''Kasumi'' is a {{shoujo|Demographic}} {{manga}} series published in 2008-2009, currently at two volumes and on a SeriesHiatus, written by Surt Lim and illustrated by {{mangaka}} Hirofumi Sugimoto.

Sixteen-year-old [[CharacterTitle Kasumi]] [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Morioka]] never stays in one place too long due to her father's profession as a botanist. One day she and her father are driving to their new home when her father stops in a forest along the way, examining the plant life. Kasumi, exploring the forest on her own, finds a sphere of light which leads her to a magnificently tall tree; Kasumi climbs it to chase the sphere of light further. When she almost reaches it the branch she is standing on breaks; Kasumi cuts open her left hand when she tries to grab a higher branch. As she is falling she fervently wishes not to leave her father alone, since [[MissingMom her mother died long ago]]. Many more spheres of light furiously surround her, breaking her fall.

When next she wakes up she is in her new home, the cut on her hand completely gone though Kasumi can still feel it pain her occassionally. On that day she is to start at her new school, Seiran Academy, where only the highest elite attend. Upon arrival Kasumi is met by the StudentCouncilPresident [[TheStoic Ryuuki]] [[TallDarkAndHandsome Hasegawa]] and the Vice President [[AlphaBitch Reika Takemoto]]. Later, due to a misunderstanding with Ryuuki, Kasumi becomes the target of [[TheBully bullying by Reina and the]] [[InstantFanClub RSF (Ryuu-Sama Fanclub)]]. With the help of her new friends [[{{Megane}} Yuuta]] [[{{Otaku}} Goodwin]] and Maiko Koyanagi, not only does Kasumi have to fend against the RSF and an indifferent Ryuuki, but also has to figure out a NewSuperPower she discovers she has: an ability to turn {{invisibil|ity}}e when holding her breath. However, one question remains: how does Ryuuki know about Kasumi's new ability?

!! ''Kasumi'' provides examples of:

* AlphaBitch -- Reina. She and the RSF constantly [[TheBully bully and humiliate]] Kasumi so she will leave Seiran Academy and, as a result, stop any further communications between her and Ryuuki.
* BeautyMark -- Seiji's ShapeShifter ally has one under her left eye.
* BloodOath -- [[spoiler: Kasumi inadvertently created a blood pact with the tree [[NatureSpirit Kamiki]]]]. See TheChosenOne below.
* BlushSticker -- Practiced by various characters on occasion.
* CharacterTitle -- The series is named after TheProtagonist Kasumi Morioka.
* TheChosenOne -- [[spoiler: Kasumi. The tree [[NatureSpirit Kamiki]] considered Kasumi cutting herself on its branch as a [[BloodOath blood pact]] with it and gifted her with its spirit, hence giving her the ability to turn [[{{Invisibility}} invisible]]. It commands her to find the [[{{Miko}} priestess]] who will be her guide]].
* CloudCuckoolander -- Maiko is viewed by others as spacey, and often seen dancing on whim no matter where she is.
* CrossPoppingVeins -- These crop up from time to time.
* DarkSkinnedBlond -- Seiji's female friends in his circle, who [[NonuniformUniform wear their own variations of the school uniform]].
* ElaborateUniversityHigh -- When first seeing Seiran Academy, Kasumi was surprised at how large and elegant the campus looked.
* HairDecorations -- Kasumi and Maiko wear fashion barrettes.
* {{Fanservice}} -- Kasumi's see-through SchoolSwimsuit (a cruel joke of Reina's), and the ShapeShifter's transformation.
* GirlishPigtails -- One of the members of the RSF sports this hairstyle.
* InstantFanClub -- The RSF.
* IntangibleMan -- [[spoiler: Ryuuki]]'s power is to go through walls and objects at will.
* ISeeDeadPeople -- [[spoiler: Maiko can communicate with her deceased {{miko}} ancestors]]. See {{Miko}} below.
* LastOfHerKind -- [[spoiler: Maiko is the last {{miko}} of her bloodline]]. See {{Miko}} below.
* LuminescentBlush -- Seen occasionally.
* MagicalGirl -- Kasumi and Maiko.
* {{Megane}} -- Yuuta.
* {{Miko}} -- [[spoiler: Maiko is the [[LastOfHerKind last priestess of her bloodline]] to defend the Book of the Misty Forest against the Forsaken. The book can only be read by TheChosenOne - Kasumi. Maiko can also [[ISeeDeadPeople communicate with the spirits]] of her {{miko}} ancestors]].
* MissingMom -- When Kasumi was younger, her mother died of a fatal illness.
* NatureSpirit -- Kamiki.
* NewSuperPower -- Kasumi's {{Invisibility}} is invoked when she holds her breath.
* NewTransferStudent -- Kasumi. She is the first transfer student in Seiran Academy's history.
* {{Omake}} -- Seen at the end of Volumes 1 and 2. The first {{omake}} involves Maiko attempting to be Hirofumi's assistant; the second further shows Yuuta's and Maiko's exploits at [=SugoiCon=]. The author and artist of the series [[AuthorAvatar insert themselves into each story]].
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent -- Kasumi.
* {{Otaku}} -- Yuuta is a big super-hero fan, especially for his favourite hero ''Superguy''. He is derisively called "Otaku-Ken" by his classmates. In Volume 2 he and Maiko get gold premium all day passes to [=SugoiCon=], where Yuuta plans to get the new release of ''Superguy''.
* TheProtagonist -- Kasumi Morioka, who also is the CharacterTitle for the series.
* [[RescueArc Rescue Chapter]] -- In order to draw out Kasumi, Seiji's crew leave photos of Yuuta and Maiko bound and helpless in her vandalized locker. [[CaptainObvious Kasumi goes to their rescue]] alone, disregarding Noriko's claim of this [[ObviousTrap being a trap]].
* SailorFuku -- Kasumi's previous school uniform before her transfer.
* SeriesHiatus -- According to a [[http://kasumimanga.com/blog/2010/01/27/kasumi-vol-3/ post written on January 27 2010 at the official blog]], the release of Volume 3 will be delayed "due to the state of the manga market and other various circumstances." Later that year, according to Wiki/TheOtherWiki's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Del_Rey_Manga article on Del Ray Manga]], which was previously the distributor, the company became defunct on December 1 2010. Despite the assurance from the U.S. faction of Kodansha on continuing all current {{manga}} series, we still have yet to see a Volume 3 in print.
* ShapeShifter -- One of Seiji's allies has the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin ability to transform her looks magically]]. Kasumi, while [[{{Invisibility}} invisible]], witnesses one of these transformations in the women's washroom, seeing the as-yet unnamed girl's [[{{Fanservice}} uniform ripping apart]], especially due to a massive BreastExpansion.
* [[{{Shojo}} Shoujo]]
* StageMagician -- Kasumi's hobby is to perfom magic tricks for others; this is likely influenced by her [[MissingMom mother]]. Due to a bet with Reina, Kasumi performed her magic tricks in the school auditorium in front of her classmates ... after Reina and the RSF sabatoged her magic tools behind her back.
* TheStoic -- Ryuuki.
* StudentCouncilPresident -- Ryuuki.
* SuperStrength -- [[spoiler: Isamu]]'s power is illustrated when he stops a shed from falling by grabbing it from underneath, all on his lonesome.
* SweatDrop -- Done often by Kasumi and practiced by others.
* TallDarkAndHandsome -- Ryuuki.
* WingdingEyes -- Yuuta does this once to placate Reina, when he praised Kasumi for her disappearing trick on stage, and generally whenever he is being enthusiastic about something.
* ZettaiRyouiki -- The Grade "A" look is the standard for the girls' uniforms, with Grade "C" outdoor boots.