean "kekekeke". Sadly discredited ever since server splits have made Portuguese and Spanish speakers rare in NA.[[/labelnote]]
** Originating [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=316408 here]]. Version 2.0 [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=966173 here]]. Popularized with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD8tHh9-nbw these]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLHKg0HtOaE videos]]. Safe to say, looks like it's getting a WeirdAlEffect on Mordekaiser, being that the meme may be dead, but "Huehuehuehue" to League Of Legends players is going to always be linked to Mordekaiser.
*** Full version of that: "Brazil?" "Gibe moni please." "I repot you." "Mordekaiser es #1. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE."
!! Mundo
* Everything about Mundo. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Mundo's [[HulkSpeak manner of speech]] is, in a similar vein as the [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Heavy]], very popular with the fan base.[[/labelnote]]
** [[AscendedMeme Ascended somewhat.]] Corporate Mundo frequently runs the champion/skin sales.
** Mundo goes where he pleases.
*** Formally ascended with Tahm Kench's line to Mundo.
-->'''Tahm Kench:''' I could show Mundo new places to go, if he pleases.
** Mundo say his own name a lot, else he forget. Has happened before!
!! Nasus
* Brb need stacks [[labelnote:Explanation]]Nasus' main gimmick is that the more stacks of his Q he gains by using it to kill enemies, the more damage it does. By endgame, this can be a terrifying amount - hence, spending most of the game gaining stacks off minions. However, this also leads to many jokes about Nasus players who will be still gathering stacks up top as a 4v5 teamfight erupts at Dragon or the enemy team starts tearing down the inhibitor or base turrets. Even worse, the ones who leave a crucial defensive position because they feel they're behind. Sadly, such jokes are based on truth occasionally.[[/labelnote]]
!! Urgot
* Urgod [[labelnote:Explanation]]An ironic FanNickName given to Pre-VGU Urgot due to him being seen as a JokeCharacter. The "ironic" part was lessened by changes to his numbers and the meta that made him a LethalJokeCharacter, then he got his [[TookALevelInBadass VGU]], which grabbed "ironic" with a drill hook and turned it into mulch. Today, Urgod is used to refer to people who are really good at Urgot and to the significantly cooler Urgot in general. [[/labelnote]]
* SHOTGUN KNEES [[labelnote:Explanation]]Urgot has chemtech shotguns in his knees, it's as CrazyAwesome as it sounds and players adore him for it. [[/labelnote]]
!! Xin Zhao
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON-6vYobie4 Xin Zhao]] [[RatedMForManly will make a man]] [[Disney/{{Mulan}} out of you]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Associating Xin Zhao in general with Shang from Disney/{{Mulan}} and his famous "Be a man!" training montage since they're both quintessential Chinese badass manly men. The linked video (part of [[CholeraNinjaVideo Choleraninja's]] "I'm Bad At [=LoL=]" series) is one of the more famous propagators of the meme.[[/labelnote]]
** From the same video: [[{{Kiai}} KIAI! KIAI! HWOAA HWOAA!!]][[labelnote:Explanation]]Choleraninja doesn't just add up the Mulan song when playing. Whenever Xin Zhao attacks, he goes [[LargeHam calling out his kiai really loud]] that it's amusing. Therefore, when playing as Xin Zhao, if adding "I Will Make A Man Out Of You" does not suffice, then players start yelling the kiai like Choleraninja. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kZwfHz9nQg Observe]][[/labelnote]]
** Looks on the way to be in AscendedMeme as Patch Notes, if they include and are describing Xin Zhao, will insert lyrics of "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".

[[folder:Mage Champion Memes.]]
* Annie Bot is a little bitch. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Despite the bots' reputation for ArtificialStupidity, if there's one thing that bots are invariably better at than humans, it's superhuman combo. Champions like Annie whose combos involve stunning an enemy then unloading all of their burst within the duration of the stun are deadly when computer-controlled, since they can and will do it perfectly every time. Every new player who's run into Annie Bot has experienced being stunned by a gigantic flaming bear then running for their lives at 20% health once it's over. [[/labelnote]]
** AscendedMeme (anyone starting to notice a trend here?) by form of a shirt reading [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-faM6IblJ9l8/Tuub8eY3SEI/AAAAAAAAAAk/MrZE-ZJHigo/s1600/Annie+Bot+T-shirt.png I SURVIVED ANNIE BOT]] that was (but now is unfortunately removed) in the official merchandise store.
* [[MostAnnoyingSound Have you seen my bear Tibbers?]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]A very common phrase said by [[LittleMissBadass Annie]]. And by common, I mean every two or three times you tell her to go somewhere. This, combined her [[TastesLikeDiabetes very, very cutsie voice]] lead to many players finding her almost intolerable to play.[[/labelnote]]
** This has been addressed by Riot in her graphical rework. She keeps the iconic line, though a wider quote pool makes it more tolerable. And upon summoning Tibbers, her quotes include "Found him!" and "There he is!"
* Her laugh is infamous for how [[AnnoyingLaugh obnoxious and unhinged]] it is.
* IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH [[labelnote:Explanation]] Since her ultimate is a WaveMotionGun, references to shoop da whoop are inevitable.[[/labelnote]]
* The Trump Wall. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Rather unfortunately for Taliyah, her reveal and release coincided with that of U.S. President Donald Trump's declaration to build a wall to seperate the United States from Mexico in order to further prevent illegal immigration. Almost immediately, comparisons were drawn to Taliyah's ultimate, which allowed to create an enormous wall across a great deal of the map, and resulted in "Donald Trump Champion Spotlights", memes of the president's face on Taliyah's body, and most of the LOL fanbase simply referring to her ultimate as "The Trump Wall". [[/labelnote]]
!!Twisted Fate
* Twisted Fate goes for a gank... [[http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/146/picture2fk.png/ Blue Card]]?!?!?[[labelnote:Explanation]]Getting a Gold Card is essential for a TF gank, the meme is pretty much mocking someone making an Epic Fail.[[/labelnote]]

* "Vel'Koz has been engrossed with anal..."[[labelnote:Explanation]]During the 2014 Snowdown event, Vel'Koz was disabled in the Legend of the Poro King mode due to bugs, with Riot initially notifying players with a note saying "[[http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1418864949436/VelKozhasbecomeengrossedwithanal....png Vel'Koz has been engrossed with analyzing Poros.]]" Unfortunately, [[DidntThinkThisThrough they didn't anticipate that the shortened cutoff would turn "analyzing" into "anal"]], and while it was later replaced with the simpler "Vel'Koz will be disabled for Poro King mode", fans had quite the field day with it. The fact Vel'Koz is a giant tentacle monster [[NeverLiveItDown isn't helping him live it down, either]].[[/labelnote]]


[[folder:Marskman Champion Memes.]]
* [[http://imgur.com/a/8JXrV Welcome to the]] [[http://imgur.com/a/n8vc6 League of Draven!]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Draven is basically Mundo 2.0 memetically, just somewhat more sane and significantly more narcissistic.[[/labelnote]]
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA85IsVR6Zo When I'm Draven]]...
*** Not Draven, Draaaaven.
*** This became an AscendedMeme for AprilFoolsDay 2013, as on the front page on the wiki, every Champion's face was replaced with Draven's.
*** ...and as of July 2013 Draven's passive skill has been renamed "League of Draven".
** Riot: "Guys, remember how we teased that Victorious Elise skin [as a Season 3 reward]? Sorry, but we [[https://securecdn.disqus.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/601/8830/original.jpg accidentally made it for Draven instead]]."
** In February 2014, Riot added the ability to add champion emoticons to comments. [[http://i.imgur.com/PQoC6lF.jpg This was the end result.]]
* Four isn't just a number, it is ART! [[labelnote:Explanation]] Jhin has a strong number motif with four, which has naturally spread to his fanbase. Examples include shooting down any skin suggestions as it would mean he'd no longer have four skins (discredited after the release of PROJECT:Jhin, his fifth skin), treating Quadra-Kills as greater accomplishments than Penta-Kills, and making a big deal about April fourth.[[/labelnote]]
* Never fear, the FAST is here. [[labelnote:Explanataion]] Due to Jhin's... ''[[MechanicallyUnusualClass Intersting]]'' scaling, building a ton of attack speed and crit, especially in URF mode where bonus attack speed is doubled, would result in him running circles around the enemy team. Following the example of youtuber OCE Kha'zix's montage on the subject, players using the build will roleplay as a superhero named [[Franchise/TheFlash "the Fast"]]. [[/labelnote]]
!! Teemo
* Teemo is Satan. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Playing against Teemo is ''incredibly'' frustrating because of his passive stealth, poison, blind, and mushroom traps, leading to the meme that Teemo is evil and so is anyone who plays him. Became an AscendedMeme with the release of the Little Devil Teemo skin.[[/labelnote]]
** Teemo's ''real'' passive is his Global Taunt. It's why he's such an excellent tank. [[labelnote:Explanation]] The aforementioned frustration of playing against him leads to jokes about his passive ability to draw people away from objectives and/or into traps because of the enemy team's desire to kill him as soon as possible.[[/labelnote]]
* Teemo needs more skins. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A sarcastic joke made because Teemo had the most variable skins for the longest time.[[/labelnote]]
** [[NotHelpingYourCase So of course, Riot released a Panda Teemo skin.]]
** It was explained by a Rioter that Teemo skins are common because his model is just easy to work on.
* Teemo's {{Scrappy}} status has culminated into the phrase "delete Teemo".
** When something went wrong with a Riot sale news page, filling it with broken code, players immediately accused Teemo, who is on sale, for breaking the page.
* WELCOME TO - [[OhCrap SILVER OF THE MOON]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Vayne is somewhat unique in that she vocally announces ranking her W, Silver Bolts, to its first level. Hearing Vayne make this sound at the very start of the game is a good indication that you've got somebody in your team that doesn't know how to use her properly: picking up Silver Bolts at level 1 is SchmuckBait, because even though it increases damage and makes farming easier, picking up Tumble at level 1 also increases damage, makes ''properly'' farming easier ''and'' greatly increases her mobility. Basically, the least bad reason to pick up Silver Bolts at l is because you suck at farming and must compensate with passive extra damage. The fact that Vayne is DifficultButAwesome means that there's a good chance she'll end up feeding the enemy if this happens.[[/labelnote]]

[[folder:Slayer Champion Memes]]
* ''DARKKKKKKKKNEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS'', mimicking a line Nocturne might say after using his ultimate, is a popular way to distill and describe Nocturne. Similar to Fiddlesticks, many agree HellIsThatNoise.
** Became even worse after Eternum Nocturne came out, whose ultimate has been likened to sound like [[Franchise/MassEffect Harbinger]] molesting a blender.
** Even Gnar gets on the act. Of course, SpeakingSimlish is at play, so....
--> '''Gnar''': "[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/2/2e/Gnar.tauntNocturne.ogg MARMNESS!]]"
* Baker Pantheon.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Pantheon's joke about wanting to be a baker doubles as not only a ShoutOut to ''Film/ThreeHundred'', but also makes a good source of RealMenWearPink jokes. Afterwards, tons of fanarts, videos or skin ideas about Pantheon being a baker get a good deal of popularity and 'being a baker' is memetically considered Pantheon's closet or actual dream. Tons of guides about Pantheon would also make reference to the baker joke too. [[AscendedMeme Eventually]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWZVaQQwa68 ascended]] [[/labelnote]]
* The fact that he's a buff war loving spartan {{Expy}} has led people to call him "Mantheon" and his ultimate "The Man Drop".
* The unseen X is the deadliest.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Zed's selection quote "The unseen blade is the deadliest." has been endlessly snowcloned.[[/labelnote]]
* [[YouAreAlreadyDead Omae wa mou shindeiru.]][[labelnote:Explanation]]Zed's ultimate puts a mark on a champion and then reapplies some of the damage dealt to the marked target when it expires. The end result is a ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'' reference waiting to happen.[[/labelnote]]

[[folder:Tank Champion Memes]]
* [[IncomingHam HAI EVERYBODY]] [[labelnote:Explanation]] Like Sion before him, Galio's ultimate, ''Hero's Entrance'' Is such an over the top example of DynamicEntry that it has become a meme in and of itself. Common examples include comparing it to a wrestler body slamming someone from the top rope/a ladder , or putting it's [[CrossHairAware symbol]] in a scene where someone falls from offscreen (usually on to there face and with some rubble from the ceiling coming with them).[[/labelnote]]
* Has anyone seen Azir? [[labelnote:Eggsplanation]] For April fools 2018, Galio received his first post VGU skin, Birdio. It turned him into a fast food mascot complete with GoofySuit, chicken clucking in his dance, frying grease instead of wind, and a rooster call for ''Hero's Entrance'', all at a reasonable 975RP. The community fell in love almost immediately, saying it was an ultimate skin (as opposed to Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, which released in the same patch), and having bird themed champions ask Galio about missing friends or relatives in role play threads.
* [[http://img2.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/asset/wallpaper_760px_3112.jpg The face of old Lollipoppy]] [[labelnote:Explanation]] In the older splash art of the Lollipoppy skin, the face was rather... off. In spite of being changed in response to such criticism, the disturbing-ness of it persisted among the community.[[/labelnote]]
** It was so infamous that Riot [[AscendedMeme couldn't help but keep it in some capacity]]. It can be found on a lollipop in the skins newest splash, and can be seen in-game if Poppy dances long enough with the skin equipped.
*** For April fools 2018, the rift was "blessed" with the [[Film/TheShining Heeere's]] [[https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-hRcy98tro_8/Wp8AqCE3_jI/AAAAAAAA6dI/KQQcAyxfm2o3HKPm0DPd_mPELku9_sOXwCLcBGAs/s1600/dca20654fb91facc.png Poppy!]] emote. now EVERYONE can spread the NightmareFuel!
* [=NotLikeThis=] [[labelnote:Explanation]] When first brought onto the PBE, the reworked Poppy's "low-health" quotes would [[CriticalAnnoyance constantly be spoken]] when low, the most notable of which being "Not like this!" which has since been used to refer to Poppy in a multitude of ways or as a way of expressing regret over a bad decision with Poppy. Frequently typed out as seen above, due to [=NotLikeThis=] being a [[{{Website/Twitch}} Twitch]] emote.[[/labelnote]]
* "Ok".[[labelnote:Explanation]]This came from Rammus' [[TheQuietOne extreme concision in speaking.]] "Ok." is one out of his four one-word lines. [[/labelnote]]
** When he was considered overpowered, you might have also heard "Op".
* Sion the dank engine [[labelnote:Explanation]] Sion's ultimate, ''Unstoppable onslaught'', is often compared to a train, and has spawned every joke that would entail. Became an AscendedMeme with his Transformers inspired Mecha-Zero skin, which turns him into a train esque vehicle when using the spell. [[/labelnote]]

[[folder:Specialist Champion Memes]]
* [[OhCrap CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]That is the [[HellIsThatNoise often dreaded sound]] of Fiddlestick's ultimate, that [[ThatOneAttack can easily ruin your day when he jumps out of the brush with it.]][[/labelnote]]
* '''''S U C C''''' [[labelnote:Explanation]] Fiddlesticks W, drain, siphons health from a target with a tube of energy, almost as if he was using a huge straw. It's not uncommon for people to make slurping noises or crack a few [[BlackComedy blowjob jokes]] while using the spell. [[/labelnote]]
* "Muahahaha! Hahaha! Muhuhuhahahaha!" - Singed [[labelnote:Explanation]]Singed's /laugh is probably the most memetic of any champ. People playing Singed often have it bound to a key and spam it constantly as they run circles around people spreading poison gas. It's also an AscendedMeme because that's exactly what Phreak tells everyone to do during the Champion Spotlight, and then taken UpToEleven after one set of buffs made him ''automatically laugh when he flings someone.''[[/labelnote]]
* "DON'T CHASE SINGED!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Self-explanatory really, as not only is chasing Singed generally pretty futile, [[SchmuckBait you'll usually die if you persist anyway.]][[/labelnote]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpe-JoGyPsY Can't Killean The Zilean]][[labelnote:Explanation]]Zilean's ultimate inflicts a buff to self/any ally whereas if the inflicted one gets killed when the buff is still active, he will get resurrected instantly. This phrase refers to any chances where an opponent attempts to kill a Zilean-ult'd enemy (''especially'' Zilean) and then saw the enemy rise back from the dead, and possibly ruin the killer's day. Silly dancing with "Oh My Little Baby Boy" optional.[[/labelnote]]
** Foda-se. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A random Brazilian guy, just fired from its job, recorded an audio of himself saying "foda-se" (basically, "fuck it/screw it" in Portuguese). Someone took the recording and replaced the audio from the Can't Killean the Zilean video with it. Cue instant viral [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFNBxG0yaKI and a full song based on the meme]]. [[/labelnote]]
** '''MAP AWARENESS''' [[labelnote:Explanation]]While 'Map Awareness' is a common phrase amongst MOBA community, thanks to this video, it's not rare to see this phrase attributed to part of Zilean's silly dance with Shen chiming in (Shen saved Zilean from a second death by Darius using his ult, which required good map awareness).[[/labelnote]]

[[folder:Memes for the Game as a Whole.]]
* Press R To Win. [[labelnote:Explanation]] A descriptor for several champions that (by popular opinion) require no skill to play whatsoever and can just ult their way to victory. Most often Karthus and his infamous Requiem but more recently got tagged onto Darius for his chain execution ults. [[/labelnote]]
** AscendedMeme: In the [=LoL=] Mac trailer, there actually is a BigRedButton with an R on it with this meme as the instructions. The trailer in general is chock-full of references and {{Ascended Meme}}s, some more cleverly hidden than others.
*** And now with his relaunch, Karthus is going to have a joke that says "What's the incantation again... yes, erm... oh, right, R!"
** One of the sources of this meme - [[http://youtu.be/Xi0TIoL3yhw the "Pro as heck Guide to Karthus"]], featuring Spawn Karthus.
* [[SchmuckBait Press D to Dance]]! [[labelnote:Explanation]] A ongoing joke that's been around forever is to say this (or something similar) in the /all chat before minions spawn in hopes that an enemy will press D or F and waste a summoner spell before the fighting starts. A common retort to show that no one is getting fooled goes "Press Alt+F4 to [insert bait here]." While this is obviously more effective against new players, occasionally an experienced player from anywhere on the ranked ladder will grab the IdiotBall and get tricked.[[/labelnote]]
* When ganking, make sure you smite the enemy.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Junglers usually carry a summoner spell called Smite, which is used to deal damage to jungle monsters in order to clear the jungle camps faster for better gold gain. Up until pre-season 5 this spell could only be used against NPC targets -- it simply would not target enemy champions. Cue the completely new and inexperienced jungler fumbling through his controls trying to smite an enemy champion during an ambush and flubbing his gank as a result, with potentially fatal consequences. This was {{jossed}} on pre-season 5, which introduced the "Red Smite" and "Blue Smite" that can be thrown at enemy champions.[[/labelnote]]
* The meme graveyard [[labelnote:Explanation]]A nickname Riot has for their habit of [[AscendedMeme ascending memes]], particularly in regards to acting upon ancient skin suggestions like Dragon Master Swain or giving old [[JokeCharacter joke characters]] much needed overhauls.[[/labelnote]]
* From [=LoL=] Philippines, we have [[AscendedMeme Bida]][[http://i.imgur.com/PRl2f.jpg mere]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]"Bida" in Filipino (in this context) refers to a hero, protagonist or main character. The impression of typical Filipino MOBA players is that they tend to pick Badass Action Heroes and try to get killing sprees. Tryndamere is the poster boy for this, though this also extends to assassins like Katarina and Akali, gunslingers like Miss Fortune and Caitlyn, and other highly damaging melee fighters like Master Yi and Darius. Players using these characters tend to be pigeonholed as having a LeeroyJenkins mentality and tend to build damaging items exclusively without any defensive items.[[/labelnote]]

!!Memes from Phreak
* Yes, [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer he has enough for his own section.]]
* Oh God it's Yi!!![[labelnote:Explanation]]RIOT community coordinator and web content specialist Phreak was livestreaming a game. He was in the process of boasting about how much more skilled he was than the Tristana he was about to gank when a Master Yi blitzed him from out of nowhere. Phreak smoothly segued from bragging to yelping out this line in the same breath. It ''really'' became epic when it happened again just a few minutes later.[[/labelnote]]
* From Phreak's Champion Spotlight: Whenever he gets First Blood but ends up dying, he will say, "It was worth it." Eventually, the Summoner Showcase did a parody of it, complete with a grayed out wash (to signify a death).
--> '''Nikasaur:''' WORTH IT!!
--> '''Phreak:''' LOL Noob!
** Other phrases known from Phreak's spotlights...
*** I play X as a jungler. Got better in the Lulu spotlight; near the end, Phreak said that even though she's a support, he plays her as a jungler as a joke. HilariousInHindsight when people start considering ''seriously'' playing Lulu as a jungler.
*** Trinity Force. - That is, Phreak building the item is a meme. Mainly because he was building it on practically anyone, for spotlights one after another for a while.
*** Tons of damage. Pretty much an AscendedMeme in the Corki spotlight where Phreak tries to keep an allied Sona alive "by doing the only thing I know how to: Dealing tons of damage."
*** Tons of damage also showed up in the 69th Summoner Showcase, said by the man himself.
*** The two memes above have been combined into one AscendedMeme; Trinity Force's description in the 'Recommended Items' tab of the item shop simply reads 'Tons of Damage'.
*** Also, in Tahm Kench's champion spotlight, he refers to Kench's Tongue Lash ability as "Tongues of Damage."
* Phreak is manly. / WTF Phreak? [[labelnote:Explanation]][[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpiTdKhO0EQ Phreak was once caught on his stream pretending to fap and making Warwick-like voices saying "Oh yeah," and how "I'm manly."]] Spawned a couple of fan remixes of the scene.[[/labelnote]]

!!E-sport/Tournament Memes:
* Cheering for ward kills. [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the season 2 championship series, a game between Counter Logic Gaming EU and World Elite came down to an agonising stalemate due to one team's dedicated GradualGrinder strategy. By about the 45-minute mark, practically ''nothing was happening'' apart from the two teams placing wards in their jungles, only for them to be swept out by the opposing junglers with the Oracle's Elixirs. The game was so boring that [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZQkOf6EcRo the commentators started sarcastically getting worked up whenever a ward was killed and the audience joined them, cheering loudly for each ward kill as though it were an exciting play.]] Even after the match, in more fast-paced exciting games, the audience has persisted in cheering loudly whenever a ward dies.[[/labelnote]]
* Kassadin should be banned every game [[labelnote:Explanation]]Comes from a match in the January 2013 IEM Katowice tournament where Team fNatic's xPeke playing as Kassadin made an amazing play to destroy the enemy nexus singlehandedly with two enemy champions attacking him. Granted, he was always known for backdooring, but this incident infamously cemented him (and his team) as some of the most notorious practicioners of backdooring and split-pushing.[[/labelnote]]
** XPEKE! XPEKE! XPEKEEEEEE!!! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Xpeke in general has become a verb meaning "to backdoor a nexus", especially alone and under improbable odds because of his legendary Kassadin play (on top of his backdooring shenanigans in general). Expect players/streamers/casters to just yell his name excitedly if someone does something similar, ''especially'' if they actually pull it off.[[/labelnote]]
* (Nidalee's spear hits someone) Ooh! [[labelnote:Explanation]]When Nidalee is picked in tournaments, she is almost always given a GlassCannon build. Combined with the ImprobableAimingSkills of pro players, every so often, an enemy champion is seen losing up to half their health from one hit.[[/labelnote]]
* *picks Teemo* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! *picks someone else* BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [[labelnote:Explanation]]During LCS or other tournament matches with large crowds, teams have taken to {{troll}}ing the crowds by highlighting champions that are considered poor competitively (most commonly Teemo,) prompting the crowd to cheer loudly to encourage them to lock them in, before switching to the champ they're actually going to play, prompting disappointed boos. Even though the crowd knows that they're NEVER going to pick Teemo (or Karma, Mordekaiser, Heimerdinger or any of the other unused champions) they still go along with it every time.[[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:*]]In one game between Gambit Gaming and Dragonborns, famously trollish support player Ed Ward did this THREE TIMES, picking Teemo, then switching to Evelynn, then back to Teemo, then back to Evelynn, then back to Teemo ''again'' before finally locking in Evelynn. The crowd cheered it ''every time!''[[/labelnote]]
** Hold the phone, Teemo was ''finally'' picked during a professional Tournament game by TSM's Reginald. Granted, it was against the lowest ranking team at the time but it was clear that both teams were just having fun with the game since both were to be eliminated from the Group Stage of Season 3. It counts as a double ThrowTheDogABone for going easy on Gaming Gear (leading to their only win of the Group Stage) ''and'' for the fans everywhere that have been waiting for someone to lock in Teemo for real for 3 seasons now.
*** Appropriately enough, [[http://youtu.be/-h0qQ5aYCBw?t=4m49s the crowd went nuts]].
** Incredibly, Cloud 9 actually picked Teemo in a SERIOUS game [[http://vods.leaguepedia.com/cloud-9-vs-team-solomid-week-1-na-lcs-2014-spring-season/ in the first match of the 2014 NA Spring Split LCS]]. The crowd loved it, the commentators obsessed over it all game and it utterly flummoxed their opposition who simply never saw it coming.
** And how about Mordekaiser in another SERIOUS game by Roccat [[http://vods.leaguepedia.com/?p=28325 in the second week of the 2014 EU Spring Split?]] No one saw it coming either, and Mordekaiser proceeded to dominate the mid lane.
* Chunk (down), Chunking - v. to deal damage, sometimes accompanied by a description of the victim's remaining health (e.g. Taric face-tanks Nidalee's spear, [it] chunks him down to 30%.) [[labelnote:Explanation]]Likely originated from commentators in the EU LCS. Chunk is obviously not normally used like this in normal English.[[/labelnote]]
* [=WildTurtle=]'s smile. [[labelnote:Explanation]][[http://i.imgur.com/dVmCFmY.png WildTurtle's head shot]] is very noticeably beaming and MemeticMutation just followed from there.[[/labelnote]]
** Played completely for laughs here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFRpamzFLo0. These Machinima skits promoting their involved coverage of the esports scenesalso play off other well-known memes of professional players like TheOddOne's hatred of yordles, Doublelift's tendency to trash-talk and call people "trash", Ocelote's love of scarfs, etc.
* If you're Jungling, watch out for Janna's Howling Gale. It steals everything. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Vulcun's Support player, Bloodwater, achieved a clutch Baron steal with a rank one Howling Gale on Janna (for the record, this deals ''90'' damage, making the steal extremely improbable). The Howling Gale is now cited by the casters as the thing for Junglers to watch out for.[[/labelnote]]
* Enter !skincode for a chance to receive a free skin! [[labelnote:Explanation]]If there's a League of Legends-related stream, someone will just throw this out as SchmuckBait, and watch the spam of !skincode roll in, from people who don't know better or are just greedy. Guys and gals, Riot never gives away skins on stream chats, and they won't know your in-game summoner name based on your Twitch or [=YouTube=] username. Also appears as /skincode on [=YouTube=].
* Mineski Pain Train [[labelnote:Explanation]]A Flippino League of Legends team, Mineski, was in a constant losing streak with virtually no chance of entering the quarterfinals. So they decided to run a '''four support + adc''' team composition [[CrowningMomentofFunny just for fun and laughs]] in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcckU-ifP9k a game versus Fnatic]]. The shoutcasters and announcers referring their team as "the Mineski Pain Train" as big irony to the fact that they lacked any form of damage and limited to utility. They still lost, for the record.[[/labelnote]]
* Bjerger King [[labelnote:Explanation]]TSM acquired Bjergsen as their midlaner for Season 4, whose Danish name is often mistaken to be pronounced similar to "burger" by NA (it's closer to "bee-yerg"). It's not quite clear if he himself, TSM, or the fans started it, but he himself has fully embraced the nickname, even going as far as to name one of his smurfs to that effect and make his stream icon a modified Burger King logo.[[/labelnote]]
* Memes coming from the Analyst Desk of the Season 3 World Championships: [[labelnote:Explanation]]A brief pre- and post- game feature with the analysts making predictions and breaking the game down surprisingly took off and become something of a FountainOfMemes due to addition of pro players as guest analysts and their... colorful personalities.[[/labelnote]]
** Shots fired! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Despite being professional most of the time, some of the guest analysts can't help but slip in some burns or trash-talk towards other players and each other (both subtle and not-so-subtle). [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT8HYa1aa0Y It happened quite a bit]], ESPECIALLY [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggqCHWlydgU at the Championship game]].[[/labelnote]]
* Fnatic Death Bush [[labelnote:Explanation]]Similar to brushy-brushy never fails (see below). Started from the 2014 LCS Spring. If there's anything else Fnatic is known for besides backdooring recently, it's waiting in a bush (during the mid-game) for an enemy to pass by for an ambush. Any other team doing this ambush will likely prompt the casters to saying they're doing the "Fnatic bush tactic".[[/labelnote]]
* REMAKE [[labelnote:Explanation]]Started from the 2014 LCS Spring match between SK Gaming and Gambit Gaming, where one of Aatrox's skills was bugged at level 1. Despite the bug (arguably) not mattering in the end, because it would disappear when the skill is level 2, and the fact that the referee should've asked SK Gaming if they want to restart the game on the spot with Aatrox disabled, it prompted the LCS to call for a rematch after the game has ended. This has sparked quite a controversy as either Gambit fans feel cheated, or viewers feel the game should've been final because the rules said that if the referee made a mistake in judgment, it should've still been final and unappealable. Nowadays, often spammed in Twitch chat when a bug or something which looks off happens in-game, or whenever the game is paused for any reason.[[/labelnote]]
* Deman cannot believe. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Tendency of Riot employee and European caster Leigh "Deman" Smith to react to impressive professional plays with "I do not believe it" or variations thereof, including the infamous "xpeke" moment above.[[/labelnote]]
* X-senpai pls notice me[[labelnote:Explanation]]Tongue-in-cheek reference to idolizing highly skilled or respected professional players in the same fashion as an underclassman crushing on an upperclassman in Japanese shoujo manga. Often used in the context of professional players idolizing other professional players. Popular subjects include Faker, the midlaner for SKT K1, the season 3 world champions and widely regarded as the most skilled player in the world.[[/labelnote]]
** Specifically with regards to Faker, his handshakes have reached memetic level as well, with jokes perpetuated that whosoever manages to shake Faker's hand receives Faker's blessing and instantly increases in skill.
** On the other side of the spectrum is the "hug of death," which claims that whosoever is hugged by Faker will retire from the professional gaming scene within months.
* SAINT SMITES[[labelnote:Explanation]]Sarcastic reference to the unfortunate tendency of Saintvicious, formerly the jungler for Curse gaming, to get outsmited at major jungle objectives. In explanation, junglers usually carry a spell called Smite, which deals a large amount of damage to neutral monster camps that can be found in the jungle instead of the lane. Smite is often used to secure these monsters by dealing a large amount of damage in a finishing burst, preventing opposing players from stealing the kill (and therefore the gold or buffs) with their own attacks. Since the opposing jungler often also carries Smite, when teams battle over contested monsters it often comes down to whichever jungler is faster on the trigger with Smite. Good timing on Smite is essentially mandatory to be a jungler.[[/labelnote]]
** Saintvicious does not care about your Fantasy Points. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Since the invention of Fantasy LCS, pro players at the end of their winning games try to get more kills just to pad their fantasy stats. Saintvicious, returning as the jungler for Team Gravity as of Spring 2015, usually just dives the enemy fountain and dies, lowering his fantasy score. There is even a voice highlight where his teammates are saying "Fantasy, fantasy!" and he still suicides at the fountain.[[/labelnote]]
* DIGNITOSS[[labelnote:Explanation]]By extension, the use of the term "throw" to refer to a team that has been winning the game so far completely abandoning their advantage and looking like they will lose the game after a series of bad decision and/or unfortunate occurrences. Popularly used in reference to Team Dignitas, a North American team that has thrown games more times than they would've liked, often in the vicinity of Baron Nashor, a highly contested, highly valuable neutral monster that grants a powerful buff and gold to the team that kills it, but is so powerful it requires a team to kill. Since Baron is so valuable, the mere possibility that the opposing team might be killing Baron draws teams into battles around the "baron pit." However, just attacking the Baron is dangerous because if the opposing team attacks your team, the combined damage from both sides will often result in an [[TotalPartyKill ace]], and the Baron buff on the opposing team.[[/labelnote]]
* Speaking of Dignitas, almost everything scarra says[[labelnote:Explanation]]William "scarra" Li, former mid player for Team Dignitas before retiring, returning, retiring again, and finally being picked up as coach for CLG, occasionally referred to as "The Prophet" due to his on-point analysis skills during his appearances on the desk[[/labelnote]]:
** "Up until they lose the game, they're winning."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Reference to Team Coast, which evolved out of GGU, the Season 2 Summer runner ups in an EXTREMELY close series against TSM. Since then generally regarded as a team with incredible potential (itself a meme), but has never actually realized that potential. Refers to Coast's tendency to do appear to be solidly winning almost every game before disastrously throwing everything to the winds and losing horribly[[/labelnote]]
** "... I hate this game."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Uttered during the so-called scarra ward, now a general term for misplacing a ward into a bush by complete accident[[/labelnote]]
** "I need the reset SO BADLY"[[labelnote:Explanation]]scarra's favorite champion, Katarina, significantly reduces the cooldowns on her abilities whenever she gets a kill/assist (or "resets"). This makes Katarina very effective at finishing off a team of low health opponents.[[/labelnote]]
* Puns of Damage[[labelnote:Explanation]]Reference to Phreak, who aside from being a fountain of memes in the champion spotlights, also casts for professional tournaments, during which he has a tendency to make incredibly lame puns.[[/labelnote]]
* CLG Spinner[[labelnote:Explanation]]Reference to Counter Logic Gaming's erratic tournament results and level of play at times, lampshaded by the team's coach (at the time), [=MonteCristo=], in the form of a [[https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mdkffhjcKj0/maxresdefault.jpg literal spinner]] that decides CLG's strategy during splits. The spinner itself is a fountain of memes in reference to CLG's own players, with entries including:[[/labelnote]]
** Split Push with Solo AD Carry: reference to CLG's ADC Doublelift, who in previous seasons would ineffectually farm for long periods of time in an attempt to build as much gold and therefore items as possible, while the rest of the team got stomped on the other side of the map.
** Trash Talk to Mind Game the Enemy: reference again to Doublelift, who is also infamous for writing checks with his mouth that he cannot personally cash
** Win 1 Game to Give Fans False Hope: reference to CLG's inability to produce major tournament results of recent years, despite being apparently skilled enough to at least take a game off of most teams. Particularly bittersweet given CLG's near defeat of perennial fan-favorites TSM in the 2014 Spring Split Playoffs, which, appropriately enough, included winning one game to produce false hope.
* Bubbadub's mustache [[labelnote:Explanation]]Bubbabdub is a support player from compLexity, an underdog team where they did decently well in the 2014 summer LCS scene to the point that won games against some of the top tier teams in the LCS. He is known for his memetic mustache, as he's known to be the only professional League of Legends player to have a mustache (most professional players either are clean-shaven, or have beards). Lampshaded in his description at Leaguepedia stating he has "the most elegant mustache and in fact the only mustache in the LCS."[[/labelnote]]
* The Curse Curse [[labelnote:Explanation]]A reference to Team Curse (now sponsored by Team Liquid), regarded as a team that generally should be among the top teams in NA, but would somehow always end up getting fourth place, regardless of how far above or below that standing they maintain during the majority of the season. Has led to jokes that fourth place is essentially reserved for Curse and that no other team can steal the spot from them, as well as numerous occasions where the number four is related to the team. They finally break this curse with a dominant 9-1 record through the 2018 spring split playoffs, netting the organization their first [=NALCS=] championship. However, they still are the ''fourth'' unique team to be crowned.[[/labelnote]]
* Hai and reverse sweeps. [[labelnote:Explanation]]For those who don't know, a reverse sweep is the end result of a best-of-five series where one team starts off losing the first two matches, then sweeps the remaining three for the overall victory. Hai, as part of both C9 and [=FlyQuest=], seem to pull these off far more often than should be possible. This included the infamous 2015 [=NALCS=] Regionals for Worlds qualification, where C9, only taking seventh in the regular season, would start at the bottom of the gauntlet and then reverse-sweep both Gravity and Team Impulse. A standard 3-1 victory over Team Liquid afterwards would then bring C9 as the third seed to Worlds.[[/labelnote]]
* Doublelift's trophy case [[labelnote:Explanation]]Originating from reddit, one inspired user created the subreddit [[https://www.reddit.com/r/doubleliftstrophycase r/doubleliftstrophycase]] and then locked out user submissions, causing visitors to receive a "''there isn't anything here''" message. This was a jab at Doublelift's utter lack of tourney wins ever since his induction into CLG. People trash-talking Doublelift or CLG would often post a link to the empty subreddit. That was until CLG finally won the NA LCS 2015 summer split championship, marking his first ever win and causing the subreddit to receive its first post. A rare occasion where the death of a meme was actually witnessed and recorded.[[/labelnote]]
** NO THREAD IS SAFE [[labelnote:Explanation]]Also from reddit. Used whenever someone mocks CLG outside of a thread directed related to the pro scene. The meme died for a while after the 2015 Summer Split win ("EVERY THREAD IS SAFE") only to return even stronger after [=CLG's=] poor showing at Worlds.[[/labelnote]]
** Jensen's trophy case [[labelnote:Explanation]]Following a slew of disappointing results from C9 in the playoffs and a community backlash to 'public appreciation threads' for the aforementioned, midlaner Jensen seems to be getting the Doublelift treatment with /r/jensenstrophycase.[[/labelnote]]
* Donezo. [[labelnote:Explanation]]After a disappointing end to the Spring 2015 split, CLG Link stepped down from the mid lane position and retired. In addition, he wrote a scathing, rambling, and slightly incoherent rant about his tenure at CLG, heavily criticizing his former teammates and support staff. Highlights from the 17-page manuscript include "''...I mean it’s a f---ing sivir comp. You group up and you win right?''" and "''At some point double lost respect for ''[[=MonteCristo=]]'' and once he loses respect for ANYONE your’e ''(sic)'' f---ing donezo.''". Many players, former players, and staff related to CLG spoke out about Link's "Donezo Manifesto", refuting or reinforcing his points. This of course resulted in a huge honeypot of drama during the off-season. In the aftermath, the CLG squad and fans have embraced this meme in the next split, with aphromoo referencing the fabled word [[https://youtu.be/3FnvlZCIUY8?t=1h2m42s in an interview]] and image macros such as [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHf9C3QXAAAfHAf.png this]], following a victory that featured (as you'd expect) a Sivir comp.[[/labelnote]]
* [=AnnualShallowBlackwidowspider=] [[labelnote:Explanation]]CLG Doublelift and aphromoo were generally considered to be one of the most dominant, if not the absolute strongest, AD Carry/Support duos in the history of the NALCS. A fan montage made by [=ThePeacePigeon=] plays on the skill and brotherhood between the two by superimposing their faces on JD and Turk from {{Series/Scrubs}}. This scene eventually gets turned into a gif, and it immediately reaches memetic status as the gif is posted and reposted every time the CLG duo crushes their opposition. Due to the link-naming system of gfycat.com, the gif is given the tag "[=AnnualShallowBlackwidowspider=]". The gif can be found [[http://gfycat.com/AnnualShallowBlackwidowspider here]], while the originating montage is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPtsa2EurO4 here]] (1:49 for the scene).[[/labelnote]]
* "Life is one's journey... through life, I guess."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Alex "xpecial" Chu, in the process of explaining why he was benched from Team Solomid, eventually finding his way to Team Curse (Team Liquid) as its new support. xpecial tends to ramble awkwardly in vlogs, leading to such gems as the below:[[/labelnote]]
** "I like girls."
* "Dyrus gets to play League of Legends." [[labelnote:Explanation]]TSM's top-laner Dyrus is infamous among professional players for the sheer length of time he spends getting camped, focused, and harassed, often to the point he's essentially a second support. TSM even puts him on a champion that's okay if it gets shut down in lane because it happens so often. In an interview with TSM, Dyrus was asked how he feels about being camped so hard and so often, to which he replied, "I just want to play League of Legends." When Dyrus gets the rare opportunity to become a power in lane, farm decently, and start making plays on his own, it's said that Dyrus finally gets a chance to play the game.[[/labelnote]]
* LUSTCENA [[labelnote:Explanation]]If there's anything TSM's support player Lustboy is known for, it's his amusing twitter feeds, and his use of the "You Can't See Me" wave popularized by Wrestling/JohnCena.[[/labelnote]]
* By far.[[labelnote:Explanation]][=FORG1VEN=] had a magnificent performance in the EULCS season 5 spring split, being a key part of SK Gaming's success in the regular season. This brief but confident phrase was his response to a question about having the most skill out of all ADC's. "By far" is now more or less spammed in Twitch chat every time [=FORG1VEN=] does something well or poorly.[[/labelnote]]
* Crumbzz the Prophet [[labelnote:Explanation]]Crumbzz, then the jungler for Team Dignitas, was featured as part of the analyst desk at Worlds 2014. Following a streak of correctly predicting improbable upsets during the group stages, fans gave him this title. Riot Games has also embraced this as well, as Crumbzz the Prophet has been featured in subsequent intermission snippets. He then humorously provides insight into the future - armed with a beard, staff, and cloak. [[/labelnote]]
* [=LOSEcian=] [[labelnote:Explanation]]So far (as of Week 7 in the 2015 Summer Split of the NA and EU LCS), Lucian has been picked more than 10 times in 2015 Summer and his team lost every one of those games. The unfortunate pattern was first noticed by the casters in Week 6's Primetime League preview show, with an image of Lucian's splash art edited with tears while Thresh has a caption saying "HAHAHA!" in the background.[[/labelnote]]
* ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ X TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ [[labelnote: Explanation]]Seemingly an offshoot from "Raise Your Dongers", this phrase became commonplace in post-match reddit threads in the NALCS 2015 summer split. Started off with Team Dignitas fans celebrating a string of improbable wins, and eventually found its way into the lexicon of CLG and C9 fans.[[/labelnote]]
** (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ X TAKE MY FAITH (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ [[labelnote: Explanation]]Typically the variant used by CLG and C9 fans, based off of the #FAITHAGE meme born from CLG the split prior. A sort of brotherhood was formed between the two teams due to CLG granting circumstances to allow C9 to perform their miracle run through the Worlds qualification gauntlet. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ THANKS FOR THE FAITH X (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ and corresponding "you're welcome" responses were spammed between fans of the two teams after C9 clinched the final berth to Worlds.[[/labelnote]]
* X is a worrying trend for Y.[[labelnote:Explanation]] Jatt, shoutcaster for Riot Games, made a tweet regarding C9 Balls about his seeming inability to climb ranks in solo queue despite being a professional player. This launched a small storm of controversy, with many pro players reaching out to defend Balls, and then fans criticizing the pros for their overblown and knee-jerk reactions. The term "worrying trend" then became a sort of catchphrase to describe a large plethora of unusual circumstances. See [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/worrying-trend here]] for a more in-depth explanation.[[/labelnote]]
** Diamond 2 [[labelnote:Explanation]]The Elo in which Balls got stuck, starting the above. Even Balls acknowledged the meme: after scoring a pentakill in the Worlds, he said that he only did it thanks to "all the Diamond 2 practice".[[/labelnote]]
* Same. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Due to distinct speech patterns that the C9 roster has, fans have taken to mimicking their conversations in an emulation of their discussions during a match. Most of these conversation ends with the word "same", Sneaky's catchphrase, even if saying that makes no sense.[[/labelnote]]
* Tahm Kench got several from the 2015 Worlds:
** "Un/Bench the Kench!"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Tahm Kench provides a very wide variety of utility and power to a team, making him a popular support pick in competitive game play. Fans and the Casters commenting on games have taken to calling the act of picking Tahm Kench, or desiring a team to pick him as "Unbench the Kench". When ever a team ignores or bans him, or fans wish this, this, it's called "Bench the Kench"[[/labelnote]]
** "Noodling for Tahm Kench"/"The proper counter to Tahm Kench, is proper catfishing technique" [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the Group stages of the 2015 Worlds, the casters had a discussion in a match he was being used, as to the best counter to Tahm Kench. Deducing from the fact that his character design is partly based on being an anthropomorphic cat fish, and his Southern U.S. accent, they decided that the best strategy then, was to use a fishing technique that's used in the Southern U.S. to catch them in rivers, known as "Noodling". The act of which is basically "Stick your arm into a catfish's hole, and providing there is one in it, a catfish will swim forward, and latch onto your arm as a defensive maneuver. At which point, you pull your arm back, and out of the water with your hand still in the throat/mouth of the catfish". They came to the conclusion that teams should start countering a Tahm Kench pick, by picking Blitzcrank. The reasoning being that Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab is most akin to Noodling as it shoots his hand forward, before pulling back whoever it grabs back to him.[[/labelnote]]
* Yo Jensen, body these fools. [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the C9 vs CLG game during the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, casters were discussing C9 Hai's ability to lead and shot-call, but OneThingLedToAnother, and Jatt exasperatingly claimed that Hai doesn't give specific commands to his teammates such as the above quote. Since then, the meme has been quoted by both Hai and Jensen, and is generally repeated by fans when Jensen does well.[[/labelnote]][[labelnote:*]]Note that the specific quote said by Jatt was "Yo Jensen, body these guys 1v2"[[/labelnote]]
** [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CkzVUkRUgAEggDg.jpg Body]] [[AscendedMeme by Jensen]]
* '''''"STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!"'''''[[labelnote:Explanation]]Etienne "Steve" Michels, initially top laner for Roccat in 2015 and then for both Elements and Schalke 04 in 2016, is almost inexplicably popular with the house crowds at EU LCS recordings, who regularly chant his name in a deep, melodramatic manner throughout the game. Initially they would cheer him every time his champion appeared on camera, irrespective of whether he was doing anything or not, although in Season 6 they mostly restrain themselves to only chanting it when he's making a good play. There's no particular reason for it.[[/labelnote]]
* Bug Catcher Sneaky [[labelnote:Explanation]] C9 Sneaky seems to stumble upon bugs in-game way more often than should be probable, such as stepping on a trap that is under another champion. The meme culminates in a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osCwpgmyl2M Season 6 summer split game between Team Liquid and Cloud 9]], where TL Lourlo's Trundle is knocked up by C9 Meteos' Rek'sai unburrow and is launched very high off-screen. Since there is no Z-axis in calculating champion interactions, Lourlo was able to continue to attack and kill Sneaky. A pause was immediately called and the game was eventually remade.[[/labelnote]]
* Top Die [[labelnote:explanation]]During an interview of the victorious [=Cloud9=] after they take down Team [=EnVyUs=] in the 2016 NALCS regional gauntlet, Meteos praises his teammate Impact after a stellar showing in the top lane, saying [[https://oddshot.tv/shot/NALCS1/UzrVvs7fVvtEmbzG1h8yP56E "[Impact] just goes 'top die' and then he gets a solo kill"]]. Twitch chat took the phrase and ran with it. Later on, Impact himself says it on a post-match interview after [=Cloud9=] defeated Immortals the next day. Variations such as 'bot die' also show up in the chat depending on who Impact kills.[[/labelnote]]
** [=C9=] runs into Faker, cue "Mid die" [[labelnote:Explanation]]Faker solo-kills Jensen while the rest of his team camps Impact and Sneaky. Lampshaded by [=MonteCristo=] with a [[https://twitter.com/MonteCristo/status/782008386627903488 twitter post]][[/labelnote]]
* 17-0 perfect split. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Team Solo Mid's 2016 Summer Split formation is one of the most powerful formations that the North American scene ever had, outright curbstomping even their closest rivals, and were in the way to a perfect split when they were completely upset by [=Phoenix1=], a team who started the split with 9 losses in 9 games and was just starting to get in form. Naturally, the reactions were full of shock and memes, with most of the TSM fans pretending that the game never happened and that they got a perfect split with only 17 games.[[/labelnote]]
** The White Whale deleted TSM's loss. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The loss happened in the same week that ''LightNovel/ReZero'' aired its 17th episode, i.e. the episode where [[spoiler:Rem is deleted from the existence by the White Whale]]. Thus, fans of TSM who also were watching the anime used that as an excuse to justify the meme.[[/labelnote]]
* Pocket Pick Lucian [[labelnote:Explanation]]TSM Doublelift's willingness to play Lucian was especially prevalent in the 2016 NALCS Summer split, being selected 21 times over TSM's 41 regular-season games, including an unbroken 13-game streak of only Lucian early in the split. Jokes eventually cropped up as fans noticed the trend, and fuel was added to the fire with Riot Games releasing a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsSlzDN2gIc video]] where Doublelift expounds his strategies and opinions on him. The meme eventually reaches critical mass in a dramatic championship-winning teamfight, where in the grand finals versus [=Cloud9=] Doublelift's Lucian is able to dodge several key abilities from C9, doling out nearly 11,000 damage in the counterattack to turn the tide for TSM.[[/labelnote]]
* 200 IQ play [[labelnote:Explanation]]Once during his stream, pro player Pobelter [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TmQLXKyxRo claimed to have 200 IQ]]. Since then, "200 IQ play" is synonimous for "insane play" on the [=LoL=] community. [[/labelnote]]
* Bjergsen counters Aurelion Sol. [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the 2016 Spring Split semifinals and during the Worlds later in the same year, TSM Bjergsen found himself facing Aurelion Sol in the midlane only for both matches to be interrupted and remade due to the champion presenting bugs. Thus, people claim that having Bjergsen facing Aurelion Sol will automatically cause the champion to bug and the match to be remade.
* Syndra Outplays. [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the first half of the 2017 season on a number of occasions pro players using Syndra, a DifficultButAwesome mage that revolves around difficult manipulation of magic orbs, have simply killed opponents using GlassCannon characters by using her ultimate ability to send all present spheres to collide with the target for a huge burst of damage. This has resulted in casters and fans alike using the meme phrase to sarcastically overhype a boring play with little effort on an otherwise complex and demanding champion.
* The Echo Fox Streaming Dream Meme Team [[labelnote:Explanation]]Echo Fox fills its Challenger roster with full-time streamers Voyboy, imaqtpie, scarra and Dyrus along with Shiphter for the 2017 summer split. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEQWVikmjWs Cue stream games]][[/labelnote]]
* 2016 and 2017 has had Team Liquid of the NA LCS producing a number of memes, often for all the wrong reasons:
** ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIzGXt--Ig4 Breaking Point]]''[[labelnote:Explanation]]As Season 6 (2016) was winding down, a one hour and 48 minute documentary called ''Team Liquid: Breaking Point'' was released via their partnership with HTC Esports on Website/YouTube and produced by the film studio [=1Up=]. The film followed Team Liquid's very rocky 2016 season and chronicled the internal strife, notably that between the team's rookie Jungler Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett, coach Choi "Locodoco" Yoon-sub, and ADC Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin, and the effect it was having on the team. It highlighted Dardoch's [[InsufferableGenius impressive skill as a jungler, marred by his incredibly abrasive and toxic attitude]], which nearly ended with him benched for the Summer Split, [[VetinariJobSecurity only to be given another chance thanks to Team Liquid's not having a comparably skilled jungler at the time]], Locodoco habit of being dismissive about team members concerns while showing what Dardoch views as favoritism to Piglet, while Piglet himself is burned out due to the stress of playing in the LCS, taking an offer from TL's management to send him down to the TL Academy Challenger team. Ultimately, these issues and others reach the [[TitleDrop breaking point]], where Team Liquid couldn't justify to themselves the value of keeping Dardoch on the team or Locodoco as head coach. Esport fans have in turn discussed whether airing team issues like this is good or bad for a team, while TL fans often point to this as a summary to the start of TL's [[DorkAge troubles through out 2016 and most of 2017]].[[/labelnote]]
** Dardoch'd [[labelnote:Explanation]]A resulting PersonAsVerb meme to describe Dardoch's playing habits brought to light by ''Breaking Point''. When he's having a good match, his level of skill is very capable of carrying his team. But his attitude and habit of tilting when falling behind in a match being just as capable of dragging his own team down with him. Fans claim that a team has been "Dardoch'd" towards whichever team is supposedly losing due his actions, be it the opposing team or his own.[[/labelnote]]
** Midlet [[labelnote:Explanation]]During the Spring Split of 2017, TL's midlaner Goldenglue was benched due to a mediocre performance and then went to South Korea for a month long training there. To fill his spot, TL's ADC Piglet, who had been struggling with the ADC meta at the time, was role swapped to Midlane. The name "Midlet" very quickly gained traction, especially after some early good games Piglet had, until other midlaners had time to figure out his playing habits in the position.[[/labelnote]]
** "This message is paid for by Steve" [[labelnote:Explanation]]By Summer 2017, Team Liquid had barely survived the Spring Relegation/Promotion tournament to stay in the LCS, only to be just as horrible again in the Summer Split except now with weekly roster swaps and Doublelift, who temporarily played with them at the end of Spring, had returned to TSM. In response, fans started jokingly [[DamnedByFaintPraise tagging any thing positive they were saying about the team]] as though they were really only saying it as a paid for opinion on behalf of team owner Steve "[=LiQuiD112=]" Arhancet. It reached AscendedMeme status when it became the official description tag line on TL's subreddit and even Riot's casters have made reference to it.[[/labelnote]]
* 612[[labelnote:Explanation]]At the start of the Spring Split 2018, former invincible kings of pro-[=LoL=] SKT got off to a ''shockingly'' bad start after losing the Worlds Grand Final the previous year, getting ''thrashed'' by what was expected to be radically weaker opponents, only winning one match out of their first six. The biggest weak point on the team was quite easily identified as jungler Blank, who'd performed acceptably in the past, but seemed to have completely lost the plot, culminating in an ''abysmal'' game against Afreeca where the end-game damage stats revealed that Blank, playing jungle Jax (an incredibly high-damage champion) and ending on a 0/3/2 score, had only done '''612''' damage to enemy champions over the course of the game, possibly the single poorest performance by a pro-[=LoL=] player in the history of the game. The chat field was ''instantly'' overwhelmed by people spamming "612" and Blank was, unsurprisingly, immediately shelved to make room for new, untested recruit Blossom (who, to his credit, almost immediately helped SKT reverse their losing streak). For what it's worth, the [[https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/ESPORTSTMNT06/551868?gameHash=e64fb32d3ebf0b9b&tab=stats online match history for the game]] displays his damage as 1.1k rather than 612, but that's still ''embarrassingly'' low, by ''far'' the weakest in that game.[[/labelnote]]
* Bannon Minion[[labelnote:Explanation]]in 2018, Promoting a Baron-empowered cannon minion assures that the minion will not die and that the building will be subject to a maximum 10-hit kill. Even the audience counts the number of hits when the offense cannot advance due to no minion wave within turret range while the defending team is kept away from the cannon minion.[[/labelnote]]

!!Memes originating on the forums:
* When Riot releases a champion, people will inevitably be disappointed because it's not:
** Lee Sin, the blind monk (Done)
** Plant King (Done, sort of - Maokai)
*** Done properly - Zyra.
*** Done even ''more'' properly - Ivern.
** Nasus's brother (Done - Renekton)
** Female tank (Done - Leona)
** Armored bear (Done - Volibear)
** Spider Queen (Done - Elise)
** Water mage (Done - Nami)
** Kog'Maw's "daddy"
** Kassadin's daughter (Done - Kai'Sa)
** Irelia's brother, Zelos (unlikely, he's dead in the current version of Irelia's lore)
** Vi's sister (Possible, judging from [[http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/vi/?ref=en_na_lols_vdp the recent changes to Vi's page]])
** Caitlyn's rival [[note]]if it isn't Twisted Fate[[/note]] (Done, sort of - Jinx [[note]]Jinx is more of Vi's rival, but Caitlyn is also hunting her down for the safety of Piltover[[/note]])
** And now Jinx's sister (mentioned with her in-game quote[[note]]"You think I'M crazy? You should see my sister.[[/note]])
** Manly support (Done - Braum)
* Riot seems to have a few tropers....
* [[Music/LadyGaga Lady]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GyxaeeoXJk Gragas]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaVtinsbd70 It's gaining momentum]].
* "Passion Princess Katarina." A rewrite to Katarina's background rather overused the word "passion", among other things. It was fortunately rewritten again, but an unserious answer to any discussion involving Katarina remains liable to involve this word.
* When is the new map/champion/feature/etc coming out? [[{{Tradesnark}} Soon™]].
* "The answer is always Karthus." [[labelnote:Explanation]]The answer to many questions about champions on the forums. It started off as with questions such as "Who would you hate fighting most if..." or hypothetical ones like "Which champion would be most broken with zero cooldowns"? then became the answer for other things entirely, because, well, it's a meme.[[/labelnote]]
* Olaf is commonly referred to as Brolaf, likely just because it's such an easy pun. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnVLWKsO6CQ Brolaf skin came out]].
** When the skin was released, some of the Riot employees temporarily changed their names slightly to add "Bro" to it.
* riot, pls. riot pls. riot pls. riot pls.
** we r fixin tha bugs.
** "riot plz fix" is so notorious that it's spread to other [=MOBAs=], such as ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}''.
** rito plz
* "/singed" and "/Mad Chemist" are fairly common responses to petitions on the forums (a joke on possibly misspelling /signed).
** In a similar fashion, forum-goers will also use "Shen'd" in the same manner than members of another forum would use "ninja'd".
* "Purple Caster Minion is OP." [[labelnote:Explanation]]That's a basic {{Mook}} that spawns. [[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=6555661#post6555661 The thread for an announcement for changes to make matches end faster, mostly by improving the minions, had a field day with that.]][[/labelnote]]
* Patch preview comic. Riot is making videos where their employees discuss the upcoming patch. Some of the frames are kind of funny. [[http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/9793/lol1ec.jpg Long]] [[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=122129&d=1298254535 story]] [[http://pifro.com/tempmove/ppc/lol3fin.jpg short]]...
** With Morello's infamy from his discussion with players and past role of a lead balancer (he's no longer on the specifics of such duties), [[http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=160044&d=1387475351 this screenshot of him laughing]] from the old patch previews is especially common for representing him (likely with an implication recent patch changes are him trolling the players). [[http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg845/scaled.php?server=845&filename=morello.png&res=medium Another especially funny-looking one is second]].
* [[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=548180 Jarvan IV]]
* Some people created a meme involving Gangplank. but I ate some oranges and it was k ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) [[labelnote:Explanation]]Most killings on [=LoL=] work by stunning (or otherwise stopping) your enemy and then killing him while he is defenseless. Gangplank has one ability ("Remove Scurvy") in which he removes all of those status by simply eating an orange. Therefore "Someone was about to kill me, but then I ate some oranges and it was k".[[/labelnote]]
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-VBwa2FY5M&feature=related Now in song form!]]
** Now [[AscendedMeme Ascended]] with Gangplank's newest champion spotlight (2015):
-->'''Phreak:'''Whether facing crowd control, sustained damage, or vitamin-C deficiency, all Gangplank has to do is eat an orange -
-->'''Gangplank:''' ''*chomp*''
-->'''Phreak:'''- and it's K.
* Ezreal's release and {{Bishonen}} appearance was quickly accompanied with humorously considering him TheTwink and being paired with the AmbiguouslyGay Taric. It is rare everyone in the match will let this meme slide by when Ezreal and Taric are chosen by a team to lane together.
* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ [[labelnote:Explanation]]Flipping tables, started from a delay in the release of Leona, whose AffirmativeActionGirl tank character was widely hyped. This emoticon is likely to follow in the wake of other delays by Riot.[[/labelnote]]
** Now an AscendedMeme from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBphxrYgJOg&feature=player_embedded Vi's login music]], including the lyric "Have you ever really wanted to be a total rebel flipping tables on the enemy" while her gameplay does not involves flipping or tables, or any of the usual connotations from the FlippingTheTable trope whatsoever.
*** The emoji itself actually predates this, but it has become popular in the League of Legends community.
* The season 2 popularity of the Atmogs-Triforce (Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Trinity Force) on tanky DPS characters has become a meme. Particularly on /v/, building Atmogs or Trinity Force or running Flash on all of your champions will cause people to shout METAGAME. Originates from [[http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lp36vgmK9P1qiuk8ko1_500.jpg this comic.]] By extension, the "angry Nasus" meme, involving a picture of a dog's head with Nasus's characteristic headdress badly drawn around it, accompanied by vigorous ranting about the Flash summoner spell.
** Similarly, putting together those items with Mercury Treads (which pretty much every melee champion in the game, and thus as well tanky DPS champions) and Frozen Mallet (an alternative to Warmog's Armor) for the picture [[http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/6676/metagolem.png METAGOLEM]].
* Riot, hire this man [[labelnote:Explanation]]A simplistic statement to show approval of someone's idea. Usually used for silly ones or skin suggestions.[[/labelnote]]
* Any phrase about saying Griftrix is not a designer. This meme started after the Rioter Griftrix tried to discuss the thoughts behind some of the game's design over the forums, with a disclaimer that his thoughts were solely his own as he wasn't a game designer.
* The "Look of Disapproval" (ಠ_ಠ) is well-known meme in other parts of the Internet, but is linked within the League of Legends community especially to the senior concept artist [=IronStylus=], having used this as a response to claims of PerverseSexualLust over the character he visually-designed, Leona... [[CrazyJealousGuy because he got there first]]. You may look, but not touch. An AscendedMeme [[http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120208232314/leagueoflegends/images/1/13/Leona_IronSolariSkin.jpg for the Iron Solari Leona skin splash art]], where ಠ_ಠ can be seen imprinted on the structures at the lower-left corner.
** Mentioning Leona or parrots is considered bait for a response by [=IronStylus=] (he indeed owns a parrot, and a red parrot from the Bilgewater Swain skin splash art serves as his forum avatar). Pictures of either work too. A parrot is also frequently used to represent him amongst fan discussions.
** Since he had a heavy hand in developing Diana and Quinn too, jokes abound about him and his "women-in-armor fetish". Ex: a recurring joke is asking a Rioter to place a Barbie doll at his workstation with a note saying "Use this as a reference next time".
* "Morello did X, so he nerfed Irelia." [[labelnote:Explanation]]There was a lot of talk about the apparent nerfing of Irelia, so people have been jokingly stated some reasons they nerfed her (IE: "Mordekaiser was overpowered, so we fixed this by nerfing Irelia.")[[/labelnote]]
** X Y-ed. Better nerf Irelia. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Rumors that Irelia was going to be in the Riven patch was met with disbelief that it was going to happen yet again while others felt there were much clearly problems instead. She was later changed due to problems Lead Champion Designer Morello listed with her kit here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=14539155[[/labelnote]]
*** Nowadays, people snowclone the meme with whatever the most nerfed champion in the latest patches is. Examples include Kassadin, Azir and Rek'Sai.
* Xin. Shhh. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Originated from a PDF file linked on the forums showing a transcript from a match where a Xin Zhao player was doing terribly and everytime he ranted the Sona trying to support him would say "Xin. Shh." This had the effect of angering the Xin Zhao player to further rage, but the Sona persisted in their responses...[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1008310 I'm Jarvan. I'm helping.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]An image of an allied Jarvan IV using his ult, thinking it's helping his team, but in actuality, is trapping them inside while an Anivia uses her AOE spell to slowly kill them while they can't escape.[[/labelnote]]
* Xerath is aiming his Q at me as I'm editing this page.
** Edit: dodged it. [[labelnote:Explanation]][[DontExplainTheJoke An explanation]]: Xerath's Q has a unique form of CallingYourAttacks by having said spell carpet the ground before the delayed cast goes off. It takes quite a fair bit of fast clicking and good reaction to dodge said spell, but the above is the general reaction when the spell was first showcased to the players. Edit: Since his most recent rework, his Q now has a variable range and is faster on the execution and cooldown, making it alot more spammable and dangerous.[[/labelnote]]
* The forum war between Riot staff members Morello (lead champion designer) and [=IronStylus=] (senior concept artist) regarding a remark Morello made about Leona, a League of Legends character. Has merged with the armored bear dispute, with Rioters and forumgoers everywhere taking sides, complete with its own [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1410841 Risk map]].
* Hello Troper, thanks for reaching out to us! Have you taken a look around General Discussion lately? There are TONS of threads about this particular subject. As a courtesy to the rest of our community we try not to split conversations up into multiple threads, so I won't be able to give in-depth answers to these questions here. Take a look in General Discussion and contribute your voice to the existing threads! -The Beard [[labelnote:Explanation]]A short-lived outreach program called the Riot Ambassadors had some largely anonymous but clearly-labeled accounts occasionally reply to questions and threads on the forums. The meme was taken one of the Ambassadors' response to a thread over long-delayed features players were curious about, in retaliation from the lack of a meaningful response straight from Riot. Due to this, the program was officially canceled with words and a question thread headed by Riot Games' President, Brandon Beck.[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1792506 PULSEFIRe EZREAL WHERE]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The Pulsefire Ezreal skin was first introduced to the player-base late in 2011; April 2012, and it still hadn't released yet. Ezreal being a popular older champ with few skins, and none that the community considers good, his fanbase was elated at the news for a while, but have since gotten tired of waiting. The good news is, it's been upgraded since its conception from a regular skin to over a Legendary one, with new voice work, animations and effects, but it's taking so long that a lot of people have stopped caring. The thread in question is over 400 pages long, and was almost a tradition to pull it up to the front page of the GD forum occasionally. One letter is left uncapitalized because the forum software will convert an ALL CAPS message or post title to all-lowercase.[[/labelnote]]
** PULSEFIRE eZREAL HERE! Because, ya know. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It's here now]].
* EVE 2012. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Similar to the Pulsefire Ezreal issue, Evelynn (the game's resident JokeCharacter due to Riot deliberately overnerfing her) has been waiting for her remake with the stealth update for an incredibly long time now. Her supporters have taken to posting "EVE 2012" in threads in the manner of a political plug, ostensibly in the hope that Riot will actually manage to get the rework out before the end of the year (Eve has been broken since mid ''2011''). The meme is a DiscreditedMeme now that a Mid-July patch in 2012 finally released the rework of her and Twitch.[[/labelnote]]
* DAT ASHE! [[labelnote:Explanation]]Wordplay on another popular meme "DAT ASS". The champion Ashe not only has her bottom's curves clearly outlined in her splash artwork, but makes for an easy pun![[/labelnote]]
** [[AscendedMeme Ascended]] in a way. Riot now has merchandise in their store that [[http://www.jinx.com/p/league_of_legends_dat_ashe_premium_tee.html?catid=&s=leagueoflegends that clearly displays the meme.]]
** To a lesser extent, Fiora has often attracted the normal form of the existing meme "DAT ASS!" due to... [[http://www.lolreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Untitled.jpg well]]... [[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yUG_gKH4qpM/T0vJMMQaorI/AAAAAAAAB7Q/wfMZiBD_jck/s1600/fiora-base-painting.jpg you know...]]
** Irelia in her [[SensualSpandex Frostblade skin]] is memetically considered to have the finest ass in the game, to the point of many players not merely calling it "Frotbooty Irelia''.
* Pendragowned. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A depressingly common occurence on the forums is someone coming in ranting about how they were unfairly banned from the game and they ''demand'' a Riot staffer [[TemptingFate tell them what they did that was so wrong]]. Quite often, Pendragon himself (Riot's Director of Community Relations) personally sticks his head into the forum to tell them (and everyone reading the thread) EXACTLY what they did that was so wrong. These are commonly regarded as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome on the forums and have attracted the above meme as a response.[[/labelnote]]
** Alternatively, "PENDRAKILL". [[labelnote:Explanation]]In-game, scoring 5 kills in rapid succession -- something very hard to pull off -- is announced as a PENTAKILL.[[/labelnote]]
** Such threads are also usually accompanied with players asking Pendragon to come into it and "smite" the thread poster.
** Now replaced by 'Lyte Smites,' Lyte being Riot's lead social systems designer.
* Bad [=LoL=] Player/Twitch Noob [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/bad-lol-player-noobs-in-league-of-legends/photos gallery]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The champion in the images is Twitch who was, until recently, a very weak assassin champion and was easily countered. However, because Twitch just happens to hit right in a common weakness among low-level players (not buying pink wards and red trinket on normals, or Oracle's Extract on Dominion/ARAM), these players are often curbstomped by Twitch players. As a result, Twitch was a "God of Low Elo" who was often picked by new, less competent players who went for what they believed to be the most powerful champion. The joke is that everything said in the images is incredibly stupid in-game and will get the player killed and likely lose the game for the whole team.[[/labelnote]]
* Anivia is naked.[[labelnote:Explanation]]A common method of {{troll}}ing threads discussing the large number of female champions with {{Stripperiffic}} outfits. If you don't know what this exactly means, go look her up. You'll get it pretty much immediately[[/labelnote]]
** Nocturne is black.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Similar to the above, an annoyingly common recurring thread on the forums is someone complaining that the game lacks a "black" champion. This is the potted response; again, if you don't know what it means exactly look him up. You'll get it immediately.[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3144872 Crying Ashe.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Ashe is considered an underpowered champion due to being OvershadowedByAwesome thanks to copious PowerCreep. A series of comics resulted based on everyone mocking, insulting, hating on and abusing poor Ashe, always ending with her being left in tears.[[/labelnote]]
** In extension, the male champions dissing her and saying they have to go [[SymbolSwearing ***]] [[MsFanservice Ahri]] now.
** Nah, [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial her husband]] is [[INeedToGoIronMyDog just going bowling]].
** No, her white hair is ''not'' because she is old!
** Probably in response, Riot just massively buffed her attack speed (along with Tristana's attack speed).
* Draven's mustache [[MustacheVandalism on everything]]... [[labelnote:Explanation]]Ever since Riot teased the Sunbathing Leona (now officially Pool Party Leona) skin in a gaming convention and drew Draven's mustache on her as a joke, it's become fairly common to draw Draven's mustache on a lot of things. Especially other League champions.[[/labelnote]]
* Korean Shaco. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Prepare your anus.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]The rule of Shaco (basically [=LoL=]'s version of MurphysLaw) says "your Shaco feeds and is clueless; their Shaco is Korean and unstoppable by 7 minutes in." This is because of Shaco's notorious difficulty curve: inexperienced ones are less than useless but grand masters are one of the most terrifying things in the game. A few Korean players got famous for being super-competent at him (and for using the Masked Shaco skin). Due to regionalism among the fanbase, this rule is often rendered as "your Shaco is a LAS Bronze; their Shaco is a KR Challenger".[[/labelnote]]
* Just pink ward [[labelnote:Explanation]]After a trend of complaining Akali was overpowered, this response became nigh ubiquitous involving Akali discussion for a time (the item Vision Ward "pink ward" can be placed down to counter an invisibility ability of Akali's).[[/labelnote]]
** Just dodge the spears [[labelnote:Explanation]]Nidalee was in a similar trend about the same time, this response in reference to a powerful but non-targeted skillshot ability of Nidalee where she throws a spear.[[/labelnote]]
*** Just pink ward the spears. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Used generally to joke around in any discussions of counter-play to champions or complaining about a champion being overpowered. Used more specifically to snark about the long-standing bug of Nidalee's spears being invisible under certain conditions, meaning you can't see them to dodge them, combining the two memes nicely.[[/labelnote]]
*** Just QSS, Zhonya, pink ward and use a Thornmail against the spears. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The above phrase taken to its logical conclusion with the most common counterplay items the game has to offer. The Quicksilver Sash removes all forms of paralysis and crowd control except knockups, Zhonya's Hourglass briefly locks you in stasis and lets you escape from life-threatening damage bursts, and the Thornmail returns 30% of any damage you receive from basic attacks.[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/fio954Ms0t0/maxresdefault.jpg Lucian stole my bike.]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]An unfortunate side effect of the release of Lucian (the game's first undeniably "black" champion) was him getting labelled with every black stereotype out there. One of the more amusing ones was an adaptation of the "Nigga stole my bike!" meme from ''VideoGame/PunchOut'', portraying Lucian [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eICpR1tPbDI stealing his archnemesis Thresh's bike in petty revenge for Thresh stealing the soul of his wife.]][[/labelnote]]
* Better give NA RP [[labelnote:Explanation]]In light of the persistent server problems that EUW suffers from the general opinion of players is that EUW is TheUnFavourite of Riot and that they're ignored in favour of other servers. Whenever problems come up with the EUW servers the phrase is one of the first things the players utter.[[/labelnote]]
* #[=LCSBigPlays=], Big Plays, Muh Esports/E$port$[[labelnote:Explanation]]the very derisive response of players to Morello essentially saying Lee Sin, who he acknowledged needs nerfs, won't ever be nerfed because of player response and the professional players saying he's balanced. It's gotten so bad Riot has stopped even mentioning the hashtag. Just check the boards, and you'll likely see a thread about Lee Sin needing nerfs, and other champions instead being nerfed into unviability instead.[[/labelnote]]
* X has Y, but Graves can't have his cigar? [[labelnote:Explanation]]The champion Graves originally had a cigar in his splash, but was later removed. As a result, anything that could be remotely adult or offensive in the game or supplementary material prompts the above response.[[/labelnote]] This has been [[AscendedMeme ascended multiple times by Riot a few times.]]
** One of post-VU Gangplank's taunts to Graves is "Can't light cigars at the bottom of the sea."
** A more blatant reference was in [[https://youtu.be/RUVveKdiU_U?t=120 Yorick's Champion Spotlight,]] where while describing Yorick's Grave mechanic, Phreak notes "Also, none of the graves can have a cigar."
** In his Snow Day Graves skin, while tampering with his snowblower shotgun, he accidentally shoots a snowman head into his face, with a carrot as a cigar.
* SEX KING IS COMING [[labelnote:Explanation]]A reference to [[http://i.imgur.com/PbsmRE8.jpg an anonymous player's encounter with a Korean Shaco]], which quickly became well-known on 4chan's /vg/ board - to the point where Sex King is synonymous with Shaco and vice-versa.[[/labelnote]]
* This game is Rated T. [[labelnote:Explanation]] This is an in-joke among players who are familiar with the game's extensive lore. There are many situations described in character backgrounds such as Tahm Kench eating someone alive when he "snapped her bones and crushed her limbs", or Vladimir killing two children because he liked the look of their blood, that one would think would push the rating into M territory. It got quite revitalized after Evelynn's rework, as many of her new lines are so blatantly sexual she made [[MsFanservice Ahri]] seem chaste, making some players wonder how the hell that got through.[[/labelnote]]
* Olaf'd. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Poor Olaf received nerfs so many times he went from an utter GameBreaker into completely unviable in any competitive scenes (unlike Irelia, who managed to find a slightly better balance in spite of many necessary nerf and another meme to go along with that, 'Better nerf Irelia'). At this point, if a character received so many nerfs that players fear the character may be unviable, they call it 'getting Olaf'd', as in sharing the same fate as Olaf.[[/labelnote]]
* [[http://i.imgur.com/uRATMzE.jpg "i will change ur experience of yasuo."]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]A player who thinks he's hot shit at Yasuo claims [[BlatantLies that he will totally change the opinion of the person doubting him towards the champion.]] [[LeeroyJenkins He doesn't.]]

!!Memes originating outside of the official forums:
* I want you to be like the wind: always by my side. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A meme that originated in the Facebook group LOL Mexico Army in which people would text this variation of Yasuo's champion pick quote to a person they liked and post the reaction. If the reaction was favorable, the poster had to ruin it with "SORIEKETON!" (when Yasuo casts his ult).[[/labelnote]]
* Official LOL advice from major brands. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A meme from LOL México Army where people would send a message to a big brand's Facebook inbox asking for LOL advice, with the hopes that their social media staff would have a LOL player among their ranks. Known examples of success include baked snack manufacturer Marinela and multiplex cinema chain Cinépolis.[[/labelnote]]
* Meme(X). [[labelnote:Explanation]]A generic nickname on 4chan's /lolg/ threads on /vg/ for an item that is widely held as ridiculously broken or ridiculously useless. "Mememask", for example, stands for Liandry's Torment, because supposedly its slow-effect damage is only useful on Vel'koz as it procs on every single tick of his ultimate.[[/labelnote]]
* Le <[adjective] noun> of free/infinite . [[labelnote:Explanation]]A generic nickname on /lolg/ for champions that are notorious for having a lot of a certain stat or ability. Nasus, for example, is "le jackal god of infinite AD", and Katarina is "le knife slut of free cooldown reset".[[/labelnote]]
* Dubs chooses X.[[labelnote:Explanation]]On /lolg/, the first post replying to the requester whose number ends with two repeated numbers chooses whatever the poster has asked. Common candidates include new summoner name, next champion to purchase, next ranked champion, etc.[[/labelnote]]
* >riven mains[[labelnote:Explanation]]Riven mains on /lolg/ are infamous for being incompetent, having a terrible attitude, and viewing themselves as far more skilled than they really are because of the "sick combos" her kit is designed for.[[/labelnote]]
* MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY / SMALL INDIE COMPANY.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Used on /lolg/ when Riot Games is perceived to be not doing their job of fixing the game or implementing long-requested features, implying that Riot Games is not acting like a million dollar company but instead more like a small, inexperienced indie studio.[[/labelnote]]
* X coded as minions.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Once in a while someone finds a GameBreakingBug which is the result of the game reading as a minion something that shouldn't, including but not limited to: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxKujLWJ4xo skillshots]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcTkMZ6X3sg turrets]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT9IwoqPaME champions]]... Thus, people started to say that everything in the game is coded as minions. [[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:Addendum]] This explanation isn't actually far off from the actual case; due to the game's coding foundation being built without today's massive mechanical complexities in mind, many shortcuts have to be made in order to increase efficiency (such as Jarvan IV's impassible wall ultimate being coded as minions since players can't walk through minions either).[[/labelnote]]
** "Spaghetti code." [[labelnote:Explanation]]As mentioned with above's further addendum, copy-pasting properties that already exist with certain elements onto others usually makes for efficient shortcuts when you start, but can produce problems if things change, confusing both programmers and [[GoodBadBugs the]] [[GameBreakingBug game itself,]] which is bound to happen since the game is constantly being updated/changed. The game's programming has now been compared to "spaghetti" by both developers and fans; a giant, tangled mishmash of different, inexplicably connected elements that make changing individual strands of code tricky and bug-laden.[[/labelnote]]
** Azir disabled. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Azir is known as the most buggy champion in the game due to having unique mechanics involving his Sand Soldiers, being disabled right after his release and being a ridiculous GameBreaker that no one could play due to the bugs. As such, anytime someone complains about bugs or asks a feature to be added in game, someone is bound to comment that said change will cause a new bug on Azir and [[ForWantOfANail force him to be disabled]].[[/labelnote]]
* Urgot has a dark, secret past.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Coming from the [[https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2t2y96/2017_urgot_rework_is_released/ Urgot's 2017 rework]] post. While basically the ENTIRE POST is a FountainOfMemes, the one line mocking the new three-line lores became the most known one.[[/labelnote]]
** Urgot's light and dark form.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Also from the above post. This one mocks the release of champions with two forms that often have way more skills in their kit than the usual 3 basic + ultimate.[[/labelnote]]
* Today, an episode of . [[labelnote:Explanation]]A storytelling format recently used on /lolg/ as of mid-2016.[[/labelnote]]
* [[CrackFic Ezreal kissing Shyvana's leg]] [[labelnote:Explanation]]Referencing [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext this bizarre shitpost asking]] [[https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4ydkjm/what_would_shyvana_do_if_ezreal_kissed_her_leg/ "What would Shyvana do if Ezreal kissed her leg?"]] that inexplicably made it to the front page of the League subreddit, catching the attention of a few Rioters as well. Not only did this make [[CrackShip Shyvana X Ezreal]] a thing, but it also spawned [[https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4yh8hn/fanart_shyvana_being_kissed_on_the_leg/ fanart,]] [[https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4yga3l/shyvana_and_ezreal_continuation_of_my_snippet/ complex fanfiction,]] and even an [[http://imgur.com/KdF1aoX official in-client sale the next day for Shyvana and Ezreal skins]] [[AscendedMeme called the "Leg Day Bundle."]][[/labelnote]]
* ARH-WOOOOO [[labelnote:Explanation]]Based on [[https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5bd458/i_love_warwick/ this random gush "shitpost"]] about [[SavageWolves Warwick]] that made it to the front page of [[Website/{{Reddit}} r/leagueoflegends]] for some reason, baffling even moderators. "ARH-WOO" has caught on the sub as shorthand for Warwick like wildfire.[[/labelnote]]
* 1000 DEGREE CLAWS [[labelnote:Explanation]]Immediately after the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsnDbealN9E cinematic teaser]] for Warwick's rework was uploaded on the official League of Legends Website/YouTube channel, comments comparing Warwick's new augmented claw to the "1000 Degree Knife" meme started pouring in.[[/labelnote]]
* 5 AD. [[labelnote:Explanation]] One infamous patch note during the Sated Devourer meta had Riot nerfing Kayle's base Attack Damage due to her being too good at jungle, while completely ignoring the fact that [[ElephantInTheLivingRoom Sated Devourer was the problem, not Kayle.]] 5 AD is now euphemism for quite a lot of situations on patch notes, such as Riot nerfing a champion instead of a broken item/mastery/mechanic or nerfing a champion's base stats when the problem is in their kit.[[/labelnote]]
* Fluid Champ Design. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Essentially a near-retelling of the Ezreal kissing Shyvana's leg meme above. One day, a {{VideoGame/Smite}} player, a little miffed about less-than-stellar recent god releases in Smite, came to the League subreddit to ask about League's champion design principles, initially asking how they made champs "so original and fluid" before going into more detailed questions. As [[HalfHumanHybrid Xayah and Rakan]] had just come out at the time, one redditer made a joke that Riot starts by deciding a new champion will be a bird and go from there, which quickly spiraled into a running gag. Just like with the previously-mentioned meme, the reddit post hit the front page, got Rioter attention, and a "Fluid Champ Design" bundle sale with all the bird or bird-related champions (Azir, Anivia, Swain, Quinn, Xayah, and Rakan) and one skin for each was briefly released.[[/labelnote]]
* Varus is two gays and a demon in a trenchcoat[[labelnote:Explanation]] Varus lore rework had his origin retold has a homosexual couple who fused with a Darkin bow in an attempt to save one of them from mortal wounds. Occasionally compared to [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Garnet]]. Particularly prominent on Tumblr, and Reddit to some extend.[[/labelnote]]

!!Memes originating from Streamers
* Anything [[http://www.twitch.tv/trick2g Tri]][[https://www.youtube.com/user/Trick0850 ck2G]] says.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Trick has a very unique manner of speaking while streaming, and [[{{Keet}} is very exciteable most of the time]], making him one of the most memorable streamers.[[/labelnote]]
** "I'mma [=Trick2G=] them" - Doublelift [[labelnote:Explanation]]Trick's become so well-known for backdooring that even some pros are calling backdooring "Tricking" instead of Xpeke now.[[/labelnote]]
** THE GODYR! [[labelnote:Explanation]]What he calles his manner of playing Udyr[[/labelnote]]
* [[https://youtu.be/LimM9a2ajE4 I WAS IN ALPHA!]][[labelnote:Explanation]]A notable RunningGag from Cowsep, famous for his high-level Master Yi plays, which he screams whenever a mishap occurs regarding a bug in Master Yi's Alpha Strike ability, causing him to die in the middle of the ability when he is supposedly "untargetable."[[/labelnote]]
** AscendedMeme [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-621-notes as of 6.21:]] the phrase was used as one of the patch headlines for Master Yi regarding Alpha bugfixes. Nevertheless, Alpha incidents still occur.

!!Memes originating in the fan works
* Gentleman Cho'Gath. [[labelnote:Explanation]]Became an AscendedMeme as seen [[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=77948 here]].[[/labelnote]]
** Similarly, Human Anivia, Catgirl Ezreal and other common reinterpretations via fanart.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JW2xM80qGI EPIC YORDLE DANCE PARTY!]]
* From WebAnimation/TheNunuBotShow:
** [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Push push push push push push push ]]

** [[/folder]]

[[folder: I'll do X and surprise them with my decision. ]]

** [[/folder]]

[[folder: You guys fight them at top while I secretly push bottom. ]]

** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Great! Even stupid bird is here. ]]

** [[/folder]]

[[folder: I'll do X. [Beat] Or not. ]]

** [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Video Game/Heroes Of Newerth BOTTOM LANE IS FAILING HARD!! 11 ]]
* From [[http://www.youtube.com/user/Grasshyren Grasshyren's channel]]:
** Yes™
** Ghosting to battle!
* MemeticBadass: [[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=14761 Jesse Perring]].
* Ryze Bot makes you ragequit your own IP farm games. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The champion, before being reworking, used to have very effective burst damage and was simple to play even for the otherwise [[ArtificialStupidity fairly stupid AI]]. While it was the only trait the champion which other mages shared with other advantages over Ryze making him be considered overshadowed, as the meme says, Ryze bot could still easily kill you while you're complacent about how you expect the AI to be utterly incompetent.[[/labelnote]]
** Annie and Soraka bots had even more of this, one of the first things this Troper was told upon playing league was to run if they saw Annie bot. And it was true, due to Annie's simple playstyle, like Ryze she was very easy for the AI to play and because she also deals more damage, Annie bot can even give lvl 30 players a hard time if left to farm. Soraka was almost as bad
* From [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-fIOrUTIOQ "pro as heck guide to master yi"]]
** "Get dunked!"
*** This one recently [[AscendedMeme ascended]]: it's one of Vi's quotes when using her ultimate, and further when there's a Dunkmaster Legendary skin... only that it's for Darius, who also dunks for his ultimate.
** "Watch out! It's the [[RummageSaleReject Swordboots]]."
*** [[AscendedMeme Ascended]] with Yasuo as well. Taunting an enemy Yi prompts him to possibly comment on them and sound utterly baffled while doing so.
--> '''Yasuo''': ''[[http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/f/f0/Yasuo.MasterYitaunt03.ogg "Nice... sword... boots?"]]''
** "Nooblord!", repeated ad nauseum [[RantInducingSlight in response to a teammate dying]].
* "F**k off, clown." [[labelnote:Explanation]]From [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caWg4Vx_SvQ this video]] where the [=LoL=] characters have a cypher. Jax has no idea what a cypher is and kindly tells Shaco to "f**k off".[[/labelnote]]
* "Not even close, baby!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]One of Videogamedunkey's catchphrases. Usually said ironically/tauntingly after barely escaping death. [[/labelnote]]
* "There is no team in Teemo", now in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwUXJe8lam4 form of a song]].
* "Now Im putting a wall behind Olaf" "We are doing a good job" [[labelnote:Explanation]]From this Guide, as other anivia-themed Memes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJAN1oDRJpk [[/labelnote]]
* "Brushy-brushy never fails! Solid tactic!" [[labelnote:Explanation]] A named technique from [=SivHD's=] Juke City video where he uses [=LeBlanc's=] high potential for ConfusionFu by tricking enemies into chasing a clone while he safely recalls in the brush he was last seen dashing out of. Deceiving enemies with hard-to-pull-off jukes isn't unheard of, but [=SivHD=] well known for popularizing it. [[/labelnote]]
* The Spanish-speaking community often says "bronza" instead of "bronce". [[labelnote:Explanation]]It comes from Spaniard channel CooLifeGame's series [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45dHu5pstik La Vida de Bronza]], in which they mock hilariously bad low-ranking players.[[/labelnote]]
* Sona 'speaking' in emoticons. [[labelnote:Explanation]] In the game's lore, Sona is mute. And Sona Bot speaks like this in chat boxes in the beginning or end of matches.[[/labelnote]]
* [=Spin2Win=] [[labelnote:Explanation]]This is never said in verbatim, but this becomes synonymous to Garen and his Judgment where he spins around doing tick damage. Because of this, if there's a MOBA game that features SpinAttack, if they do not say it by default, they make a reference to this. Case in points: VideoGame/{{Smite}} (Thor's Ragnarok Force X can make him say 'Spin To Win!' when doing his Spin Attack equivalent (Berserker's Barrage)) and VideoGame/HeroesOfTheStorm (One of the unlockable skills for The Lost Vikings is titled 'Spin To Win!', though they spin once for burst damage instead)[[/labelnote]]
* [[Series/BetterCallSaul Better Call Sol]], based on [[http://i.imgur.com/6fjnPXg.png this fanmade poster]] made shortly after Aurelion Sol's announcement. Within a few days, it got the attention of not just Riot, [[https://twitter.com/NetflixDE/status/708281607711559680 but NetflixDE's Twitter itself!]]