[[caption-width-right:269:Shizuru & Mizuki]]

High-school student Shizuru and her little sister Mizuki have special gifts: Shizuru can see ghosts and Mizuki can be haunted by them. They were placed with their grandparents in the countryside of Japan, since their grandfather knows all about the spiritual beings the girls have to deal with. The two girls are very close and try to help each other whenever they can, which is very necessary given the [[WeirdnessMagnet weirdness that befalls them]].

''Mokke'' has a very easy-going pace and a SliceOfLife feel to it. The spirits that the two girls encounter are generally based on Japanese folk tales and usually not malignant, although often very obnoxious and persistent. The confrontations with those spirits can often get very intense, especially for poor Mizuki, since she has to bear the brunt of their hauntings.

The manga is often compared to ''Manga/{{Mushishi}}'' and ''Manga/NatsumesBookOfFriends'', series about supernatural beings that can only be seen and affected by certain persons. ''Mokke'' is much more character-driven though and the spirits often function as means to [[AnAesop teach the two sisters lessons about life]], although even that is [[{{Iyashikei}} kept very low profile]] in favor of the more day-to-day experiences of the characters.

An anime adaptation was made in 2007 by Creator/{{Madhouse}} and Tezuka Productions.
* AnAesop
* CheerfulChild: Mizuki.
* ComingOfAgeStory
* GhibliHills
* InvisibleToNormals: Shizuru is the only one who can see the ghosts. Poor Mizuki has to undergo them.
* {{Iyashikei}}
* LyingOnAHillside
* MagneticMedium: Partially subverted, in that ''Mizuki'' gets what ''Shizuru'' sees.
* MentorArchetype: The grandfather.
* MistakenForPedophile: A frightening old woman feels Mizuki up while she is on a field trip, and says something really creepy. She was actually removing the thing that was possessing her. [[spoiler: She still isn't anyone, or anything, you would really want to get to know.]]
* MindControlEyes: Sometimes happening to Mizuki when she is possessed.
* PetalPower: Some spirits attack Mizuki with {{cherry blossoms}}.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The Izuna and the weasels.
* SceneryPorn
* SliceOfLife: When there are no ghosts around.
** Even when there are, provided they're peaceful enough. See e.g. episode 11.
* SpiritAdvisor: Some ghosts present themselves as such, for better or for worse.
* SpiritWorld
* StatusQuoIsGod: Mizuki always loses whatever is possessing or attracted to her by the end of the episode. Even in the cases when it's something friendly or fortunate.
* TeruTeruBozu
* TransferStudentUniforms: Saho.
* WeirdnessMagnet