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''The Phantom King'' is a manga by [[Creator/LimDallYoung Im Dal Young]]. It is based on a light novel series by the same name. It's published in South Korea by Haksan under its Booking magazine and in Japan by Kill Time Communication's Comic Valkyrie magazine. Both countries have a total of 7 volumes published. The light novel has only been published in South Korea with 5 volumes under Seed Novel.

11 years ago, Eun Sung-min was one of the few survivors from a village that experienced the "Evil Phenomenon". He and his maid were saved by the mysterious Phantom King and his group, Phantom. Now the Special Environmental Protection Agency is searching for the answers to what happened on that fateful day, and how to combat the "Evil Spirits" that caused such mayhem.

!!This manga contains the following tropes:

* AMindIsATerribleThingToRead: One of the offshoots of someone possessed by 'Evil' usually part of what drives them AxCrazy.
* BattleAura: How Compatible Survivors manifest power
* MsFanservice: Most of the female cast have their moments but Agent Kim and Park Ju-Bin are the most frequent.
* NinjaMaid: One of the major protagonists is this.
* TheSymbiote: 'Evil' requires a host in order to manifest, until they are strong enough.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: What some of those possessed by 'Evil' become, since the 'Evil' feeds on their bad emotions and eventually drives them to this.