The prequel for the ''Manga/LiarGame'', written and illustrated by the same Kaitani Shinobu. Actually, only two chapters (the opening one and the new one-shot ''Liar Game: Roots Of A #2'') deal with Akiyama's backstory; the others are a two-shot that deals with a fortuneteller and the rest are simple one-shot chapters. The non-Akiyama stories are not part of the main ''Liar Game'' story.

Akiyama's chapter revolve around him and a few other classmates (all of them top of the class) at Teito University trying to complete an assignment for Professor Yukiya Okabe's criminal psychology class. They need to create a detective profile for a person based on their letter that Professor Okabe found. With such limited information, this profile needs to be complete, accurate, and correct, unless the students want to be forced spending their summer attending his lectures...

The other stories deal with the fortuneteller Asuka Kiryu, while the rest involve CoolLoser Minoru Shibura whose only redeeming talent is skill with darts and his struggle with the staff at Green Mountain Starlight Park, a DatingServiceDisaster episode, and even a chapter for the author's dog.

!!''Liar Game: Roots of A'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* ThirteenIsUnlucky: Kyo is patient 13. [[spoiler:He also wins several games of darts with 13 throws, and subverts this trope since he and Minoru inspire the other patients.]]
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:Minoru makes a deal with the director to free a patient (Kyo Kisaragi) if he can beat everyone in the facility at darts.]]
%%* BusFullOfInnocents
%%* CoolLoser: Minoru.
%%* ContemplateOurNavels: Minoru.
* DidntSeeThatComing: Type 3 for [[spoiler:Daisuke Hanamura. Hard to blame him...he was defeated by the fortuneteller he met earlier. How was he supposed to know that it was the legendary fortuneteller who practiced ancient divination?]]
%%* {{Fanservice}}: This overlaps with fetish.
* {{Fortuneteller}}: Asuka Kiryu.
* InspirationallyDisadvantaged: Kyo Kisaragi.
* LikeRealityUnlessNoted: If we are to assume the one shot chapters take place in the Liar Game world, then this trope applies.
* MatchMakerDotCom: @Lovers
* OutrunTheFireball [[spoiler:Subverted since Asuka adjusted the hijacker's watch 20 minutes early; no explosion at all.]]
* MovingTheGoalposts: [[spoiler:When Kyo beats everyone in the facility at darts, they "reward" him with an even tougher challenge.]]
* PsychologistTeacher: Professor Yukiya Okabe (in name only).
* RousingSpeech: [[spoiler:Minoru gives quite a nice one for the patients, and it leads into a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.]]
%%* TimeBomb
* WheresTheKaboom: [[spoiler:Everyone expects the bus to get blown up -- then Asuka reveals that he set the hijacker's watch 20 minutes early.]]
* WilliamTelling: [[spoiler:Kyo's final challenge is to hit a plum in Minoru's mouth -- while blindfolded, no less.]]