[[caption-width-right:234:[[BigLittleBrother Atsushi]](left) and [[LittleBigBrother Atsumi]](right).]]

Atsushi Miyagawa is an elementary student who looks like an adult. His older sister Atsumi is a high school student who looks his age. Since they act like you'd expect kids their real ages to act, this can cause... [[HilarityEnsues problems]].

''Recorder and Randsell'' is a {{Seinen}} {{yonkoma}} by Meme Higashiya, running in various Manga Life compilations by Takeshobo since 2009. It was adapted into a three-minute anime that began airing in January 2012 and [[http://www.crunchyroll.com/recorder-and-randsell was licensed for simulcast by Crunchyroll]].

A second season ran later in 2012, and a third season aired as a part of the Summer2013Anime season. The manga's fourth volume came packaged with two [=OVAs=] as well, and an unaired 13th episode came with ''Mi'''s boxed set.

And if you're wondering, [[AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle "randsell" refers to the type of backpack Atsushi's wearing]].
!This series displays the following tropes:

* AccidentalPervert: Atsushi trips and falls on top of Moriyama-sensei [[FunbagAirbag landing head first between her breasts]] and his hands on top of them. When Moriyama-sensei runs away in shock, [[ChildrenAreInnocent Atsushi is oblivious to what just happened]].
* AnimeThemeSong: The third season's "One-Two Hello", sung by ''Music/{{Vocaloid}}'''s IA.
* AgeInappropriateDress: A lot of the clothes Take-nii gives to Atsushi are this, like the fishnet tank top or the open dress shirt. It certainly ''looks'' his physical age, but even then it's still inappropriate for ''adults'' to be wearing that kind of stuff in public.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Yoshioka to Atsumi, Makoto to Sayo, and Sayo to Atsushi.
* ArtShift: The art change in ''Mi'' is pretty drastic, with the shape of the characters becoming rounder and the colors more light.
* BigLittleBrother: While it is TruthInTelevision in some cases, Atsushi takes it to the trope's illogical extreme.
* BishieSparkle: Whenever Moriyama-sensei or Sayo see Atsushi sometimes, they see these around him.
* BookEnds: The beginning and end of ''Mi'' has Atsushi and his friends playing together, with adults looking on. In the first episode, the adults were trying to call the police and get Atsushi away from the kids, as is wont for him. By the end of it, the adults have realized that Atsushi's just a kid and simply greet him as he's playing.
* TheCameo: Hana and Mayu from ''Manga/MoritaSanWaMukuchi'' make an appearance in the first episode, while Atsushi and Atsumi make an appearance in the last episode of the former.
* ChickMagnet: All the girls in class love Atsushi, and during the ValentinesDayEpisode, he gets chocolate from ''every girl in the neighborhood''.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Atsushi is too clueless even for a 10-year-old.
* ChristmasCake: Miura, one of the female officers, is in her 30's, and fits the bill.
* ComedicLolicon: The star of the basketball team, Yoshioka, would be almost perfect if it weren't for the fact that he has a {{Fetish}} for little girls. It's the whole reason why he's ''very'' much into Atsumi, to her and Makoto's displeasure.
* DeadpanSnarker: Atsumi has her moments, due to her status as the OnlySaneMan.
* DeconstructedTrope: OlderThanTheyLook and YoungerThanTheyLook.
* DisguisedInDrag: Not only drag, but ''age themed'' drag. After Yoshioka has a slump in basketball, Makoto takes it upon himself to dress as an elementary school girl to get his attention. It works, and Yoshioka's more fired up than ever (though he thinks ''Atsumi'' is the one in disguise, not Makoto).
* DoesNotLikeMen: Moriyama-sensei. She grew up attending [[OneGenderSchool all-girls' schools]], so she has no experience with adult men. She can talk to little boys just fine however.
** She is still decidedly heterosexual, though, and exhibits a physical attraction to Atsushi, though she tries to fight against it. This is seen when Atsushi wears a fishnet shirt to school.
* EveryoneHasStandards: The one halfway decent thing about Yoshioka is that he has a strict "look, don't touch" policy regarding children. When he first thinks Atsushi's a fellow lolicon, he reprimands him for getting too close to Hina.
* EvolvingCredits: In ''Mi'', whichever of the main cast was featured prominently in the episode is also in the ending dance, and the combination of people changes per episode.
* TheFaceless: Take-nii, who has BlindingBangs.
* FairCop: Kijima, Miura and Aono, who are rather attractive field workers. They're also fair in the [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure literal sense]], being kind and understanding to poor Atsushi.
* FamilyThemeNaming: Atsushi and Atsumi have only one character different in their names. If the genders were flipped, their names go that way as well.
* FestivalEpisode: The last episode of ''Mi'' has everyone attend a festival near the end of the summer, accompanied by music.
* GenderFlip: One extra story dealt with a day in the life of a gender-flipped cast. In the anime, most of the characters' ''voices'' are flipped as well (Atsushi with Atsumi, Sayo with Yoshioka, Take-nii with Miura). And in case you're wondering, [[DoubleStandard Atsushi's relationship with Hina and behavior isn't seen as suspicious because of her gender]].
* GagBoobs: Moriyama-sensei.
* GratuitousEnglish: Yoshioka peppers all of his dialog with this, to obnoxious degrees.
* HeightAngst: the whole Miyagawa family is this. Not only is Atsumi small, but her parents are hardly any bigger than her. They all have their own sorts of troubles with this, whereas Atsushi sometimes wishes he were the same size as the rest of his classmates.
** After Makoto is introduced, we can add him to the list of height complainers as well.
* HotForStudent: Miss Kawauchi blatantly tries to hit on Atsushi when she first meets him. Moriyama also finds him physically attractive, but she knows from the get-go that he's still a child and doesn't plan on doing anything funny with him.
* HypocriticalHumor:
** Atsumi often calls Makoto "Tiny"/"Chichai-kun". It's actually a twofer; they're both the shortest people in their high school, and she's even ''shorter'' than him.
** Sayo's condemning of Yoshioka for going after little girls and especially Astumi for being a "legal loli", where she herself is constantly trying to date Astushi, a grade schooler who only ''looks'' legal.
* JailbaitWait: Invoked in one chapter, with Sayo mentioning that Atsushi's older looks will probably match up with his mental age by the time he enters high school in five or so years.
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: Sayo gives Atsumi this treatment. Atsumi is not amused.
* InnocentInnuendo: "Yours is too big. It would never fit!"
** A lot of what Atsushi [[MistakenForPedophile says in front of the neighbors comes out as this]] [[RunningGag (and then he gets arrested for his trouble)]].
* LikesOlderMen: Atsumi, who's a sixteen year old in high school, likes Take-nii, who's a 32 year old adult. Atsumi's always had a crush on Take-nii ever since her physical and mental ages were aligned, and still does despite her grievances with his not having a full-time job. On Take-nii's part, he says that the relationship probably wouldn't happen because he keeps screwing up in his love life, and he wouldn't want to put Atsumi through that.
* [[LittleBigBrother Little Big Sister]]: Atsumi is definitely this to Atsushi.
* LuckyCharmsTitle: ''Do'' and ''Re'' had an eighth note at the end, and the third season (''Mi'') had a star.
* {{Manchild}}: ''Not'' Atsushi, despite appearances, but Take-nii. He doesn't have a steady job despite being in his early 30s, and shirks off any responsibility of working once it's inconvenient for him (he's reminded of his ex, he's quitting, he's just that lazy, etc.). And yes, he still lives with his mother.
* {{Meganekko}}: Moriyama-sensei.
* MistakenAge: The series.
* MistakenForPedophile: Poor Atsushi constantly suffers from this, as confirmed via {{Word of God}}, and especially since he has a crush on a girl his age. At least three of the policewomen that were wary of his presence finally figured it out.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Atsumi and later Takumi. Atsumi's so adult-looking that the newer elementary school students usually mistake him for a teacher.
* OnlySaneMan: Atsumi, probably the most reasonable character of the series.
* PuppyLove: Atsushi and Hina, who eventually start dating at some point.
* RunningGag:
** [[MistakenForPedophile Atsushi being mistaken for a molester]]. Starts decreasing after a while.
** Sayo misinterpreting Atsushi's various gestures for something more romantic, at least until she figured out that he was a fifth grader. She still gets pretty blush-y around him afterwards, though.
* SchoolFestival: Sports and cultural, for Atsushi and Atsumi respectively.
** On Atsushi's end, he's ''leaps and bounds'' ahead of every other kid in the festival, for obvious reasons. But that comes at the cost of accidentally injuring his partners along the way, as we see in the three-legged race, or getting mistaken for a guardian in the parent-child race.
** Atsumi gets a lot of busywork at the cultural festival... in various roles that have her as the "child" character, also for obvious reasons.
* ShoutOut: While the crew is going through a HauntedHouse, one of the projections shown is a [[Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} ghost crossed out in red]].
* SiblingYinYang:
** Atsumi and Atsushi of course, being the mature older sister that looks like a child and the immature, naive younger brother that looks like a grown man.
** Yoshioka and his older brother couldn't be any more different. One guns for little girls and lusts after Atsumi for being in his appearance ''and'' age strike zone, while his brother LikesOlderWomen. At least both of them are similar in how tactless they are.
* [[SpoilerOpening Spoiler Ending]]: The first season spoiled characters we wouldn't even see until later episodes.
* StalkerWithACrush: Yoshioka towards Atsumi. He takes photos of all the little girls in the neighborhood, but since the story focuses on the Miyagawa siblings, he's shown taking candids of her as well, and even ''hid in the bushes of the Miyagawa household'' one night.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: While Atsumi and Say are criticizing Yoshioka's lolicon habits, Sayo makes a point of inserting herself into the conversation, saying that she's not like him after mentioning that a person's looks matter more than her actual age (probably referring to both the Miyagawa siblings, since she loves how cute Atsumi is and still has a crush on Atsushi despite knowing how old he is).
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Sayo's ideal man. Atsushi happens to fit her specifications too well.
* ThemeTuneCameo: In the first season, Sayo and Atsumi are seen singing "Glitter" (the first ED) at a karaoke joint. The third season has Sayo hum "One Two Hello" as well.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Atsushi's two friends, Takeshi and Tatsumi, that show up every once in a while and help him with his problems.
* WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs: Take-nii has another part-time job every other chapter, it seems. According to him, it's because he keeps getting into relationships with one of his female coworkers, and then when they hit a rough spot things just get so awkward he quits.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Atsushi. While his classmates apparently have no problem with it, the adults actually get grossed out just by the sight of him acting his age.