''Ito Junji no Neko Nikki'' ("Junji Ito's Cat Diary"), also known as ''Cat Diary: Yon and Muu'' (猫日記 よん&むー ''Neko Nikki Yon to Mū''), is a manga by famous horror manga author Creator/JunjiIto, and his daily life with his fiancée's cats.

Drawn in his usual style, used for his previous works like: ''Manga/{{Gyo}}'' and ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}},'' this manga is actually comedy, but with similar visual effects of his earlier works, for comedy value.

!!This series provides examples of:

* AffectionateParody: Of Ito's own work as a horror mangaka.
* ArtStyleDissonance
* AuthorAvatar: Mr. J is Junji Ito himself.
* CatsAreMean: Subverted, or played straight, depending on your point of view.
* CatScare
* CloudCuckooLander: Mr. J and A-ko-chan.
* ComicalOverreacting: The usual source of the NightmareFace, à la Junji Ito in this manga.
* CutenessProximity: With a healthy dose of NightmareFace.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Despite polar opposite art styles, the humor is quite similar to ''Webcomic/HyperboleAndAHalf,'' in part because they're based in the personal stories of the artist.
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: Subverted; Yon sneezes all over the floor, creating pretty yet disgusting sparkles.
* FaceOfAThug: Yon is basically the cat version of this trope. Mr. J is scared of his face, even before seeing the skull like markings on his back. He's actually quite affectionate.
* FourIsDeath: The cat with the death's head markings is known as "Yon," which is the AlternateCharacterReading of the kanji for the number 4: "shi." That's used, because the latter sounds like the word for death. The name could be a sort of VisualPun.
* GilliganCut: "That accursed cat is coming to my house?! I won't accept this! I won't accept this!" Cut to Mr. J building the cat tower.
* {{Iyashikei}}: Aside from the spooky art style, this is really a comic about a [[HappilyMarried Happily Engaged]] couple, doting on their cats. One of the most dramatic incidents is when Yon runs away, [[spoiler: which is resolved when he's found at the plumbers' warehouse, and the nice folks who work there help catch him.]] It's basically about nice people and cute cats.
* JournalComic
* KindheartedCatLover: Pretty much every human character.
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to the rest of his works.
* MarkOfTheBeast: Yon's markings on his back look like a skull. This troubled Mr. J in the manga, before he grew fond of him.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Cat Wand Battle!!
* NightmareFace: A-ko, Mr. J's wife: No irises, and ALWAYS smiling. Once in a while, Mr. J makes one too.
* NonhumansLackAttributes: Averted; the cats have assholes.
* ReallyDeadMontage: [[spoiler: Subverted.]]
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Muu.
* SliceOfLife
* TearsOfJoy: Mr. J when Muu sleeps next to him. [[spoiler: Except it's not really Muu, it's just his bedding.]]
* TenderTears: Mr. J, every couple chapters.
* ToiletHumour: Mr. J buys a plastic poop.
* TraumaInducedAmnesia: [[spoiler: Muu, after being neutered.]]
* WhatMeasureIsANonCute: Mr. J initially wants nothing to do with Yon, who's not very cute, no matter which way you look at him, but he gradually warms up to him.