''I Dream of Mimi'' (or ''Buttobi CPU'') is a Japanese {{Manga}} and {{OVA}} series created by Kaoru Shintani.

The {{manga}}, written and illustrated by Kaoru Shintani, was published by Hakusensha in ''Young Animal'' magazine. The [=OVAs=] were produced by studio Pink Pineapple under director Masamitsu Hidaka and published in 1997. Only three [=OVAs=] were created, with a total runtime of 83 minutes.

!!The OVA provides examples of:

* ActionGirl[=/=]MagicalGirl: Mimi
* BadassAdorable[=/=]{{Adorkable}}: Mimi herself.
* BareYourMidriff[=/=]BoobsOfSteel[=/=]BuxomIsBetter[=/=]AbsoluteCleavage: Most of the [[RobotGirl Robot Girls]].
* BathtubScene
* BenevolentAI: Mimi
* ClingyJealousGirl: Mimi
* DarkIsNotEvil: Forte.
* DeceptivelyHumanRobot: Mimi, Centris, Quadra, Performa, and Forte.
* DeusSexMachina: Mimi and Forte.
* FemBot: Mimi.
* GagBoobs[=/=]{{Gainaxing}}[=/=]JigglePhysics
* GenkiGirl[=/=]{{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Again, Mimi
* GirlInABox[=/=]SealedBadassInACan: Mimi, initially.
* KarmaHoudini: Centris and Quadra.
* KickingAssInAllHerFinery: Mimi.
* LaughablyEvil: Centris and Performa give us some funny antics. Especially Quadra.
* {{Magitek}}
* MsFanservice: Mimi, Centris, Quadra, Performa, and Forte.
* NakedFirstImpression: Akira sees Mimi naked when he opens the box.
* NoEnding
* RapunzelHair: Mimi.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobot: Mimi, Centris, Quadra, Performa, and Forte.
* RobotBuddy: Mimi.
* RobotGirl: Mimi, Performa, Centris, Quadra, and Forte.
* RoboticSpouse: Mimi plays this role for Akira, and not just in a sexual context, either.
* {{Robosexual}}: Mimi and Forte.
* ShesGotLegs[=/=]ShowSomeLeg[=/=]SilkHidingSteel: Mimi, Centris, Quadra, Performa, and Forte.
* {{Sexbot}}: Mimi counts as this.
* TakeThat: The OVA has a pretty clear potshot at Apple, with evil Macs who want to take over the Japanese computer market.
* VillainExitStageLeft: The reason why Centris and Quadra are KarmaHoudini.