''Seikimatsu Darling'' is a {{manga}} with story and art by Maki Naruto published by Biblos (1994 - 1998, volume 1-4 only) and later Akita Shoten (1999-2000). The complete manga totals 7 tankoubon with 200 pages.

The {{Manga}} was adapted into a single half hour {{OVA}} in 1996 with the same title and story with the screenplay written by Shino Taira and character design and animation direction by Kazunori Iwakura, with input by original creator Maki Naruto.

Both incarnations feature a yaoi romantic comedy plot. Otaka, a kind hearted and hardworking man, loves Takasugi, another man. Takasugi, unknown to Otaka feels similarly - unfortunately, they're both {{Seme}}, and neither has any intention of being {{Uke}}. The manga and OVA highlight their attempts to express this while going on a vacation together.

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