Iryu ''Team Medical Dragon'' is a manga by Akira Nagai drawn by Taro Nogizaka, made into a four-season LiveActionAdaptation.

The [[MedicalDrama series]] follows Dr. Asada Ryutaro, a Japanese heart surgeon who spent years working for an NGO in war-torn countries. He catches the eye of Dr. Kato Akira, another cardiac surgeon who works by-the-book even in a war zone in the middle of nowhere. Years later, when Kato is working on a thesis about a promising new surgical procedure called "Batista", Kato enlists Asada to head up her star surgical team. Asada, however, lacks any faith or investment in the Japanese university medical system and only reluctantly agrees to work for Kato.

Kato is caught between a rock and a hard place. In order to secure her professorship at the hospital, she has thrown in her lot with Dr. Noguchi Keno, who agrees to support her only as long as her thesis can help him fulfill his ambition to become the head of Meishin University Hospital. Vicious interdepartmental politics takes far greater precedence in Meishin's upper echelons than any other occupation -- including saving lives and fostering the abilities of good surgeons and physicians. Nevertheless, Kato is given some leeway to assemble her Batista team... which means she leaves it up to the rebellious Asada, who is hard enough to handle on a good day. That's the rock.

The hard place, for Kato, is her rival and sometime-lover Dr. Kirishima Gunji. Unbeknownst to Kato, Kirishima is working on the same procedure -- and going about it in a far less ethical manner.

While Asada assembles his team one by one, he keeps himself busy by working in the hospital's ER. The head of the ER, Dr. Kitou Shoko, desperately wants to poach Asada from the cardiac department: his skills are exceptional and his position tenuous at best. Asada, Kato, Kitou, Noguchi, and Noguchi's rival on the hospital board engage in a delicate game, for on top of all of this, Asada wants Kitou's natural-genius anesthesiologist Dr. Arase Monji for his team.

Meanwhile, Asada must collect and keep the best and brightest people he can find. His first teammate is Satohara Miki, a nurse who worked under him in the NGO. The second addition is Dr. Ijuuin Noboru, an intern who has yet to be corrupted by the politics and shenanigans of the hospital, but lacks confidence in his skills or the ability to act independently. Dr. Fujiyoshi Keiji joins after his own heart condition requires Asada to operate on him. Kato herself is added as first assistant.

Once the team is assembled, their troubles only multiply.

''Team Medical Dragon'' has been serialized in Big Comic Superior from 2002 to 2011, amassing 25 volumes overall. It received the 50th Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga in 2005. The story uses a cast of characters and focuses on many problems prevalent in medical care, such as human error, anticancer agent treatment, hospital infections, and a troubled health care system.
!!The series provides examples of:

* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: [[spoiler: Why Kirishima hates Asada]].
* AntiRoleModel: Asada describes himself as such.
* AppleOfDiscord: [[spoiler: Kunitachi's offer to get Asada into UCLA serves this for the Team]].
* BatmanGambit: The electoral reform plan.
* TheBeautifulElite: Kitou.
* BeleagueredAssistant: Ijyuuin to everyone more senior to him.
* BigDamnHero: [[spoiler: Asada, specially when it comes to saving Kihara's mom]].
* BoringButPractical: [[spoiler: Kirishima's style of surgery.]]
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Asada. He was fired earlier because of his {{Jerkass}} nature, but was hired by Katou because of his skill.
** Dr. Arase is a drunk and abuses anaesthetics, but his uncanny ability to monitor and maintain a patient's condition and knock out anyone precisely by the count of seven give him UltimateJobSecurity.
* CharacterDevelopment : Everyone except Asada and Noguchi get liberal helpings.
* TheChessMaster: Noguchi, Katou, Kitou [[spoiler: and Asada, who manipulates Kitou into helping Katou in taking down Noguchi]].
* CorruptCorporateExecutive : One of the main themes of the show is how Japanese university medicine is caught in a stranglehold relationship with pharmaceuticals companies and medical device manufacturers.
* DangerousForbiddenTechnique: The Batista operation, after a fashion. Since it's about operating on a beating heart, it is incredibly dangerous, easy to botch and in fact has a high mortality rate.
** Could be said that Asada's skill is this as a whole. His skills are too superior that other departments cant catch up. One such case was a patient he had saved in ER later died when transferred to a different dept, as they couldn't keep up with the care needed for such patient.
* ADayInTheLimelight : Each character who joins Asada's team gets an episode revolving around them before they join.
* DeathByIrony: Real World case; In the first arc the characters deal with a situation involving medical complications where people can die, though "the surgery was successful". Akira Nagai died from complications resulting from liver cancer.
* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler: For Kihara, after his mother gets badly injured in a car accident, and the only one that can save her is Asada, and he's busy in the Batista]].
* {{Determinator}}: [[spoiler: Ijuuin, who is trying to carry blood into the hospital, in the middle of a terrible storm, and with a broken arm.]]
* DirtyCoward: Dr. Kihara.
* DistractedByTheSexy: Upon first seeing the amply-endowed Miki walking by, Dr. Kihara is so distracted that he has trouble with the routine phrase "good morning".
* DoggedNiceGuy: Ijyuuin
* DrJerk : Several. Kato is a [[DefrostingIceQueen borderline case]].
* DrowningMySorrows : Arase extricates exorbitant amounts of money for his services only to literally piss it all away on alcohol [[spoiler:to drown his guilt over being involved in a drug trial that resulted in numerous patient deaths]].
* EvilFormerFriend: Turns out that in the past, Kirishima and Asada were really good friends.
* FaceDeathWithDignity: Explored with a terminal lung cancer PatientOfTheWeek.
* FaceHeelTurn : Faked handily by [[spoiler:Ijuuin]] to secure a reliable line of information from Kirishima on the hospital's dicey political situation long enough for the Batista team to execute the third procedure.
* FreudianExcuse : Kirishima is all but unredeemable now, but when he was a toddler [[spoiler:his mother threw herself to her death from a roof right in front of him]].
* TheFettered: A few of the characters, especially Asada.
* GentleGiant: Fujiyoshi in the manga.
* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity : The characters spend the entire series working under the looming threat of being fired or exiled to branch hospitals even as they perform successful surgeries, save lives, and expose dangerous negligence and malpractice.
* TheGlassesComeOff : Ijuuin quietly pulls this on Kirishima in the second to last episode.
* {{Gonk}}: A visual cue, inserted to let you know who to root for.
* HardWorkHardlyWorks : Completely adverted with Ijuuin.
* HardWorkMontage : Done to show the team practicing for their third, highly unusual Batista case.
* HelloNurse: Miki, literally. It even gave her trouble in her BackStory, [[{{Squick}} with her brother]].
* HeroWithBadPublicity: Asada, although he deserves the reputation. Arase as well.
* HiddenDepths : Arase's {{backstory}} reveals the reason for his drinking and drug abuse.
* HonorBeforeReason: Asada and Miki ''flaunt'' this. Fujiyoshi is more low-key, but he lives this way as well. Ijyuuin almost had it beaten out of him, but at the end of the day he can't help but be this.
** During the professors' meeting to discuss the election reformation, Kitou, who presented the draft, intended to sit everything out, as he had no obligation or interest in actually passing the draft. Then Noguchi tried to make him look like a fool, and Kitou ''was having none of that.''
* HospitalHottie: Miki and Dr. Kato.
* InformedAttribute : The Batista procedure is described as defying even the exquisite skills of only the topmost genius surgeons, but the actual surgeries end quickly and experience only peripheral complications.
* TheIntern : Ijuuin is "the intern", but rather than being bright, naive, and ambitious, he's paralyzed by the terrible atmosphere of the hospital's ruthless politics and plagued by doubt in his own skills.
* InternalReformist: Dr. Akira Katou is trying to reform the Japanese medical system by getting on the board of directors of their hospital.
* {{Jerkass}}: Every major character except for Ijyuuin and Miki.
* JerkassHasAPoint: [[spoiler: Kirishima denounces Asada's style as too flashy and cutting edge, and other surgeons have tried to some of those techniques with disastrous consequences. Kirishima instead advocates for safe and proven methods that any surgical team can do.]]
** [[spoiler: Of course, Asada also has a point. He gets the worst cases, specially the Batistas or when he's in ER duty, which often require "unorthodox" procedures, at least in the eyes of his peers at the Meishin hospital]].
* MiserAdvisor: Arase, the anaesthesiologist. In fact, he's only on the team until the next Batista operation because Asada paid him to do so.
** Also, Asada himself.
* MoodLighting : Noguchi's office. Averted in the operating room, which is suitably brightly lit.
* NotSoDifferent : Asada with surgery and Noguchi with boardroom politics. They can both be pretty Machiavellian when it comes to achieving their goals. [[spoiler: The kicker is that both of them acknowledge it and become besties over dinner. ]]
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Noguchi and the rest of the hospital board. The board is outright stated to be democratic in name only, as it will vote for whomever Noguchi cares to nominate for a professorship. In fact, hospital politics are possibly the main focus of the story.
* OneOfOurOwn : Fujiyoshi and his daughter have congenital heart defects. At first, Fujiyoshi refuses to let Asada operate on his daughter because he considers it medically unnecessary. Naturally, [[spoiler:it's Fujiyoshi himself rather than his daughter who collapses on a sidewalk and must be operated on by Asada and Ijuuin]].
* PatientOfTheWeek : There are three Batista cases, but Asada et al get night shift emergencies every once in a while. The Batista cases are pretty much forgotten as soon as their operations are over. Each of Asada's team gets their own [=POtW=]: Ijuuin takes charge of a terminal lung cancer patient being abused for drug trials, Kato must decide whether to take on the hospital's former head nurse as a Batista case, Arase has to save the life of the bartender at his usual joint, and Fujiyoshi is a twofer, being himself the PatientOfTheWeek and having a daughter with a heart condition.
* TheRival: Miki's brother
* RuleOfDrama : The actual Batista procedure is more of a stop-gap to keep a patient alive until a suitable heart transplant can be found. In the series, the procedure is talked about as a miraculous substitute.
** ScienceMarchesOn : Not only did it march on, it marched on ''before'' the series was made. The Batista procedure became popular in the mid-1990s but was discovered to be less than effective in 2000. The series was made in 2004.
** In the manga, however, it is explained that Batista is indeed treated as merely a stop-gap procedure while a suitable heart-donor is found.
* TakeThat: Massively, on the Japanese medical system as a whole.
* TechnicianVersusPerformer : Ijuuin would go by the book if it weren't for Asada browbeating him into doing things in increasingly improbable but necessary ways. Also, Asada and Ijuuin are able to detect the diseased parts of a heart by touch, but Technician Kato can't and completely derails her original thesis topic towards finding a method that doesn't rely on intuition.
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler: Kirishima to Noguchi]]
* TookALevelInBadass: Ijyuuin, at least when it comes to being a surgeon.
* TropeTelegraphing : Some of the foreshadowing, such as the exposition in Fujiyoshi's episode in the limelight, is a little obvious.
* TrueCompanions : The Batista team, occasionally called "[[GratuitousEnglish Team Medical Dragon]]".