''Suppli'' (サプリ sapuri) is a manga series by Mari Okazaki. It concerns the life of career woman Minami Fujii, a single 27-year-old office worker in an advertising agency. She lives the average life, being very work oriented and in love with her boyfriend until he, well, dumps her at the end of the first chapter.

Thrust back into the world of relationships, Minami decides to reconnect with her fellow employees and with people in general.

The manga was published in English by Creator/{{Tokyopop}}. It got up to Volume 5 before Tokyopop shut down.

!!This series includes examples of:

* {{Adorkable}}: Fujii.
* AttentionWhore: Amano, who decides to try and come between [[spoiler:Ishida and Watanabe]] because she has nothing to do at work.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Watanabe pursues Ishida because he's interested in Fujii. She ends up being frustrated when she can't get him to give up on her.
* BrokenAce: Tanaka seems to be the perfect woman, with the exception of her affair.
* ButNotTooForeign: Wherever the other half of Sahara's blood comes from, it's not Japan.
* CampGay: Mita is '''hilarious.'''
* CanNotSpitItOut: Ogiwara is unaware that Fujii knows he's also involved with Tanaka.
* CareerVersusMan: Fujii's boyfriend gets fed up with her because he doesn't want to compete with her job anymore.
** [[spoiler:Kouda]] points this out as the main reason why Yugi won't just marry him. She can't do it all and it bothers her.
* ChristmasCake:Yugi, Fujii and Hirano. Watanabe's interest in Ishida is partly to curtail this.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Watanabe and Tanaka are both worried that Fujii will take their lovers. See BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor for Watanabe. Tanaka, on the other hand, is a married woman having an affair.
** [[spoiler:Watanabe again]] though, this time, it's [[LaserGuidedKarma justified.]]
* CoolBigSis: Hirano and Yugi to Fujii. Tanaka is introduced as this but eventually becomes TheRival.
* GenreSavvy: Mita and Yugi can call pretty much everything Fujii does.
* HandsomeLech: Sahara [[strike:has some shades of this]] is this.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Fujii and her fellow employees drink at every opportunity.
* HelloNurse: Fujii, despite not dressing or being particularly sexy at all, manages to attract the attentions of Ishida, Ogiwara and Sahara, as a result of childishness and her work ethic.
* ImagineSpot: Fujii has quite a few.
* ImportantHaircut: Tanaka cuts her hair [[spoiler:after Ogiwara leaves for New York.]]
* JerkassFacade: More like Pervert Facade, as Sahara's womanizing masks his issues with his race and family.
* {{Josei}}
* LaserGuidedKarma: Watanabe. Can you guess the other reason why [[spoiler:Amano]] is interested in Ishida?
* ManChild: Fujii and Ishida, two folks who are remain impressively innocent for their age. Kouda also counts.
* TheMistress: Ogiwara to Tanaka. She even insists that every working woman should have one!
** Yugii says she's this to her boyfriend. [[spoiler:She's lying, Kouda's wife is dead.]]
* MyBiologicalClockIsTicking
* OfficeLady
* {{invoked}} OneOfUs: Fujii is a bit of a dork.
* {{Oranyan}}: Ishida.
* PluckyOfficeGirl: Fujii is a little higher up in position than most examples but otherwise fits.
* PoorCommunicationKills: So much could be avoided if people grew spines and talked to each other.
* PutOnABus: After a three-book leadup and the promise of an epic battle, [[spoiler:Ogiwara]] just kind of... ''vanishes'' in book 4, while [[spoiler:Tanaka kind of drifts into the circle of friends as if nothing ever happened.]]
* TheRival: Tanaka. Feminine, stylish, sociable and married.
* SexySecretary: Watanabe certainly looks like one.
* ThroughHisStomach: Watanabe and Fujii try this. Doesn't quite work.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Yugi and Fujii, Fujii and Watanabe and Fujii and Tanaka.
%% Tsundere is on this page as Oranyan %%
* WhiteCollarWorker
* YourCheatingHeart: All over the place. Ogiwara can't choose between Fujii and Tanaka. Tanaka can't let go of Ogiwara despite her being married. Despite now being in a relationship with Watanabe, Ishida still can't get over Fujii.
** This reaches new heights in books 4 and 5. Sahara carries on a relationship with two women, [[spoiler:Fujii, who admits [[AesopAmnesia she should know better by now]]]] and a young assistant stylist. Fujii's new employee/trainee Amano decides she won't leave well enough alone and is trying to come between [[spoiler:Ishida and Watanabe]], who, up until that point, looked like they finally got it together.