Yukiteru is living with his family friends, after playing with candles and accidentally burning his house down as a child. Unfortunately, Yuno reacted poorly to them moving out to their own home when it was finished and it was time to leave, so they have continued to do so for years. Now in high school, they are living their life as normal until Rena, who is jealous of their closeness, makes a surprise move.

Another {{ecchi}} manga by MasahiroItosugi, Uwakoi revolves around a growing love triangle between Yuno, Rena and Yukiteru.

!!''Uwakoi'' provides examples of:
* [[spoiler: BewareOfTheNiceOnes]]: [[spoiler: Yuno]]
* CatapultNightmare: Yukiteru has them frequently, remembering his house burning down. [[spoiler: It may be subverted -- at the end of chapter one, he points out that he actually found the destruction beautiful.]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: [[MiraiNikki Not only the names]], but the atmosphere makes the audience wonder [[VisualNovel/SchoolDays if the ending may have something to do with a boat...]]
* DysfunctionJunction: Yukiteru is {{Pyromaniac}}, Rena seems to be [[{{BastardGirlfriend}} sexual sadist]], and Yuno is [[spoiler: {{Yandere}}]]
* {{Fanservice}}: Yuno's spandex leaping in chapter one, then Rena's SchoolSwimsuit right afterwards.
* GenkiGirl: Yuno
* GenreSavvy: One of possible interpretations of why Yukiteru [[spoiler: secretly dates Rena while not breaking up with Yuno in public. Its because he knows [[{{Yandere}} she has mental problems]], and tries to stay away from her, but knows what will happen if [[WomanScorned he actually rejects her]]. Of course given how blatantly bold and reckless his and Rena antics are, he is not Savvy enough.]]
* GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex: [[spoiler: Mostly averted. When Yukiteru and Rena have sex, its not very healthy and normal. As of 7th chapter, they are having sex during Rena sleepover at Yuno and Yukiteru house, during which Rena smothers him with pillow to make him quiet, lampshading it looks like she is murdering him - which he seems to either enjoy or is scared of, or both. Yuno doesn't seems to have had sex with Yukiteru at all. Yet.]]
* LoveTriangle
* MeaningfulName: Possibly coincidental, but having the two main characters named [[MiraiNikki Yukiteru and Yuno]] gave pretty much every reader an OhCrap moment, and hinted to at least one of their [[{{Yandere}} personality]] [[LoveMakesYouCrazy traits]].
* {{Ojou}}: Rena. She comes across as almost an AlphaBitch, frowning upon Yuno's displays of affection towards Yukiteru. [[spoiler: This is because she's in love with him, and is his "mistress".]]
* ParentalAbandonment: Although we do see Yukiteru and Yuno's parents in a flashback in one chapter, we never see Yukiteru's again after that. Rena suggests that she doesn't have parents either during her sleepover at Yuno's house, where she comments that she feels uncomfortable because Yuno's home has everything she doesn't have, particularly "family".
* {{Pyromaniac}}: Yukiteru. To the point that he burned his house down on accident as a child.
* SecretKeeper: Kaori
--> Even if I am [[ReallyGetsAround loose down there]], my mouth is sealed tight!
* SpiritualSuccessor: To ''Aki Sora'', which was discontinued in Japan due to the incestuous content and the current batch of MoralGuardians scaring the publishers.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: This time as a small description of the main cast.
** Yukiteru [[spoiler:finds destruction beautiful (as an aftereffect of him burning accidentally his house as a kid) and cannot say what he really thinks.]]
** Yuno [[spoiler:goes {{Yandere}} on Yukiteru and anyone that tries to take him away from her. And [[FridgeHorror it's not the first time it happens]].]]
** Rena [[spoiler:cannot differentiate between her love for Yukiteru and [[LoveMakesYouCrazy her love for destroying things]].]]
** Kaori [[spoiler:doesn`t find joy in anything but casual sex. And [[StepfordSmiler smiles to hide it]].]]
* {{Yandere}}: Implied that [[spoiler: Yuno]] is one, by her sister. [[spoiler: Initially]] she shown nothing worse that jealousy toward Yukiteru and [[spoiler: Rena]] being too friendly. [[spoiler: In chapter 13, when upon seeing Yukiteru and Rena sleeping in same futon, she gets yandere eyes, walks out of room, and then return with knife. As if it wasn't bad enough, its revealed she violently scared off other girl who got too close to him in past, into dropping out of school.]]
** [[spoiler: Yuno, while holding a knife above Yukiteru: "It seems I'll have to write my name...a name that can't be erased." she then proceeds to carve her name...''into his chest.''She only stops when Yumeno wakes up and knocks her unconscious.]]
* YourCheatingHeart: Yukiteru towards [[spoiler: Yuno and Rena]]. Kaori towards [[spoiler: her first boyfriend]].
** [[spoiler: Yukiteru finally tells Yuno about his relationship with Rena in chapter 26. Needless to say, [[DespairEventHorizon this will not end well.]] ]]