A {{Josei}} manga from the mangaka of ''Manga/AfterSchoolNightmare'', Creator/SetonaMizushiro. '''''The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice''''' is the sequel to ''Manga/TheCorneredMouseDreamsOfCheese''.

Kyouichi is now divorced from his wife and carrying on a tenuous, homosexual relationship with Imagase. He has even become accustomed to having sex with Imagase every day. However, when Tamaki, a young coworker with a crush on Kyouichi, appears on the scene, it might be the beginning of the end for Kyouichi and Imagase.
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* FreudianTrio: Black Kyouichi is the Id, grey Kyouichi is the ego, and white Kyouichi is the superego.
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* {{Seme}}: Imagese in the sexual sense but he switches role with Kyouichi once.
* {{Uke}}: In another manga Imagese would have probably been the uke from the get go but because of Kyouichi's indecisive behaviour most of the time Kyouichi is the uke.
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