''Prism'' is a YuriGenre manga by Higashiyama Shou, the author of ''Manga/{{Stretch}}''.

After a one-day romance with a boy named Hikaru during her last year of grade school, Megu went through middle school without any romance. Now entering high school, she's ready to move on with her love life. At school, she meets a pretty girl who abruptly gives her a big hug... Hikaru?!

The manga was quietly canceled and pulled from shelves partway through its second volume over allegations of tracing (which appear to have been substantiated).

!!''Prism'' contains examples of:

* AmbiguouslyBi: Megu fell in love with Hikaru when she thought she was a boy. She has little issue falling in love with her as a girl. As Megu was so young when she fell for Hikaru, it's hard to tell if she was serious or whether she just thought she liked "him".
* BigBrotherInstinct: When a group of girls and their boyfriends start harrassing Hikaru and Megumi, one grabs Hikaru by the hair. Next thing you know, her brother is on the scene, giving what can be only called a [[SlasherSmile Death Smile]]. The ass beating he gives them is [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome only implied]], though.
* BiTheWay: Megu's teacher cheerfully explains to her that she swings both ways.
* ClosetKey: Despite her initial disappointment at Hikaru's sex, Megu is in love by the second chapter, and her enthusiasm only goes up from there.
* CutShort: Was quietly cancelled after two volumes. As the manga was mostly episodic, no plot threads were left dangling.
* {{Gayngst}}: Just at the beginning.
* InformedAttractiveness: Hikaru. There are at least two occasions in which characters who see her for the first time note how pretty she is.
* LazyArtist: While the characters are very well drawn and realistically proportioned, accusations that the author traced from photographs at certain points in the manga, have put it on indefinite hiatus.
* SchoolgirlLesbians: Hikaru is gay and enters into a relationship with Megu, who was a little reluctant at first but eventually realized even after learning Hikaru was a girl she was still in love with her.
* ShipperOnDeck: Megu's teacher is always happy to help Megu x Hikaru along... See chapter 6, where she leaves an "[[spoiler:It's okay to have sex [in my bed] if you want!]] :)" note and a [[spoiler:lesbian porn DVD in her DVD player ("For you two to study!❤")]] for them.
* SpitTake: When Megu confronts Hikaru during the school trip about her feelings:
-->'''Megu:''' Hikaru... [[spoiler:Do you want to have sex with me?]]
-->'''Hikaru:''' ''**pfft!**''
-->'''Megu:''' Uh... I mean... (M-Maybe not the best place to start.)
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Hikaru's gotten very pretty since Megu last saw her. She helpfully lifts her skirt to Megu to confirm she's a girl.
* UsedToBeATomboy: When Megu and Hikaru first met Hikaru was an androgynous tomboy with BoyishShortHair. She became more feminine looking as she grew.
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